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• Nov 19, 2020

Late Charge Even Though I Paid Early
I really wish I would’ve read this page before I got my Yard Card. First statement I get dinged with a late fee. I paid my first payment 3 days after my purchase to get autopay setup. Which I did. Then all of a sudden I see a $27 late fee show up because I didn’t pay by Nov 16th. Mind you I paid on Oct 21... not to mention auto draft on their website was setup and should’ve drafted any way. What a scam. I can’t even get ahold of anyone to complain about it. Credit back your $27 late fee to my account and start drafting like you should.

Do not finance anything with this company
I pay this company through my banks bill pay. They claim they received a payment late. My bank bill pay is set to arrive in their PO box prior to due date. It so happens a due date fell on a Sunday. They 'claimed' to have not received the payment on the EARLY set date, but received on the following Monday. Just one day after the due date. This company looks for ways to charge people late fees and probably routinely does by having a po box. All they have to do is claim the check wasn't in the box on time. May you get what you give

• Oct 28, 2020

terrible service
I gave a review on 10/28/2020 and I made a mistake on the review. I stated the incident occurred on Sept 17, 2019, It should have stated Sept 17, 2020. Please excuse the error!

• Oct 28, 2020

terrible service
On Sept. 2019, I called my payment in one day late, which incurred a late fee of 27.00. I am aware that most reputable companies will take off at least one late fee per a 12 month cycle. Ok, this was the first time I had ever made a late payment, and only one day late. I called the number provided to me on the yard card statement to try to have the late fee taken off. Not once in the WEEKS that I tried to call did I get to speak to a live human being. I got to listen to this GODAWFUL music for hours on end, I literally just put my phone on speaker and held hours at a time, for weeks. So finally when my due date came round for Oct. 2019 I simply called in my payment due, minus the late fee. So immediately I start getting calls from TD bank. Which I had no idea who that was until one day I decided to call them back and they were the bank doing the financing for Yard Card. I was told that I had already had one late fee refunded this year, which I knew I had not. Upon checking the CSR found that I had called in my payment on the date it was due, but it fell upon a Sunday which she said was perfectly fine, and that TD bank has automatically added a late fee and had refunded it themselves with our our knowing anything about it, and she said, that late fee does not count. Which goes back to my story, I only had one late fee, and upon courtesy of the bank IF anyone would have ever answered the phone at Yard Card which was the only number I had been provided on the statement I receive every month, might could have been removed if anyone had answered the phone. If they had answered the phone I could have requested the first 27.00 late fee be removed, and none of this mess would have happened. BUT instead, they would not answer the phone, and charged me the 27.00 late fee, and because I did not pay the 27.00 late fee, they slapped another late fee of 38.00 on my account, and then I began to get calls from TD bank for payment. I have fought back and forth for days now with TD bank about reimbursing both the late fees. We have talked to about 6 people now, with no help. We are being told at least by one person we must pay all late fees up front first, and then maybe they will give us back only one of the late fees which is the 38.00 one, and our payment will not be reduced, it will just come off the principal. I explained to TD bank over and over that if someone would have answered the phone we would not be going thru all this mess right now. All they say is I should have called TD bank to start with. HOW in the flying flip would I have know to call TD bank, when I get a statement from yard card with their customer service number on it and I called that number till my fingers were numb and no one would answer. I am getting no where with the TD bank, they just keep telling me they can only remove one of the late fees, and we will have to pay both of them and then call back when they are both paid and ask to have one removed then. This is after I was on the phone for hours yesterday and thought that the notes were typed into the system that we would be automatically credited once we paid all the late fees first. But NOPE todays adventure said MY HUSBAND would have to call back after we paid the late fees to get the biggest late fee refunded. My husband called in yesterday and spoke to a CSR that added my name to the act so that I could talk to them and take care of everything. Today I was told it was his account and he would have to call them back. I have NEVER EVER done business with such a terrible place, and will never do business with them again. I cannot believe that I am being held responsible for having the wrong number when it was the only number provided for me on the Yard card act. If anyone would have answered the phone at Yard Card, maybe I would have know that I should having been calling TD bank. Yes I made ONE payment LATE, ONE DAY LATE, and like I said I could prob have had this removed if I had been provided with the correct number. All in all this comes down to terrible customer service and people who do not care to help you, and you get a different story from all the CSRs. This is a true story, and no matter what rebuttal the bank or Yard Card comes back with, I have been treated unfairly by both these companies, and by the looks of all the other customer complaints it looks like my story has been verified completely. Once you are in you are at their mercy and they will NOT work with you in a good manner. I am infuriated, that I have been treated like a criminal for making one payment a day late. I pay all my bills on time and I am highly insulted to be treated like this by this place. I will never do business with this bunch of crooks again, and I will tell everyone I see what has happened!

