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Tyler Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration

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Tyler Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Reviews (34)

I had a new central air conditioning system installed 5/22/ The whole process from the salesman's visit to the installation went smoothlyThe two gentlemen who installed the system worked all day on it They were very professional and explained what they had installed that was newer (safety switch in the condensate pan for example) as well as the new digital thermostatThey also gave us some does an don'ts for the system, especially keeping the outside unit very free of debris, etcVery very pleased We have tried it once The outside unit was quieter than our old one, The inside unit as well*** 

Hello, our technician does not know what noise you heard.  He insists the noise had nothing to do with his work or came from the basement area in which he was working; he did not hear a noise.  I cannot suggest what the supposed noise could have been but it was not from "him installing the wrong nozzle" as you state.  The boiler was in terrible condition; we highly recommended replacing it last year.  When we inspected the firebox, we found it to be collapsed and glowing with embers.  The boiler and/or burner area may not have been completely re-assembled in an effort to keep labor costs to a minimum; we anticipated repairing this unit as discussed.  I apologize if we did not effectively communicate but we were speaking with three different people, at different times.  We are not sure what you are seeking.  By posting a negative, online review and this irreversible complaint, there isn't much we can do for you now.  We attempted to repair this unit at a fraction of the normal cost.  Our original estimate was not exclusive to repairing the firebox, it was for several other necessary repairs.  I wish there was something I could do to make you happy. Regards, Richard T[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: Everything in my review is completely accurate and the loud noise was the explosion created by your tech incorrectly installing the nozzle. I had 2 techs come out one who did the repair and told us what had to have occurred according to his findings. On top of destroying what was left of our unit they left the complete boiler apart. Who does that? I didn't agree to having service done to it at that point so everything should have been put back together. Regarding the part you decided to order thst ahead of time. When I spoke with Don he said we ordered that on a limb expecting to do the repairs not because we had agreed to do anything at that point so that was your problem. I 

I've been working with Tyler Heating & A/C for about a year and a half. During this time, they installed a new [redacted] Infinity A/C and just finished installing a [redacted] tankless water heater in my home. From start to finish, the Tyler crew did an amazing job. They were professional, diligent, clean, and they took the extra time to help me understand how my new systems work. Any questions, or small issues that arose were quick answered and resolved. Pricing was fair- they weren't the highest, or the lowest.
In addition to new installs, they've also been helping maintain my existing (2008) boiler. They even drove 30 miles to my house at 10pm on a week night to resolve our no heat issue... and didn't melt my credit card as a result. When I go high efficiency, I know who I'll be calling.
Lastly, the whole team is pleasure to deal with. From initial point of contact, (Robert in sales) to office and scheduling (Cinda and Jenn), to the guys physically installing the product (Donny, Vinny, Jason and Chris). All great people, in my book.
Happy to be contacted as a referral.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:Tyler heating came out to my home and did work on my furnace 1/6/2017 as they stated, although they did not work for a whole 2 hours on my furnace. In the technicians own words that night, he said "I guarantee your furnace will go down again" and the technician said, he would quote parts and the problem could be fixed. I did receive a partial refund and I agreed that this would be good, however they never quoted parts and they never completed the job. They never offered me another option.I never received a sales call or quote at all.  This left my wife and I WITHOUT HEAT !!   Tyler can say all they want to suggest they did a good job, but if the problem is never fixed and the customer is left WITHOUT HEAT, then DID THEY DO THE JOB I WAS PAYING THEM FOR ? I expect nothing less than an additional refund of 201.00, WHICH is the remaining amount after their partial refund that they provided on 1/12/2016.I HAD NO CHOICE, but to seek other ways to get my furnace up and running. If they offered parts and pricing on their initial visit, I would have as a customer found it in my interest to purchase those parts, however they did not offer these as I stated. As a customer, I did not know how to fix my furnace, that is why I relied on them. They were the one's that were supposed to tell me what to do, and how much it would cost. Since I was never given any options, as a customer I was stuck. And yes, I replaced both the Electrode and the Ignitior on my furnace for 60.00 dollars total, and I did that because I had to find a way to get HEAT back into my house.  A partial refund was never given to me either. My wife and I where both here at the times Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning LLC came to our home. We are well aware of the age of our furnace. The issue here is not  

Very positive experience from estimate to installation. Knowledgeable technicians. Very conscientious office staff and great follow up!

