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• Sep 15, 2020

Failure to deliver services
I had paid TTC $475 in early 2018 to renew a trademark filing, in late 2019 I found out they never performed that service, the mark lapsed and I had to start from scratch with a new attorney which cost thousands. TTC refused to return calls, refused even to refund the fee for services they acknowledged were not performed. According to a article; "In December 2016, the founder of The Trademark Company (and TTC Business Solutions) attorney Matthew Swyers resigned from practicing before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) in light of certain charges asserted against his company." I think that would be a good barometer for this entity.

F Rating with BBB
Zero stars not an option. F Rating with the BBB. TTC Business Solutions LLC is falsely using the BBB name and seal in an unauthorized manner on their website. The business was first notified by letter on July 30, 2019 to remove the BBB seal. A second letter was sent on August 19, 2019. Misuse of the BBB seal constitutes trademark infringement and is a violation of trademark rights of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. HOW EFFING IRONIC! A company that enforces trademark infringement, infringing on a trademark. Read the BBB complaints before you waste your money. Every complaint in the last two years has gone unanswered.

Zero stars wasn't an option.
Zero stars wasn't an option. Read the BBB complaints before you throw your money away. "TTC Business Solutions LLC is falsely using the BBB name and seal in an unauthorized manner on their website. The business was first notified by letter on July 30, 2019 to remove the BBB seal. A second letter was sent on August 19, 2019. Misuse of the BBB seal constitutes trademark infringement and is a violation of trademark rights of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc." How ironic.

TTC Business Solutions has been a real Joy to work with. This Company is an excellent source for Trademarks and the Customer Service is Top Notch. The process for getting a Trademark was well worth the price. We had dealt with other Trademark Offices and none have come close to the Customer Service we've received. Thankyou very much TTC for your excellent service! Highly Recommended A+!

We've used TTC for years for our trademark registrations. They have some really great features that makes the process very easy. For one, their computer automation is amazing. They send you status reports in real time on the status of your trademarks. Also, they don't advertise this much but they have a way of expediting a trademark application that gets you the registration faster than anyone else in the industry. I think it is because they used to work at the USPTO.

Anyways, we highly recommend their services. They are clearly 5 stars in our book.

TTC Business Solutions did a great job with our trademarks and copyrights. Their online process is easy and unlike other companies you get an actual account representative to personally call anytime you have questions.

My representative is XXX XXXXX and she is great! Always there to help me with a smile.

For this, I highly recommend TTC for all of your copyright and trademark filings.

TTC provides a great service for a modest price.

We needed to form our LLC and then protect our company's name. TTC made it easy. Although the state took longer than expected to form our LLC, TTC kept us informed all the way.

I'm not sure how it works, but they use some form of advanced computer intelligence to take care of almost everything. It's great and works extraordinarily well.

Dale M.

I started using TTC when they were The Trademark Company. They USE TO BE great. This past experience was HORRIFIC. My associate assigned to me was Ashley Jones. She might be the worst customer service oriented person I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Over the years I've founded several companies that I either have sold or still own. 1 of the companies I still own is real estate based incubator for entrepreneurs. Up until this past month I was always the biggest fan of TTC and recommending them to anyone that I felt could benefit from their services. NO MORE! I always say, you find out a lot about a company of how they treat their clients when they aren't necessarily making money off them at that time. TTC knows nothing about long term thinking. Their is plenty of trademark companies out there that are willing to match TTC's pricing. All you need to do is use google. Consider yourself warned!

Used TTC to get copyrights for my music. They were awesome!

We are a startup in Southern California and could not be happier with our experience with TTC Business Solutions. They helped us form our company here in Cali, then register our trademark to protect the name. Just like they say, it was fast, easy, and affordable. Thanks TTC! We will recommend you to all of our fellow new entrepreneurs!

We contacted TTC to help us form a new business in Florida. TTC's reps were knew the ropes and did a great job getting everything we needed done to get out new LLC. Thanks TTC! You made it easy!

TTC helped us set up our business and then to make sure our trademarks were protected. They truly get what it takes to practice world-class customer services. Thanks to TTC and we highly recommend them for your business filing and trademark needs.

