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Tracy Toyota Scion

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Good Evening, I would like to thank you for your patience in this matter On November at 10:40am I spoke with Mrs [redacted] pertaining to her concern which is the damaged rim Her Service Advisor had just written her Toyota Camry for the Service Maintenance work to be completed on Repair Order [redacted] While it was here, I had [redacted] to take pictures of all her Rims, so that I can have a look at the customer concern I had a meeting with [redacted] , the Director of Fixed Operations and with her Service Advisor pertaining to the customer concern The Service Director stated that he will take care of the customer rim [redacted] did called Mrs [redacted] to give her an update status on what was going on with her vehicle I also called her at hours on November to verifiy the conversation that her Service Advisor had with her We value our customers and would like to reassure them that our goal is to provde excellent service to every customer that eneters our Dealership If you have any questions, please contact me at any time Sincerely, [redacted] Customer Relations Manager

Good Afternoon [redacted] Mr [redacted] have had a conversation with [redacted] ***, his [redacted] on Thursday pertaining to the miscommunication and/or misunderstanding of what is covered under his extended warranty The customer was told by his extended warrant that it was a head gasket when it was actually the Timing Cover Gasket The Service Department did put the customer in a loaner for days After looking at his situation, Mr [redacted] had decided to trade his vehicle in and purchase a new vehicle He is very happy at this time.If you have any questions, please contact me at any time.Sincerely, [redacted]

The Service Director had agrred to apply $towards the cost of replacing the head gaskets

I am rejecting this response because: [redacted] has been working on resolving this for the last few months without resolve and in our last phone conversation (on October 1, 2015), she told me she is "in the middle" and didn't know what to doShe was going to have [redacted] call me October 1, and I have never heard from himI have also e-mailed [redacted] and left him a message and he has never contacted me eitherThus, the people she is planning to meet with seem uninterested in resolving this issue

Good Afternoon Mr***,I do apologize for the listing of this vehicle I have spoken to the GSM and he also apologizes These are 3rd parties companies that are posting this information I am trying to get in contact with the Website person which handles and are responisble for installing the information I am diligently hoping that I can have better control over the information that customers are sseking from the different websites in the future If you have any questions, please contact me at any time.Sincerely, [redacted] ***Customer Relations Manager [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:It is almost end of business day on Monday and I have yet to hear from you

Good Afternoon, I will send this information to the GM to get approval for the Reimbursement for the Adapter Sincerely, [redacted] ***Customer Relations Manager

I am rejecting this response when I left Liotta the girl [redacted] never explained to me all the things that are wrong with my carThe whole point is I never would have spent the $to get my transmission flushed and to get the piece that I bought with Toyota and installed it I knew that there was thousands of dollars more left on my car to fixThe girl their employee that I talk to you did not explain any of this to me in the paperwork because my theory is she didn't understand it either she didn't know what she was looking at so how could she explained it toThey should have to pay back because their employee was enabled to understand what it is that the mechanics put down on the paper work

Hi Mr [redacted] ***, I have attached a letter to this case Please forward this letter to the customer with my apologies Thank you vey much for your help in this matter If you have any questions, please contact me at any time Best Regrads, [redacted] Customer Relations Manager [redacted] ###-###-#### Office

Hi Mr [redacted] , I know that [redacted] , our Fixed Operations Director have been staying contact with MrsHelland as of now I apologize that going through the Toyota Process on eliminating the Hub Cap noise is very frustrating for you and your wife Unfortunately, we can not replace new rims on your vehicle without the authorization of Toyota Corporation We, Tracy Toyota cannot move forward without the permission of the Toyota Their office is very aware of the problem that exists with your vehicle and is still working on the problem If you have any questions, please contact me at any time Again, I do apologize on behalf of Tracy Toyota Sincerely, [redacted] Customer Relations Manager [redacted] ###-###-#### Office

