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Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis

11993 Borman Dr, Saint Louis, Missouri, United States, 63146-4114

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they installed windows and door in my house and nothing the sales person told me that was going to happen did. the doors and windows quality where very over priced for what I got and the installation has the worst I have ever seen . the windows are not square in the wall opening and most of them have caulk and expand foam on the trim ,the screen don`t even fit tight . the doors, one of them is sprung and doesn't fit in the frame and the other one has all the knockout removed leaving holds in the door frame and the trim they put on the inside of the door looks terrible. the installation crew they sent out where friendly but very unprofessional looking dirty clothes and didn`t were anything in my house to protect my floor and done a very little to clean up their mess and more butt crack than we ever need to see , took my wife and me 2 days to clean it up. I called them and the service guy came out and looked it over and took pictures of it and agreed with me on the instillation of the windows and doors . I haven`t herd from them and I called and left messages

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Jun 14, 2019

Thank you for reaching out! We have spoken with the homeowner and are scheduled to meet with them next week. We remain confident that we can resolve their concerns. Thank you, UWD Customer Service

Customer Response • Jun 21, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

The business did come out and look at the issues. They did agree to do some cosmetic work, clean, and fix some trim. As far as the windows being crooked and the door not fitting properly, the man that came out said the windows are just the way they are and the door looked good to him. It was doing what it supposed to be doing. The work doesn't look good to me and I am not satisfied with what they said about my main issues when they came out. The windows need to be straight and the door should fit properly.


Great sales, customer service and installation. Very pleased with our new windows! Our bedroom had a draft previously that no longer exists!

We received a quote from Universal windows for window installation. During this quote the process of installation was gone into with great detail including the clean up process and professionalism of their installers. When the installer initially came, their claims of a clean up after the work, timely completion, accuracy of work and professionalism were extremely false. When the installer arrived he was by himself, he made it a point to explain to me that such a large job as ours usually has two installers, he was by himself due to a call in and would need my husbands assistance unloading the product. (My husband was at work and did not return home till that evening and the job was stalled mid afternoon due to this). The process in which the installed cleaned up his work area were not sufficient. I understand that with construction comes dust, this was excessive. There was minimal clean up effort before the installer departed and he appeared to be in a hurry to leave. He completed the inside portion and second installer returned a few days later to complete the exterior work. After the install was complete we performed a walk around, after all personal had left and discovered there were many flaws. A window missing a lock (which was not replaced for almost 2 months after install, leaving my home unprotected during this time), There was spray foam that had been used in a messy manner and had been transferred to my exterior lighting (noticeable from a distance away), There was a rip in one of the screens, the caulking around the interior of the windows left large gaps between the window and the trim, and the front window would not open. I contacted the company and to this day there have been 6 visits to my home to try and resolve my issues. This project was started in Oct 18 and it is now Apr of 19. In regards to the front window, which has still not been repaired, a service technician came out and stated that the installer had improperly installed it and had used plastic shims to "try and make it work, He was working with the best he could". That is not acceptable to me. We had no knowledge of any issues with the install. I questioned the tech in regards to the reason and his initially said it was the technicians error. Following that visit a service manager visited our home and was surprised at the amount of errors he was finding in regards to the install. He stated that he would send his best team out to repair the window the correct way, he promised me this install would be completed that next day. Promised, were his words. That crew arrived 2 hours late, then came to the conclusion that the window had been sent from the manufacturer with issues and it would need to be replaced completely, this is after a "new panel" was ordered and found not to resolve the issue. I have been in contact with the service manager to come to a resolution. I paid for exceptional service and a great product and received sub par service at best and obviously a faulty product. I was told a week ago my window had arrived and they would be contacting me for install. No contact with their scheduling department and I still have a broken window that is not usable almost 7 months after the project was initiated.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Apr 11, 2019

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We have been in contact with the homeowner and are scheduled for a service appointment. We remain confident we can resolve the customers concerns.

Customer Response • Apr 11, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

They have NOT been in contact in regards to a resolution. They are replacing the one window. That does not make up for all of the trouble we have had to go through.



Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Apr 12, 2019

We are sorry that this customer is not 100% satisfied and as previously mentioned, we are scheduled to complete the remaining services. We are unable to accommodate the customer’s request for $2,000.00 as once the services are completed, the customers entire project will be completed. We remain open to finding a mutual agreement.

Customer Response • Apr 15, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

there has has been no effort made to resolve the issue. No solution offered. My time is valuable as is my money. This company does not see that.