Thank you for contacting, Complaint ID: *** has been resolved as of today 4/6/2015and letter is being mailed to the customerWe reversed the charge as a courtesy and thecustomer's next statement will reflect the credit

I am rejecting this response because:
The same issue has occurred again and they are still unwilling to resolve the issue of the latest late feeThe payment was due March 17th and was mailed March 9thThe problem lies with their payment processing center not the postal service

You have rejected our response on the basis that you have made us aware of the delays. you also stated that you want all late fees refunded. as previously informed, we process all payments as they are received. You may have notified us of the delays; it is , nonetheless, out of our control. we would not be able to process a payment in advance of receipt of such payment. Regarding the refund of the late fee, we previously credited your account for all late fees assessed except for the November 25th late fee. As we have informed you previously, that late fee has been reversed and will be reflected in your February billing cycle. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

We are not aware of any internal or external processing delays that would account for the delay in processing your payments. we processed the payments as they are received. However, as a courtesy to a valued customer we credit your account for 2 of late fees, in addition to the one that had already...

been credited.

In a previous response, we informed you that we have notified the credit reporting agencies to remove any late payment reporting related to your June 4 and 21, 2016. Please allow 30-45 days for the corrected information to reflect on your credit report.

This complaint was resolved on 3/4/2015 and a letter was mailed to the customer.We reversed the charge as a courtesy and the credit posted on the customer's last statement (3/17/2015).

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:You are blaming me for making late payments rather than accepting your poor business practices.  Instead of charging me (and many others whom share the same complaints) late fees when my payment has NEVER been late you should just charge interest on purchases.  Then, you wouldn't have to recoup money through unnecessary late fees.  I have contacted the retail place where I made the purchase and notified them of my experience with you.  The salesman said "Unfortunately, we hear that same complaint from many who finance through Yard Card."

Unfortunately, our records indicate multiple months in which we did not receive your monthly payment by the due date, including multiple returned payments. you accumulated fees as a result. we previously credited your account for three of such fees. as a courtesy, we have credited your account an...

additional amount of $119. a review of our system did not reveal any system outage. the payments were properly considered late and are reflecting accurately on your credit report.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: Club Cadet through their local Vendor "Outdoor Power" of Cumberland Maryland advertises a zero interest financing on their mowers. Once I agreed upon a sales price I was told that they charge you a $125 fee for the financing. Reluctantly I agree after expressing my complete annoyance at their deceptive advertisement of zero interest. Through my credit union I establish an automatic payment for a check issued beginning on the 4th of each month, for a payment due on the 11th. Club Cadet charges me a $25 late fee for a payment in October they process on October 14th, as the 11th is a Sunday; who knows when they received it (most likely it sat in their mail room over the weekend and holiday). They refuse to waive the late fee. In addition my wife, unbeknownst to myself has been sending payment each month for the months of August, September and October. Even though double payments have been made in the previous three months they refuse to grant a waiver for the late fee, saying they applied the payments to the balance. Just one more example that their advertised zero interest financing is just a deceptive ploy to get the consumer to buy their product only to gouge the consumer later. Please notify consumers of these practices, and warn them against buying products from this deceptive and deceitful company. Please also notify the relevant Consumer Protection agency.Desired Settlement: Waive this $25 dollar late fee. Or refund my 125 fee for financing so I can seek a reputable financing program that works kindly with their customers.

Review: I made a $250 payment through my online banking bill pay system. Yard Card lost my payment. I got my bank involved. On 8/25/15 TD Yard Card said they found my payment and that it would be credited to my account immediately. It is now 9/14/15 and the payment still has not been credited to my account. I received a collection letter dated 9/3/12 requesting my immediate payment. I have called them over ten times to get this resolved and still no resolution.Desired Settlement: I would like this billing adjustment made immediately, as well as a correction to my credit report.