Good Afternoon [redacted] ,I have spoken to Mrs [redacted] several times; first time on January 14th at 3:to let her know that I will have an answer for her before the end of the day After speaking with [redacted] Service Manager, we decided to go ahead and order a new Navigation Unit for her Toyota Tundra Also, I spoke with Santos, our Lead Shop Technician to make sure that we was handling the customer concern that pertains to the Reverse Back Up Camera and the Radio He stated that all these components are connected to that Navigation Unit We order the Unit.The Unit came in this week and we have already set an appointment for Mrand Mrs [redacted] on January 24th We will install the unit and recheck the operation of all components that is connected to the Nav System.I would like to thank you so much for your help in this matter If you have any questions, please contact me at any time.Sincerely, [redacted] ***Customer Relations Manager [redacted] ***

I am rejecting this response because:They have not yet explained to the allegation I have put forward about their dirty business trick of nefariously cheating their customers.They are just beating around the bushes rather than explaining the allegation I had put forward

I am forwarding over to you all the information which is attached to this case I have looked over all the notes of the notes from [redacted] the Service Director Unfortunately, he is no longer employed with us [redacted] , her Service Advisor did recommended some services to her, but she decided to go to another establishment (outside of our Dealership) to have the work done I have attached the information to this email the recommended items that will elevate her concerns At this time, it has been decided by Management, not to refund the customer $

Good Evening Mr [redacted] , I have pulled all the records on Mr [redacted] as well as speaking with him over the phone The customer did requested all injectors to be replace It was recommended to replace #cylinder injector as it was sticking and staying open The Technician replaced all injectors and verified misfire was no longer present and data list no longer showed a misfire and oscilloscope patterns matched for all injectors One the second visit, Mr [redacted] came in for a Check Engine Diagnosis Vehicle was not misfiring and the technician requested to further test drive vehicle overnight and the customer decline On the third visit, the customer was stating that the vehicle was hesitating and shuttering Checked the vehicle out and that there was a misfire #cylinder The customer was advised to remove intake manifold and egr to inspect for clogged passages of the EGR systemCustomer agreedCustomer later decline the repair and sent his son in law in to confirmed the leak His Son in Law had agreed to the findings agreed with the recommendations of replacing the cylinder head gasket Customer declined repair and took the vehicle home.Sincerely, [redacted] Direct

I am rejecting this response because: when I took the car to Tracy Toyota workshop as my car was misfiring/knocking,after they did the diagnostic test, I was advised by the service advisor that one of the injector is bad & need to be replaced,I asked the service advisor as to what is the cost of replacing including labor charge,she gave me the price around $and the cost of changing all the injectors to $including labor charges,Just for the peace of mind I advised her to change all the injectors.The next day they called me to pick the car as the work has been done.I took the car,after 3-days the "engine light"came on,I took the car to their workshop,and told them about the "engine light",they told me to leave the car with them,later in the day,they called me and told me that one of the injector is bad & need to be replaced,I know that in my last visit I changed all the injectors,but kept quiet,I asked the advisor,beside the injector,is everything ok,she said "yes"When I told her that I did change the injector in my last visit,she said now the other injector is bad and not the injector which they had changed and when I told her that I had change all the injectors in my last visit,she said "NO"when I told her I am coming over with the receipt & we hanged the phone,she called me in a few minutes and apologize to me for not going through my past work order,what I want to say here,they are not HONEST,if they had done the" diagnostic test",they would have got to the actual problem,she told me that she will let the Head Technician"know about this,I believe the same day or the next day they called me and told me this time,that my FILTER is clogged and need to be cleaned and to fix it,the cost is $600.00,I told them to go ahead with it,the next day or the same day they called me & told me that not the FILTER,but the HEAD GASKET is blown,I do not understand their business tactic,and I asked them as to what is the damage to fixed the HEAD GASKET,they said $4000.00,I did not authorized the work as I thought they are NOT HONEST,and told them to return my car the way I gave them,when I drove the car to my house which is not even 5-mile,the car started shaking.and with great difficulty I reached home and right away I called them,I was told that the service department is closed for the day,I told them it closes at 6pm.they told me to come the next day,I called my son in law and told him about the whole developement,he asked me while I was taking the car to their workshop,was the smoke coming out from the exhaust,I said NO,and He told me to check the engine spout from where we fill the engine oil for traces of white residue on the spout,I told him NO,he told me they are just making money out of you.He told me that he will come the next day and check,he did not find any residue or smoke coming out of the exhaust.My son in law was shocked to see the whole engine is shaking and with the "CHECK THE HYBRID LIGHT"on.This is all that had happened.He did go and talked to the service advisor I believe,but he was not satisfied with their answer

