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Ward Chrysler Center

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the customer was fully aware that she was listed as the co buyer on the purchase. As with all of our F&I transactions the customers were recorded at the time of delivery. I would be happy to review the recording with the customers if they would like. There is no validity to what she is...

complaining about.

Mr. [redacted] has been here 3 times. I have tried working with him and told him the mechanic who repairs bumpers is only here on Fridays. He has come 3 weeks in a row, but when he has to wait for the repair, he gets in his car and leaves. I told him it was going to take a couple hours, but he never wants to wait. I cannot make him wait, but I can only fix it if he allows me to. I am trying to make the situation right. He has buyers remorse and he has not paid his first payment. I cannot trade him into another car because of his credit. I can’t make the bank loan him money. As far as the $6000 overcharge, we never stated that. He went across town and asked another dealership and apparently that is what they told him.

I received a voicemail from mr. [redacted] regarding his service visit. my first call was to my service manager Mr. [redacted] assured me that Ward Kia did in fact rotate the tires and change the oil. [redacted] measures the tread on the four tires prior to rotation in order to make sure that given any...

interruptions that the tires are rotated properly and that he has proof of the rotation. when I called Mr. [redacted] I first apologized and then heard his side of the story. I offered to redo both services in front of Mr. [redacted] but he said we should not have to do that. I agreed. I again stated what Mr. [redacted] our service managers procedure was on tire rotations and Mr. [redacted] response was to tell me that [redacted] is an ae and that he would not come back and that I could go piss off. He then hung up on me.

the customer already has one open auto loan in her name and was unable to be approved for a second auto. Not the dealership's decision. The loan was sent to many different banks in order to help the customer get another auto. Unfortunately the loan was not approved due to many different factors...

including previous credit history.

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not feel that I should have to drive over an hour away to sign a document to receive our agreed upon amount. I feel that I have been inconvenienced enough. Seth never indicated that he needed me to sign anything. If he is willing to fax or email the document, I will be glad to sign it if he agrees to wire the funds directly into my checking account.

12/22 11:06am Mediator called CONS to get update. No update, no contact. "They won't do anything for me now, they won't trade me into a truck, they won't fix the damage to the front end, they won't address the surcharge, and now I can't even get my car serviced at this business anymore, which is the only Chevy dealership near me. Which means I can't even get manufacturer warrantied work done on my car. They have my phone number, there's no reason they can't just call me when the work is done to this car."1/10/18 3:55pm Mediator called CONS. "I have a lawyer and we're going to take them to court. He wants to see what the does though. I can't keep this car because of my job and activities. It's not big enough. I wanted a truck. You need to get a specific date on when I can bring the car in and have the body guy work on it and finish the job. They estimated it would be a 2.5 hour job. I don't want to have this guy be in the middle of the job and then go home, I also don't want to bring my car up and then have to take it home because he didn't work on it and he leaves at 12pm."01/18/2018: They called me this morning. I am supposed to go up there before 5:00 pm. I am going to take it there but I do not know what they are going to do. My lawyer will be there as a witness. I will notify the of the outcome.01/24/2018: They told me to take it there today at 2:30 pm. (Mediator informed consumer she will call back tomorrow to see outcome of today's visit)01/30/2018: I am still having problems with the company. They gave me a loaner car last Wednesday and told me that my car would be ready Friday. I went up there and it was still sitting there in the same place. They told me to come back Monday morning and when I went back my car was still in the same spot and they had not done anything to it. Now they are telling me to come back this Friday. They did allow me to exchange loaner cars as the one I was driving hurt my back. Rick is the person who exchanged the loaner cars for me.02/05/2018: I got my car back Friday evening but the repair does not look right. I am wanting to trade it in. GM has told me I had the right to trade it in if I am unsatisfied with the vehicle. They were supposed to let me know when a truck is available but they do not want to allow me to trade. 02/07/2018: I understand they will not trade in my vehicle. Thank you for trying.

All issues with the car have been fixed to my knowledge

We cut her a check to get the Bluetooth installed.  We called and got it appraised of how much it would be but she would be responsible for getting the work done herself.  The check was for $400.

12/27 9:48am Mediator called CONS for update. No resolution, no contact. Hood's gotten worse, more chipping. "The week I filed the complaint originally was the week the sales manager [redacted] promised to paint my hood. I've never powerwashed my car, they lied about that text message. I received an estimate from a body shop for painting the hood, price was $225."1/9/18 3:48pm Mediator called CONS for more info about sale. Purchaser: [redacted]. Last six of VIN: [redacted]. CONS says he would accept BUS doing the paint job instead of refund. 1/30/18 Mediator confirmed resolution with CONS. Satisfied with result, dealership repainted hood.

Once we get the money from the cancellation company, we send out the check.   It has been cancelled in our system.  This will show up on the next statement which should be out next week.

I went to the car dealer on Saturday, July 30, 2016.  They gave me a different car 2013 Avenger.  I am satisfied with this resolution by the company and would like to have the complaint closed.

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