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Thank you for reaching out, ***We apologize for any misunderstanding about our partnershipWe should have communicated more clearly about which responsibilities were yours as a homeownerUltimately, we’re not responsible for work that you as the homeowner hired an outside contractor for -- that was your responsibility to oversee those repairs

I'm very sorry to hear you had that experience and from what I am told by the team they immediately reached out to you to figure out an alternative, but you had already booked another place Unfortunately we have seen a dramatic increase in fraud attempts over the past two years that have required us to implement very stringent identity checking We no longer accept scans of photo ID's of any kind after we encountered several stolen driver's licenses have been involved in fraudulent bookings We have implement very easy-to-use identification verification, but it has it's limitations as you have encountered with how it calculates age (by month, not by day...) We believe this checking is a positive for the industry - fraudulent bookings hurt everyone involved and at TurnKey we want to lead the industry to make it clear to fraudsters this is no place to be working

Your feedback is appreciated, ***, but we do not accept your request for paymentIt looks like our partnership didn't work out, but we wish you the best of luck

We apologize for the inconvenience on booking the home At TurnKey we have a difficult task of balancing the safety and security of private homes with making it easy for guests to book TurnKey tries to be a very good steward of our homes and a good neighbor in our communities As an added measure to make sure we prevent security, noise and fraud issues, we have implemented the industry's most stringent background screening procedures that verify the identity of each guest Unfortunately if we are not able to verify the identity for specific homes or neighborhoods, we have committed to owners and neighbors alike that we will not allow unknown guests to stay in our homesWe understand that this is frustrating, but with the dramatic increase in local government regulations and the hyper-sensitivity of many neighborhood groups to unknown visitors, we've really been left with little choice but to do everything we can around identity issues

We were very sorry to hear about your experience but have had numerous guests enjoy the home and surrounding area At TurnKey we do everything we can to give potential guests the exact information about where a home is located before a booking is made and after confirmation This is displayed on sites like VRBO and HomeAway, and we follwith the specific street address to guests, and in most cases a direct link to Google maps as well where guests can use the street-view functionality to see everything that is around a home We do all of this so we do not have to make judgment calls on neighborhoods ourselves leaving it up to guests to decide if the location is right for them, which seems like most honest and transparent way to handle these situations

Unfortunately TurnKey, like virtually all vacation rental business and owners in the mountain regions of CA, CO, UT, and other states prone to inclement weather, can't offer refunds due to snowy conditions There are a number of licensed trip insurance companies like [redacted] [redacted] and many others that all offer trip insurance policies for a nominal fee designed to protect travelers from situations like this It would be nearly impossible in the vacation rental business, particularly in the mountain or beach regions, to guarantee good weather across the country to everyone traveling since that is far beyond our control and we make that clear in our agreements The licensed trip insurance providers are there to offer this type of protection should travelers chose it

Again, we want to apologize for the late notice, however it is almost impossible to predict the weather, particularly when over twenty feet of snow has fallen Hundreds of homes were affected and when possible we found alternative accommodations but in many cases there was just nothing else available

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I thank Turnkey for their response, but it is very apparent that we will not be able to come to a satisfactory resolution of my complaintThe original complaint has been compounded by the fact that it took ten days to get a responseUnfortunately in the time I have waited for the response, other properties have been bookedThat is why I went ahead and booked another property prior to hearing back from TurnkeyIt should not have taken so long to receive a response.I find the explanation supplied by Turnkey to be almost laughableThey put the entire blame for the deceptive pricing on ***, and in fact say that they have been frustrated by some aspects of [redacted] for yearsYou would think that [redacted] manages the property! This brings up an important point; who is responsible for the condo rentals? I must assume that it is TurnkeyIf Turnkey is so unhappy with the operation of ***, why do they use the service? Ultimately the management company (Turnkey) must be responsibleThey should have terminated their contract with [redacted] years agoI have to add that [redacted] points the blame at Turnkey, and although you criticize their call center, you still allow them to represent your propertiesWhy? It all comes down to Turnkey's word versus ***'s wordI have booked other properties using [redacted] and never had a problem until I came upon multiple properties listed with TurnkeyAll other properties that I have viewed, now and in the past, have accurately reflected the rateI find it very easy to trust [redacted] over Turnkey, and would strongly suggest those looking at properties managed by Turnkey look elsewhere.I should close by saying that prior to retiring, I was in hotel management for thirty yearsI would never allow a travel portal (similar to ***) to misrepresent my propertyI would have terminated the agreement immediately rather than damage my or my property's reputationSo I will ask the question one last time, if [redacted] causes so many problems, why do they represent Turnkey? Regards, [redacted]

We have tried several times to reach out and discuss this matterAlthough we have not been able to connect with you, we are processing a full refundIf you have not received it, please call ###-###-####We apologize for any inconvenience and are happy we were able to make this right for you and your family

Hello [redacted] ,Thank you for your feedbackAccording to our records, you received a full refund on September 6, If you have not received your refund, please feel free to contact usWe apologize that we did not respond to your call quicklyHowever, our employees were working tirelessly to assist our guests and homeowners during the hurricaneWe agree that our guests should always be treated kindly so we’ve delivered feedback to the customer service agents you spoke toWe hope you give TurnKey another chance in the future

We are very sorry that this happened and apologize for the delay in the refund From what I understand our team has reached out and have worked out a refund with you Please let me know if that is not the case and we will make sure to address this immediately!

