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Complaint ID: [redacted] Based on Mr [redacted] 's statements; we have documentation which proves our statements to be correct Mr [redacted] states he is considering this complaint closed As does MrRooter.On behalf of all of us at MrRooter; we consider this complaint closed.Best Regards,MrRooter Plumbing

Mr Rooter was very professional, prompt to respond to plumbing problem at one of my rental unitsJohn R was very nice, polite and professionalMr Rooter should be very glad to have him as a representativeOverall rating is excellentThank You

February 24, Complaint ID # [redacted] [redacted] *** In response to [redacted] complaint, [redacted] didhydroscrub the drain line [redacted] ***told [redacted] to jet through a drain in his basement even though [redacted] wanted tojet through a clean out After hydroscrubbing the drain line [redacted] noticed more water coming up and used the cameraand locator to find where the problem was15-minutes of location workoutside, [redacted] found the issue was under the new addition to the house [redacted] asked [redacted] how much it would costto repair the line, [redacted] recommended a PermaLiner so the new addition would bespared [redacted] offered to hydro scrubthe drain line again and called [redacted] but [redacted] did not receive a returncall to schedule at time to come out Regards, [redacted] have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] 9, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Responses from Mr Rooter are beginning to get so far off of the facts that I, personally, would be embarrassed to send themThe March response states the following: [redacted] offered the cleaning options and I chose the hydro jetTrue A cleanout was found in the family room after looking outside and in the garage area for the main cleanout, [redacted] was never told there was one in the houseTOTAL FABRICATION #There are no cleanouts in the family roomThey are all in the basement# [redacted] attempted to use the hydro jet from the kitchen cleanout IN THE BASEMENTHe never asked if there were any other cleanouts and I did not have the plumbing knowledge to know that he should haveWho is the plumber here? #The only time we were outside and in the garage was when [redacted] was trying to find the end of the camera with his locatorThe camera end was approximately feet into the line FROM THE BASEMENT and stopped at the "impassable blockage"Neither of us knew which direction the pipe wentAgain, I am not a plumber and I don't claim to beThere appears to be other people who are not plumbers eitherYou stated that [redacted] said the camera was 74-feet into the drain lineI was looking at the camera with [redacted] and it went black at approximately feetNow that we know which direction the line goes, you are more than welcome to come measure the distance to where he said he found the camera end if you wishRegardless, the "impassable blockage" was stated to be three feet beyond the basement wallYou stated that when [redacted] returned from outside the locator went off showing the drain line was in fact inside [redacted] was locating the end of the camera: NOT the drain lineHad he asked about any other cleanouts beside the kitchen cleanout, I would have shown him the other three [redacted] jetted through the cleanout located where the basement was floodingTRUE [redacted] was hired to remove the blockage [redacted] DID NOT do thatI was forced to hire another plumber to remove the blockageI was told by [redacted] that there was an "impassable blockage" three feet beyond the basement wallThe second plumber found the blockage feet beyond where [redacted] said the "impassable blockage" wasI was told the "impassable blockage" repair would be $***What if I had not gotten the second opinion? I would have paid Rooter $ [redacted] for a fictitious blockage plus had the aggravation of having my basement torn upThe permaliner would have gone feet, but the roots were feet awayWhat good would that have done? On 12-06-Mr Rooter performed a Hydro scrub for the same blockage from the exact same cleanout [redacted] used and they went a distance of feetWhy were they able to do that and [redacted] could not? I still have the invoice in case it is neededThere are a lot of things wrong with this entire scenario including the diagnosis of an "impassable blockage three feet beyond the basement wall" and a $ [redacted] quote for the repair of thatI want a full refund of the $ [redacted] I paidIf you wish to continue this banter, I willI promise that I will do anything within my power that I need to do to get my refundI will not pay for a service I contracted for but did not receiveNor will I bow and go awayI contracted for [redacted] to remove the blockageHe did notI had to call a second plumber to do thatWhy is that? If you wish for me to go public with this or to go civil, just state that in your next response and I will take it from there

I can't say enough good about the two techs that were sent out to my home this morningTheir professionalism from wearing shoe covers upon entering my home to cleaning their work area up after they were doneThese guys got it going on and I believe that they are a huge asset to this companyI would highly recommend J [redacted] and W [redacted] to work in anybodys home

