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Review: I was in accident with a person driving a vehicle insured by [redacted], who told me to get my vehicle fixed I needed to call York Risk Management Group. I called York who gave me a claim number ([redacted]) and told me that an adjuster would call me back the next day. A WEEK later I called them back, they then told me that they didn't know what was going on so to call back in a few days. I called back in a few days and they told me that I actually did not have a claim even though they gave me a claim number. They gave me the number to a [redacted] who was supposed to help. I called her and she told me she that I had to call the insured directly, but did not have a number. I called York back and they said they would make this a claim and someone would call me the next day, but that did not happen so I called them back. They then told me again that I had to contact the insured directly and gave me a number. I called the number they gave me and it was wrong. So I again called York and by this time was very upset. I asked to talk to a manager who then came on the phone and hung up on me.Desired Settlement: I would like them to take care of my insurance claim and be able to get my truck fixed.




York Risk Services, Inc,

Tel: ###-###-####

Fax: ###-###-####

Email: [redacted]

Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested

RE: York File: [redacted]

Your reference: [redacted]

We are the authorized third-party claims representative for our client, the excess insurer for the insured involved in this matter. We are in receipt of your correspondence of September 19, 2014 and we have reviewed the subject incident.

We received notice of this loss on September 9, 2014; it involved a motor vehicle accident wherein the claimant alleged that an insured vehicle backed into her automobile. We received notice of the loss on September 9, 2014. Since the insured carries a $500,000 self-insured retention, making them responsible for all losses under $500,000, we created this file for records purposes only and acknowledged its receipt to the client’s insured. Neither York Risk Services Group nor its client has any responsibility to investigate or adjust a claim that falls within the insured’s $500,000 self-insured retention.

The claimant called our office on September 16, 2014 and we explained that our client’s coverage does not apply to any loss until the insured’s self-insured retention has been exhausted. We told her she must direct her claim to the insured directly. Our impression at the time was that she understood and would do so.

If the claimant can provide the name or telephone extension of the person she says hung up on her, we would be glad to investigate the issue. We pride ourselves on providing exemplary customer service. Unfortunately, without more specific information about the various calls, we are unable to address her complaint that her call was ended discourteously.

Very Truly yours,

Senior Claims Adjuster

York Risk Services Group

Tel: ###-###-####

Email: [redacted]

Cc: Ms. [redacted]

Review: Hi there,I was rear-ended last September in a chain car accident, by a commercial truck that was covered by York RService group, and they assumed responsibility quickly as it was a very clear case. After three months of medical treatments my doctor and I agreed that the urgent phase treatment is behind us and so I submitted the med bills to York, even though I still need to go to my chiropractor frequently to stabilize my spine.York sat on my case for three months, and when I inquired, I found out they never reached one of my doctors and so I talked to the doctors office and sent York rep all their info again, which she did nothing about for another months and half.By this time I learned from my company that I will be laid off, and partially this decision was based on my "lack of high preformance from last Oct", when my job was most demanding and I had to travel and attend important meetings right after the accident, which was also the reason I could not take the much needed time off to rest and take better care of myself after the accident. But it clearly impacted my performance levels. And I tried to work with York representative to close my case faster. She refuse to answer my calls for days, so I called the main line for the company and got the numbers for her supervisors and called and left messages for them. They never called me back but the representative emailed me, indicating lack of taking time off is a clear indication of the minor injury I sustained from the accident and their settlement amount will be still what she offered (she did up her number twice from the VERY unreasonable initial offer, once I mentioned I may seek a lawyer's help).And now, they simply flat out no longer respond to any and all of my messages and calls. This is NOT a professional way to handle a claim or their customers, as they tried to portrait on their website.I have filed complaints with the company and I want to do it here for such poor services they provideDesired Settlement: Review with a responsible party at York for a fair and reasonable insurance settlement .



Review: In May of 2014, my husband and I purchased an LG washer and dryer from [redacted]. On initial delivery of the washer, the valve extending from the washer and connecting to the cold water hose was cross threaded by delivery personnel. The damaged valve leaked causing damage to the home. [redacted]' service department was dispatched to fix the valve and a claim was filed with [redacted] and the FSA Network ([redacted]' Claims Dept).

Unfortunately, the new valve was again damaged causing additional leaking to occur. After this, [redacted] sent 3 new washers in an attempt to address the leak. My husband and I collectively missed work on 9 different occasions to accommodate service technicians, delivery teams and contractors. The third washer was finally installed properly by [redacted] (warehouse manager) in the presence of the FSA manager, Tim.

Once [redacted] reviewed case details and photographs documenting home damage they sent a representative to our home to further address our claim. FSA performed their own analysis and documentation at the home as well. Based on the details and photographs, [redacted] and FSA found fault with the installation team.

We received quotes from contractors for the damage and submitted the estimates to the FSA network on August 7, 2014. FSA corporate followed up with their own claim assessment, and submitted the claim to Granite Insurance. Shortly thereafter, [redacted] (York Risk Management), who is now responsible for processing the claim sent [redacted] (independent contractor) to perform a separate analysis of the estimates for the home damage.