We called for a quote after hearing an ad for "buy one get one window free" on the radio. We scheduled a time for some one to give us an estimate. No one told us that this would be a 2 1/2 hour presentation, and every time pne of us would leave the room to take care of our children the entire presentation would stop, until the other person returned. Finally after 2 1/2 hours we finally were given a price, then we were told if we did not make a decision that day the price would go away. This is a major home purchase, to push some one to make a decision that very day AND put money down, is ridiculous! They should be understanding and accepting that it is wise to seek out all options as a home owner to make the best choice for your home and family. The sales lady was very kind and poliet.I feel bad on how she was trained. I would never recommend them to family and friends, because no one should feel pressured to make a major purchase for their home like that, with threatening scare tactics. The "do it now or lose it" They also need to give people a warning, this presentation lsst 2 1/2 hours, because some people may have kids, or places to go.
Universal should be confident enough in their peoducts, and in their company that they should not feel they need to pressure people like this. If you are confident in your products and your services, and business, you know people will come back to the very best, this eliminates the need to pressure people.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Mar 04, 2019

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We strive to provide every customer with a positive experience and are sorry to hear yours was not. We will share your feedback with our management team. Thank you again, UWD Customer Service

Over priced by 5,000 to 10,000 over competitors. That is even after Thar "PSA" discount to allow them to advertise and hand out fliers in your area.
!!What a joke!!

My experience with UWD has been positive so far. The salesperson was on time for our meeting, was friendly and knowledgeable, and passionate about the quality of their windows. I was impressed with the quality of the windows and the lifetime warranty. Moreover, UWD has black window trims not offered by other companies. UWD has been fair and reasonable throughout the sales process. The salesperson was clear about the installation process and has been available to answer questions after our meeting. I look forward to the installation of our new custom windows.

We've had a great experience. The product is top notch. Kim, the sales rep was extremely helpful and patient. The company also supports many great non profits in our area including Habitat for Humanity.

In September 2017 my wife and I purchased a window and door from Universal Windows Direct, and financed it with them for 0%. The salesman did a cursory measurement, then a week or two later, the professional installer came to measure. The window and doors took much longer than promised to arrive. The day came for them to be installed, and the door that was made for our house didn't fit; the measurement was either done wrong, or the company made it incorrectly. A new door had to be made, and by the time it was ready, it was late January for the install.
The day the window was installed, the two installers, who were outside on the front porch, smoked cigarettes during the install, with the smell and smoke wafting into our house. The truck they drove, which sat in our driveway leaked transmission fluid. They all appeared hung over.
When the door was installed in January, they didn't have the new hardware we ordered, and so we decided to just use the existing hardware from our old door. The installer installed the lock upside down. The masonry around our door was damaged. The temperature that day was in the low 30's, and the slow install made the house unbearably cold. (We were told at the sale our install would be in late October.)
The install manager, whose name I forget now, attempted to make things right by coming over himself, he said, the next day to fix the masonry and correct the lock. That morning, he called to say he couldn't come, but he was sending over someone to fix it. This was a Saturday. His communication among his men was lacking, as I was on the phone with two different men who knew nothing about why they were being tasked on a Saturday to come to our house, and, each of them didn't know the other had been asked to do this job.
As we had a party that night to clean and plan for, I asked one of the men how long he expected the rehab of our door would take, and he curtly responded, "it's my Saturday too, and I have no idea; I'm not there."
Fast forward a few weeks, and we get a call from *** Forden from Universal Windows Direct. He wanted to come over as soon as possible to have us re-sign the banking paperwork for the door. Because the door took so long to produce and install, the financing window for the door had expired. *** was on the phone with the bank, in our dinning room for over a hour, attempting to get the financing established. The bank refused to finance the door, as it was out of agreement with the original contract. While he was there, I detailed our experience with the install manager, and the installers. I told him how disappointed I was with his company, and I would not agree to have them place their sign in our yard, nor use them again. He was visibly shaken by my disappointment and promised to make things right, and offered a discount on future windows. He also said he would talk with the owners of the company, and get back to us soon about how to finance the door. He didn't leave his business card, nor did he ever contact us again.
On Friday, Sept. 28, 2018, I had a registered letter from the post office, sent by ***, and that we were being sued by Universal Windows Direct. We immediately went to their office in Maryland Heights. We asked to speak with the owner or manager, and were directed to ***'s office.
After a minute, *** remembered us, and asked if we could pay for the door. My wife agreed to pay, but our only option to pay for the door was with a credit card, at 18% interest. I asked him how we got to the point of being sued by his company, when it was his company that failed every step of the way. I reminded him that I promised not to air my disappointment and experience on social media, as that wasn't how I like to operate in business. All *** did was say his company "dropped the ball", and apologized. He made no attempt to explore how they could offset the interest rate we are now accruing, or offer any other reparations. We insisted they contact their legal office to have reflected on our account that the door was paid in full and drop the lawsuit. We still haven't heard directly from their legal office, but we do have an email from the office manager, ***, that requests them to contact us.
Thank you in advance for your assistance and for your consideration of our complaint.
Kind regards

