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U.S. Inspect Group

14501 George Carter Way Ste 110, Chantilly, Virginia, United States, 20151-1788

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I used them to do an inspection on my home. After that they have been spamming me with offers from other companies. I opted out of sharing my information. In violation of Federal law there is no unsubscribe link. I have made several attempts to reply to email asking to unsubscribe. I am demanding that my personal information an email no longer be abused by this company.

U.S. Inspect Group Response • May 15, 2018

US Inspect acknowledges receipt of the complaint and has updated the client’s account according to his request.

Customer Response • May 15, 2018

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

It is shameful that this is what it takes to resolve a spam issue. I didn't get an apology so I will now spend my time placing reviews about this company and let the Realtor know my displeasure.


US INSPECT I have been doing inspections for US Inspect for over 10 years, its been fine until this last summer. It is a real hassle trying to get paid by these people. I have not gotten paid for 11 inspections I've done this year. They don't even answer emails or return phone calls.

I noticed failed windows/glass and notified the inspector, Jo, on July 5. He suggested if "the window is under warranty, that would be great. If not, and you wish to make a claim, then read the Inspection Service Agreement and contact the company at the Post Inspection phone number". I left a voicemail and finally reached Rosie *** on July 6 and customer care Director Moe F . Mr. F told me the windows were excluded from the warranty. I notified Jo of his company's decision on July 7. There were other issues but these were the most expensive due to the size of the large window.

The other issue discovered in August were large crack/separation about 1/2" of the cement floor from the wall almost the entire length of the basement floor. The response from the inspector was "the crack along the wall between the floor slab and foundation can be chalked using very high grade polyurethane caulk."

U.S. Inspect Group Response • Apr 03, 2018

previously submitted a review dated 3/26/18 to the where she complained about the same issues. US Inspect has timely responded to the complaint and below is a copy of her review and the response submitted by US Inspect:


“The inspector failed to note a very large window and a smaller window with broken seals. He also missed a large opening on the concrete floor among other areas of concern. I notified the inspector of the large window with broken seal since it was so obvious. The other items may have been hidden by the seller. The inspector told me to file a claim with his company. I contacted the company several times and finally reached a manager within the required deadline who informed me broken seals aren't covered even though it wasn't an excluded item. Can't rely on the inspector to be thorough and the company would not file an error and omission insurance claim. Review By: *** (***@***.com) - Zip Code: ***Submitted: 03/26/2018”


“On July 6, 2017, ***s reported two windows with broken seals to US Inspect and claimed they were missed by the inspector. On the same day, we contacted ***s and explained that window seals are difficult to detect and can appear suddenly with a change in the weather (i.e. humidity in the summer). At the time of the inspection, the windows were examined and the inspector found no evidence that any of the windows had a broken seal. US Inspect does not provide post inspection coverage for issues related to window seals. US Inspect contends that signs of broken window seals became evident after the inspection, and there was no oversight by the inspector. Submitted: 03/27/2018”

In her review, *** clearly stated that all the other items found may have been hidden by the seller, which includes the crack in the basement.

US Inspect maintains the same position, outlined in the response to the review, that there was no evidence of failed windows seals during the time of the home inspection. In addition, the crack in the basement could not have been detected as it was concealed by ***’s own statement.

According to the service agreement signed by ***:

Purpose and Scope of the General Home Inspection. Our General Home Inspection is intended to assist you in evaluating the overall quality and general condition of the Building and its immediately surrounding areas. Our Inspector will conduct an impartial, non-invasive evaluation of the readily accessible, permanently installed systems and components of the Building, and will identify items that may need immediate or near-term repair or replacement. The inspection will be conducted in accordance with nationally and state recognized Standards of Practice in effect at the time of the inspection and referenced in the Inspection Report.

General Exclusions. U.S Inspect Inspectors do not disassemble equipment, dismantle items, move furniture, lift floor coverings, open wall coverings, or disturb items belonging to a Property owner. General Home Inspection services do not encompass anything that is concealed, underground, or not accessible for inspection at the time of the inspection. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, our Inspectors do not: (i) enter any area or perform any procedure that may damage the Building; (ii) check items hidden behind walls or ceilings (e.g., electrical wiring systems, plumbing systems, insulation, etc.); (iii) check telephone or cable/satellite jacks and connections; (iv) check security systems, fire sprinkler/suppression systems, intercom systems, central vacuum systems, exterior low voltage lighting systems, antennas, remote and radio controls, motion sensing devices, solar systems, specialty HVAC systems, or other non-primary electrical/timing systems; (v) inspect structures detached from the Building; (vi) evaluate cosmetic features such as paint, wall coverings, carpeting, floorings, paneling, lawn and landscaping; or, (vii) inspect common areas. Our Inspectors will not go beyond making a determination of whether or not “normal operating controls” such as heating units, thermostats, humidifiers, or switches can be operated by the Property owner as intended.

