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Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis

11993 Borman Dr, Saint Louis, Missouri, United States, 63146-4114

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• Sep 10, 2020

We were very pleased with the windows and the crew that installed them. While they worked quickly it, they did not hurry. When they left you would never know they had been there except for the new windows. I built my own home many years ago and have done various remodeling/repairs to other homes I have owned. I was thinking of doing it myself to save, but I am very happy that I did not. I would recommend Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis and their crew to anyone needing replacement windows.

• Sep 02, 2020

We had a great experience! Rodney & his boys did an excellent job. Will highly recommend them.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Sep 03, 2020

Thank you for choosing Universal Windows Direct. We always love to hear about our team members going above and beyond. Rodney is definitely an asset to our company and loves what he does. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything! -

Five minutes to the hour of our appointment a representative fro the company called and said the salesman was on the highway and his vehicle broke down but didn’t know where the Salesman was. The salesman didn’t call me, another person within the company called. He told me that the sales staff doesn’t know the phone number of the prospective clients, which is absurd.
Stay away from this company many of the stories and reviews are unbelievable.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Jul 29, 2020

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the delay that you experienced and any inconvenience it may have caused. We will submit your feedback to our Sales Management Team for review. Thank you! - UWD Customer Service

I purchased 5 double hung windows from Universal windows Direct. They installed them on April 23th. After installing them I was told me that one of them was not working, It could open but the mechanism that keeps it up did not work, it slides down. They said they would send a man to fix it right away. I've called them 3 times and they say they'll send someone to look at the problem, and I'm still waiting.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Jul 01, 2020

Thank you for the opportunity to respond. According to our records, we have attempted to reach the customer on several
occasions by phone to schedule a time for a service visit (leaving a series
of voicemails) but unfortunately have been unable to reach the customer. We remain willing to service this homeowner's windows and will continue to reach out to the homeowner to get their service appointment scheduled.

We take great pride in the quality of our products
and our work, and we are confident that the customer will be satisfied with the
completed project once the remaining service items are addressed.

I have not heard from the company for a few days. I've talked to representatives in several states including St. Louis about missed scheduled appointments. no replies.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Jun 15, 2020

Thank you for your feedback. We will be forwarding this along to management for review and assistance. -UWD Customer Service

We have had a great experience with this company. The salesman was kind, respectful and very knowledgeable. The man who came to measure the windows for accuracy was also very good. The installers were fantastic. Jason, Kellam and Max arrived when promised and did their job efficiently and left no mess. The windows are beautiful - exactly what we wanted. It's too early to see how much money they will save us on utility bills, but we are sure that they will. We are happy and satisfied customers.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Apr 23, 2020

Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to hear you had such a wonderful experience.
-The UWD Customer Service Team

The windows seem great, but after the original install the are coming back a 3rd time as the can't seem to get the orders right 5 months and still not fixed

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Apr 23, 2020

Thank you, we will send your feedback on to a manager for review. -UWD Customer Service

I have been back and forth for too long with these people. I have no one to be at the house besides me. They would not repair their damages to the drywall on the weekend and I believe they don't care, even the caulking outside around the windows isn't well done and will take 3 or 4 hours to fix. They could do that with no one there and they won't. There are installation damages to the drywall inside the house is extensive! I gave up on this company and I can't sign their contract and relieve them of all things to come and in the past. I have already repaired the inside damages. The outside caulking still needs to be done.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Mar 11, 2020

Thank you for
reaching out and bringing this to our attention! We have spoken with the
homeowner and remain willing to service his concerns. We do require that
someone over 18 years of age be present during our service visit. Unfortunately,
the homeowner stated that he does not have anyone to be present. In an attempt
to accommodate the homeowner, we did offer to provide him funds to have the
work completed by a different vendor, but would require him to sign an agreement
that this option resolved his concerns. As previously mentioned, we do remain
willing to service this homeowner, but do require an adult to be present. Please
let us know if you need further information.

Customer Response • Mar 14, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:
I have already made the repairs inside the outside repairs can be made anytime ( that requires no one to be there ).

The repairs inside were made by me and I found another area that was missed in the original complaint , im

in the process of finishing the home 30 days should be done..


Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Mar 18, 2020

As perviously mentioned, we do remain willing to service this homeowner, but do require someone over 18 years of age be present during the visit.

Customer Response • Mar 19, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

I already have the work done inside.. if they require someone to be home for outside work then we're wasting

our time I'll have that done myself next week. I guess just let consumers know what could happen for

followup repairs. Please post all the pictures of the damage ( ) so other hard working consumers can take

note what can happen if you don't have a home babysitter to rely on... I have 6 hrs so far repairing there damages

and still have the outside caulk repair to do. That's a lot of money, materials include drywall, stucco patch to

try and match the wall prior to the damage which will never match perfectly.. good luck and prepare to spend your

own money for repairs,.


I think the sales tactics of this company are unethical.
I think the 2 for 1 sale is a joke and a gimmick.
I think the "Let me call my manager" phone call is silly and stupid.
The price was outrageous although the lower outrageous price was available if I put a yard sign out for 30 Days, took photos and allowed teen agers to canvass my neighborhood.

There are a few more things but that is enough to warn people this is not a wise use of your money.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Apr 23, 2020

Thank you for your feedback. We will submit this to a manager for further review.
-UWD Customer Service

On the radio *** Universal Windows Direct (UWD) advertises buy 1 get one free triple pane windows. Contacted UWD and had a salesperson come to the house on 12/20/19. We were shown a sample window (3 pane demo model) and eventually agreed to purchase 10 replacement windows and a replacement sliding glass door. The sliding glass door and the two double units in the front of the house were to be finished on the interior with vintage pecan (an upgrade in cost). When an installer came to the house on 12/27/19 he told us we could not get the vintage pecan for the two double windows in the front of the house because UWD did not have the pecan wrap to finish the windows off with and there would be a gap in the unit. He suggested we had to go with white for the interior of those windows because they had the white wrap. We later found out this was a lie or at best misinformation on the measurer's part. At the time since we thought we had no other option we agreed to change to the white interior windows because we did not what a gap in the frame. He also asked whether or not we received a brochure from the salesman when he came. We did not. When we looked a the brochure he then gave us, we noticed that there were actually 4 types of windows that UWD sells. Classic, Plus, Premium, & Supreme. At the time we purchased the windows we were told that they would noticeably reduce the outside noise level and the house would be much quieter. However, the measurer said that according to what we signed, we had actually agreed to get the classic windows which are double pane and not triple pane. We were under the impression that we were getting the windows that "noticeably reduce outside noise". When we actually got to see a brochure (not provided by the salesman on the initial visit, we saw that under the description of the types of windows, that it is the Premium triple pane windows that actual provide that sound barrier "Reduced outside sound transmission". We contacted the sales person and discussed our concern that we thought we were getting the premium windows and he proceeded to tell us that would cost another $120 per window and really the double pane windows also reduce noise (although that is not stated in the description in the brochure) and that is what they sell the most of. We said we wanted the triple pane for what we agreed to pay because that is what we thought we were getting and eventually they said we could have the triple pane windows for another $90 a window. We decided that would be too much to do all of the windows (another $900 but we did agree that we would pay another $360 to have triple pane for the sliding glass door since it is a large surface area. The installers came out Feb. 6-7 to put the windows in. *** was home during the installation. When
*** came home from work she noticed immediately that air was coming in through the channels of the two sets of double windows in the front of the house and *** noticed that when you opened them they did not set smoothly in the channel of the frame. When the installers came back on the 7th they examined the front windows and said they were defective. The installers did try to tighten down the sides of the windows but air was still coming in through the side channels. On that day, they also installed the sliding glass door. When *** came home, she noticed that the screen slider for the door had a hole at the bottom of it. When we called UWD, they sent out a Technician on February 13th to inspect the windows, he agreed that the windows in the front were defective and would need to be replaced. He also told us that we were not told the truth about UWD not having the pecan wrap for the windows available, they did have it available. He also found that the installers failed to put the correct weather stripping in the upstairs windows and there was condensation forming around the window/frame. We contacted UWD and said that since the windows in the front were defective, the technician said they needed replaced, and that we were lied to or misled about UWD being able to supply us with the pecan finish windows we originally wanted/agreed to pay for, we wanted them to replace the front windows with pecan finish windows. *** was contacted by *** from UWD in Indianapolis February 28 and he said we agreed to a change order for white windows and they would send somebody out to fix them - even though their technician and installers said the windows were defective. We were lied to / misled about having to sign a change order from pecan to white, we did not want white but were told the pecan finish windows wouldn't work. We were not offered a reduction in price to go the white windows because we were told _"You already got a good price on the windows"