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Oct 09, 2018

Thank you for reaching out! We are sorry to hear about your experience and have sent this information to our management team. Thank you, UWD Customer Service

I called the number shown on tv, and they came out the next day. I liked the window quality so I agreed and signed a contract. They salesman said they would be out within 3-5 days to measure. 3 weeks later I hadnt heard from them so I called and they scheduled an appointment for the following week. One hour before the appointment the Vice President of installation called saying he couldn’t make it and he guaranteed me he personally would be out to measure on Tuesday at 5pm. Tuesday came and went without even a phone call. The next day they called to reschedule the appointment a third time and that is when I cancelled the contract.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Sep 06, 2018

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your experience with us! We strive to provide every customer with a positive experience and are sorry to hear yours was not. This information has been shared with our management team. We thank you again for sharing your experience as this helps us learn and grow as an organization. Thank you, UWD Customer Service

I contacted this company along with 2 others for bids on replacement windows and a walk out dbl basement door. The young man who came over went thru his selling pitch, I had to move him along as he was taking up a lot of time just giving me his pitch

When we got to the basement door, he told me this would be equal to 4 or 5 windows in his pricing bid, I was taken back by this, as a door is a door and a window is a window.

The only prices on his bid are his hand written quote, no per window pricing, no price for the door,. no labor list, no material list, just a price

Anyway, he gave me his pitch, did his pricing and told me my price would be X, BUT if I bought now, the price would be lower. I told him, No I still had another company coming to give me a bid.

The next day I received a call from someone else in the company, telling me they now had "Rebates" available. Told him No, he asked to call back in a few days, I told him OK

The next day or so my wife and I received a total of 4-5 calls from this Company, we just did not answer the phone.

A few days later, the young man who presented his sales pitch called and left a message, that we had a 1:30 meeting and he needed me to call and confirm.

I sent him an email and told him thanks for coming out, But we were not interested in their windows due to the high pressure sales pitch, not to return a call or reply to this email, not to have his boss call either, because any other communication from the Company I will consider harassment.

The next few days we received at least 6 more phone calls, finally I answered the phone and told the guy who called to NEVER call me again. That was just a little while ago.

If I can give anyone some advice, don't waste your time with this Company

I had to leave a one star rating to submit the review, they deserve no stars

I heard their ad on KMOX radio for BOGO and free install and thought I might get a good window for a great price. It still came out to $9000 for 9 windows! I'd guess that would be over $20000 at regular prices - for vinyl replacement windows! Oh but wait, make your decision now and they'll knock off 20%. Still won't commit? Let me call my manager - now its $5500. Artificially high starting prices so they can present a huge markdown - baloney. I got estimates from two other companies, equivalent windows, no muss no fuss, that were both less than UWD's best 'only good till I walk out the door' price and those bids were good for 30 days or more. I hate this kind of salesmanship.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Jul 17, 2018

Thank you for reaching out! We strive to make every interaction with our customers a positive experience and are sorry to hear yours was not. This information will be sent to our management team. Thank you, UWD Customer Service

To be perfectly honest if someone would have told me to consider UWD at the beginning of this year I would have said who? Being a new home owner I knew I wanted to go to the home show and shop around for renovations I was looking to complete, but windows were my top prospect. Naturally everyone knows the players when shopping for windows *** and ***. I went well prepared with questions at hand and with the intent to schedule an appointment and buy. That being said I was not impressed by the competitors products or their sales teams representing their companies. I wasn't taken seriously by some, merely because of my age. By the time I stopped into the UWD booth I was blown away about their passion for their product. Not only did they answer all my questions, but they were very friendly and respectful. I scheduled an appointment and the sales technician arrived on time. He, as well everyone that I have had the pleasure of interacting with from UWD was very passion about the product, knew his product well and when he didn't know an answer was openly honest about not knowing the answer and wanting to make sure he could get us the answer from his supervisor. I appreciated the company's sales approach which includes comparing their competitors prices for windows knowing that this is an investment. The sales technician was very respectful giving me time to process and make a decision to not only purchase windows, but to feel comfortable in knowing I made the right choice in UWD. The only thing I would I state could use some improvement is their scheduling. To not only maintain the schedule as agreed upon by the customer and office, but also making sure that all the technicians are properly equipped with the same schedule and that's also the information being emailed to the customers. Installation went smoothly and once again I was impressed by UWD and their installation technicians. They were super friendly and very respectful of my house. Installation was completed with two technicians in one day, and during installation they came across carpenter ants. They maintained a very professional demeanor even through the carpenter ants and helped me spray and keep them out of the house so they could install the final window. I was very impressed with their integrity to pointing out the unwelcomed visitors so I could get them properly taken care of afterwards. After the installation I was contacted by not only the local office asking about how things went, but I was also contacted by the initial sales technician making sure that I was completely satisfied with my new windows. I have, and will continue recommending UWD!

