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Purchased services Sept 2014. Told process takes approx 3-5 mos. After 9 mos. and repeated requests, still no update. Sold under false pretenses. Issue #1:Purchased the Gold Package for Copyright Registration on 9-16-14 in the amount of $308 and submitted digital files at that time. The next day received email stating "Please accept this correspondence as confirmation that the applications to register your work have been filed with the U.S. Copyright Office. In approximately 3 to 5 months we will receive the Certificates of Registration. Once received, we will forward the same to you for your records. On XX-X-XX inquired about status and was informed on 12-4-14 that it is still in progress and was informed that the Copyright office was currently "backlogged." On Jan 22nd, 2015 made another status inquiry and received no response. Two months later on 3-17-15 made another status inquiry and again received no response. On X-XX-XX made yet another status inquiry and stated "I'm beginning to believe I've been ripped off and considering filing a complaint with the for starters." This time I received the following response on 3-22-15: "We have sent a request for a status update to the copyright office. On average it takes them 1-2 weeks to respond back. As soon as we have an update, we will gladly inform you of the same. There is about a 6-8 month window in which these have been registering. The copyright office seems backed up at the moment." Several months later on 5-27-15 I sent an email regarding the request they supposedly sent for a status update two mos. earlier that they told me was supposed to take 1-2 weeks. As of today, 6-16-15 still no response to this question. I seriously doubt that the Copyright application was ever even submitted to the Copyright office in the first place. Seems like this company gladly took my money and sent me an email stating they had sent off the application. They have yet to provide any evidence or proof of receipt from the Copyright office that the application was submitted to or accepted by the Copyright office on my behalf. Issue #2:On 9-17-14, we were induced to purchase their "Standard Enforcement Package" in the additional amount of $499 as a means to enforce our recently submitted Copyright application in an attempt to resolve any infringing disputes prior to litigation. I want to stress the word "induced" to buy this service and under false pretenses. We were verbally told once this was purchased they would act quickly to send a Cease and Desist letter on our behalf to an offender. We received the following timeline upon receipt of our purchase for this service:Under our schedule for this matter, please be advised of the following:Initial Due Diligence and Research as to Available Defenses Completed 9/22/14Opinion Letter Setting Forth Our Findings and Opinions in the Matter 9/22/14Initial Cease and Desist Letter Submitted 2 days from authorizationA few days later we were strongly encouraged to wait the 3-5 months until the Copyright application certificate was received before they send the Cease and Desist letter instead of the 2 day wait we were originally told which would strengthen the case. Nine months later on May 27, 2015 I requested a refund for this as we never would've agreed to purchase this in the first place had we been told the facts from the beginning. They agreed to submit a partial refund of only $200 stating they had performed some of these services. Here we are two weeks later and still no refund check. At this point in time, I would like a the partial refund they already agreed to of $200 for the Standard Enforcement Package and one of the following: Either provide a refund of $308 for the Copyright Application or provide physical proof that my application was submitted by them back in Sept 2014 and proof the application is still currently in "pending status".Desired SettlementI would like a the partial refund they already promised of $200 for the Standard Enforcement Package and one of the following: Either provide a refund of $308 for the Copyright Application or provide physical proof that my application was submitted by them back in Sept 2014 to the Copyright office and proof the application is still currently in "pending status" with the Copyright office.Business Response /[redacted]/Contact Name and Title: [redacted], PrincipalContact Phone: XXXXXXXXXXContact Email: [redacted]@thetrademarkcompany.comThank you for the opportunity to address this client's concerns. We have contacted the client directly to resolve the matter to their satisfaction and believe that the same has been done.

[redacted] is a nice person and TTC BS is a company that you can trust! They provide good service and care about their clients.

[redacted] Was outstanding in helping me

Awesome experience. A great and reliable company. Would recommend for everyone!

Professing to be a neophyte in the trademark acquisition I reached out to the folks at TTC Business Solutions. The experience was surprisingly simple and pleasant and caused us to use them for additional work.
[redacted], Pres.

ask for trademark filing never called in response in the end.filed trademark first name they said was taken charged me $154 instead of $99 second time filed new name replied another close to same name out there and probably be denied and they would contact dated Aug.13th 2014 October 1st called same story would probably be denied even though both totally different. Told them to go ahead and file they wanted like $500 more there are not up front with their advertising I feel I received nothing for $249Desired Settlementreturn my money for misrepresentation and non representation.Business Response /[redacted]/Contact Name and Title: [redacted], PrincipalContact Phone: (XXX) XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@thetrademarkcompany.comAt The Trademark Company we are disheartened that we could not resolve this customer's concerns in advance of this matter but remain pleased that this is only our third Complaint in over eleven years of operating as a business. However, we are pleased to respond that we have been in touch with Mr. [redacted] over the past few days and believe that we have worked through the issues to his satisfaction. We anticipate that he will report back to the that we have.If not we will be happy to provide a more full accounting of the matter and our response. However, at this juncture it appears very close to being resolved and, as such, we anticipate that Mr. [redacted] will soon report the same to the

