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Watervision Services

710 High Street West, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, S6H 1T8

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During the week of February 17, 2020 the owner of Water Vision came to my home and looked at my hot tub as it had some cracked pipes. At that time he estimated about $1000 in repairs and said he might even have a buyer for it. I asked him if he would charge me a finders fee if he had a buyer and he said no, he would only charge me for repairs. He also told me that he could get his employee *** to move the tub and *** would be happy 'if he threw $50 at him' for moving it.
On February 28, the owner came with *** and moved the tub down to the shop.
I left a number of messages stating that I needed a work order so I knew what I was dealing with as far as repairs because I did not want to put a lot of money into the tub.
I went into his shop a couple weeks later to go over the situation. The owner showed me the cracked pipes from underneath, told me that all the pumps and motors were good and that he would not know of any other issues until he put water in it.
He still did not have a work order for me.
He then stated that you had a buyer who had already seen the tub and he was really going to 'push' him to try and get $8000 for the tub.
He said he might have 20 hours of work into it but things were looking good. He then asked me what kind of money I needed out of the tub and also then said we could do a 60/40 split on the profit!!
I was very surprised as this contradicted what he originally stated to me, that being he would only charge me for repairs.
I told him that would not work for me as I needed to collect as much profit as I could and that I might just take the tub home if it meant he wanted such a hefty profit.
At no point did I agree to repairs over 20 hours or to split the profit with him.
On Monday, April 13, I received a very angry call from the owner in which he stated he was not happy with me and that I better take my ad down for my tub as I had placed it for sale on ***. ***
I went over our initial conversation with him about only being charged for repairs and reminded him that I have not been spoken to or agreed to any repairs over 20 hours. He agreed he should consult with me before going over that amount.
At this point he told me he had found more problems with the tub which I do not believe. I asked him if he had taken pictures of the damaged parts and he replied that he had not.
I had someone contact me about my ad and somehow they also spoke to the owner of Water Vision. I have emails confirming that he told this prospective buyer that he had over $3000 into my tub and that it had not been professionally winterized. This was private information as well as incorrect as his own employee came out and winterized my tub and he was aware of that.
He then stated that he would 'figure out' how much he had into the tub and call me back.
I have asked the owner why he went back on his word and decided he wanted a share of my profits and have not received a satisfactory response. I also asked him what possible reason he would have to be angry with me for trying to sell my own tub and have not received a satisfactory response. He has claimed that 'we saw things differently'.
On April 17, I received an invoice which stated the tub was not finished and which charged me $300 for moving the tub rather than the $50 he told me it cost.
I believe he has run up the costs on my invoice now because he is angry with me as he wanted 40% of my profits from the sale of the tub.

Desired Outcome

I want the owner to adjust the invoice so it correctly reflects the moving charge of $50. I would also like him to honour his word to sell the tub to the buyer and only charge me for repairs, not trying to take 40% of my profits.

Watervision Services Response • May 03, 2020

This started over a year ago when this person contacted my store about her above ground pool. She needed her heater moved which we did. She also mentioned that she had this hot tub that had froze and she had not used it in many years. She asked my tech what she should do. He recommended putting plumbers anti freeze in the lines so there would be no more damage that what already been done. He did put some in the hot tub but we did not charge her for that. Then in February she asked if I would come look at the hot tub as she was trying to sell it with damage for $2500.00. The damage I could see at her house was 2 manifolds broken but I said to her that was probably more that we could not see. I might have said $1000.00 to repair but that was for what I could see at the time. She told me that she needed money so she could move to B.C. so I agreed to take to my shop to repair it and yes we have people asking about used tubs all the time. We picked up the hot tub and brought it down to the store to repair it as a make work project as no finish date was ever discussed. She is saying she asked for a order not sure what she meant as we started to work on this tub we realized how bad it really was. I also phoned her left messages no return call. I did have someone at one point that was interested but they never came back. When she finally did come to the store to look I told her and showed her the extent of the damage. I did say about 20 hours which if you look on the invoice which I attached I kept it under that. Yes I mentioned about doing a split of the tub because I was doing all the work. *** Shortly after this I had a person come into my store asking about this hot tub saying it was listed on *** and how it was in good shape and was " professionally winterized" my tech dumped some plumbers anti freeze in it that is all besides I did not even bill her doing that. This hot tub was vandalized by someone 6 years ago so I finished up the hot tub made up a final bill *** and told her that she can pay the bill and we will delver back to her house and she can sell from there. I tried at first to help her out and fix the hot tub but then her demands changed. I have witness's who where there when things was said along with e mails threatening me that she was going to you to say I was a bad guy. She also has threatened to go to social media claiming the same as here. All I want is to get paid for work done she can have her hot tub and sell to ever she wants just do not lie to people saying my store " professionally winterize" when we did not. I have all the e mails from her saved to prove her wrong. Also have witnesses All I want now is to get paid for work done I do not have anybody looking to buy it. I do not want her 40% lets just get the invoice cleaned up and walk away.

