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Waste Industries Inc.

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Review: Waste Industries has allowed another customer to transfer their trash bill into my name. My mother [redacted] in a home owned by [redacted] passed away May 30, 2013. My brothers and mothers boyfriend were living in the home and received eviction notices from [redacted] and had completely moved out of the property on/before August 31, 2013. My mother's boyfriend paid the trash bill June, July, and all of the month of August. He also called the branch and stated there would not be anyone residing in the home after August 15 and that trash pick up would not be necessary in the future. I do not reside nor have I ever had a trash pick up at 250 Abbotts Pond Rd, let alone a waste account in my name. Upon receiving a collection notice from a collection agency regarding an unpaid trash bill, I contacted Waste Industries directly. An operator there explained to me that "[redacted]" had called all of the month of September requesting special trash pick ups at [redacted] In addition to the fact that she was deceased, to my knowledge, there was no one residing in the home. She also read in the notes that [redacted] contacted their office on October 1, 2013 and "put [redacted]'s existing account in your name" explaining that I "would be responsible for any existing and future billing". The information the teller read aloud proves the account was fraudulently put into my name. The teller insisted that I produce numerous documents proving that my mother has passed and copies of the eviction notices that everyone residing in the home received (I did not reside in the home therefore did not receive any copies of eviction documents).Desired Settlement: Waste Industries needs to correct this matter. The waste bill needs to be paid by [redacted], the owner of the property, as well as the female who called portraying to be [redacted] (deceased) to receive free waste pick up. My name needs to be removed from this waste account. I am not responsible for these charges. This is Identity Theft and I am more than angry that Waste Industries cooperated in opening a fraudulent account. The teller knew she was speaking to [redacted] and transferred the trash account into my name with out my knowledge, and more importantly without my consent. I demand a letter from Waste Industries stating this account was fraudulently put in my name and I am not responsible for the charges. I would like to send a copy of this letter to the Credit Bureau to ensure this will not appear on my credit report as a delinquent account.

Review: My mother died in 2012 and in early 2013 I inherited her house in [redacted], Delaware. I live in New York City and rarely visit the house, plus the fact that I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2012 and wasn't able to do the 4-hour drive while going through the lengthy recovery process. The house generally stands empty; therefore, in early 2013 I had the trash collection service discontinued. The woman at Waste Industries said they would put the service on "seasonal hold" and wait for me to call them to re-start service. I said I did not want the receptacles on my property, because I was in New York and couldn't be responsible for them if they blew around in a storm, or if anyone damaged them. So I asked to have them removed. My sister visited the property and indeed, the cans were gone shortly after my call with Waste Industries. I was no longer billed for service. I did not get a refund for returning the receptacles.

In Spring of 2014, on a visit to the house I discovered two brand new receptacles on my property, which hadn't been there a couple of months before. I asked the neighbors if they knew where they came from, and one neighbor said he saw another neighbor wheeling it into my driveway. He figured they had seen it at the end of my driveway which adjoins the next property, and mistakenly wheeled it into the wrong driveway, just doing a neighborly act. So I had the neighbor's kids wheel the cans back to the adjoining driveway. I then called the phone number that was on the receptacles, which said "Moore Disposal," and explained the situation. I said I had placed them in the neighbor's yard, and if that was a mistake, they should come and get them.

Around that time, I began getting bills for waste disposal, and for the delivery of two receptacles. It seemed obvious that Waste Disposal Industries had decided on their own to reinstate the account and start service up. I also noted that my mother's name was still listed on the account. I called the company in Millsboro, DE, and spoke with [redacted]. I explained the problem, that my mother was dead and didn't need service, and that I had never ordered receptacles to be delivered to that address. She said no cans had ever been picked up, and that actually I was getting billed for TWO sets of cans. She said she would take one set of cans off the bill and discuss with her manager what should be done about the rest of the bill. She said she would take care of it and get back to me. She did not. I continued to get bills. In August, I received a bill and a collections notice. I called and spoke with [redacted] on 8/27/14 and asked her to please close the account and stop billing me for items I hadn't ordered. I gave her the address next door to me where the boys had put the receptacle. She said she would contact that household, take care of the problem and get back to me the week of September 2. She did not.