Failed to provide proper trademark services that results in rejections of registrations.The Trademark Company and its attorney, [redacted], told us that it would not be an issue completing the registration of the trademarks we were going to hire them to register. This turned out not to be the case and we have spent approximately $2,000 and both registrations were rejected. Not only did [redacted] mis-inform me, but he did this with the knowledge that one of the registrations had already been rejected.Desired SettlementWe are seeking a full refund in the amount of $1,846.Business Response /[redacted]/At The Trademark Company we are disheartened that we could not resolve this customer's concerns in advance of this matter but remain pleased that this is only fourth Complaint in almost ten years of operating as a business. Like our first three, unfortunately we are placed in a position in which we must contest our customer's concerns as the services they purchased were provided and/or they have received a partial refund for the services that were not performed as explained below.Our Systems & Trademark FilingsThe Trademark Company offers a broad range of trademark protection services to clear, file, protect, enforce, and defend our clients' intellectual property interests. Of these services, we offer the ability for our customers to protect their trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office through a flat-fee system wherein the customer pays for the services required. For instance, if they would like for us to file for the trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office our Standard Filing Package for $149 plus the government filing fee of $275 is our most popular option. Of note, we have search reports and clearance reports available for the customers to purchase that allow them to determine whether their trademark is available prior to filing. Although these services, which are provided at an additional charge, are offered to all and are highly recommended they are not forced upon the clients and many opt to go without.Thereafter, if our client's trademarks are refused registration we offer an Office Action Response Package typically for $499 to respond to the refusal. Of note, although we can guarantee the quality of our work, we cannot guarantee that an office action response under our Office Action Response Package will persuade the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to withdraw a given refusal. The Instant MattersThe instant concern involves two trademarks Mr. [redacted], through his company [redacted] LLC, requested that we apply for and register with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Specifically, on or about October 4, 2013 Mr. [redacted] requested that we apply to register the trademark [redacted] He purchased our Standard Filing Package but did not wish to have a search conducted prior to filing for the trademark and thus waived the same. On January 26, 2014 the application received a an Office Action requesting a disclaimer of certain components of the trademark. Within this context Mr. [redacted] was given the choice of accepting the disclaimer wherein his trademark would quickly register or attempting to fight the disclaimer wherein we would attempt to argue the disclaimer was unnecessary. As this issue is akin to a substantive argument, Mr. [redacted] agreed to purchase our Substantive Office Action Response Package for $499 for this application. The argument was prepared and forwarded to the client for final approval on or about July 28, 2014. However, for unknown reasons the client never provided or our files do not reflect that he provided us with his final authority to file the argument against the disclaimer.In this regard, the matter has a deadline to respond to the office action still pending of February 17, 2015. As such, it is within Mr. [redacted]'s control as to whether he would like for the trademark registration to issue. He merely needs to either agree to the disclaimer or authorize our office to file the response arguing it is not needed.Nevertheless, Mr. [redacted] filed a credit card dispute in November of 2014 seeking reimbursement for the $499 paid for the Office Action Response package. As, at the time of this request, the response had not been filed, we did not contest the dispute and his $499 for the Office Action Response package was effectively refunded.However, as of the writing of this response, his trademark application for this file is alive and well and merely needs an amendment or an argument to be filed to mature it into a registration. As such, a refund of the fees associated with the filing of the trademark is unwarranted.In regard to the second trademark, Mr. [redacted] came back to us in December of 2013 and requested that we register [redacted] as a trademark. Again he purchased the Standard Filing Package and waived a search and/or any advice prior to the filing of this trademark that comes with our research report packages. Unfortunately this trademark was refused registration on the grounds, among others, that it is merely descriptive. In response, Mr. [redacted] purchased our $499 Office Action Response Package and a response was prepared and filed. Unfortunately, however, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office did not find the argument sufficient to overcome the refusal and they have maintained the same. Mr. [redacted] also filed a credit card dispute for the Office Action Response Package for this trademark. Based upon the fact we had, indeed, performed the service although it did not achieve the desired result we contested the same. On November 10, 2014 American Express agreed with our position and reversed the chargeback crediting our account for the Office Action Response Package that was purchased and provided.In regard to a request for all fees for this application, once again, the services were performed and we feel that such a request is unwarranted.SummaryAs a customer-service organization we strive to make sure that every one of our customers is 100% satisfied 100% of the time. Unfortunately, when a customer attempts to request a refund for services that have been provided within both our service guarantees as well as those parameters set forth by the customer we cannot comply with this request. Again, in this instance the customer received exactly what he ordered. In this regard, we hope that the finds in our favor regarding this complaint.

Amazing Company! Thank you for helping me! Your staff is amazing, responsive and everything you would want. I was glad to find you with great ratings so I could feel comfortable dealing with you. Please keep up the good work and helping customers... your friend, [redacted]

Very nice a prompt professional service. Will keep working with them.

It has been a nice experience dealing with this business. I am pleased with the outcome!

Great service, fast communication. My friend recommended and I'm very happy with the service they provided.

Initiated the process on August 13, 2014. To date no action and no recent replies to email. Initiated transaction on 8/13/14 to handle a trademark registration appeal. Email from [redacted] stated "it usually takes the examining attorney a few weeks to sometimes a month and a half to get back to us on acceptance of the response." To date there has been no response and email inquiries regarding the application status to Ms. [redacted] have gone unanswered.I am now receiving emails from other businesses offering to handle the situation that state my appeal has been denied. I have no such notice from The Trademark Co. after I've paid them to do so.Desired SettlementI would simply like the service that I paid for completed and proof that The Trademark Co. has acted on my behalf. If the government has rejected my trademark application and appeal, I would like proof of this from The Trademark Co.If The Trademark Co. cannot or will not supply me the proper documentation, then I would request a refund of the money paid for a service that I have no idea has taken place or not. Final Consumer Response /[redacted]/I would like to update on the situation. [redacted] from The Trademark Company has been in touch with me on more than one occasion since the complaint was filed and we are well on the way to resolving the issue. I would like to discontinue and investigation into the complaint. Things are being resolved to my satisfaction.Thank you for your time and consideration.I can be contacted at the the telephone number below if there are any questions or concerns. [redacted]

TTC is highly efficient and a bargain for filing trademark applications. They promptly respond to application and process questions, and communicate quite well.

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