Finally, US Inspect contends that the inspection measured up to prevailing national and state standards of practice within the home inspection industry and that the inspection report accurately communicated the visible and apparent conditions that existed at the residence at the time of the home inspection.

U.S. Inspect Group Response • Apr 17, 2018

The inspection report confirms that the inspector, Mr. M, inspected the windows as he commented that some had defective locks. There is no question that the windows were thoroughly inspected and had there been any evidence of broken seals, Mr. M would have noted it on the report.

The inspection report reads:

“The windows are visually inspected and operated when they are accessible. Screens and storm windows are included if they are installed at the time of the inspection. The window locks at most of the windows are difficult to operate. Have the locks repaired or replaced to allow ease of operation. This should be a warranty item for the seller.”

The inspector followed the company’s protocol of directing *** to the claims department where her claim was thoroughly reviewed and examined and a timely response was delivered to her.

There is no conflict between what the inspector advised *** and the company’s position.

Customer Response • Apr 26, 2018

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

Date: Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 3:43 PMSubject: Re: Business 3rd Complaint Response (***)To: *** <***>The inspector told me to contact the business and the business told me the broken seal isn’t covered by their warranty. I think the inspector realized he made a mistake and wanted his company to take over. Otherwise, he would want to take a look.I also disagree with the window lock as proof of inspection of the failed windows. The window locks are only for the windows that open which are around waist level in the living room. The loss themselves are below waist level.The failed windows are above the windows with locks where you have to look upward.Thank you.

We are a termite company doing inspections for this company. We have had problems collecting money for the inspections provided. They do not reply to emails nor numerous phone calls. They now owe us over $2000.00, and have not been given the decency of a return phone call. This will go to collections as attempts to collect from them have been ignored.

On 05/24/17 I had an inspection by Curtis M from US Inspect done on a home that I was purchasing. Shortly after moving in I began to notice a dip in the floor. After having it accessed by another company, it was determined that I had a beam that was broken and several joists that were cracked. I reached back out to US Inspect and they sent Curtis back out to reinspect the beams on 1/15/18. After re-accessing the area, he advised my fiance and I that the beam was indeed broken and that there were cracked joists. He apologized and admitted that he'd "missed" those areas, however he would turn all the pictures over to the claims department to get this issue "taken care of." He assured the both of how quickly US Inspect handle issues such as this and that we "have nothing to worry about." On 1/17/18 I received an email from *** Claims Services Director that the claim had been denied because the "dip in the floor was not present at the time of inspection on May 24, 2017." He stated that the initial inspection report pictures did not indicate any damage found during the 1/15 inspection. I have pictures from the initial inspection and he noted nothing regarding structural observations. The only pictures that show beams and joists was Curtis's comments around falling installation which show 3 pictures where the installation was indeed falling. I contacted *** back and asked what pictures were taken on 1/15 since Curtis did not show me and if they were of the same 3 pictures taken during the initial in inspection. My concern is how can we compare if they are not the same pictures. The other company concluded that this issue was very much present at the time of the initial inspect as there is no way a broken beam and several cracked joist presented itself within 6 months. Additionally, Curtis admitted this "miss" to both my fiance and I. *** refused to provide me with his superior, preventing me from escalating and has become unhelpful. Leaving me with an awful experience.

U.S. Inspect Group Response • Jan 30, 2018

On May 24, 2017, US Inspect conducted a home inspection for the property at ***. The inspection included the crawlspace where the joists and beams (i.e. floor structure) are located. Several photos of the structural components in the crawlspace were taken by the inspector, and none showed any cracks or defects at that time.

Eight months after the inspection, *** contacted US Inspect reporting that she found a dip in the floor, resulting in a contractor finding cracked joists and a beam.

On January 16, 2018, US Inspect revisited the property to assess ***’s concerns. The cracks in the joists and beam were noted in the revisit, and it is our conclusion that these defects were not visible or apparent at the time of the original inspection.

According to the service agreement “The Inspection Findings will be limited in scope and based upon the visible and apparent condition of the systems and components of the Building, as they exist at the time of the inspection.”

*** provided no evidence that the cracks predated the May 2017 inspection, and her position is based on a self-serving assumption. *** was present during the original inspection, and she likely completed a walkthrough of the property before closing. During these property visits and the subsequent 8 months in the home, *** did not notice a dip in the floor.

US Inspect contends that there was no evidence of cracked joists or a beam at the time of the original inspection

U.S. Inspect Group Response • Feb 08, 2018

US Inspect denied ***’s claim on January 17, 2018, which is prior to her filing a complaint with the on January 19, 2018. Therefore, the allegation that the denial was a result of her complaint is unfounded.