Customer Response • May 09, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not accept this response because number one, the owner does not even address the fact that he told me that it only cost $50 to have *** move the tub down to the shop and that would 'save money'. So the total charge for moving the tub both ways should be $100 and he has charged me $300. I want that $200 removed from the invoice.
When his employee moved my heater he did Not put antifreeze in the tub. A different employee came to my home approximately 4 years ago and winterized the tub. This employee as well as the one who moved my heater have both quit and when I spoke to the owner about my tub being winterized he was not even aware of his shop doing it so he should not even be speaking to that issue.
The owner does not address the fact that he phoned me and demanded *** that I take down my advertisement for my own hot tub. The only reason he would do this is because he wanted to sell to his buyer and get a share of the profits.
The owner ADMITS that He brought up doing a split of the tub after he had told me he would not charge me if he had a buyer. He says it was because he was doing all the work - he was hired to do the repair work - that is his job.
My demands did not change at all. The owner's demands changed.
And I did not lie about his employee winterizing my tub. I was charged for it and told it was winterized. If it was pointless as the owner states, why did he do it at all?

Watervision Services Response • May 11, 2020

I have adjusted my invoice to show $100.00 for moving hot tub. I have tried to work with this person but she has turned to social media by posting things that have never been proved. Both times before I get the notice from to hear my side of the story she post's things about me to which I have never replied to because that is not the forum to deal with this. She has approached to deal with this problem that is fine with me. Since this started back in February she has only been in my store once. The hot tub winterization which I had to go back 5 years happened February 26 2014. This is why I did not remember 5 years later thousand or more invoices later I can not remember everything for that I am sorry. As for why did we winterize it I do not remember as 5 years has passed. As I have said before I do not want any part of selling this hot tub ***. ***. Unfortunately from now on I will have to draw up contracts for every job which the cost will be passed to the consumer.

Started out with a hot tub code stating no flow condition. After finally reaching watervisions(don) came over on Christmas eve due to the possibility of hot tub freezing. MY FIRST QUESTON WAS WARRENTY. He said parts yes labourer not. He attempted to change the circulating pump after I told him it was not the issue and still did not work. Than attempted to replace the "spa pack" and did not work. Threw the heaters under the tub and came back boxing day. Another failed attempt at trying another spa pack. took my original spa pack and than changed my top side controller( was hard to read) but worked fine. came back with another "new spa pack" said it was bench tested and worked tried that and still same issue no flo condtion. a few days later called me said he phoned the manufacture and said make sure the hot water return line was free and clear so I did and still no not working at the time im fed up with this and the quality of workman ship being done. I called the manufacture myself told them what had been done and they said make sure all 3 hot water return lines were clear. AT THIS TIME I MUST ADD THE WATER WAS ALMOST ICE IT WAS SO COLD. I than again got back in that water and cleared the remaining two lines and the tub begin to work. After the hot tub warmed up I got in the tub to further see what was going on and I pulled out a chunk of silicone being the main cause of the blockage. there was some dog hair in there as well but nothing that would block a line with that pressure. *** phoned me a few days later said he was sending a guy over I said don't bother its fixed. he proceeded to give me a bill of 1000 dollars. I said no way. he explained that after a new spa pack was plugged in he had to charge me. and also a charge for 180 for the top side controller that didn't need to be changed. I spoke with manufacture a few times they were being great and helpful until *** spoke with them and than all of sudden I was pretty much told that whatever *** says goes. I offered to pay don the labourer even though I should not. my spa pack works perfectly fine and remains in his hands. I refuse to pay this bill for nothing on his end but a mess that remains on the hot tub with missing pieces and incomplete work. this is a short story of the long ive been waiting for *** to come to an agreement but he keeps sending me bills with added on interest. ive been clear and firm with him and have told him to send it to small claims if this is the case. im not paying for a mess of a hot tub and replacement parts that did not need to be changed. ***. ***. *** after all this he is trying to pull the no warranty card on me due to the fact that the mother in law moved houses and quickly had to remove hot tub and put it at my house. which he knew before anything happened because his company moved it here for me but he attempts this anyways.

Desired Outcome

I would like to pay no more than a service call for labourer. no parts and even his cost on labourer is really really pushing it since i have a minimum of 2 hours of work to put the tub back together.

Watervision Services Response • Apr 12, 2018

This started December 24 2017 when this person somehow found my personnel cell as the store was closed for the holidays. He said he had a problem and I said being who I am went and got the shop van asked my brother in-law who was with me if he wanted to tag along and he said sure. It was cold that day but I hate to leave someone that has a problem. When I got his place I did notice the water was extreme dirty I asked if the filter was in place and he said he had taken it out seeing the water was dirty the filter probably was also to which could cause a flow error. I replaced the circ pump with a spare from the van just to see if that might have been the case. When you work on hot tubs you sometimes it is like detective work. You start with process of elimination I started with the circ pump because I could still see water movement in the hot tub. Found that was not the problem so next was the spa pak which I had a new one in the van tried it there was a problem with it. Because it was Christmas eve I put a electric heater in it closed it up and so it would not freeze and went home it was 4 pm. I phoned him Christmas day to make sure it was not freezing. Came back boxing day changed spa pak with new one from store installed it still coming up with flo error. Thursday December 28 told him to pop cover over the heater intake inside the hot tub to see if there was a blockage of the water coming from the spa pak. He did still had issue he phoned the factory asked them they told him to try the other 2 inlets he did then phoned me saying he found dog hair ? and silicone in one line since then the tub has worked. He claims he talked to my layed off repair person and he told him this was a common problem, it is not. You can not 2nd guess unless you are right there I asked if he wanted the topside controller replaced he said yes. ***. We moved this hot tub last summer for this person and he said back then that his mother inlaw gave him the hot tub. It says on the paper work for the hot tub from *** and on their web site when a hot tub changes ownership that unless they notify the factory of the change and pay a fee the warranty is null and void. I will be taking this person to small claims I was hoping we could settle this with out going thru this.

Customer Response • Apr 18, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
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