Unfortunately the Tahoe area in January of 2017 had an deluge of snow and rain. Over twenty-four feet of snow fell during this period of time and while many of our homes were still usable, several were in areas that had sever power outages and were unable to be occupied. It was almost... impossible to find options for each of our guests due to the record-breaking snow. From what we understand, ski hills and rental companies may be issuing refunds. Travel insurance is always available for situations like this from companies like [redacted] to name a few. Unfortunately home owners can't possibly be expected to cover someone's extra expenses when mother nature decides to shut everything down. We make that clear in our guest contracts and strongly recommend buying travel insurance to protect guests from these exact types of issues.

Dear ***, Thank you for your feedbackWe’re sorry that the modern beach home on Dennis Cape Cod did not meet your standardsWe have issued ? of the value of your reservationOur records indicate that there are pots and pans in the home but we will speak to the homeowner about upgrading the kitchenOur housekeepers should have set out shampoo, conditioner, and garbage bags so we apologize for that shortcomingOur inspectors have never seen bugs at the home and skunks are common on Cape CodThere was a hairdryer, broom and mop in the bathroom closetWe apologize about the construction but since that was conducted by the city we had no control over itWe apologize the housekeeper arrived at the home early, that must have been jarringWe have provided feedback about the correct way to verify a clean’s start time to herWe’ve suggested the homeowner upgrade the washing machine and dryer, however we disagree that the basement was dangerous We would love if you gave us another chance and would like to offer 10% off your future stay

Thank you for reaching outWe wanted to confirm that you have received the refund for your stay, and address the issues you have experiencedWe apologize if it was unclear that the entire balance was due upon booking since your booking was made within days of arrival on Unfortunately TurnKey has limited control over the way the information was presented on this websiteThis is a challenge for us, although we are able to include the following, “Any remaining amount will be due within days of arrival: percent (after booking).”This unit is indeed a triplex and offers a shared hot tub, and we appreciate the idea of including a diagram to be sure parking details are always clearAlso, we agree that there could be additional pictures of the stairs and will send our photographers to take additional photos shortly to avoid future confusion.We apologize there was an issue with the neighborsOur local agents did follow up with them in-person and they agreed to move their cars to accommodate youOur local team also followed up to confirm that the two vehicles that were in the driveway are in the appropriate parking spotsHunter, who you mentioned, works for Red AwningWe have tried to assess what RedAwning communicated to you but the agent you spoke with has been out for many weeks so we have not been able to make contactWe will continue to work to follow upAgain, thank you for reaching outWe do hope that you take advantage of the partial discount we’ve offered on a future stay with TurnKeyWe’d love it if you gave us another try I received a phone call from TurnKeyThey have refunded 1/of the rent Please reference to complaint ID [redacted] , this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I feel the company should take into consideration the reason for the cancellation Also, the owner of the property has OVER MONTHS to rebook the property Our reservations were not until August 18th Regards, [redacted]

I'm so sorry for the confusion - according to the team here they reached out and had worked something out with you to help the situation Please let me know if this is incorrect and I will make sure we get in touch directly on Monday

Hi ***,I apologize that the team did not get you a more definitive answer I'm not sure why quite frankly We had received a double booking for this home Unfortunately in the vacation rental world the various websites like [redacted] , etcdon't all talk to each other very well and a booking came in just before yours and it still showed available This rarely happens, but sometimes unfortunately it does I can assure you we never cancel a booking for a longer booking - in these situations though we always honor the first booking that was made

We understand you are frustrated, but the home you rented was not affected by power outages We had numerous renters all in the area successfully staying at our homes For the small number of homes we have that were affected by power outages we found folks alternative accommodations Again, we understand your frustration, but if we adopted a policy where anyone in the country who couldn't reach their accommodations because of weather on the day of arrival got a refund - we wouldn't have any owners who stayed with us This is the most common policy in the insurance industry, and travel insurance is easily available for these exact type of situations, in fact it is available right in the check-out pages of HomeAway from what we understand

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:The response is inaccurate and immediately contradicts the documented evidence I provided Power was out in Tahoma, CA for days while highways and that serve the area were closed for a week The States of NV and CA imposed travel advisories "DO NOT TRAVEL" I'm beyond frustrated at the level of unprofessionalism and greed displayed by TurnKeyYour own customer service agents agreed that the circumstances I (and thousands of others face) warrant a REFUND Your own agent told me "That hundreds of travelers were impacted"Pick a lane, it can't be both ways.I will not accept anything other than a full refund [redacted]

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