Following the denial, ***’s agent reached out to US Inspect and proposed resolving the claim for return of fees. The proposal was reviewed and US Inspect decided to maintain the denial. At no point did US Inspect ever extend any offer to *** or her agent.

During the course of the inspection, the structure of the house was thoroughly inspected by Mr. M and there was no visible evidence of any damage to the joists or the beam. ***’s allegations that the photos taken reflect only the loose insulation is completely false. The referenced photos clearly show the insulation as well as the structure of the house.

Again, *** failed to provide any proof that the dip in the floor and the structural damage were visible and apparent at the time of the inspection.

We are maintaining our denial and contend that there was no oversight by Mr. M during the course of inspection.

Customer Response • Feb 22, 2018

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.



From: *** <***@***.net>Date: Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 12:14 PMSubject: ***To: ***,Please update my compliant to state "answered - the business addressed the issues within the complaint and the client is satisfied." Thank you.

I have provided several inspections for US Inspect and it has always been a hassle trying to collect payment for my inspections. I now have an additional 2 invoices which are way past due to be paid.
Numerous attempts to call, and emailing the guy in charge of this, Ben H have been a total waste of time because he doesn't care enough to return emails or phone calls......
My job numbers are IT81810 and IT9211s going back to August and October of last year 2017
Hopefully someone with some pull can see this and address my payment issues

U.S. Inspect Group Response • Jan 15, 2018

Hello Mr. E,
I looked into your account and both of those payments had been sent, then subsequently voided, re-issued and sent again at the end of December. Please contact me directly to verify your address so we can get these voided and re-issued again.
Thank you,
Kim Peterson

I am a chimney specialist who has been reached by US Inspect
for inspections in the Cincinnati area involving residential
relocations. Many weeks ago, I provided inspection services
and have not been paid following prompt completion and invoicing
for these services. For the last three and one- half weeks, my
follow up telephone calls and emails have not been answered or
acknowledged in any way. This matter is seriously late and I
cannot understand why US Inspect has been silent to my concerns.
The Job File Number is IT8210H, among others.
My experience here is quite similar to the posting dated
September 2017, by Jonathan H.
While I am not necessarily convinced that US Inspect is a scam,
this kind of experience is highly inconsistent with good business
practices in general, as well as the performance (and perception)
of an Accredited Business Member of the
I would welcome any contact from US Inspect which would be useful
in clearing up this matter. Copies of all correspondence have
been retained for review if necessary.

U.S. Inspect Group Response

Mr. Y I apologize that you have not received a response regarding the inspection that you performed. I will make sure that a payment is issued immediately for these inspections. If you have any issues in the future, please feel free to reach out to me directly. Kim Peterson [email protected]

I am a licensed home inspector in North Carolina, I was contacted by US Inspect to conduct an inspection on a home as part of a relocation. The first inspector showed up to the job and walked away without conducting the inspection stating he was not getting paid enough for the size of the home. I agreed to complete the inspection under the terms of my regular contract ( which they signed). After completing all required inspections and documentation per their standards the Relocation service dropped the contract to purchase the home stating that the inspection revealed extensive concerns beyond the companies level of issues. ( I guess they liked the report) It has now been 2 months and I have yet to be paid. I have made multiple attempts to contact Jorge the Vendor Management, Relocation Services as well as the other numbers listed on the web page. I have yet to receive a call back. This business is a scam and I now see why the other inspector walked without inspecting the home. All information in this review has been documented for possible resolutions.

U.S. Inspect Group Response

Hello Mr. H, It appears that the inspection that you performed was on 8/25 (1 month ago), report submitted on 8/28 and approved on 8/29. Our standard payment term is 45 days from the date of approval and we cut checks once a month. Your check was processed and has been sent via the USPS (shorter amount of time than our standard payment terms). I apologize if this was not thoroughly explained to you up front.

Customer Response

My Pre-inspection agreement was digitally signed on on Aug 24, 2017 10:32:08 AM by your employee Signature: JXXX Vendor Management, Relocation Services. This agreement contains the following language about payment.

Payment and Fees
a. Client shall pay Inspector a base fee of $$XXX.00 for fulfilling its obligations in Section 1 of this Agreement.
b. Client shall remit payment to Inspector upon completion of Inspection....
d. Interest and Fees: Any amounts not paid after thirty (30) days of the invoice creation shall be subject to a fee of 1.5% monthly, which shall be added to the principal amount each month. A service charge in the amount of $20 will apply to returned checks.
e. The Client agrees to pay all legal and time expenses incurred in collecting due payments, including attorney’s fees, if any.
f. If Client is a corporation, LLC, or similar entity, the person signing this Agreement on behalf of such entity does personally guaranty payment of the fee by the entity by signing this agreement.

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