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Van Horn Chevrolet

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Review: Purchased a vehicle on January 22, 2014. Brought the same vehicle in for service (replaced rear differential clutch discs and rear bearings) on January 29, 2014. They kept the vehicle in the garage until February 5th. I called February 18, 2014 because electrical system on the passenger side controls and cd-disc changer was not working, and front end (suspension issues, dealer recommends replacing front ball joints, r-f steering knuckle and vacuum seal). 3 month warranty does not cover this: total for service electrical system $434.04; disc changer $493.50; and suspension $1678.25; totaling $2605.79 (not sure if this is just the price for parts or parts and labor). I reminded them I had only had the vehicle in my possession for 3 weeks and should not be liable to cover these costs, they said they could not be expected to cover the costs of repairing the vehicle forever (words per sales manager). On February 24, 2014 the driver side airbag light is now flashing. I called the service manager Blake and was told the air bag is no longer working, and it could potentially not deploy on impact. I have attempted to contact the service department twice and they have not returned my phone call. My wife left a voice mail with the general manager and they have not returned her phone call.Desired Settlement: I am seeking compensation in the amount of $2605.79, the quoted parts and labor that was listed by the dealer customer service department. In addition I would like to be reimbursed for the $136.40 bill that was paid to the dealer for the "diagnostic check" of the electrical system that did not need to be done to check and see if the passenger door switches and in dash CD changer were in working order. It was very obvious that the listed items were not working by individually actuating the devices. Since the diagnostics check by the dealer, the vehicle SRS system is not functioning properly and the safety feature of the airbag will not deploy upon impact. The dealer needs to assume responsibility the cost of repairing this.



Dear [redacted],

had nothing but good things happen at the dealership. We drove over an hour to look at a vehicle we saw on line and 2 hours later we were driving that new vehicle home. The salesman made sure every questio was directed and every need of our was met. We love our new car!

Review: I gave van horn my financial info and spoke with financial advisor [redacted] S. And was told I was approved for 100% financing . I told her my situation-2 months behind due to surgery and asked several times, she assured me everything was a go. [redacted] told me to bring my truck n to get it I did, [redacted] introduced me to [redacted] . [redacted] started asking me how much do I pay for car note I looked at him and said why he told me because the truck I want cost a lot of money. I told him [redacted] said I was approved. I asked them where is the truck so I can test drive they told me its next door. I inform them that I drove from Milwaukee and wanted to see the truck. [redacted] took my truck keys and told me he was going to appraise my truck. The financial manager [redacted] told me he has two loan companies but He will call me Monday because of the holiday. He didn't call so I called Tuesday I tried to call [redacted] she kept putting me on hold so I spoke to the general manager he told me that he will take care of me personally. Did not hear back from him at all. Finally I spoke to the financial manger [redacted] he could not remember me (right) then he said there is no funding for you. I asked can you explain he said no funding I'm sorry. I said [redacted] you told me I was approved I have 3000 for the down payment he said again no funding and hung up. Van Horn sales issues is a big lieDesired Settlement: Sell me the truck



Hello [redacted],

I was treated with respect and dignity throughout. Everyone I came in contact with was courteous and friendly. It was an exceptional experience.

Review: My complaint is with the way this company sold a vehicle out from underneath us and we find out about it when we were two hours into a four hour drive to look at car with full intention of driving home with it. We had been looking for an affordable2013 Fusion. I was on the Internet and a char hop Fusion popes up on for 14500.00. It had 29K miles. I received a message someone would call soon . We received a call the next morning but we were not able to go up that weekend. We told them we would be there the following Saturday. Through out the week my husband had talked to the dealer the last time being Friday at about 3. They had set an appointment for noon on Saturday. Being told the car would be cleaned up and sitting out side waiting for us. Let's go back a couple days the car popes up on the net with a new price of 15500.00. After my husband talked with them about price change we were told that they would honor the 14500 price back to Saturday morning. About one and half into ride I checked my email on phone and saw that [redacted] had emailed us at 130 am reminding of us of our appointment. I emailed back on our way. A while later my husband received a call from [redacted] saying the car was sold Friday night and he was sorry. After that morning I sent messages to for upper management information we received a call from [redacted]. He didn't know situation all he new was someone was not happy and looking for owners information. When he called he asked what he could do to make it write our response was a 2013 Fusion for 14500.00. He offered a 2012. If I wanted 2012 I could have found one in Iowa we wanted 2013 body style He really hasn't tried to hard I have sent emails but no response. We have since bought a 2013 Fusion with few more miles on it and 1400 dollars more which makes our payment higher. I got the feeling from what my husband said that Mr. [redacted] has dead problems like this beforeDesired Settlement: All we are asking for since we found a car is the difference in price of the one we would have bought from them and reimbursement. for the rental car we hd to rent the day we went up because our sons needed our other car for an appointment. 14500.00. Their car15600.00. Car we bought45.00 rental car100.00 gas for gas going to Plymouth and several trips looking for another car



