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Two Men & A Truck

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I am sorry for the delay, I will review this with my operations manager and general manager. Again I apologize for the delays.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
First of all the statement from Two men and a truck is untrue I am the one that has pursued Two men and a truck, calling over and over, and when they did answer I was told someone would come to my home and take pictures, after three times of telling me that, someone came and I was told because my washer and dryer were older (2015) that 50.oo is all I would get for them being scratched up. Now they want someone to repair wood furniture that has been chipped and scratched and can not be repaired. This is a new home we are older people and we do not like a bunch of people coming in and out.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  Supervisor from Two Men and a truck called and agreed that they will send the cheque for $250 (as promised earlier). I have not received the cheque as it may take few days but I am good with response. Thank you very much for helping me to resolve this issue. I really appreciate it. 
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution will obviously not be fulfilled.  I find it unreasonable to go through all of our things in the storage facility.  We were unable to move into our home prior to that time.  Further more the company failed to inform us or my cousin of the 96 hours stipulation.  At this time Two Men and a Truck are obviously not going to help us so I will contact my aunt who is a district attorney here in Indiana who can recommend a good small claims lawyer.  You are reassured we will not use this company and neither will our friends or family.  

In response to [redacted] complaint that we damaged his home.  Numerous attempts were made by our office to schedule someone to come out and review the damage in question; no response was received despite various methods of correspondence.  We document all types of communication...

with the customer on an internal, timestamped system.  When the movers arrived at the location, it was deemed that either an additional trip would be needed or a second truck would need to be dispatched due to the size and number of his items.  [redacted] refused the second truck and said he didn’t care how long it took them, he only wanted one truck.  A spot check was performed on the move by the Move Manager.  The Manager stayed and assisted the men with many large pieces; the customer was not charged for this additional person.  A move-in-progress call was placed by our office during the move and [redacted] claimed that everything was going good. We have not been given the opportunity to review the damages in question.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: In addition to hiring 2 Men and A Truck to Transport my goods, I  also hired them separately and specifically to pack, package and protect my goods. There was a separate invoice for this service. I relied upon their packing professionals to take proper care of packaging. This is a service I paid specifically for. I was not offered the specific  option to purchase a mattress bag anymore than I was offered the specific option of certain boxes for my goods.  I showed the estimator exactly which items were to be packed and moved well in advance of the packing day and I was aware I'd be responsible for the cost of materials used to package my goods. Again, no one asked me if I wanted my mattress bagged. Miguel admitted this when I pointed out the damage.  Again, I expect, as a reasonable person should,  that when I hire  moving professionals to pack and move my goods that reasonable care be taken to protect those goods. Accidental damage is one thing, that's what a reasonable person expects insurance is for. This was neglect, not an accident.  If a mover is not expected to take reasonable care, what's to prevent them from just throwing my things willy nilly in boxes then telling the customer they have to rely on their insurance to repair damages?  Seems to me that selling insurance is a license to deliver shoddy service since there is little financial incentive for the mover to use care.I remain staunch in my assertion that Two Men and a Truck is responsible for the damage to my mattress and the cost for restitution.  

My complaint is Two Men and a Truck are not taking responsibility for breaking my dresser when they moved me on 9/29/13 When bring up the dresser to the apt. the movers set it in the bedroom upside down and was going to just leave it that why till I said something. They then had already had off most of the wrap and when they flipped it the drawers where popping out. During them moving me my friends where also moving stuff so it was crazy so we did not notice the broken dresser till after they had already left. My friend called the very next day Sept. 30, 2013 (the order was in her name)to inform them they broke my dresser. The damage they did was on the one of the side panel it is split in two all the way down. She spoke with a [redacted] and he said I would need to let them know how old it was and where bought. I called as soon I got off work and spoke with an [redacted] told them my number and that the dresser was only 2 years old and from [redacted]. She said the someone would call to come look at it with in 24 to 28 hours. Never got that call. Finally after many calls the repair guy calls and then says due to it being an ikea piece it could not be fixed but will let the office know this. I called the office the very next day they asked for pictures. I sent pictures to the office managers cell, they then forward to [redacted] for OM was not working there anymore. He said he would get with the new OM and get back to me right away. After 3 days of not hearing anything I called again. Was told the OM was still working on it. After me getting very mad that it still was not fixed I finally spoke with an Antwan the new OM, he said he was just told about it 5 mins ago and it would depend on the inc we took out. We looked it only says if we see damage call with in 96 hours of move we did We where never offered any ins. Still not fixed to date. Antwan is not calling back and I keep getting the run around about what they are going to do to fix my dresser.

I contracted Two Men and a Truck to move my house on July 3, 2013. During the move,and employee dropped my dining room table and damaged it. A report was filed and was told someone would follow up. After a few weeks of waiting I started calling and didn't get a response. I finally emailed their corporate office which seemed to energize their efforts. My case was turned over to a local supervisor who called me once but has since been non responsive to emails and calls. It's been 2.5 months since my damage and still have no contact with anyone from the company willing to repair or compensate me for the damage they caused. I can provide the damage paperwork completed after the move or email strings of frustrations.

I recently used this company to complete my move. The office manager, [redacted], was very helpful in scheduling the movers and setting everything up. I was referred to this company by a very close friend, who is also very picky, so I expected it would be a great process. Then the movers showed up. They had an extremely poor attitude from the start. The trainer was the worst. He was constantly on his phone texting and talking. When I stated this to the moving company, the operations manager told me that they had been contacting him all day about his next job. I understand contacting about that but this mover was constantly on his phone texting. On top of that, I heard him say,"let's make sure we drag this job out so we don't have to do another one." Being a manager myself, I know I would not tolerate that kind of attitude on my team. To this, the manager told me only that the worker was on his last strike, not that he was willing to give any sort of reimbursement as I would expect if they were "dragging the job out." The crew went an hour over the estimated time and I didn't even end having them move half of my stuff, because they were taking so long. On top of this, the crew dropped and broke my desk. Instead of being honest, they told me the desk was weak and broke on its own when I clearly heard it drop as well as hearing one of the movers swear. They didn't offer to fill out a damage report. I called the office once they left and the manager had me do a report over the phone. I was told I'd receive a call later that day. No call. I called today and spoke with the ops manager again who offered only to fix the desk. When I requested that something be done about the wasted time and poor service from the movers, he only stated, "If you're going to request that, we don't have to work with you at all." I am very disappointed as I expected great service and have heard nothing but good things about this company. Clearly this particular location does not provide to that same standard.

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