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Review: I opened a yard card to purchase my tractor. I and my husband have never been late on a bill payment EVER. My monthly bill is due on the 16th of every month. I write my check on the 8th or 9th of each month and send the check payment by U.S. postal service on the 8th or 9th of each month. (7-8 days prior to it's due date).

Along with the yard card payment, I also send 4 other bills at the same time. I conscientiously watch my bank account to make sure my payments are received and cashed. A couple of months ago my account did not show that my check had been processed. The 4 other bill checks sent at the same time were processed taken out of my account. I called Yard Card to inquire. I called to find out why my check hadn't been processed and why it took so long to process my check. It should not have taken over 8 days to receive and process my check. Their customer service reps are extremely rude and unprofessional. I was told I am being penalized for using "snail mail" and there are other ways to make a payment. I was granted a "courtesy waiver" of a late charge. From that moment on, my husband and I decided not to place our bills in our mailbox, but to take them directly to the post office. (To further ensure an even quicker process.) This month, February 2015 we mailed our check 7 days prior to when it was due and again they processed it late and have assessed us with a late charge. In my case, it appears this company is not processing my checks when they receive them and thus charging us late charges as a way to make more money. When I called customer service, after I was treated so rudely, I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was told their was nothing that he could do for me that if I wanted to I could submit my concern in writing. I asked to speak to a supervisor above him and he said there wasn't one. I then asked to speak to the billing department and he said he could not transfer me. What are they hiding?Desired Settlement: I want someone to look into this and to have my assessed late charge refunded for February 2015.

My wife and I have done 3 promotions with this company. Two for 14,000 and one for 850. The one for 850 was 90 days same as the end of the 3 months we paid an extra 800 to pay off the remaining balance due for that promotion and to avoid 28.99 percent interest rate. We talked to someone at yard card and they said it was taken care of. For the past six months we have been doing automatic bill pay. We checked our account and we still owe 654.17 for an 850 chainsaw and we have been charged 142.82 per month in interest since we thought we had paid the saw off. After two hours on the phone with rude customer service we have made no progress but have paid more in interest than our original price of the saw. If you are thinking about using yard card beware, they will screw you over any chance they get

Review: Payments are mailed on the first of every month. They are assessing late fees on the 7th of the month and not processing payments until the 9th. When I called they first tried to tell me my due date was the 2nd of every month even though it says the 7th on the statements. Finally after arguing and being put on hold they decided my due date is the 7th, but that my payments are showing up late. I was told it can take 7 to 10 business days to process payments. After more arguments I was told payments are processed on the day they are received, and my payments are showing up after the due date. She then told me I was assessed the late fee, because I did not send them enough money to satisfy the minimum payment. They are adding the late fees to the minimum payment, plus adding the next payment to the minimum payment. The payment is supposed to be $161.76 per month. the September bill I have says the minimum payment is $401.52. That is 2 months of payments and 2 late fees, even though the bill is current. The October bill is 204.76. Apparently I owe my payment plus a balance of $43.00 from late fees. Money was taken from my last payment to apply towards the late fee leaving me with a shortfall on my payment therefore allowing them to charge a late fee. All for payments that were sent on time.

They will not refund the late fees. Currently 2 late fees at $39.00 each.Desired Settlement: I am sending a check and paying off the entire amount of $6836.71. I would like a refund of $78.00 and the account closed.

Review: I received a credit card bill for $70.35c from Yard Card about six months ago. Prior to this, I never applied for any credit card(s) from Yard Card. I do not have their credit card in my possession and I have never purchased any goods or services with their Yard Card credit card.

I called the company to challenge the bill, demanding proof of my application, agreement documentation signed by me when the credit line was approved, receipts or records of goods or services I purchased with the credit card or any other documentation available. To my surprise, the company could not come up with anything.

The company sent me a dispute form which I filled out and returned to the company. I also followed-up with phone calls to get this issue resolved. I was assured that the matter would be resolved but the company kept on sending me more bills with a steady increase in the amount of debt.

I had to call the company again to complain about the unending bills and I was reassured that I did not have to make any payments on the disputed account. In November 2013, I got another letter from the [redacted]; regarding the said credit card. The letter advised that I fill out another affidavit that was enclosed. I filled it out and mailed it to the bank, but I did not get any feed back from either TD Bank or Yard Card.