My experience with Universal Windows is/was DEFINITELY positive. First off, I reached out over the internet using their "contact us" link on 5/11/18. They promptly called me back the following day (today) and was even able to schedule an appointment the same day with Sales Rep *** arrived on time and we dove right into his presentation. He took his time, explained everything thoroughly and finally, laid out all of my purchasing options for getting the project done within my budget. After consulting his Supervisor *** was able to secure a great overall price for the project and without mentioning specific numbers, it was a much better deal than any of the competition could've ever given me! If this sales experience says anything about what to expect on install day, I'm gonna guess that this project will be the best decisions I've made since purchasing my home! Thank you *** for making this process easy as possible.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Jul 13, 2018

That is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We hope you love your new windows and please let us know if we can help with anything else in the future. Thank you, UWD Customer Service

Salesman ***. Did an awesome job of presenting the good quality and energy advantages of the Universal Windows Direct products. He worked with us to get the best price possible and considering the excellent manufacturing, we got the best deal around. We were very happy with our experience!

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Jul 11, 2018

That is wonderful! We are so happy to hear about your experience. Please keep us in mind for future projects. Thank you, UWD Customer Service

was my sales person and she did awesome ,fantastic job. She knew about her company inside and out. She perform a excellent job explaining and educating me on windows.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Jul 09, 2018

Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We are thrilled to hear it went well with our team. Please keep us in mind for future projects. Thank you, UWD Customer Service

did a great job educating us on their windows and all the options available. She listened to what we wanted. She even came out on a Saturday which was helpful with our schedules.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Jul 10, 2018

That's great! We are happy to hear about your experience. Please let us know if we can help with anything else. Thank you, UWD Customer Service

Our experience with Universal Windows has been positive. *** arrived on time and was friendly and professional. Was knowledgeable about their products and answered all our questions. I would recommend anyone looking to get replacement windows try Universal Windows.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Jul 09, 2018

Thank you for your review! We are happy to hear you had a positive experience with our team. Please keep us in mind for future projects. Thank you, UWD Customer Service

My sales representative, ***, was outstanding. He explained the product thoroughly and I was very impressed with the demonstration. There were some key features of the windows that I absolutely loved. *** was very professional and very personable. I plan on using Windows Direct for all my future window replacement on my investment properties.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • Jul 05, 2018

Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We are thrilled to hear you love the windows. Please let us know if we can assist with anything else in the future. Thank you, UWD Customer Service

I just wanted to say what a great experience I had with this company. From the sales associate *** who made the decision super easy, especially after her awesome presentation with the fire, to the installers, to the ease of the billing process. I had been hesitant about making such a big purchase, but the windows keep my home warm in the winter and cold in the summer, all while saving me money on my bills! Myself and my family cannot thank you enough for such a comfortable home. If I ever need to purchase windows, doors, or siding in the future, I will not hesitate to call Universal Windows Direct!

I have asked Universal Windows Direct to replace my window that has a stress crack on it was told by a corprate employee in *** that it would be taken care of and nothing. I haf issues with them before and have been more than understanding with them beimg new to the area. Maybe am email or letter that atleast my wimdow is being made. I have bigger issues to deal with than worry when the will completely break and harm someone. Then it will be a hospital claim for Universal Windows Direct if someone gets hurt for neglecting the situation. I have documented the situation with my lawyer. Please do something soon I don't really want to go that far.

Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis Response • May 01, 2018

Thank you for the opportunity to respond. We are aware of this situation and the replacement for the cracked window has already been ordered. We expect to receive the replacement next week, and upon our receipt, we will immediately contact the customer to arrange for installation at the customer’s earliest convenience. We stand behind our products at Universal Windows Direct of St. Louis!

Customer Response • May 02, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


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Address: 11993 Borman Dr, Saint Louis, Missouri, United States, 63146-4114


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