I had a sewer baissue on a Sunday afternoonI was unable to reach any other plumbing companyMrRooter's Chris G [redacted] drove minutes to our location, ran a power snake, and resolved the issue while being friendly and professionalCharges were very reasonable

The response from Mr Rooter is untrue in virtually all respects#- I did not ask for a hydro scrubI asked that the blockage be removed*** recommended a Hydro scrub and I agreed IF that was the method he recommended to remove the blockageHE is the "plumber", not me#- I pointed out the kitchen cleanout when he came into the basement as that is the cleanout that Mr Rooter had used seven years before to remove the blockage WITH a hydro scrubI did not tell him to go through itHe did not even ask about trying another cleanout nor did he ask if there were any other cleanouts#- *** said the issue was approximately three feet under the family roomHe suspected a broken pipe because he could not get the Hydro scrub any furtherAt this point he was staring right at the main cleanout and he SAID NOTHING ABOUT TRYING TO CLEAR THE BLOCKAGE FROM THERE#- A second plumber, recommended by the insurance company, arrived on Monday, February 1, to assess the problemNot only did he FIRST ask to see all cleanouts, but asked WHY *** went through the kitchen cleanout versus the mainI could not answer because I did not knowAfter I mentioned a Hydro scrub, the second plumber said that was a LAST RESORT method and used a snakeThe blockage was NOT under the family room, but FEET beyond the house and consisted of fine hair tree rootsIn minutes total, the blockage was removed with the snake#On 02-04-15, 1:PM EST, I received a call from a female stating she was from Mr RooterShe not only would not identify her name nor would she identify WHICH Mr Rooter she was from even though I asked three different timesAfter I complained to her, she said she would have a Manager callI NEVER RECEIVED ANOTHER CALL FROM MR ROOTER, *** OR ANYONE ELSE ASSOCIATED WITH MR ROOTERShe did ask if I wanted to file a complaint and I said "Yes"The telephone number she called from was 330-617-I also know that other than the girl who would not identify herself or which Mr Rooter she was representing, neither Mr Rooter nor *** ever called me back and left a message or anythingI have caller ID and I review all incoming callsI have a recorder and I have saved all incoming messages since February 1, because I suspected something like this would happen and I will be more than happy to play all of them for a court if necessaryFor *** to say that he called and I did not return his call is a bald face lie#- I contracted with ***/Mr Rooter to remove the blockageI did not put any stipulations on how he did it although I agreed to the Hydro scrubI AM NOT A PLUMBER NOR WILL I EVERY PRETEND TO BE*** DID NOT remove the blockage I contracted forI had to hire a second plumber to do thatThe only reason I paid the $*** to begin with is that *** said it would be deducted from the $*** of the cost of the pipe repairTHE PIPE WAS NOT BROKEN AND DID NOT NEED REPAIR! Also, *** said the blockage was approximately feet beyond the main cleanoutThe blockage was FEET FROM THE MAIN CLEANOUT - FEET FROM THE HOUSE: not three feet as *** stated

R***, the technician from MrRooter, showed up within an hour of me calling for help with a clogged kitchen sink Despite it being after business hours when he would probably rather be home, he was very cheerful and courteous He got the job done and cleaned up after himself as well as the buckets we used prior to his arrival I hope we don't need a plumber again anytime soon, but if we do, he is the one who I would want to return!

Good experience with the technicians, who were professional, knowledgeable, and helpfulAlthough the service was too expensive, the technicians were commendable and did a good job

both my husband and I found that mike c*** was polite and knew his jobhe explained everything he did, and did it in a positive manner