Today, September 29th, I called [redacted] again because I have been receiving notices from a collections agency, for a total of $153.90. [redacted] put me on hold and spoke with her boss, [redacted]. She reported that he said I must pay for the receptacles, even though I never ordered them and never have used their service. I asked [redacted] to put me through to [redacted] so I could talk to him directly about it. She said he was busy. I asked that he call me back as soon as possible. He has not called me back. I looked at reports for this company, both the Millsboro branch and their headquarters in NC, and I see similar complaints, coupled with unresponsiveness in many cases. This has certainly been my experience.Desired Settlement: (1) I would like the charges for $153.90 dropped, (2) I would like to stop receiving collections notices from [redacted] Inc., (3) I would like to make sure that this doesn't appear on my credit report, (4) I would like my account, and my mother's account, to be truly terminated with Waste Disposal Industries, and (5) I would like to find out what, if any, deposit was initially paid by my mother for her receptacles--if she paid a deposit, shouldn't I have gotten a refund when I authorized the receptacles to be taken back by the company in March, 2013?




Thanks for your email today concerning my complaint [redacted] You mentioned that Waste Industries had not responded to my complaint, and that you’ve closed the case. However, in all fairness to Waste Industries, they did in fact call me as soon as they heard that I had filed a complaint with That should probably be reflected in the complaint file. It took a lot of arguing with them, but they finally agreed to stop billing me for the receptacles I had not requested nor was in possession of, and enlisted my help in finding out who actually had them. I gave them the information they needed, but frankly I don’t know if they ever acted on it. They seem in general to be quick to bill people improperly when an issue like this comes up and slow to do actual leg-work to solve the problem.

Thank you very much for your help in resolving this matter, and for the work you do to keep the business community responsive and responsible for their actions.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: We had service contract with Waste industries for picking up trash and recycles every two weeks. However, wastes are recently picked up on March 5th but recycle dumpster has missed pickup twice already, that's one month long! We have several security cameras onsite with one facing the entrance/exit. Only shows one truck came and picked up trash on 3/5 at 7:08AM (one day delay because of snow), recycle truck did not come.

I called on March 4th asked about why no service pick up two weeks ago around 2/18-2/19 they said they'll refund me $20 for that missed pick up and will leave note to the driver to make sure my recycle can be picked up the next day. I waited for two more days my dumpster is all full still no pickup so I called again on Friday 3/7. This time I was told the recycle truck did go to my place stopped for 3 minutes and they are not going to make it up. I then asked since your truck has been there why the cardboards were not picked up and the answer was that could because of the snow was not cleaned and the driver could not dump it. How come I don't see that recycle pickup truck from my security camera? How could they say the snow were not well removed? As we are urgently waiting for the pickup we manual cleared out the way to make sure they can do the job. Have they checked with the driver if he went to a wrong place? Anyway please send the recycle truck to pick up the cardboards!!!



We have contacted [redacted] and let her know we would be out there today to clean up her recycle and that we would ensure it was not missed again. She was happy with our response and it has been resolved.

Sent on: 3/12/2014 3:05:55 PM

Review: Company is not fulfilling the terms of its contract with the town of Bellefonte. First, it did not deliver my yard waste container as promised and I had to call and wait five days for delivery. I had set aside that weekend to do yard chores and fill it up but I was inconvenienced because they failed to deliver. Second, they were supposed to empty the container yesterday. Again, I set aside this weekend (knowing it would be emptied yesterday) to work on the yard clean up but they failed to empty it and it sits at the end of the driveway. Once again, I'm inconvenienced. I have no place to put the debris. Third, I called the company to complain and get someone to come today and empty the container. But there is no one there on the weekend and I can't even leave a message because at 7:30 on Saturday morning their voice mail is already full!. This is terrible service.Desired Settlement: First, They should be required to confirm that every household in Bellefonte has been delivered a yard waste container as promised. I know my neighbors have still not all received the containers. The town is paying for them. They should be delivered. Second, if they are unable to empty the containers on the promised schedule dates, they should be required to provide a contact person that the anyone in town could call and get service the next day - even if it is a weekend.



This letter is in response to the above-referenced complaint from the of Delaware. We take such complaints very seriously, as our reputation among the citizens and businesses of the community is vital to our success.The issue raised by this particular citizen was that, she was not delivered a yard waste container and then it took five days to receive one after she contacted our office. She also made mention that she could not contact us on the weekend or leave a voice mail.Our voicemail box has no limit, so there is no reason she could not leave us a voice mail 24/ 7. We have made several attempts to contact this customer via the phone number provided and left numerous messages which have not been returned. At this point it appears she has a yard waste container and I am not sure what else she needs as we can't get in touch with her.If she has anymore issues she is more than welcome to contact me directly or contact the Town of Bel efonte representatives whom I have made aware of this complaint and I have regular communication with.

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