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The tenant is correct that we just took over management of the property, but the tenant is not being entirely accurate with this complaint - nor is the tenant a client of Worth Clark Realty The tenant indicated they called twice However, we’ve checked our call logs and have no such records, and nor are there any voicemails received from the tenants The tenant did send an email, which we responded within hours of receiving, and promptly reached a point of resolution between them and the owner In regards to the security deposit deductions, they were made upon the approval of the property owner (our client) Once we received emailed dispute from the tenant, we presented the dispute to the property owner, who agreed to reduce the deduction to just $ The difference has been credited back to the tenants from the property owner This is another case of Worth Clark Realty acting in the best interests, and upon the approval of our client, the property owner The tenants are not our clients in these situations, and really should be allowed to file actual complaints, since they’re not actual subscribers of our property management service (the property owner is)

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2016/01/18) */ Another great example of Worth Clark Realty working in its clients' best interestsThis complaint was not filed by a client of our's, but rather our client's tenant, who's not happy because their security deposit was charged for items they failed to addressI do find it unfortunate statements are made, simply because the tenants weren't given what they wantedNeither our company, nor our client (the property owner), earned any income as a result of making a claim against the tenant's security depositIt was used to simply bring our client's property back to the condition it was at the time the tenants moved inThe tenants were not charged for smoke detectors needed as a result of the city occupancy inspectionThey were charged for only those they damaged - and, which they acknowledged damagingWhile a smoke detector may be purchased as cheaply as $20, their security deposit was charged for a detector equal to the one damaged, plus the service call/labor expense necessary to replace themWe also have upwards of 120+ photos documenting both the moand move-out condition of the property, to prove the tenants had not left it as clean as it was provided to them at move-inWorth Clark Realty followed all processes and procedures fairly and accurately, and in accordance with state statutes, regarding the security deposit claim process

Please keep in mind that our client is the owner of the property who Mr [redacted] is renting from The rental agreement he's referring to is between him and the property owner We’ve thoroughly explained to Mr [redacted] that we do not own the property he’s living in, and do not fully control the time it can take for minor repairs - like this one - to be completed We have to receive the property owner’s (our client’s) full approval for non-emergency repairs Only if the issue is causing an immediate threat to the property or tenant’s well-being, do we have the full authority to immediately dispatch a vendor without the property owner’s approval In this case, Mr***’s dire situation was one where out of the toilets had a deteriorated tank seal While we understand the inconvenience of the this issue, it did not cause a threat, and there were more toilets Mr [redacted] had available to use The manner in which he has treated our staff, and the filing of this complaint, seems a bit excessive, especially considering the explanations he has received over the phone and in the Tenant Handbook he was provided with at the beginning of the lease Mr***’s times and dates are accurate, however, he was provided with an explanation when he reported the issue that it could take three business days before we able to dispatch a vendor On Friday, Mr [redacted] was called at the phone number he has on account, and which he put as is contact info on his original application and lease The vendor that was dispatched that Friday, unfortunately, caused further delays because of emergency issues they had with another client (scheduling issues) While we have no control over the vendors’ scheduling, we do have expectations of our vendors to be met; and in this situation the vendor did not meet them We then dispatched a different vendor, who has reached out to Mr [redacted] to fix the toilet seal Our staff has remained very professional in this situation, and during the term of Mr***’s tenancy, while be subjected to condescending and unprofessional communications We are happy we were able to help him out

I received a termination letter from Worth Clark Realty via email, so I am not sure if the owner is aware of what this company is sending meI have the email to prove thisLike I have said in the past, I have text messages to show that the repair person has cancelled on meThe repair person was supposed to come this past weekend at 11am, but he never showed up againI texted him trying to see where he was at, and I never got any responsesI have paid everything I have owed to this property company up to this pointI won't pay anymore until my issues are fixedIf it gets to the point where I have to get lawyers involved, I will do whats needed