Per *** ***
MrRooter went above and beyond our due diligence and discounted every aspect of work performed for this customer*** *** expressed to us that he was unable to pay the amount originally quoted to get the work
The customer initially agreed to the discounted price*** *** told our technicians that he would complete the excavating on the inside of his home and we would do the underground pipe repair at a discounted rateIn regards to this, MrRooter ended up doing the inside excavating as well as the piping as a courtesy to *** *** and to further assist himWe did this 100% out of courtesy for *** *** and charged him absolutely nothing for the additional work performed
We completed all work at the customer's home as agreed upon and also completed the clean up of the job to our high company wide standards
After the extremely discounted work was completed, *** *** had further demands upon our techniciansHe requested that we put in a sump pump for free, including the jackhammering , full installation, and all laborThis request was made after all of the discounts we provided for *** *** and went far above and beyond to satisfy the customer and assist the customer in every possible way.
*** *** made this request for free sump pump installation when he still owes MrRooter Plumbing $*** for final payment*** *** has refused to make this final payment until we give him a free sump pump, full installation, and all labor at no charge to *** ***.
At this time, we are not completing any further work for *** *** unless there are any issues with the work performed and agreed upon on the signed, authorized invoices.
There will be no refunds made, as *** *** has received a significant amount of financial courtesy throughout this process
If there is any further action needed regarding this, please let us know
Thank you,
MrRooter Plumbing have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear belowMrRooter’s response is not unexpected. My response is below
*** ***
*** ***,In regards to your issues addressed in your complaint, I would like to respond to them one by one, in accordance to the numbered list you provided:1) One of our Journeyman plumbers, ***, was the initial plumber on siteHe attempted to cable the drain three times and was unable to get to the desired depth to clear the clogDue to this, he advised to proceed with a camera, following proper company protocolThe camera was completed at NO CHARGE
Response: A falsehood, *** placed the cable in the drain one time, stated he hit a blockage, stated blockage bent the auger tip, was not willing to attempt a second time stating he was afraid in damaging his equipment and possibly damaging tile piping making matters worse. Stated he would need to call his boss *** Graham who had a viewable camera to inspect the line to determine the extent of blockageIf MrRooter would like to contend there was no charge, so be it, however $*** was paid that evening.
2) Due to the state that the pipe was in and the excessive buildup in the sewer line, we were unable to get a clear view of the sewer line and blockageAt that time, we left an estimate on 11/19/for $*** to start at the point that our camera was able to reach and we were able to inspectAfter day, the customer called in and decided to go with the work for the pricing givenIt was scheduled based upon the customer's schedule for us to complete the workResponse: A falsehood, please refer to your own Contract/Retail Installment # ***. This is not an estimate nor is estimate written or implied. The MrRooter form clearly delineates the Diagnosis of the problem and Description of Products and Services.
3) The pricing that *** left for you was for "UP TO FEET" of PVC piping, which includes the blockage area of feetResponse: A falsehood, please refer to your own Contract/Retail Installment # ***. Nowhere on the form does it state “Up to Feet”. Just the opposite the MrRooter form clearly states “Replace 10ft of clay pipe
4) Our crew started the work, repaired the sewer line; due to the sewer line running in a different direction that we were unable to see prior to digging due to blockageAt that point, *** completed a camera inspection of the rest of the line after it was replaced.
Response: A falsehood, please refer to your own Contract/Retail Installment # *** for the Diagnosis and Description of Products and Services for work that was supposed to be completed. The repair work referenced above was not done as described, perfectly good copper drains were removed that was not remotely related to the blockage
5) The gas line was leaking, as it was encased in and under concreteBeing the professionals that we are, we refuse to turn gas on to a leaking line, as we will not be responsible for a potential disaster knowing what could happen.
Response: A falsehood, the line was damaged during jack hammering and excavationWhile in ***, I spoke to ***, he informed me while excavating they broke a section of clay pipe and severed an old gas line, told me it was a dormant gas line that his crew “capped off”. As a result, my gas fireplace is no longer functioning
6) If there is any damaged duct work due to anything that MrRooter Plumbing has done, we will be more than willing to fix this matter
Response: Thank you, I have a photo to validate this should you need visual evidence. Please call me to arrange fixing this damage7) *** *** had a conversation with the area manager, ***, and *** *** stated that he would have his own Journeyman inspector on site to do an inspection to ensure it was done properly IN ADDITION to our own Journeyman plumber on site throughout excavation to ensure all work was done to code and in the correct manner.Response: Not a accurate representation of the discussion with ***Also, a few points that I would like to address with you:1) Anyone stating to this customer that *** is "untouchable" is an irresponsible and accusationThis statement was never made, nor has it ever been discussed with any customerIt is a fabrication and poor interpretation of a conversation that may or may not have ever taken place
Response: This irresponsible person making the accusation is MrRooter employee *** ***. I quite assure you the statements as described were made by Mr*** and very accurately restated and I may add in front of three persons. If I may make a suggestion to the author, take this matter up with Mr***. From my perspective he was the most professional and honest MrRooter employee we dealt with.
2) From the start of this job, *** *** had it in his mind, due to past experiences with other companies, that he was being taken advantage of this time as wellTherefore, we believe it puts us in the same position due to bad practices of other companies and other servicesWe diagnosed this job properly, as we would any other job of this type in the past and/or futureWe went above and beyond to satisfy this customer's needs, including working after hours and on weekends.
Response: Utter nonsense, I have no clue where this comment is coming from however I appreciate the analysis although uninformed and inaccurate. I certainly don’t feel taken advantage by anybody and had no predetermined views of MrRooter. I can tell you with 100% certainty MrRooter did not go above and beyond to satisfy this customers needs.
If there is anything further that we can address or resolve, please let us knowResponse: Nothing was resolved with the exception of committing to repair the duct-work your employees damaged
Regards,*** ***