Review: The current unresolved issue has occurred four different times to date. A total of four late fees have been assessed to my account, two have been refunded. The late fees were assessed May, 2012, June, 2013, January and February, 2015. I pay all of my bills by check for proof of payment as well as other security advantages. Checks are used primarily with Yard Card due to the fact that a past payment was processed, and the check cleared my bank account but was not reflected on my Yard Card account. In this situation, I was assessed a late fee for late payment and would not have been able to resolve the issue with out proof of payment, the voided check. With the late fees, which again there have been three once a year the past three years, the process goes as follows. (1.) I receive a late fee for late payment. (2.) I call Yard Card customer service and the fee is refunded "as a one time per 12 month period courtesy." (3.) The following month a second late fee is assessed for late payment, but is nonrefundable due to the policy of one refund per 12 month period. This situation is more than coincidental. I managed to reach a half way honest representative, whom for the sake of not loosing her job told me it was a known issue with the payment processing center. All of my bills are mailed two weeks prior to the due date, and this is an ample amount of time for my payment to reach the payment center and be processed.Desired Settlement: For the two nonrefundable late fees that have been assessed to be refunded.



This complaint was resolved on 3/4/2015 and a letter was mailed to the customer.

Terrible customer service. Their promotional offers are very confusing. Tried to pay off a balance before the expirtation date and made a large payment towards balance. They applied it to other promotions that were not due at the time and charged me all of the interest. When I called to let them know that the invoices were confusing and that only THEY understand them, they said they could credit me $100.00 which was nothing compared to what I was charged. The supervisor Nikki said there was nothing else she could do for me. I had just paid off another card we had with them. Have been a customer of theirs for many years. NEVER made a late payment and ALWAYS paid more than the minimum balance. It didn't matter in their eyes. I will never do business with them again!!!

Review: Applied for an account using my name first than my wife's as co-applicant two accounts came back one in wifes maiden name which was never on the application. Made two payments through the autompay system. They never took them and have now charged me 161.00 in interest charges. Cannot get anyone on the phone to resilve the issue.Desired Settlement: Removal of interest charges and crediting of my account with both payments made.

Review: Contacted the company on 8/27/13 regarding the amount to pay off to avoid further interest charges. After being on hold for over 17 minutes, I was told by Kim that if I paid off my balance of $611.31 for the plan accruing interest then the account would be satisfied and no further interest would accrue. I was told to direct the money on the back of the payment stub to that particular account so that the payment would be applied to that account. Now, as of 10/1/13 and being on the phone for 45 minutes I am being told that the amount told to me was incorrect and that the $611.31 was not applied to the correct account!!!!!!! So, interest has been accruing on this account for another month- unknown to me until now.Desired Settlement: Refund of interest charges for the past month!

Better customer service.



This letter is in response to the above referenced complaint with the ( in regards to M. [redacted] Yard Card credit card account issued by TD Bank N.A. TD Bank appreciates the opportunity to assist with this matter.

After careful review of the account, we have confirmed the purchases made on 8/18/2012 totaling $897.82 were under promotional plan [redacted]; 12 Months, Accrued interest — expiration date 8/17/2013. The pay off was received on 8/28/2013. Since the payment was received after the plan expiration date, the accrued interest charges were assessed to the account.

As a valued TD customer, the interest in the amount of $241.26 has been reversed. The adjustment will be reflected on the next billing statement.If you have additional question in regard to this matter, please contact me directly at 201—8184000 extension 3906.


Review: I made the September Payment by phone to ensure the payment was on time. I made the November payment on line which was also on time. In October I receive a bill adding $66.52 of late fees. I called Yard Card and they stated that the phone payment was made 5 min late and a 39.00 late fee was charged. When I made the October payment. I did not include the late fee therefore they charged me another 39.00 fee because I didn't pay the total.(which I had no idea was owed) I feel this is excessive and a Money making scheme. Please Help. This is ridiculous and unscrupulous. Thank you for your time. [redacted]Desired Settlement: The second fee of 39.00 needs to be dropped. This practice should be stopped.

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