Good Afternoon,I pulled the files and attached Repair Order *** dated July 2016. The customer gave us authorization to install the Aftermarket Blue Tooth Unit in the Mitsubishi Lancer. She also signed next to the statement: "I accept Aftermarket Blue Tooth on my car and
that she was ok with this." For the customer convenience, we also put the customer in a rental at no cost to her and we also put fuel in her vehicle.At this time, the Management is stating that we took care of the customer. I apologize that we are unable at this time to take the vehicle back. If you have any questions, please contact me at anytime.Sincerely,*** ***Customer Relations Manager*** *** ***

Good Afternoon ***,The Service Manager and the Service Advisor went over the customer statement and comments with me. The Technician did checked out the customer's concern and found that the driver side window was going to need a motor regulator. The customer stated that it was
going to be too expensive and she would return at a later date to have it repair. The Service Director *** ***, had decided not to charge the customer a diagnosis fee. I have attached the Repair Order *** to this report that also show that we did not charge the customer.If you have any additional questions, please contact me at anytime.Sincerely,*** ***Customer Relations Manager****** *** Direct

Good Afternoon ***, After having a meeting with the Service Director, I explained the customer concern to him. The Technician did followed the Procedure of checking the Corolla for a Fuel smelling within the vehicle and also for a no-start. unfortunately, The Technician could not
duplicate the concern after performing the different test on her vehicle. On that note: we will refund the customer $instead of $pertaining to a Battery Part for the Remote in the amount of $5.99. At this time, this is all that we are willing to compensate the customer on. If you have any questions, please contact me at any time.Sincerely,*** ***c****** *** Direct

Good Afternoon Mr***,
After reading your statement, I had a meeting with the Tracy Toyota Management Team. We have decided to help you on the issue. You purchase a Dodge Calibre from us on March 14th, 2014. On September 30, 2014, you brought the vehicle into our
Dealership stating the vehicle had overheated and the check engine light is on on Reapir Order#***. On the tear down and inspect, we found that the vehicle needed and engine, radiator and hose. The Management Team has decided to help you our on this matter by taking a care of the expense on parts and labor. We will also credit you back $that you spent for tear down and inspection
On October at hours, I spoke with Mr*** perrtaining to this matter and he has agreed to these terms. I has also agreed to having the vehicle towed to us at his expense
Our goal is to continually rpovide our customers with exceptional service and we are committed to their satisfaction. If you have any questions, please contact me at any time.
*** ***
Customer Relations Manager
*** *** Office

Good Afternoon Jorge,I apologize that this is taking so long for me to repsond to Mr** *** complaint with Tracy Toyota. This complaint should be with Toyota Corporation. I have spoken to the Fixed Operations Director at Tracy Toyota and he stated that he cannot over turn the
decision which was made by the Toyota Representative. I have faxed over the documents including this complaint to Toyota Customer Service and I am waiting for a response from them to see if they will overturn their decision. I id attached the Repair Order to this complaint which was written on February 2015.If I do hear from Toyota, I will contact the Better Business Burear as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact me at any time.Sincerely,*** ***Tracy ToyotaCustomer Relations Manager***
*** *** ***
*** *** ***

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