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Vernon Heating & Air Conditioning Inc

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Jessie S[redacted] of Vernon Heating and Air is a superb technician. He is very thorough, honest, friendly and does not rush through maintenance checks. I recommend Vernon, but in particular the technician Jessie Spence. Vernon should give him a big raise so they can keep him.

We have had only Vernon Heating & Cooling as our provider of these services for many years. They are always on time and explain what they are doing while servicing our furnace or air conditioning. When our furnace quit on a chilly day in 2006, the technician quickly arranged for large space heaters to keep us warm until a new furnace could be installed.
Appointments for servicing are easy to arrange and you get a call to let you know the tech is on his way.

Great service as usual. George R., our technician was knowledgable and friendly.

George R[redacted] of Vernon Heating and Cooling performed routine maintenance on 2 units at my home. He was very courteous and professional, and seemed very competent at completing the maintenance in a timely manner.

Jimmy D. always gives us excellent service and has provided us with highly qualified craftsmanship and attention to detail in all his work.

Dear All- We were very impressed with Darren. He arrived early and waited out front until 9 when we were scheduled. He did his job with the furnace and the came up to explain what he did . He recommended the by pass 600 humidifier and the Air Scrubber Plus which we passed on. He did an excellent job and was very personable. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Tice & Robynne D[redacted]

Jessie showed up on time and did an excellent job. He was very courteous. He wore his special booties in the house.

George communicates well, he is very friendly, and from what I can tell he is very good at his job.

George R., Senior Specialist Technician, was very knowledgeable, and professional. He thoroughly explained the issue with the geothermal unit. Highly recommend George R.,Vernon Heating and Cooling, for all your needs.

We had a service call and Darren could not have been more helpful in not only solving the immediate problem but took the time to explain the problem and offered solutions. If you need heating and air conditioning Vernon and most importantly Darren are who to call.

George has serviced my heating/air conditioning system a number of time. He is always professional, thorough and informative. He explains what he is going to do and shares any good or bad reports on the system. He also shows the part that needs to be replaced and why it needs to be replaced. I like to request George if he is available.

Review: The company installed my heat pump in 2007; so when I started experiencing problems with it in May 2013 - I called the company to diagnose the problem and fix it.

At the time of installation, the company gave me a certificate of a 10-year warranty on the unit. When the company representative showed up - I gave him a copy of it. He claimed the following things:

- the coil in the heat pump was broken. (This is probably the most expensive part in the whole unit).

- the warranty covered only *parts* for 10 years; the labor was no longer covered after one year

- therefore the cost of the labor replacing the coil will be around $1,500. The good thing was that at least the coil was covered under the warranty.

Subsequently, the company representative did something to - as he put it - "temporarily fix" the problem, but to "permanently fix" it - he would need to call a team of installers.

I decided to double check all of this, and initially reached out to the manufacturer of the unit - Goodman/Amana. What I found out shocked me.

- Turns out my warranty covers *BOTH* parts and labor for ten years.

- In order to have labor cost covered under the warranty - the service has to be performed by a dealer authorized by the manufacturer. Apparently the original installer (company in question - Vernon Air and Heating) - used to be in the network, but was no longer in it. The manufacturer advised me to get in touch with one of the authorized dealers.

Needless to say - NONE of this information was communicated to me by Vernon Air and Heating.

I did get in touch with one of the Goodman/Amana authorized repair service shops. What happened then was even more unbelievable.

Authorized repair person found NO COIL damage whatsoever. Moreover, he said that had coil been broken - there would not have been ANY possible "temporary fix" to this problem. He told me that the most likely scenario is that there was a bit of freon leakage, and Vernon Air rep just topped it off.

In the process - they apparently poured too much of it in, so the authorized repairman had to drain some of it.

This is not the end of it. Apparently while looking at the unit - Vernon Air rep stepped on the piece of duct, smashing it to smithereens. The repair cost for that alone now will be around $450.

To sum it up:

- Vernon Air and Heating lied to me about what my problem was, coming up with unnecessary and exorbitant list of unneeded repairs

- they did not disclose that they were no longer manufacturer's authorized repair shop

- they actually DAMAGED my unit - so I am now worse off then I was before their visit !!Desired Settlement: I want the company to not charge me a dime for their "services". Moreover - I insist that they cover the cost of the duct repairs - $450. Needless to say - I will have another company perform the work on it; as I don't want these crooks anywhere near my house. I will be pursuing this matter with the State consumer protection as well.



I am responding to [redacted]’s complaint.

The standard manufacturer warranty on this system is 10 year parts and a one year labor warranty supplied by us. Evidently the salesperson (at the time of purchase) offered a special program through Amana to extend the labor portion for a full ten years. This is where the misunderstanding took place. We have sold only a handful of these extended labor warranties over the years, so the technician assumed (incorrectly) the labor portion was out of warranty.

This error would have come to light when receiving the equipment paperwork triggering an event for the labor allowance and requiring additional customer information. The part was ordered and then cancelled which resulted in a full customer refund of $1,689.53.