Very pleased with Mr Rooter, Chris and Joe were a pleasure to have there to fix my problemThey're a great asset to your operation

Customer was refunded today, 7/11/

On 10/4/I meet with their Underground Utility Specialist The main drain at my house was backing up His is your typical "fast talking salesman" that immediately makes you suspiciousLater, I would find out that he is terrible at returning calls, even though he tells you to call him if there are any questions.I ended up calling their main office to get some answers Management needs to counsel him about customer service, and, the importance of returning customer calls I agreed to have the work done The crews that were sent out were hard working decent kinds of guys There was no loud music, horseplay, or swearingIt looks like they did a good job

MrRooter came out to my home for a backed up sewer problem He was honest and advised me to call the county first because it could be a problem with their lines and there would be no need for me to pay for something I didn't need When I did need them anyway, they were there quickly and were very polite Jason showed me on the camera where the problem was and fixed it very quickly He even cleaned the mess that was left by the backed up water The rate was very reasonable and I will definitely call them for the future plumbing needs I may have

Chris Bwith MrRooter of Youngstown was awesome to work with in regards to my mother's plumbing problemsAll of the old cast iron piping under her basement had to be replacedMy mother lives in Youngstown, OH while I live in TexasChris was kind enough to work with me since I know about plumbing; whereas, my mother does notHe kept me informed throughout the entire process, made my mother feel at ease about what was being done, and gave us a more than fair price for the workIt was a complicated process for Chris having an out of state family member handle the details, but he handled it professionally and with sensitivity to our particular situationHe is a great asset to MrRooter!

I called MrRooter on Thanksgiving morning I live in Ellwood City, Pa Their tech, Michael C*** arrived here in minutes...was extremely pleasant and had the job done in minutes The service call was $ *** *** wanted $just to come out
I would not hesitate to use this business again and would recommend them to everyone
I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I am going to answer all of your questions in a itemized response
The only reason that I did not pursue this further until now is because I thought this was all handled and I received my money back from Discover CardThe next month I received a letter from Discover Card that I miss took as a bill which I filed away because my bill gets paid automatically. My secretary just found the letter stating that you guys got Discover Card to reverse the refund
No one ever told me that a camera was used until nowA camera was not used and could not have been used because there was feet of sewage waste around the drain in the basement and you would not be able to see anything if they did tryI know because I had to spend days cleaning up the mess that you made
I called several times to get the same plumber back so he could explain to me what he had did and to confirm that I would not be chargedHe confirmed to my face that I would not be charged because he could not fix the problem with the Hydroscrub and that he would have to dig up the basement and that would cost $***I then told him if I dug it up myself if he could he fix it then
The reason I never called back was because I didn't end up needing to dig up my basement because there was no cracked pipeThe problem was with the City of Youngstowns lineWhich I worked with the city and they came down and drained the line to my house and fixed the problem
Here is another website I found with a long list of complaints about you guys come to peoples homes and making problems worse with your Hydroscrub so that you can charge more to fix it***
I have also found many other similar complaints online, and I have just started to look and prepare my evidence about MrRooter
I hired MrRooter to snake my lineThat was allWhen they got there he recommended this Hydroscrub because he said it was better, and said it would remain clear for years guaranteed, and if it didn't work I would not have to payThat is the only reason that I agreed to let him try that
You tried to Hydroscrub and made a big mess, it didn't work so where is your guarantee and your word
If you refund my $*** that will be the end of this, please honor your words
*** ***

Very professional, knew their stuff and completed the work in a timely fashion.
I will used them from now on.

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