Despite fault being found on behalf of the delivery team on numerous levels, Granite Insurance/York Risk Management has provided zero resolution as of September 24, 2014.Desired Settlement: We would like Granite Insurance to provide full restitution for the estimates provided by our contractors no later then September 30, 2014.

Review: On Oct. 9, 2014, my vehicle was struck by debris from a large truck on I-90 near the Batavia, NY exit. The debris damaged my windshield very badly so I called the company that the truck belonged to immediately after this happened, [redacted] out of Corfu, NY. [redacted] reported the accident to their insurance company on Oct. 13, 2014. On Oct. 20, 2014 I talked to the agent for the insurance company and she gave me the name of the woman in the claims department that I was [redacted]igned to. The agent also gave me the supervisors name of the woman I was [redacted]igned to along with my claim number ([redacted]). Heather B[redacted]) was the claims representative I was [redacted]igned to and her supervisors name is Jerry H[redacted]. I was told to give the claims department about a week to process the claim. I never heard back so I waited until Nov. 10, 2014 and tried calling Heather B[redacted], she didn't answer, so I left a voice mail with my claim number and all the pertinent details of the claim. I never heard back from her again. I tried Heather B[redacted] AND her supervisor every week for over a month with no response. Finally on Jan 14, 2015 Heather B[redacted] answered her phone. She said she was working on my claim and I would hear from her within the next week. A week went by and again I never heard from her. I emailed Heather B[redacted] on Jan. 23,2014 and told her that my car was up for inspection by the end of Jan. and the windshield needed to be replaced before then because it would not pass inspection with the condition it was in. I even had the company who was going to be fixing the windshield send Heather B[redacted] a fax with the repair estimate. I realized I was getting nowhere with York Risk Services Group on getting my windshield fixed so I took matters into my own hands. On Jan 26, 2015 I called my own insurance company and put a claim in for the windshield. By the next day I dropped my car off to get the windshield replaced so I could get my car inspected.Desired Settlement: I should not have had to use my own insurance company to fix my windshield. [redacted] took responsibility for the damage to my windshield and it was their insurance company's responsibility to take care of paying for the new windshield. York Risk Services Group needs to pay for the claim like they were supposed to. My insurance company should be refunded for the insurance claim for the windshield.

Review: I was injured working on the 26th of December, a Left inguinal hernia, The company I work for [redacted] goes through York Risk Services for their workers comp. I have been trying for the past two months to contact my claims agent, Tracey W[redacted] I have left multiple messages attempting to contact her and still have not managed to do so. This is my second claims agent, the first was Melissa (not sure on last name.) whom I also had great trouble contacting, until after they changed my claim to a different agent.

Tracey W[redacted] continued to call and leave messages at my elderly grandmothers house, after I had left her a message telling her not to do so and contact me via my cellphone.

I received a bill in the mail today, 3/9/15, from [redacted] whom I was referred to by the nurse for [redacted], in the bill it said that my Workers Compensation case/number/file whatever was denied. How can it be denied when I haven't even been able to get in touch with these people? I tried calling 5 more times today, during buisness hours and nobody would pick up the phone, and I was unable to leave any messages due to the answering machine being full!Desired Settlement: I would like to get in touch with them for these matters to be settled, I am so tired of playing phone tag with these people. I was off work for a month because of my injury! I was working 25-30 hours a week prior, and now am down to just 7-12 hours a week, I have bills to help pay, and I need that money from workers compensation to pay them.

Review: haul hay to [redacted] dairy his unloader guy pushed hay into back of o7 kw with loader had estiment faxed to him he sent all to insurance company date of accident 10/13/2014.have called his insurance company all most every day they don't answer or return my calls.finally they answer on march 31 they ask me to give them 15 days an a adjuster would be calling me no calls 4/16/2015 I called still they don't answer.est. of damage was $8400.00 thanks h.l. [redacted]Express llcDesired Settlement: check for cost of repair or they have my truck repaired

Review: I have been working with [redacted] since February and we opened a claim. Since he told me to provide documentation of the financial loss, medical expenses, and deductibles early May 2014, I have received no correspondence. I have tried to call him since then and have gotten no response. Furthermore, I have only received information from him after I contact him. I have a deductible that is supposed to be returned to me as a result of an accident. This is the company that I was told to work with. I have received no compensation for my lost damages. The other party involved has $1000 in medical expenses that was supposed to be paid through the [redacted] Law in Michigan and we have not received correspondence. A Claim was supposed to be opened under my name and hers. Only one claim is open. We have left emails and voice messages without response. At this point, I want the company to complete their job, return calls, and provide me with information about the compensation I am entitled to after an accident.Desired Settlement: Finish the insurance claims and provide compensation under the [redacted] Law in Michigan of myself and the other party involved so that we may finish paying our bills that have accumulated.

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