The diagnosis by the technician stated that the bottom of the coil was freezing up indicating a restriction or a leak. Either way the evaporator coil should be changed since if a leak it will never repair itself and the same predicament will occur again.

To clarify our standing with Goodman/Amana, we are still an authorized dealer and can sell, install, service, and provide warranty work on their equipment. Goodman/Amana would not give us warranty parts if we were not reputable and qualified. All the "GoodCare Authorized Dealer" network means is that Goodman/Amana provides a partial labor allowance to the contractor for certain warranty items.

With regard to any crushed ductwork we are happy to send a division manager AND a sheet metal mechanic to make any necessary repairs if the tech accidently stepped on something in the attic.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. That being said, I understand why the error in warranty status infuriated [redacted]. We do apologize. However, it was an honest mistake and we have made good on it with a full refund. If the evaporator coil still has a leak, [redacted] will be inconvenienced again in the future and require more refrigerant – time will only tell.

I look forward to quickly resolving the duct work in question.

Residential Service Manager



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

The vendor maintains that both wildly inaccurate claims they made to me (one on the warranty coverage; and second - more importantly - on the underlying cause of the problem; which ultimately lead to the exorbitant labor quote) - were honest mistakes. Needless to say - this strains credulity quite strongly, but even if we leave this aside for the moment:

- the response from the vendor states that they refunded the money fully. This is incorrect. They still charged me for the "diagnostic" visit that resulted in a bogus diagnostics and outrageous labor quote. So I am still owed around $170.

- the vendor promises to fix the smashed ductwork. I believe this fix needs to be done before I accept their response. I have yet to hear from them about scheduling the actual appointment. They can reach out to me by calling [redacted], or by emailing [redacted] (preferred).




we have refunded ALL the money $1502.56 and $186.98 which totaled $1689.54 exactly what he paid and I do have the tranactions to show that money had been refunded. There will not be any other refund from us.

As far as the duct work I did call the phone number he provided and left a voicemail as well as emailing him with the email he provided. I am waiting for him to respond so I can schedule that repair.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


George R was the Vernon tech who gave us the annual winter checkup. He's efficient, knowledgeable, and patiently showed us what he was doing, why, and what we should do to help maintain the system. He's very good at what he does.

Review: I recently had two brand new HVAC systems installed in my house (18K out of my hard earned money) and I was promised a HUGE rebate from [redacted]. I have never received this and it has been months. I sent an email to Mike P[redacted] about the rebate and duplicate charges on 1/5/15 for maintenance, and the response was "i will check this out for you". I got another email on 1/6/2015 saying he didn't forget about me and he was checking it out. I mailed him again 1/20/15 and he said he will get to the bottom of everything and call me (this is 14 days later). On the 21st he said he got to the bottom of everything and he would call me, nothing. Today (the 26th) he sends me an email saying he wanted me to send him my credit card statement over the internet. HA - no way, not going to happen. I cancelled all services with Vernon effective today, disputed all duplicate charges and I'm sure I will never get the rebate from [redacted] that I was promised left, right and upside down in order for them to get my $18,000 check. Still no answers from anyone at Vernon about the rebate, but I received what I consider to be a bribe from them that they will give me UV lights for their mistake. I don't want something else to maintain. I want my rebates. They admitted their mistake by offering products, yet no answer on the rebates. There is supposed to be two rebates (one on each of the two systems). My husband and I have been waiting by the mail for months for these supposed rebates. Please help usDesired Settlement: I want the amount that the rebates would have been. Unfortunately they told us the rebates would depend on the type of system we bought somewhere between $800 and $1500 per system, but they never gave us an exact amount. I'm assuming since they're offering two $1200 UV lights, that the rebates should have totaled $2400. I have all of the documentation for today. I want the money, not the lights.



I spoke to [redacted] as soon as I seen the complaint. Unfortunatly she never tried to contact management before going to the and on the internet so there for we didnt know about this. I sent her a check for $2400.00 immediatly.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

George arrived right away, found the problem, and fixed it. Excellent service.

I like the technicians at Vernon which is why I've gone back to them. I did have a bad experience with their sales staff and had stopped using their service. They sent me a promotion for a seasonal tune up so I called them to give another try. I have been happy with the service of their technicians who are excellent and why I continue to have then service my unit.

Senior specialist Darren B[redacted] was very knowledgeable and made good recommendations for future service options; highly recommended for his experience and knowledge and cheerful demeanor.

Mario E[redacted] was the technician that came to my home on 10/14/15 and performed a Fall maintenance check on my heating and airconditionning system. He arrived early and explained everything to me in clear detail and made some valuable suggestions to upgrade the performance of my system. I would recommend this company to anyone without hesitation.

Marino E inspected our non-working AC system and was very professional in visually showing and describing its many issues. He prepared an estimate for the repairs and replacements for correction of the deficiencies which came to exist over the 6 years since the system was installed. I am extremely satisfied with his estimate and the clarity with which he explained every item.

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