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Mar 18, 2020

Thank you for reaching out! We are sorry to hear that this customer feels as if we were dishonest during this process. We can assure this is not the case. According to the customers contract ,which they signed, the homeowner purchased double pane windows. This is directly stated on the contract. In order to protect our customers and organization we order per the contract. While reviewing the job with the homeowner we explained the concerns with removing the mulls and offered the customer a solution to the concerns. During that time, it was agreed to change to white in and out. This was done with a signature from the customer on a change order. We remain willing to try and resolve this with the customer, but the resolution needs to be mutually acceptable to both parties.

Customer Response • Mar 21, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: While I don't believe universal windows is going to give us the option to go with triple pane windows because we did agree to the double pane windows on the signed contract - their salesperson was deceptive in what was available, what we were agreeing to - never gave us a brochure and led us to believe we would be getting windows that had superior noise reduction. The double pane windows do not. We still hear a lot of, road noise. That is bad practice on their part. However, on the issue of the pecan interior on the windows being changed out for white - this was done under false pretenses. It was not true that Universal Windows did not have the pecan wrap or the ability to install what we originally agreed to. Whether their measuring technician was uninformed or intentionally misinformed us of this availability, I do not know. The fact remains, his misinformation was the reason we agreed to a change order for the windows. Our original agreement was for pecan interior on those 4 downstairs windows. This was confirmed by their technician, ***, phone # ***, who came out to check our windows on February 14, 2020, after we filed a customer complaint that there was air coming in through the side channels of the windows. He confirmed that the windows were defective and also told us he didn't know why the measuring technician told us that the pecan wrap was not available, He said it was and there was no reason that the pecan windows couldn't be installed correctly. Since the windows were deemed defective, by the installers and U.W.D.'s technician and need replaced, we are requesting that they replace them with the original contracted pecan interior windows since the change order was done under false information, with no discount given for changing back to white windows, which according to *** are cheaper. *** has said they will change out the white windows for pecan for another $2000! This is unacceptable. U.W.D. did not offer to reduce the cost of our original contract by $2000 when we agreed to change to the white windows. So, either their measuring technician deliberately lied to get us to change to the white windows when they thought we got too good of a deal for our windows or was uneducated as to what UWD could do. They need to replace the defective windows with the original pecan interior windows from our contract.


Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Mar 23, 2020

Thank you for your response. While we gladly will service the homeowners current windows we can not replace them with the pecan/white as this is outside of the signed agreement we have the homeowner. We have been in contact with the homeowner to try and resolve their concerns with a resolution that is mutually acceptable to both parties. At this time, if the homeowner would like us to service their current windows we would gladly do so.

I have not got what I was told I would get in the quality of service and product. The sales man didn't relay the important information about the job, so the windows were measured wrong. They tried to install the windows in existing bad window sill and trim when I clearly started and told them it was getting replaced. Now after a second time they installed they screwed thru the bottom of the window sills and all my windows are leaking. They sent someone out to look at them and said they again had to reorder the window frames and come back to install again. Its been 3 or 4 weeks since then, and I haven't heard anything from them. I called three times in one week and left 2 messages and talk to someone who said he talked to the project manager over my job and he would call me back, but never did. I paid a premium price for professional installation and product. I was told that all there installers were professionally trained as well as the sales men and that with that being done there would be no issues. From the beginning of the job to now incomplete work all I have got was excuses and incompetence. I asked for a refund of some sorts since I have not got was I was told I was paying for and was told no because they were contacted to do the job. Ever though they have not finished the job or will not return my calls or do anything to hold up there end of the contract.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Jan 22, 2020

I have not owned this company for about 4 years. This is not my customer.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Jan 27, 2020

Thank you for reaching out! We have spoken with the homeowner and have informed him that his service parts have been ordered. As soon as they arrive, we will contact the homeowner to complete his service.

