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Total Home Improvements

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Review: Contractor was hired to do a master bathroom and bedroom addition. Both new spaces were to have hydronic heating. The project started back in June, 2014. The heat has never worked correctly. Either the bathroom is warm or the bedroom is warm but never both at the same time. The heat issue has been going on since October when it was installed. We were not able to use the new spaces until recently when the weather warmed up enough so the rooms were liveable. The contractor has repeatedly promised to fix it but weeks go by with no progress and no contact. We have sent text messages and called repeatedly but no one returns our calls or text messages.

Also there has been a Port-o-John in our driveway since June, 2014 and they will not come and pick it up.Desired Settlement: Fix the heat and remove the port-o-john

Review: large window incorrectly installed and starting to fall outDesired Settlement: fix the window installation

Review: We hired them to Install Solar Panels for our house and job was agreed to be completed by July 2013. However the Project is still not complete: 1. One of the panels is defective and should be replaced. 2. Even on the sunniest of the days, MOST of the panels are NOT generating anything (0W), in fact only a select few seem to be working that are reaching a bare minimum of 35% (60-80W), viz. NOT the optimum efficiency. 3. Before signing the contract, we clearly noted that we want all external electric work to the new meter completed and secured as part scope of the project work. It was mutually agreed that we will NOT be responsible for any additional work or expenses. 4. Hence it was duly documented in the contract as a special note to the contract "Ensure Wires Addressed from Weatherhead to New Meter form JCPL." However, it is communicated to us that the concerned person has left the company and now the company is NOT willing to complete the job per originally agreed terms. 5. Project has not passed the Final Inspection by the township, for a) wires/circuit to be completed for new panel, and b) wiring job fix needed in the in the basement with the electric panel for the new wiring. 6. It was agreed upon that we will have all the necessary instruments and devices setup for us to monitor the system performance. However, to-date we have NO way to track/measure the system efficiency. 7. We have had NO improvement in our electric bills from the install of panels to date, due to inefficient system and install. We have not been provided any metrices for the overall generation of each panel to-date . NOTE: Company has been changing the originally agreed/contracted specifications of the panels/micro-inverters etc. per their choice and availability. There have also been notable changes in the originally signed/agreed install design.Desired Settlement: We want all project work to be satisfactorily completed per the original mutually agreed terms: 1. We need ALL of the installed panels to be in efficient working condition, AND generating energy as per the defined optimum levels. Also, we want the monitoring device to be active and setup. 2. Additionally, we want all the needed electrical fixes for the new circuit and wires to be completed as was originally agreed per the contract. Thus, the project should clear Final Inspection and be officially termed 'complete'.



With respect to the complaint items;

1. We had our engineer out to determine the problem. Which was corrected and then a

subsequent panel problem occurred which we will follow up with an additional service.

2. Once the system is fully functional we will be able to determine output and we wili address any


3. The electrical external work Is completed as specified. The customer home failed inspection due

to the fact that the wiring from the meter to his internal panel is faulty.

4. We have in fact arranged to install a service upgrade at the customer expense which work is

being completed November 20th and will be subject to final inspection thereafter.

5. As stated prior and as the customer states in his complaint; the failed wiring relates to the

basement and a separate violation was specifically noted by the Building Inspector. Upon completion of that work all inspections will be approved.

5. The monitoring is available and the customer is in fact referring to panel output in his complaint

which Is evidence that it is in place.

7. The change in panel output was documented in advance in conjunction with our company also I

at no additional charge) including an additional roof outside of the work scope .

Finally the customer has an outstanding balance with our company of $11,300. We will require that balance paid in full upon satisfactory completion.

In conclusion we have and will continue to make sure all panels are functioning to the output that the exposure allows. The system is installed and the inspection failed as a result of pre-existing conditions specifically noted and documented by the Building Inspector which were not part of our work scope. We have included panel output upgrade and a free roof area (also documented prior to work starting) and

the customer has an open balance of over $11,000. We will continue to work to a Satisfactory conclusion for all concerned.


Review: We initially signed a contract with Total Renovations in April 2013. Since we did not receive sufficient funding from our insurance company, we applied for and were approved for a RREM grant in December 2013. A subsequent contract was signed in December 2013, which included demolition and rebuild of a new house, to be completed within 6 months of demolition. Demolition by the township took place April 3, 2014 and approval was given for constructionApril 11, 2014. A variation was signed by both parties on April 4, 2014, outlining a payment schedule with proposed timeline. Although this timeline does specify that it is a 6 month estimate putting completion in October 2014, it is now 6 months past that timeframe and nowhere near inhabitable. I believe they have completed through week 6 of this timeline (plumbing start). Nothing has been done in the calendar year of 2015. To date we have paid approximately $155,000.

