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Two Men & A Truck

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We have gone through a long process on this customer including support of our corporate officesWe have the paperwork initialed where it states we loaded everything at the loadThe customer refused payment at time of service, our crews are not to leave until they secure paymentThe customer still refused to pay, not paying the bill is theft of servicesI have gps data that shows our crew did not wait to "intimidate" the customerThat they in-fact left when they were told to leaveOur corporate offices generally sides with the customerThis time after talking to the customer our corporate offices instructed to send out a crew the following day (free of charge) to get the few items left at the load and get the ball rolling on repairing the damages, only if the customer had a cashier's check of $because it was obvious to them that the customer wasn't intending to payThe customer refused to get a cashiers check, so following the directions of our corporate offices we told the customer we could not continue.So when we received the check in the mail a few days later, we assumed it would bounce or it would have a stop payment, so we never deposited the check anywayI can shred it, or send it back to the customer

We apologize profusely for the delay in response on the matterPlease know it is absolutely not our intention to try and avoid paying damage compensation when applicableWe have in fact sent out a check covering the cost of the damage that had occurred on the moveMr [redacted] should be able to verify the receipt of the check, and that the amount sent for the damage is fair and compensatory

This customer complaint has been resolved and the customer is satisfied with the resolutionCustomer states that she wants review removed due to the resolutionCustomer stated she has called the and could not get the review removed at this timeTwo Men And A Truck requests this review be removed per the customers request

On June 18, Two Men and a Truck Indianapolis moved Ms [redacted] During the move we had a damage to a door jamb that the movers immediately recognized and took responsibility for and wrote up a damage reportOn June 19, we contacted Ms [redacted] and resolved the damage claim with herIn late October Ms [redacted] called in to our office to report the issue with her dresserShe did alert me to her personal situation and gave me details about the dresser, including that she was storing her heavy winter cloths in it and that is one reason she hadn't noticed the sag until now (when the weather started to turn cooler)At this time I did remind her that her moving agreement stated that damages are to be reported within hoursHowever, given certain circumstances we do make exceptionsI asked if she would send me photos of the damaged dresser so that I might forward them to my furniture repair expert to get his opinion on the situationMs [redacted] was very cooperative and happy to do soAfter consulting with my furniture expert it was determined that giving the quality of materials used in the dressers that if it was damaged during the move in June and if it was supporting the weight of heavier cloths you would more than likely see the sag within a monthAs I told Ms [redacted] I just felt to much time had passedAfter four months there is no way to know if someone didn't slide the dresser across the carpet just to adjust it a little and the support piece got caught on the carpet and brokeAs I stated before I did wait until after my expert looked at the pictures before I made my decisionTwo Men and a Truck sympathizes with Ms [redacted] ' situation unfortunately there is nothing we can do for her John F*Two Men and a Truck

I am sorry for the delay, I will review this with my operations manager and general managerAgain I apologize for the delays

[redacted] ,We have met your desired settlement of $You have accepted and deposited the check for $By doing so you have released our company from any and all current and future liabilities pertaining to this Job I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.] Regards, [redacted]

We are writing out a check for the repair or reimbursement to fix the step for her Patrick S [redacted] Operations Manager TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Portland, OR Central Office Phone: (503) 894-Office Fax: (503) 894-

I interviewed the team that performed the move, the in home estimator, the general manage and after reviewing all the documents for the move in question, I can only offer an explanation to how this transpiredWhen our in home estimator goes through a home during the estimate process, the estimator takes notes on all inventory that the customer is asking us to moveThis is how our estimates are generated based on the inventory reported during the estimate processBased on the inventory list it was estimated for trucksThe itemized list is then emailed to the customer prior to the move date with a statement says to verify the inventory on this list and contact us if there are changes that need to be made because that may change the estimated amountOn arrival to the move in question there was extra inventory that was not on the inventory listWhen we do a flat rate move and it is for trucks, your estimate is for moving trucks labor and travelIt is a binding estimate, for us to move the items listed on the inventory for a set priceIf we would have known about the extra inventory we would have been able to revise the estimate to include trucksBut with the revision would have increased the price dramatically due to labor and costs associated with using a 3rd truckWe would have been glad to provide a 3rd truck to move the extra inventory but the customer refused to pay for a 3rd truckWe moved all of the items on the inventory listWe then filled the remaining space on the trucks with inventory the customer wanted moved that was not on the inventory list at no charge to the customerThe inventory that was left behind was in an outside shed and it included: raw lumber, a miter saw, some lawn ornaments and a piece of glassNone of which is on the inventory sheetI can provide documents of the move upon request but they are the same documents that the customer already has

We moved Ms [redacted] into her storage unit on September 25th and 26th of this yearShe was not able to be there for her unload so her friend acted on her behalf and signed all moving documents related to her moveThere was no damage report or claim made at that time and our men did not notate any damage as is our process when damage occursOn October 24th, approximately one month later, Ms [redacted] contacted our office and said her television was damaged and she wanted to be reimbursedShe informed us that she had her items already moved out of storageWe informed her that per the release of liability her friend signed acting as her agent that we are not responsible for items not in our care, custody and control and we had no way of knowing if someone had been in the storage unit since we had placed items in thereWe are not responsible for any damage caused during the move out of her storage as we were not hired to complete this portion of her move We also told her per the contract that she agreed to that all damage claims must be made within hoursTherefore, her claim was denied and closedWe have all documents for review should they be neededPlease let us know if you have further questions regarding Ms [redacted] 's move or her denied claimThank YouTwo Men and a Truck I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Regards, [redacted] Two Men and a Truck must have a break down in communications within their business, someone came to our home 8/25/to access the damage to our furnitureWe were told he would he would report to them that day the damagesThis company has constantly changed the facts of this matter, my move was in June I had to contact before I received any contact and now they want you to believe they pursued me to correct this problem, not true