Great experience!!! Sales representative was very knowledgeable. He took his time to fully explain how the windows were made. Broke down all the options and the full process. Went out of the way to get us a great deal. Truly impressed with, blew all other companies out I'd the water.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Mar 04, 2020

Yay! We are thrilled to hear that you had a great experience with our company. Please let us know if we can assist with anything else in the future. Thank you, UWD Customer Service

Great experience outstanding product very knowledgeable and professional would recommend them to anyone

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Apr 23, 2020

Thank you for your feedback! We are so happy to hear you enjoyed your experience. Please let us know if we can assist with anything else. -UWD Customer Service

Cameron was amazing salesman he sat down and explained to me everything I need to know about windows which’s prior to our meeting I know nothing about and after that he were able to make me a deal I cannot refuse universal window is great company and everyone who needs windows should give them a call

We first meet with Universal Windows on October 8th 2018 where we liked the product and ordered 5 windows. The order came in and they were installed. After install we were very happy with the product and quality of work that was done by this company. Since we liked the product and install quality we decided it was time to do 1 more window and 1 door for our next step. We sat down with the sale man on June 4th 2019 and they came to measure on June 12th 2019. we were told that the doors take a bit longer so it would be 8-10 weeks. They came to install on August 12th 2019 where they install a window but had problems installing the door. The guy installing the door had some difficulty in getting it in as it was a custom size door. After he got it is and square he told me that he would not be able to finish as they needed an additional part ordered because the trim that came with door would not actually work to the openings on the house. He left the pieces with me in case they were needed later but promised his boss had ordered the parts in within a couple weeks they would be back to finish the job. August 20th 2019 I receive an email from universal windows with a survey about the installation and how satisfied I was with it. I responded to survey telling them that maybe they should be focused on finishing instead of surveying me. I received a call from the manager who apologized and said that he had dropped the ball but would get this ordered and would hear back within 2 weeks. On September 9th I called to check status since it was now almost 3 weeks. When I called I was given a voicemail. 3 hours later I receive an email stating the part has arrived and would contact me for installation. I received call and scheduled this for September 12th where a guy came out with no parts and said that he couldn't do the install but would take the trim that was left here so that he could cut it down. His solution was to use the cut down trim and wrap that with foil to complete the door trim and make it look good along with finishing the inside by sanding down where they repaired and caulking the trim. I did agree to this compromise as I trusted that he could make it look like the quality of the windows installed. I was promised that he personally would be back within a few days but no later than 1 week but I would receive a call to confirm the time within a day. After not hearing back I email universal windows to ask when they would finish and I would like to speak with an executive of the company. I did receive a call from a manager at another location who seemed a bit less concerned with my troubles and only wanted to schedule a installation and asked what needed to be done I told him to finish outside with trim and foil wrap this in white and finish sanding inside of house wall with the caulking as was agreed by previous installer. I additionally asked if my mother in law could be there and not myself as I couldn't take off work the day agreed. He said that would be no problem and to contact him if I wasn't satisfied. on September 25th they came to install. The installers didn't have any idea what they were to do to finish so my mother in law explained. Caulked pieces of wood that closely matched the door and nailed to the door. They complained that this door was custom and they didn't have the ability to make it look better. They caulked the door trim with thick semi transparent caulk to fill in all the gaps. when you approach the door all you see is caulk with miss fitted pieces of trim that is caulked to the door. They refused to sand down the wall and fix anything else. This is no where what was agreed and no where the quality of the window installs. I immediately sent an email in with pictures of what was done asking how this was quality install and this was unacceptable work. I have not heard back from anybody and when the installer were asked when they would be back and they said ask their boss.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Oct 08, 2019

Thank you for reaching out! We have been in contact with the homeowner to try and resolve their service concerns. We remain confident that we can resolve their concerns.

Customer Response • Oct 11, 2019
Universal Windows has contacted me and has fixed the quality install issues. However for all my issues for 60 days they did refuse to do any compensations for this order or future orders.