My expansion tank started leaking in the middle of March. Tyler HVAC not only had someone in the office at night who took my call but they arrived promptly the next morning to repair. They offered to come out immediately but the boiler was still working so there was no need. Great service, friendly and very clean technicians. I would recommend Rich's crew to anyone. In fact when I have central air installed he will be the first and only HVAC contractor I plan on calling.

Tyler did an amazing job. I was told my the gas company that my furnace could not be repaired and had to be immediately replaced. I called Tyler and someone came out within 20 minutes to give me an estimate. Their pricing was great and they were extremely honest in helping me decide which unit to get installed. Also, they rescheduled appointments for the following day to be able to accommodate my installation, as we were without heat on a very cold few days! The gentlemen were wonderful and were in and out in a matter of hours. Couldn't say enough great things about Tyler! Give them a call!!!

We used Tyler Heating when we converted from oil to gas. From the first call to their great office staff to the day of installation it was a positive experience. They were prompt, efficient & highly professional. They wore boot covers whenever they entered our home & put floor coverings down when they installed our boiler & water heater which is working great. We received follow up calls from both [redacted] & Tyler and we let them both know that we were very pleased with our decision to use their company and would highly recommend them.

After final review of this issue, we have found the refund given to the customer to be fair and just.   The customer made the following statements in his complaints;   1/12/17 “I called Tyler Heating... LLC and complained about this... They said they will refund me a partial amount of money”   1/17/17 “I did receive a partial refund and I agreed that this would be good”   1/17/17 “partial refund that they provided on 1/12/2016.”   As promised we refunded the agreed amount on 1/11/17   Since a resolution was offered and accepted, we cannot offer any additional refund.  Russell D[redacted] General Manager Tyler Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration

On 12/21/2016 we received a call from the customer. Requesting maintenance on his 17-year-old oil fired furnace. He said he was unhappy with his current HVAC company. He asked our dispatcher if she liked working here and explained that he was a mechanic that works on cars. With the information that...