We went to multiple other companies. For the price, you cannot beat TTC. Their agents were great. We received all of our business formation documents when promised and with great accuracy. We highly recommend all of their services! Use TTC!

Great Company. Loved their services!

They promise to search and file for a trademark giving a 99% chance of success if certain qualifications are met. I paid, they promised but no resultsThe search went well then they solicited more money for the filing. Amazingly things happen only when you call them but if you wait as they want you to nothing happens. Now it is more than 3 months later AND no results!! Frankly I doubt that they even filed with the Trademark Office.I will now have to put up another $275 to file myself- since I really have lost trust in this company. So I want my money back!!! this has been a big waste of time and effort.Desired Settlementwell they took that money for the filing which should not have taken more than a week- yet they have not done a thing- so I want my money back!Business Response The trademark filing for Mr. [redacted] was completed on August 3, 2016. He electronically signed the application and received email correspondence confirming the Serial # for his mark as well as a link the check the status of the trademark application.Customer was contacted on August 30th to ensure that he understood the process by [redacted]All services purchased were rendered as purchased. Consumer Response She is correct about the electronic signature on Aug 3 but I went back and there is no record of her sending me an email with "serial #" I was remembering when I did not receive any notice the first time until I called and they said "oh yes we just received info on the search and all is OK"....but it is possible that they sent the email and it did not make it my main email I give them the benefit of doubt...and am glad that all is falling into place- slowly but honestly and so remove the protest and/or demand of refund.

I was looking to trademark a name of a business so I searched the internet and came across TTC Business Solutions. I called and spoke to a representative who made me feel very comfortable with the process that, normally, I would have no idea how it worked. She did multiple searches on my name and verified that it was available. I decided to pull the trigger and paid $320 to get it trademarked.
Months later I received an email stating that the trademark is denied because it was "confusingly similar" to another name. If you look at the 2 names, the only thing "similar" is that they both had the same 2 numbers in it, otherwise, they are utterly and completely different. The email stated, if I send in another $500, they will "fight" this for me.
I tried to get my money back because I felt lied to and cheated. They stated that the person that helped me originally no longer works there and they stuck to their guns and said I got what I paid for (ABSOLUTELY NOTHING) and reiterated that if I give them MORE money, they can help me. They did try to offer a "discount" for their help ( paying them less money ) but I can't justify giving this company any more money when I was lied to from the beginning.
Shame on me for not researching the company more. They win, they cheated me out of my money and there's nothing I can do about it. I'm writing this to try and help anyone looking for these types of services and to stay clear of this business, please. There are many other legitimate options out there to choose from. Don't be like me, be smart and do your research.