I sincerely apologize for the confusion on the billing and would be more than happy to refund the amount your are ownedPlease contact our office for this credit and if there is anything else I can doOnce again I apologize for this issue and for any inconvenience this may have caused.Thank YouJoe B [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

After interviewing the two different operations managers that were sent out this job at different stages of this move and the movers performing the move, I will offer this explanation: This move was performed as a confidential move (husband and wife were separating and wife was moving out)The address we gave our gentlemen were for a few doors down so the customer could contact us when she was readyThis is for a confidential moveWhen our gentlemen arrived at the home, the customer was not ready nor did the customer give an accurate account of what was being moved during the estimate processDuring the process of the pack and move, the inventory was changingThe husband and wife were arguing about items on a list of what the wife was going to take and what was going to be leftThis happened multiple times, this slowed down the job considerablyUnderstanding the tough situation the customer was in we did discounted her ratesAs you can see on the attached sales order, the rates were discounted heavilyThe pack was slated for $per hour and the move was slated for $The service charge would have been $1684.25The customer was charged hours at $per hour and hours at $for a total service charge of $(this is also discounting off hours for the trip for extra boxes)When we add in the packing supplies ($+ in sales tax) the entire bill comes to $1548.99.As far as the damage is concerned the customer signed off on valuation coverage of $per pound per damaged article (See Attachment)We just need the model number of the refrigerator to determine the weight of the article so we can provide the customer with the cash out amount I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below First of all the statement from Two men and a truck is untrue I am the one that has pursued Two men and a truck, calling over and over, and when they did answer I was told someone would come to my home and take pictures, after three times of telling me that, someone came and I was told because my washer and dryer were older (2015) that 50.oo is all I would get for them being scratched upNow they want someone to repair wood furniture that has been chipped and scratched and can not be repairedThis is a new home we are older people and we do not like a bunch of people coming in and out Regards, [redacted] *** I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me Supervisor from Two Men and a truck called and agreed that they will send the cheque for $(as promised earlier)I have not received the cheque as it may take few days but I am good with responseThank you very much for helping me to resolve this issueI really appreciate it Regards, [redacted]

Attached is the paperwork from my interaction with Two Men & A TruckThank you for your help I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below The business response is not accurate at allI would never bounce a check and have a signed contact that I will sign and send that states the fee was $per hourThe crew worked from am to pm so in essence I overpaid them by sending a $1,checkThey left behind my dresser with a mirror and night standWe did a thorough walk through at the beginning and I clearly stated all of the white bedroom furniture in the spare bedroom was to be movedInstead of conducting a thorough final walk through, I caught the driver in my master bath taking pictures of the shower and bragging about how his girlfriend was going to love itIt diverted our attention from doing the walk through and made me very uncomfortable.The crew came back to me twice after leaving and the first time all three men stood at my front door demanding paymentI again stated that I had every intention of paying after the job was completed as stated in the contract I had signed for $per hourThe Contract states payment is due after the job is completedThe crew at barbecue Chips and stained my bedroom chair and damaged my new washer, picture and China cabinet hutch Then an hour later they were waiting for me on a side street and pulled out behind me as I headed for the interstate I have no idea if they could have disabled the GPS but I am absolutely certain it was them in the large white truck with the Two Men & A Truck black and white logoI reported this numerous times but they ignored it and kept demanding paymentI was extremely scaredThe driver also told me at the onset of the job that they were the "A Team" and I shound add their tip to the check or debit card when I bake payment.This company agreed to send a different crew that Thursday to finish the move because I was frightened of how the driver stomped through my home, yelled at me, then returned twice with an obvious attempt to intimidate The general manager agreed to send a new crew but only if I paid in full a cashiers checkThey assumed I wouldn't pay as they stated so now required me to pay in full by purchasing a cashiers check prior to the job being finished I told him no and again that I would pay by check the $an hour after services were completed as the signed contract stated He told me that I was no longer a customer and refused my calls.My son finished the move that Friday August and I sent a check in the mail for $1,which is more than $an hour per the signed contractThis company continues to ignore major issues and assume I woukdnt payThey are also not telling the truth at all.I am shocked for the total disregard of customer satisfaction and their inability to address serious concerns Regards, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:The tread did not "give way"It is a full piece of inch thick Doug Fir and snapped due to an obese man going too fast down the stairs with wet shoes while carrying a nightstandNot a lampI was feet away when it happenedNobody from the insurance company or moving company has contacted me to obtain a second bid although I am happy to accommodate thisTrying to restore and blend clear vertical grain Doug Fir of that age and thickness is not cheap because it has to be sourcedThis quality of wood is not produced anymoreAlso, the time involved for a contractor to come to the job site multiple times to complete the job is part of the associated cost which is understandable Sincerely, [redacted] *** I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution will be satisfactory to me after the check is returned to me in the mailI do not trust this company to void and shred the check and prefer that they mail it back to meAfter receiving the check, I will agree to this matter being closed Regards, [redacted]

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