Hello Kim. We apologize and it is not our intent to be dishonest or deceive anyone in regards to our vehicles. We sincerely apologize if anything we may have said or done would lead you to feel otherwise. We did ask if you would like to put a down payment on the car to hold it for you until you were able to get here, but you chose to take your chances and see if it were to still be here when you arrived. Unfortunately, [redacted] was on vacation till the morning of your arrival and the vehicle was sold late the night before. He then called you when he got in on Saturday morning to let you know the vehicle had been sold. The salesman let you know that it had been sold. We truly apologize for your experience, and want you to know that we always strive for the highest customer satisfaction. If there is anything else we can do for you please let us know otherwise, we sincerely apologize for any shortcomings and thank you for your feedback.



I purchased a 2014 Buick Regal from Van Horn Chevrolet about a month ago. The car was well priced at $2500 under market value. I wondered why the car was priced so low so I called to gather more information. I was told their lot was too full and they needed to move inventory but nothing was wrong with the car. The car drives great, however, I can’t say my experience at Van Horn was as great.
First, I left the dealership without a full tank of gas. Maybe I am on the only one that would be annoyed with this but if I spend over $18,000 with your dealership, you would think the least you could do is give me a full tank of gas. Mine was filled just above the half way mark.
Second, over the three weeks of driving the car, my fiancé and I found several things that were broken or not functioning.
Here is the list:
Compartment under the temperature controls has a door and the door is broken and won’t shut
The driver’s side fog light was out
The driver’s side lumbar controls were disconnected and not functioning properly
The passenger side floor mat has a clip that keeps it in place, the clip was broken
The passenger side seat, in the back, was not stitch together so it looked as though the seat was ripped.
Pandora won’t work, although that may be my phone (still have to test with a different one)
The kicker here is that the car is still under the Buick warranty. Why these items weren’t fixed before the car was placed on the lot is beyond me. Instead, I had to set up a separate appointment at a different dealership to get all of the above issues fixed. It took the dealership approximately 90 minutes to fix the issues and only one part had to be ordered. Van Horn obviously did not inspect this car very well before it was placed on the lot to be sold.
Third, after three weeks of having the car, one of the tires blew so we had to take the car in to get the tire replaced. This was not Van Horn’s problem. However, I received a phone call from the mechanic and he suggested I replace the back two tires on the car because with winter so close, the tread on those tires, would not be recommended to drive on in a WI winter. Let me phrase this differently…I just purchased a car that cost $18,500 and now I am being told that two of the tires on the care won’t even get me through a WI winter.
I called Van Horn to discuss this with them. We spoke to both the salesman we purchased the car from and to his manager. They both stated that it was my responsibility to ask about the tires and since I didn’t, it was my issue to deal with. The manager also stated that he would let his daughter and wife drive on those tires without any concern because “legally” he sold them to us at a tread limit that was acceptable.
After multiple phone calls and “discussions” with Van Horn, they finally agreed to pay for one tire replacement but now, I was being told I had to drive my car all the way to their sister dealership (approximately 45 minutes away) to have the tires replaced and with a tire brand I had never heard of before. Needless to say, I paid for four new tires myself.
So in summary, I purchased a new used car from Van Horn. I paid over $18,000. I didn’t leave with a full tank of gas, I had to replace all four tires (one tire was on us) and I had to take a few hours out of my morning to take the car to a GM dealer to fix all of the above issues, which took an hour and half to fix.
I do not recommend this dealership. I did receive a great deal on this car, however, that does not justify all of the above issues. No one looked over this car and no cared about our experience when we called and were upset.

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