Several attempts have been made with our project manager in the firm for updates, when finally after months, he referred me to the owner. Attempts at communication with the owner, [redacted], have failed to produce movement in our home reconstruction or any answers, other than they "are stalled on [our] project and some others in general due to various fiscal challenges to the company " ([redacted] email 2015-04-16)

The dates noted on the next page of this filing are merely the three most recent dates. The complaints, dating back to the commencement of our contract, were too numerous to list here.Desired Settlement: Not only do I want this job completed but would also like compensation for the rent that we have been paying since the time that the house should have been completed through the actual move in (November 2014 through current and moving forward until completion @$2100/m, approximately.

Review: 3 years ago Total upgraded my upstairs bathrooms and closet. This included raising a part of our roof and they had a subcontractor put on an entire new roof on the whole house. Within 1 year after the renovation we had water leaking over our master bathroom. Pete our GC conact from total came and fixed the damage. We had a leak again 6 months later and had another contractor look at it but could not find the source. We again are having a leak in the same area and are unable to reach Total Renovation. The number goes right to a volice mailbox that is fulll and you are disconected. The roof is warrantyed at 20 years and is clearly sub -par workmanship. We want it fixed.

2 weeks ago we had a minor condensation related leak in our A/C unit in the attic. While the A/C has a pan underneath it to capture and direct water out of the house in the event of a leak, this failed. When Total installed the required upgrades to our smoke detectectors which were hard wired/battery back up and interconnected throught the house, they drilled from our children's bedroom ceiling to the attic for the wiring and DRILLED THROUGH THE PAN and cracked it. The condencsation and small watter ran down the wire and set off the fire alrams at 2:35 a.m.. It was in a hard area of the attic to access which is probably why they drilled through the ceiling but had they looked in the attic they would have clearly seen the large unit up there and the pan.

I would like them to repair the damage to the pan and replace the pan or compensate me for a HVAC contractor to do so.Desired Settlement: Repair the problem timely or compensate us for the costs to repair it.

Review: On September 8, 2014 we had the Salesman from Total Renovations (Total Home Improvements) come to our home. Gave him a check for a deposit for a bathroom shower renovation in the amount of $2,000.00. After careful consideration we contacted Total Renovations within the time frame listed on the contract, before midnight of the third business day after the date of signing the contract, to let them know that we wanted to cancel. After numerous calls (about 20 or so) and emails to the company, sales representatives at the company, the controller/accountant at the company it is now October 18, 2014 and we still have not received our refund check. Everytime we called or emailed we were promised that it was coming, and the famous "it is in the mail".

We do not understand why it has taken so long to receive a refund check when we have obliged with the rules of the contract.Desired Settlement: We would like our money in the amount of $2,000.00 returned to us.



Please advise the customer came to the office and picked up his deposit last week.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: I contracted Total Remodelling in January 2012 to remodel our masters bathroom, a hall bathroom & a powder room inclusive of labor and only the basics like tile, commode, etc. The project started a week after Easter with a promised completion date of 6-8 weeks. It was finally "done"in October only because we didn't want to wait any longer for them to correct the many issues we still had. There was no formal turnover of the project as promised, not even the promised housekeeping after care service. We thought we could live with the minor issues we had like the lighting fixture not centered, sloppy tile work, uneven painting, etc. we just wanted to move on already and not deal with any more delays & their blatant disregard of our requests. However,Since the remodel, we've been having issues with our HVAC especially in our bedroom & the second floor. There was either very minimal air coming out even while the motor was running, but it felt "trapped" somewhere!?! Winter was freezing while summer was extra hot; we've made a few calls to our PSEG worry-free technicians re this issue but until last June when the unit just stopped working did the PSEG technician who thoroughly inspected every vent in the house finally diagnosed the problem-we're missing a couple of vents & the most important return vent in our masters bedroom. I have a written report from PSEG which identifies the inability of the the contractor to replace the vents as the source of the HVAC problems were experiencing. June 27,2014 was when I raised the issue with Total; July 17 was when the sent [redacted]" to visit&check.Since then, I've not heard from them. I have emailed them for any update, but again, we're being ignored. In the meantime, we, my husband & I & our 2 dogs, continue to live in this unhealthy, possibly dangerous conditions Total Renovations turned our home into. They've marketed themselves as highly professional &competent but $57+k later were still waiting for their promise of excellence!!!Desired Settlement: I would like them to address the issue, correct it , replace it, whatever it takes to resolve the problem ASAP. If they're not capable of doing any of the above, I'd like them to put it in writing so I can plan on resolving it my way ASAP. I would like to get my money's worth, because we worked soooo hard to pay for that renovation. We're still continually paying for it with the stress & frustration because of this unresolved issue. We just want what we truly paid for & what is due us. Thank you



Regarding the above customer‘ There was no specific requirement for l-IVAC worl on this contract. [redacted] will visit the home and determine if in fact something we did in any way impacted the functionality of the HVAC. After our visit and investigation we will forward our findings to you if we find the service of an HVAC company is required we will adv se the customer and your office accordingly.

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