New Non profit tried to get a trademark.The person assigned was dismissive, inattentive and failed proper protocol to aid in success of this. After doing a search of the trademark co. we invested $500 and hired the trademark company to represent us. The woman who handled this, [redacted] was never in, would not return phone calls, made excuses why thing were not moving forward in getting the paperwork moving. I had to hound her to get her attention. She told me to do a search to make certain our trademark attempt didn't match other. Which I did. There was one that had a similar tone, but not the same and I asked her if this would be an issue. Her response was no. If it where anything other than that, I would not have attempted this. After I received a denial of trademark, I called to initiate more information. At this point I had another person assigned to me. I shared my great disappointment with the last rep and I was told they understand she was negligent and was released from the company. I was told there would be an additional 499.00 to move forward with another attempt. I am not a wealthy person. I am starting a non profit to help single moms. I asked for a discount since they all realized I had not been taken care of well. I had to call them again after receiving a post card stating, and this is a paraphrase, you need to move soon to get the attention you need to keep your attempt on the trademark open. I called because I was still waiting on an answer for a discounted price. The new gal who was supposed to care for me seemed surprised as if she had forgotten. Then when I did get a call or email from her, I had to let her know my husband suffered a stroke and would be back in touch with her. After a month or so, I contacted [redacted] was in the new person, that I was waiting on the discounted price and her reply to me was that they had decided that a very generous offer of $100 would be discounted for my troubles. I simply asked for a full refund at this point. I was told no. I have still gotten their postcards and emails stating "act now". Ridiculous.Desired SettlementI would like a full refund of my $500. This company doesn't do customer service well. I don't even want to deal with them. I felt I was the one doing all the work, doing most of the contact and to them I was simply a contract. Business Response /[redacted]/Please accept this communication as our response to Ms. [redacted]' concerns raised before the concerning her purchase of a Standard Filing Package for the registration of a federal trademark.Again, we are pleased with the extremely low number of complaints we have had over the years but take each one very seriously.In evaluating Ms. [redacted]' concerns, we must unfortunately deny the requested relief. Ms. [redacted] came to us in September of 2014. In that time, she purchased our Standard Trademark Filing to register her trademark before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Of note, The Trademark Company offers unbundled legal services. In short, although a search report is always recommended to all customers, they are not absolutely required.Within that context, Ms. [redacted] proceeded forward with the Standard Filing Package having us file for her trademark without the benefit of a clearance report. Unfortunately, upon examination by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the trademark was refused on account that, if registered, it would create a likelihood of confusion with a prior registered trademark.In that regard, and consistent with our Terms of Service and business model as a whole, Ms. [redacted] received notice on multiple occasions of the refusal and offers to assist her in preparing a response thereto. In the end, she decided not to move forward with any further efforts to try and argue through the refusal and, accordingly, her trademark abandoned.We feel for any client if, and when, their trademark application is rejected. Unfortunately, however, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will reject an application if it is determined to be likely to cause confusion with a prior registered mark. If a research report would have been run, this may have been able to have been avoided.In the end, we followed our Terms of Service and Ms. [redacted] received the services for which she paid. Unfortunately, she did not receive the registration for her trademark as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office denied the same.Consumer Response /[redacted]/I feel that the company has not taken responsibility for their deep lack of customer care.I will be doing a review on this company for their negligence. I appreciate the opportunity with least my complaint was heard though it wasn't heard with ears from a customer's point of view.

Had a great experience in both trademarking and trademark dressing. [redacted] was very informative and personable.

They didn't tell me that sending their letters would open me up for being sued by the larger company allowing them to steal my trademark.The Trademark Company contacted me to say my trademark was being infringed upon. They then recommended they send out two cease and desist letters on my behalf to a much bigger company that was indeed infringing my trademark. What they didn't tell me is that sending their letters would open me up for being sued by the larger company allowing them to steal my trademark or fight them in Federal Court for a small fortune. I basically lost my unique trademark because of those cease and desist letters and I blame the Trademark Company for not explaining the potential pitfall of sending their letters. When I asked for my money back from The Trademark Company, they shut off communication. This has been a nightmare.Desired SettlementRefund Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXXext107Contact Email: [redacted]@thetrademarkcompany.comMr. [redacted] was provided with all services as indicated in our service agreement. While we understand the financial hardship that litigation can cause, it is our belief that our actions and service provided were in the scope of the clients requests. Consumer Response The Trademark company's response was to say they did everything correctly which is absolutely not true. The Trademark Company gave me incomplete legal advice which caused me to allow them to cause significant legal problems for me. They obviously don't guarantee their work. As soon as they realized their work had caused me a legal problem, they told me to hire another lawyer and I was on my own. This is not a professional response from a reputable company.

I PAID FOR A TRADEMARK APPEAL SERVICE IT WAS NEVER COMPLETED I CALLED THEM 28 TIMES AND AROUND 6 OR 7 EMAILS OVER THE COURSE OF 30 DAYS. PAYMENT MADE 499Desired SettlementI CALLED AND WAS PROMISED A REFUND 3 TIMES FROM [redacted] THE CUSTOMER SERVICE REP AND 2 TIMES FROM [redacted] BUT STILL HAVE NOT GOTTEN IT TWO WEEKS LATER.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] ControllerContact Phone: XXXXXXXXXXext[redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]@ttcbusinesssolutions.comThe customer was provided a full refund and provided the opportunity for the service to be completed free of charge. Customer declined the offer of service. Consumer Response Thank you your service helped me get my money back

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