I have gotten another bill today (January 10, 2014) charging $165.70c. At this point I am becoming really concerned. This whole thing could have a negative impact on my credit score. Thank you in anticipation of your timely intervention.Desired Settlement: Both Yard Card and TD Bank should get this issue cleared and over with. These bill harassment is becoming embarrassing and has to stop.. I do not owe either of these organizations any money.



We have reviewed the complaint dated 1/10/2014 in regards to the above—referenced Yard Card credit card issued by TD Bank N.A. TD values our Customers and we appreciate the opportunity to resolve this matter with your client.

On 10/3/2013 the Customer contacted us and claimed no knowledge of the account, and expressed their desire to open a fraud claim. We informed the Customer that they must fill out a verbal dispute form and mailed the forms to the Customer the same day.

On 10/22/2013 we received the filled out form from the Customer.

On 11/4/2013 we forwarded the completed verbal dispute form to our Fraud Department

and opened a frapd case. '

On 11/14/2013 we sent the Customer a fraud affidavit to be filled out and returned.

On 1/20/2014 we received the completed fraud affidavit. Once reviewed it vvas determined the signatures matched the ones on the sales receipt and application. Our Fraud Departmentreached out to the Customer on the same day and determined the Customer was not familiarof the name Yard Card; howeVer,the Customer acknowledgedhaving financed the purchase and installation of a water purification system in his home. We explained this was financed through his Yard Card. The Customer then confirmed the debt was indeed his. The case was closed as not being fraud.

As a courtesy we have credited $66.66 of interest and late fees accrued during the Customer’s dispute period. The creditsposted to the account on 11/4/2013 and 10/16/2013.

Review: I use my bank's on-line bill paying system to pay my Yard Card Account. My bank provides reports that establish that my payment is received by Yard Card ON or BEFORE the due date. Yard Card does no process the payments when received and assesses late fees to my account. This has occurred three times. They have only waived one late fee "as a courtesy". They refuse to waive additional late fees even though my payments have been made on time or early. I researched Yard Card billing practices on the web and a number of consumers are experiencing the identical problem. I desperately want this matter resolved for past and future payments.Desired Settlement: I want all late fees deleted from my account and want this problem resolved for future payments. This problem has occurred three times in 10 months and I do not have the time to address it when my payments have NEVER been received late by Yard Card.



This letter is in response to the above referenced complaint with the in regards to [redacted]'s Yard Card (Benfieid Electric Co Of VA, inc) credit card account issued by TD Bank NA. TD Bank appreciates the opportunity to assist with this matter.Our records indicate that payments are being received at our Payment Processing Center located at [redacted]. The due date associated with the account is the 23rd of each month.Ms. [redacted] indicated payments are made on or before the payment due date via on-line bill payment service. After further review of the account it is apparent that payments are being made via mailed in checks, and not electronically. Please be advised that mailed in payments are credited with the effective date of receipt. The minimum payment of $198.64 was due on 05/23/2013; a payment of $200.00 was received on 06/02/2013. In addition the minimum payment of $198.64 was due on 09/23/2013; a payment of $200.00 was received on 09/24/2013.As a valued Customer, TD Bank reversed the $35.00 late fee which was assessed to the account on 09/23/2013. The adjustment will be reflected on the October 2013 billing statement.Note that Ms. [redacted] can avoid late payments by using our free 24/7 automated touch-tone payments service at ###-###-####. The payment is posted the same day provided the payment is initiated before 5:00 PM eastern time.If you have any questions in regards to this matter, you may contact me at ###-###-####, extension [redacted]

Review: My husband and I bought a lawn mower and was financed through yard card. Even after making payments our amount due was not getting smaller. I found out that they were not applying payment to my card. One statement said -$1000 +1000 dollars. They never processed any of our payments. When asked to see complete print out of all payment applied to card they told me they could not do that. This is negatively effecting our credit score.Desired Settlement: I would like to resolve this issue with them and have it removed from our credit, and I recommend no one ever take a loan from them.

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Description: Consumer Finance & Loan Companies, Lawn Maintenance

Address: P.O. Box 33802, Detroit, Michigan, United States, 48232


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