Darren was great. Very informative. Very patient. Couldn’t be more pumped to get my windows.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Apr 23, 2020

Great! We are thrilled you had a good experience! Please let us know if we can assist with anything in the future. -UWD Customer Service

Darren was amazing, absolutely fantastic. He was very personal and knowledgeable. I can’t wait to get my windows.

Stay away from this company. Unethical business. I got a quote on my windows from Derrick on 8/23/19 for 8 windows I needed replaced. Derrick asked when I would make a decision and told him sometime next week, I had a couple other companies coming to give me bids. He then asked to make a phone call to see if he could make a better deal. After talking to Kim he said he would be able to come down on the price by $2,700.00 but I would have to sign the contract right now and write him a check. Thinking I was getting a good deal I went ahead and wrote them a check and set up the measurements to be taken on 8/27. However, on 8/27 Derrick called me and asked to come by my house. So I had to rush home to meet with him to learn that the contract I signed was an old one and I needed to sign another one. He also said because my front window was a double flanker set that the measurements had to be rescheduled for 9/4/19. When Chris came on 9/4/19 he measured my windows and explained that because the double flanker set was 3 different windows that I had 10 windows. I then asked if the windows in my bedrooms would open and he said yes, all the windows will open up. Today at 3:23 pm the sales rep Kim called and left me a message that after looking over my measurements that I have 12 windows now and that they need to charge me an extra $1,400.00. The perfect definition of an Unethical company that wasted a lot of time. BEWARE

Cameron did an excellent job explaining the product, the process and overall quality of your product. We appreciate his promptness and professionalism and are looking very forward to our new windows being installed!!

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Apr 23, 2020

Thank you! We are so glad you had such a great experience. Please let us know if we can assist with any future projects. -UWD Customer Service

The initial project estimate meeting was scheduled and the UWD representative showed up promptly to my house. The representative was very friendly, knowledgeable, and showed a lot of passion for the company and their products. I basically had no knowledge of the company and my initial impression was very positive because of the representative’s professionalism and personality. I was under the impression that it would be quick meeting (15 - 30 minutes) where I would be presented with options and estimates. As other people have pointed out, these meetings sometimes take 2 - 3 hours so prepare yourself.

The representative thoroughly provided different options for the doors, windows, and siding that they sell. The sticker shock from the initial estimates overwhelmed me and I was ready to end the meeting. The representative then scratched off those numbers and showed me the friends and family discount. “Wow, that’s a lot less. How could I pass that up?” I told the rep that I needed some time to think about it and I was told that those discounts would only apply if I placed the order right then and pay in full up front. The red flags were smacking me in the face and I kept pushing them aside so I agreed to order just a sliding glass door with the intent of placing a larger order later if this first install goes well. I hadn’t shopped around so I didn’t realize at the time that UWD products are priced much higher than their competitors even when the discount is figured in. The rep left and I felt confident and comfortable about my purchase.

Three weeks later the measurement guy shows up to speck out the door that will be replaced. There was no special equipment required. Just a guy and a tape measure. I’m not sure why the sales rep couldn’t have just done the same thing during the initial meeting three weeks earlier.

Week #8 and I don’t hear back from anyone so I call UWD to get an update on my order. They didn’t offer a reason for the delay but said they would expedite the order so that it would be ready for installation within 2 - 3 weeks.

Week #11 and not once have they tried to contact me with an update on my order. I’m starting to wonder if I was scammed so I take to to verify that UWD is a real company. I find comfort in knowing that I’m not alone in my frustration of this company’s service. I reached out to UWD again and was informed that the door I had order was now finished so I scheduled the install for the first available day which was the following week.

Week #12 and the installers show up according to what was scheduled. The installers were friendly and sociable. I think they did an amazing job and were finished in under two hours.

Final thoughts: This has a been a valuable lesson for me and may likely help to save thousands of dollars when I go to replace all my windows. While I do appreciate the professionalism of the UWD staff, I’m concerned with their sales tactics and lack of communication. I also didn’t expect a single door to take 12 weeks to deliver.

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