As much as we'd love to help, much of this is out of our control The delays are due to the availability of the appliance vendor, and the tenant's availability Furthermore, the property owner, not Worth Clark Realty, has the authority to say if/when a refrigerator is approved to be purchased, etc Worth Clark Realty's service is to put our client's (the property owner) best interests and requests at the forefront This should not be a complaint against Worth Clark Realty Nonetheless, we will comply with's request for a response, and here are the timeline of events: Friday 7-14: Tenant emailed about the issueThe tenant was advised to reach out to the after hours line to create a work orderJuly 14th: Received message from our 24/line that [redacted] refrigerator wasn't workingBased on emergency criteria, this is a non-emergency (we will dispatch during business hours) We notified the owner and received approval with the specific vendor Reached out to the specified/approved vendor immediately on 7/to see if they will go out on weekendsVendor responded with "I typically do work on Saturdays, but I'm booked today I can get to them next week, but it would be Thursday or Friday." We advised the vendor to go ahead and schedule directly with the tenant, he said he could do Friday afternoon Monday 7/24: Received notification Monday morning from tenant about needing someone to get the fridge repairedVendor advised he wasn't able to get out to the property on Friday, and he had to reschedule with the tenant for Thursday 7/We asked if he could do it any sooner and he said if something cancelledAbout an hour later, we received a call from the vendor saying he called the tenants to setup a time to come look at the refrigerator on Tuesday morning, but the tenants told the vendor that the refrigerator was gone and that someone had come to pick it upWe called the tenants to confirm, speaking with both the husband and wife, who confirmed they picked it up but could not tell me who picked it upWe verified through all internal notes and call logs that no one from Worth Clark authorized the refrigerator to be picked upTuesday 7/25: We spoke with the owner who did not send anyone to pick up the refrigeratorWe called the tenant to ask who picked up the fridge and he said he didn't know, his babysitter was there at the time and she said she signed a tablet/smart phone when it was picked up but did not receive a receiptShe did not get the name of the company that came to pick it upSpoke with the owner again, advised him of where we were on the situation, he said he would talk it over with his wife to see what he wants to do Wednesday 7/26: received call and email from owner that he is working on ordering new refrigerator The property owners are now wanting to charge the tenants for the refrigerator that was not working, since their babysitter signed/authorized the removal of it, since it probably could have just been repaired In the meantime, a new refrigerator is on its way The property owners reserve the right to pursue the tenant for any damages caused by an unauthorized removal of a refrigerator

See attached photos

We certainly understand your frustration, but the notes you've provided aren't inclusive of our staff notes Many of our notes and call logs show that you were very difficult to get ahold of in scheduling some of these repairs Other things when your notes don't show are our efforts in obtaining the property owner's approval on things, which has been challenging The things we're now getting corrected, are because we've obtained the owners approval Again, these repairs are things the owner has to approve And as with the repairs, we do not have the full authority to release you from the lease The property owner does not want to release you from the lease If you're not satisfied with that, and feel that the property doesn't meet municipal code requirements, you're free to reach out to the local municipality regarding that

The property owner, our client, would not authorize the repair without obtaining multiple bids for the repair, which takes a couple days to obtain In our clients’ best interest, and upon her request, the vendor went with the most economical repair attempt first These things caused the delay the tenant is referring to I think if the tenant were in the owner’s shoes, they would have taken the same reasonable approach to repairing the A/C Regardless, it has been repaired, as confirmed by the tenant, and the property owner authorized a rent credit of $for the tenant’s troubles

Worth Clark Realty performed a full background, criminal and credit check on the tenants This situation is exactly why we provide tenant warranties and eviction protection; and they apply to this situation While Worth Clark Realty is no longer managing this property, we are cooperating with the company who now is managing the property, to ensure they and the owner have all information necessary to enforce all provisions of the lease Furthermore, the new management company is honoring the tenant warranty and eviction protection the client signed up to receive

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: -I have an email from Worth Clark Realty ( [redacted] ) terminating my lease (for the end of ***) which I refused to sign--I needed to speak to someone.-I have two different groups that I'm speaking with: Worth Clark tells me one thing; and then the owners whom I have not been able to speak withI am only able to speak to the handyman, [redacted] (I have text messages from him.)-No maintenance has been done since [redacted] , yet my rent has been paid--recently all the electric went out in the garage and my car was stuck in there Sincerely, [redacted]

Effective 3/27/2018, Worth Clark Realty is no longer managing this property and tenant She is well aware of this change If she'd like any repairs made on the property, she'll need to contact the new management company

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