the customer has an older unit, our dispatcher advised the customer the following: 1.      We have a maintenance contract available which can save him up to 15% on repairs. 2.      This contract could enable him to receive up to a $500 discount on a new piece of equipment. An appointment was set up to perform the maintenance 2 days later 12/23/2016 The technician that arrived and performed the maintenance advised the customer the following: 1.      All the parts on the furnace looked to be original 2.      The furnace is “Worn down and needs immediate replacement”   3.      The furnace needs a transformer 4.      Primary control 5.      Oil pump 6.      Burner motor 7.      The customer should get a price for a new furnace to compare repair vs. replacement At that point the customer asked for a ballpark price to repair vs. replacement. The technician verbally gave him the price to repair, then called a salesman to get a ballpark on replacement. Both prices were presented to the customer verbally. I confirmed this with the technician and the salesman. The customer stated that he would call the office when he made his decision. The second time we heard for the customer was 2 weeks later Friday 1/6/17 at approx. 8:22PM. Our technician arrived at 8:49 and left at 10:27. (PER GPS) The technician spent approximately 2 hours fixing and testing this customers furnace. The bill was $331.20. A portion of the bill was the trip charge ($189) and a portion was for adjusting the electrodes ($144). The technician confirmed the original technician’s diagnosis and offered the same solutions, repair or replace the equipment. The customer said that he had not decided and he will contact the office on Monday 1/9/17. [redacted]It should be noted that the technician adjusted the electrodes to the maximum allowable adjustment per manufacturer. The root cause of this is due to the weak transformer (which we recommended) [redacted] The third time we heard from the customer was one day later 1/7/16. He called in to the dispatcher stating that his furnace went down again. He stated that he watched some [redacted] videos and ordered a set of electrodes for $13 from Amazon to perform a repair. In the meantime, he made some additional adjustments to the electrodes to get it up and running. He stated that he wanted a full refund.  The Dispatcher spoke to me the same day and I authorized a partial refund of $144.02. The customer stated he was happy with that solution and would call on Monday to speak to a salesman.   The customer called on Monday and asked to speak to a manager. He left a lengthy voicemail and I promptly returned his call. I was shocked to find out the customer was extremely upset. I apologized numerous times to no avail.   The customer’s complaints to me during that conversation were as follows. 1.      He stated he never received a quote for the repairs during the initial visit 2.      He stated he never received a quote for a replacement after the initial visit 3.      He stated he was never contacted by the office to set up a sales appointment after the initial visit. 4.      He stated that he worked on his furnace to get it running by watching you tube videos 5.      He stated that he bought parts from [redacted] to repair his furnace for $13.00 6.      He stated that we should have “told him he had to repair the furnace” and “ordered the parts right then” during the initial visit   My response to these complaints are as follows. 1+2 The verbal quotes were given at the time of the first visit. I have the call logs from tech to salesmen that were confirmed with GPS and phone records. The customer received verbal quotes for repairs and replacement during the initial visit. 3. Our office called the customer to set up a sales appointment to give a firm quote. The customer never responded. 4+ 5 We DO NOT condone, non-professionals working on HVAC equipment. Not only can they put themselves in danger, but they can endanger the lives of others in the home and their neighbors. The part the customer was working on has a ten-thousand-volt capacity and could cause instant death.  The moment the customer worked on his own equipment he voided all warranties and contracts. (as stated on our contract) Also, if he didn’t get a ballpark price from us like he states, what is his intention of telling us the parts were only $13? 6. I explained to the customer that it is Unethical to NOT educate the customers on all their options. As the professionals, we need to let the customers make the decision on how they want to spend their money. But they can’t do that if they don’t have all their options.    In summary, I spoke to both technicians, the dispatcher and salesmen in addition to the customer. It’s my conclusion that even though we did our due diligence in customer education, we fell short by not writing down the ballparks they were given to the customer.  We pride ourselves on customer service. In the interest of keeping the customer happy, I authorized the partial refund. It is also my determination that the customer worked on their own equipment which voids all warranties and contracts. DIY is not ok for HVAC. As business, it costs a lot of money to obtain a new customer. The last thing we want is to lose any customer, but, we simply cannot take on the liability of having a customer that works on their own equipment. I am confused as to why the customer is asking for more of a refund after they have already agreed to a resolution.

The team from Tyler did an incredible amount of work for me over the course of a year, including installing a new high-efficiency furnace, central A/C, and whole-house humidification system. In addition, Geoff was able to fix some issues with my existing HVAC system, which had been cobbled together when an addition was added to my home. From the front-office staff to the installers and techs, I couldn't be happier with the work that Tyler has done!
I do want to add one more thing: as a first-time homeowner, there are a lot of elements about how my home "runs" that I was unfamiliar with, including HVAC. The guys from Tyler always took the time to explain everything to me; nobody treated my questions as if they were stupid or like they had some other place to be. Working with Tyler has not only allowed me to gain a top-notch system, but it's also given me knowledge about the way that system works, how I can troubleshoot on my own, and what I need to do to keep everything operating at its best.

This company was everything that I would want in a company. Service was impeccable.I will only use Tyler and will highly recommend them to my family and friends. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The installers were on time, extremely clean and professional.

Tyler did an amazing job. I was told my the gas company that my furnace could not be repaired and had to be immediately replaced. I called Tyler and someone came out within 20 minutes to give me an estimate. Their pricing was great and they were extremely honest in helping me decide which unit to get installed. Also, they rescheduled appointments for the following day to be able to accommodate my installation, as we were without heat on a very cold few days! The gentlemen were wonderful and were in and out in a matter of hours. Couldn't say enough great things about Tyler! Give them a call!!!

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