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Review: I contracted for a new door and storm door. Company improperly installed the door and provided something less than a new front strorm door. They sent someone to correct installation problem. He took pictures of the storm door and said that we would hear the next day from the company. Whern no contact made I called and scheduled another visit to fix the problem. The repair man came and said that he did not know why he was there (same guy as last visit). He again took pictures and said that I would hear from the company. I called the company but as yet no one has returned my call.Desired Settlement: If unable to complete the job then a complete refund so I can get someone else to do the job.



October 23, 2013

Dear **. [redacted]:

Thank you for forwarding the above referenced case concerning **. [redacted]. We welcome the opportunity to respond.

**. [redacted] purchased a storm door from our company in June of 2013.

There was a slight adjustment to the closers on the door and two screws that were reported to be scratched. This repairs were made in a timely manner.

Subsequently, **. [redacted] reported that his storm door (Provia Model 291 SH) had a single operating sash. He informed us that he had wanted a door with TWO operating sashes (Provia Model 291). The doors are identical in every way except for the number of sashes that open.

We agreed at our expense to replace the storm door with the correct model and the door is scheduled to be installed on October 28, 2013.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Review: On September 29, 2012 a Design Consultant for Wheaton Doores and Windows came to my home and sold me a screen door. My [redacted] credit card was charged on 10-1-12 $1092.00.

I did not hear from or receive delivery of the products in the promised six week period, I followed up, an install was scheduled and they did bring out the wrong door. Spoke to the General Manager who said the situation would be corrected. Again no communications for months, I followed up, and the install was again scheduled for June 3, 2013. No one showed up, no install, I called and left message for the general manager with no response to date. I also called and left a message for the owner of Wheaton Doors and Windows with no response to date.Desired Settlement: I would like a screen door that is compliant with my Home Owners association guideline for screen doors delivered and install as contracted with Wheaton Doors and Windows.



See Attachment

Review: I need to replace an exterior door, and a Wheaton Door salesman came out to give me an estimate on Oct 30. We sat at my kitchen table and selected options, with the price for each option coming up on his computer. After we "built" the door I wanted, I liked the price so I signed the contract and gave him a check for 1/3 of the cost. (Paid $381 by check.) Two days later, the salesman called to tell me his manager won't honor the contract, that the price he gave me was too low. He wanted to come back to give me a higher estimate. I sent an email to the company to complain, and a manager called me today (11/4/2013) to say that the price the salesman/computer came up with was too low so they weren't going to honor the contract.Desired Settlement: Install the door I ordered, at the price on the contract.



Wheaton Door & Window is pleased to respond to the posting of **. [redacted]. **. [redacted] requested an estimate on a new entry door. We visited with her on October 30, 2013. The salesman who conducted the estimate made a serious error in estimating the cost of the door. If this mistake was a matter of a few hundred dollars, we would have gladly honored the contract. In this case, however, the salesman's quoted price was far below our own cost of the door, and it did not even take into account the cost of installation. We are a relatively small business and could simply not afford to absorb such a huge financial hit. We offered **. [redacted] the door she wanted at a discount because of the mix-up. Unfortunately, she wanted the door for the below-cost price that the salesman quoted. There is a clause in our contract that gives us the right to reject a contract if there was a pricing omission. In this case, we exercised that right. We refunded **. [redacted]'s deposit and wish her well. Occasionally, mistakes do occur. In this instance, **. [redacted] did not suffer any harm. She could have received a significant (and fair) discount if she had wanted it, but we are in no position to give away our products and services at a substantial loss.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: Wheaton Doors and Windows did not offer me any kind of a discount, as they claim in their response. Their only response was to offer to come out to the house again, to waste more of my time so they could re-do the entire process of "building" the door on their computer program again to give me the "correct" price on a new contract -- that I have no assurance they would honor.




Ref. File [redacted]

We would never want to waste anyone's time. Our salesman made a pricing error. We apologized for the mistake and offered to re-price the door for **. [redacted]. At the time, **. [redacted] said she was not interested. We are still willing to write the contract at the correct price less a 10% discount for the mistake. Again, we must point out that we never took a dime of **. [redacted]'s money and no work was ever performed. We simply could not do the job based on the erroneous price of the initial contract. It is really up to **. [redacted] if she wants the door with a reasonable discount for her inconvenience.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: After experiencing their ever-changing explanations of their substandard business practices, I would never do business with this company. I like to have a modicum of trust in the companies I contract with.


Review: Contract No.: [redacted]

The contract I entered into with Wheaton Door and Window Company, d/b/a [redacted], [redacted] MD [redacted], should be voided for the following reasons:

• The salesman, Brian P[redacted] promised that the product being applied to our deck, named [redacted], could not be purchased in a store; that it was a superior, industrial-strength/contractor-grade product that could only be gotten by a contractor such as Wheaton Door and Window Company/[redacted].

• I was defrauded as my wife and I specifically emphasized and discussed with the salesman, Brian P[redacted], the fact that the product to be applied to the deck after sanding and repair had to be an industrial-strength, contractor-grade product, and he assured us that the product [redacted] could not be bought in a store by “Harry Homeowner”.

• My wife and I were specifically told by salesman Brian P[redacted] that the deck would look brand new after the work was done.

• [redacted] of [redacted] he said he was tired of Wheaton's salesmen making promises that [redacted] could not make good on. Tom of Wheaton agreed that there was no way the deck could look brand new.

• We ultimately discovered that the product, [redacted], can indeed be purchased at [redacted], a paint store. This confirms the sales pitch was a sham, and the contract to do the deck work was presented to us in bad faith.

• In addition to the fact the contract should be considered void due to fraud and bad faith, the work performed was very poor, which has been confirmed by Tom, the quality control representative of Wheaton Door and Window Company.

• [redacted], the foreman for [redacted], was not forthcoming either. He said the warranty would be voided if more than two coats of [redacted] were applied to the deck. I read the application instructions, and his statement is not accurate as multiple applications can be applied, if needed. This fact was also confirmed by Tom of Wheaton Door and Window Company.

• The application of the product was done incorrectly.

• Wood was to be replaced, and this also was done in a poor/sloppy/improper manner.

• I contacted Brian P[redacted] several times and after dodging a number of my calls, he finally told me to deal directly with Tom.

• Tom has not been easy to reach on many occasions; however, after being pressed by me, he finally admitted that he knew [redacted] was in fact being sold at stores such as [redacted]; that [redacted] is not the superior, contractor-grade, contractor-exclusive product we were promised by salesman, Brian P[redacted].

• The product ([redacted]) which was applied to our deck is already peeling.

• Neither [redacted] nor Wheaton Door and Window Company can deliver on the contract as promised, which is to perform to industry standards and apply to specifications a superior, industrial-strength, contractor-grade, contractor-exclusive only product. [redacted], does not meet the standard of product promised by salesman Brian P[redacted].

For the above reasons, as well as others I may not have mentioned herein, I would respectfully request that the contract be voided, the loan with [redacted] Financial National Bank be voided, and my $200 deposit be refunded, all for blatant misrepresentation, fraud, and bad faith.Desired Settlement: Void contract, refund of $200.00 deposit, and void/cancel the $4,380 account opened with [redacted] Bank



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to recent

correspondence from [redacted].

[redacted] signed a contract for a deck resurfacing project in the

amount of $4,380 for which he put down a deposit of $200 and financed the

remainder through [redacted] Bank.

[redacted] makes a number of claims in his letter to the, most of

which are either outright falsehoods or intentional misrepresentations.

First, the product we used on [redacted]’s deck is manufactured by [redacted]. It is a contractor-grade product and is used

primarily by deck professionals. It is

sold by [redacted], which supplies contractors nationwide. To claim that we “misrepresented the product”

is absurd. Can someone walk into [redacted] and buy the product?

Absolutely. Does that mean it is not “contractor

grade?” Of course not.

Second, no one would ever claim that refinishing a 15-20 year-old deck

would ever make a deck look “brand new.”

That is not our claim and that is not what Mr. P[redacted], our salesperson,

told [redacted]. [redacted] would have you believe that he wrote a contract based upon

his belief that his deck would look exactly the same as a brand new deck when

we were done. While our refinishing

definitely restores a deck to far better condition than when we started, it no

more possible to make an old deck look the same as it did the day it was built

than it is possible to give a face-lift to a 60-year-old woman and expect her

to look like she did when she was in high school. Any reasonable

person would have reasonable

expectations, and I might add that we have thousands of customers who have

been very satisfied by similar work. However, [redacted] is not a reasonable person.

Third, we inspected [redacted]’s deck after our work was done and

found a few minor issues that we were willing to address immediately and at no

charge. [redacted] was instead

belligerent, made racist comments about our installer, and told us he would see

us in court.

We believe [redacted] planned from the start to get a free job and

that everything else is just his attempt to cover his tracks. A wise person once said that some customers

are not worth having as customers and we would wholeheartedly endorse this view

with respect to [redacted].

Congratulations, [redacted] … you got exactly what you wanted – a free

deck resurfacing job! We are not charging your [redacted] account and you are free to find another contractor to rip off.

We’re moving on so we can work with honorable customers with honorable



Jack W[redacted]




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

We accept Wheaton Door and Window Company’s resolution to

not charge for the deck resurfacing work and not make any draws from the Wells

Fargo account. We are treating Mr.

W[redacted]’s reply to our complaint as sufficient to confirm this arrangement. If Wheaton Door believes any further

paperwork is required to document this arrangement, we ask that it please send

the paperwork directly to us at our home address within the next week. We assume the [redacted] account will remain

inactive or closed, and that the account will not be used to pay for this deck job.

We do wish to note our extreme disappointment with Mr.

W[redacted]’s response to our complaint.

His company performed a service poorly and used questionable sales

tactics; it overpromised and significantly under delivered. Nowhere in the

reply is the poor quality of the work or the inconvenience and angst created on

us acknowledged by Wheaton Door. Instead

of making an honest effort to understand if its personnel failed to perform in

this instance or went beyond what’s expected on its representations to us,

Wheaton Door resorts to personal attacks on me, the customer, with inflammatory

and defamatory remarks and accusations of a very significant nature. All this, knowing well that these complaints

and responses may be viewed publicly by others.

This is particularly troubling in light of the fact that Mr. W[redacted] was

not present during any of the meetings and has no personal knowledge of any of

the communications that we relayed in our complaint. We have never met Mr. W[redacted] and Mr. W[redacted] has

never met us. He presumably relied on

accounts of the facts provided by Wheaton Door personnel who, one can assume,

will provide whatever account of what transpired is necessary to not get in

trouble with their employer. Calling a

customer racist, belligerent, dishonorable and unreasonable, all in one short

writing, seems hardly ever the right approach to respond to a customer

complaint in any business or industry, and is in reckless disregard of the laws

that protect private citizens against defamatory public remarks. I am not any of those things. The response was clearly a transparent effort

to divert attention from bad service and poor sales and communications efforts

by tarnishing the reputation of the customer.

I don’t know why anyone would risk being subject to this type of treatment

from a contractor – buyer beware. And,

by the way, the example in the response of the 60-year old woman getting a face

lift and expecting to look like she did in high school may not be appreciated

by future female customers; you may not want to use it publicly any more.


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