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Review: I joined this Company to find people with merchandise which they can not sell . Then the Zaken Cop. will buy them. They charged me $ 350 for their website and printed business cards to my name.After that a man by the name Mike from this company called me ( his phone # used to be 1[redacted]0 Extension 248) and convinced me to be my coach. He charged me $1800.00 for 7 discs only and each time I call him to ask any question he was never their and I had to leave a message, I got no answer from him. There was no coaching really.The company sent me a box full with business cards to mail according to the addresses they have.It cost me several hundreds of Dollars to mail , I got not even one response. Some of these cards came to my address as they has the wrong addresses .I found out at the first April 2014 that my website did not exist any more. I tried to call but no answer for the phones always I got the wrong #.This is my complain . I believe they are scamDesired Settlement: At least I get my $1800.00

Review: I am writing you to see if you can help me recoup some of my money that I have paid to the Zaken Liquation Club Co. in California.It was money paid to them for Web sites that they haven’t responded to.They never had the gal to even give me a confirmation No. All the money paid was by Cr. Cd.Or check. 1. On 20 Aug. 2012 - $104.00 Pd by Cd.Cd. 2. On 9 Oct. 2012 - $293.00 Pd by Cd.Cd. 3. On 26 Jan. 2013 - $576.00 Pd by Cd.Cd. #1-Cr. Cd. # 5773 – Ck # 6391 #2-Cr. Cd. # 5773 – Ck # 6401 #3-Cr. Cd. # 1906 – Ck # 6466 They said they would do all the work for me - instead they kept wanting more money for this and that . It has been since 20 Aug. 2012 and I haven’t recd anything from them. Not even a hello. Something is wrong with their system I guess. So if you can try to help me out on this matter.Any help at all will be deeply appreciated. Thank youDesired Settlement: Refund!



First, we strongly object to the’s ‘Status’ designation in this matter, i.e. “Consumer Rejected Offer”, which is very misleading and a terrible misnomer. In our initial response to this complaint it had been determined that all of the specified business services had been duly rendered in exchange for the investment(s) made by this associate in his own independent home business. As a result, no “offer” was warranted or justified – So no “offer” was made. Therefore, it’s quite obvious that No subsequent “rejection” can possibly occur on such a non-existent “offer”!

Regardless, perhaps most of us can agree that it’s “better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”. The complainant/associate’s investments were made in an excellent “money-making opportunity”, and it’s definitely not the sole responsibility of our company if his personal business results thus far “didn’t turn out that way”. Very constructive suggestions were presented in our initial response, To Wit: “…our Customer Service, Business Coaching, and Web Tech Support divisions would certainly be glad to advise and/or assist him toward improving such dismal sale results in the near future – if he might care to contact them in that regard.” Followed later by, “…our company’s various business support divisions are readily available to provide assistance or advice whenever necessary or desired. This complainant might be well advised to give them a call.” So the statement contained in this supplemental ‘message’ of “so far they haven’t made any word to me on this complaint” is entirely inaccurate. Furthermore, the contact and communication Notes section of this business associate’s computerized company profile disclose that he hasn’t made any attempt whatsoever to contact any of our business support divisions (i.e. by phone, email, fax, letter, etc.) at any time since the posting of those constructive suggestions in our initial response. None! While it’s our company’s intention and attempt to always “follow the rules”, we have no control at all over whether or not others will also do so.

The complainant hasn’t “thrown away $973”; he continues to have the ability to earn that investment back again…plus much, much more – which is the actual concept behind our independent business programs. But if he persists in merely “cursing the darkness” instead of asserting himself with more positive action, “lighting a candle”, such an eventuality may never occur.

Review: I paid thousands of dollars over three months by credit card to receive a web site and postcards to mail to prospects who I was told would visit my site and purchase products from zaken, who would then ship the products to the purchaser and send me a portion of the profits from each sale. I was told that I would not need to contact any prospects, just send postcards that they would print for me; they were to be sent to persons on preaddressed post labels that I was to affix to the post cards. I was to receive "coaching" to help with the simple program. I was told that the first postcards I sent would draw in enough revenue for me that my later monthly credit card payments to zaken would easily be covered by my added income. I explained that I would need that income to pay the credit card bill. I was assured that if I sent the postcards to their list of prospects I would not have any trouble recouping my investment. They took over a month to get my website set up and longer still to get my postcards and names list and labels to me, so my credit card payments were not being covered by added income. the coaching was a group coaching phone call by a woman reading a script, including suggesting we visit garage sales to let the sellers and visitors that they should visit my web site for good merchandise and good prices. she also said we should call the prospects and get a name of an individual at that address (remember I was told I would NOT need to contact anyone except sending the postcards). She said to make copies of the labels so we could send multiple mailings to each prospect in case they didn't visit our great sites after one mailing. I purchased postage and sent three mailings each of hundreds of postcards. I received exactly zero orders and zero income. Now my website doesn't show product photographs and looks terrible. I have called for advice and refund but only get into voice mail systems, and have not heard back in reply to messages I have left.Desired Settlement: I want a refund of at least part of my package as the coaching offered zero value compared to the promises I was given at the beginning of their sales information. I want my web site repaired and active. I want a new set of postcards with labels of prospects that are more likely to visit my web site. I want my calls of complaint and request answered.



Review: I have sent them 3,000.00 to join and have them put up my website called goo[redacted] They got my last payment on July 5th, 2013 and I spoke to a Keith and he told me it would take 2 to four weeks to get my website. It has been almost 6 weeks and every time that I call, they either won't answer or if I leave a detailed message they do not return my call. On August 13th, I sent an email and they have not returned that eitherDesired Settlement: I have sent them four payments of 625.00 and 257.00 for web fees and redemption fees. I also ordered 3,000 business post cards that I can not use without a website. I would very much like to get my money back since this opportunity is a dead end.



Review: To Whom It May Concern,Almost 4 weeks ago my Father put up The money for me on his charge card to get a job with this Zaken Corp. company because I live on disability due to 6 back surgeries and I need an at home job and desperately need to make more money so I can pay my bills and have money left over for food and things I need. So, when I received this in the mail from this company, it seemed like a dream come true. They said I could make 1000.00-2000.00 extra a month depending how much and hard I was willing to work. So. My Father put up the first $149.00 which they said was just needed to show good faith on my end that I wanted to work and in 90 days it would be returned to me. (I have all the paperwork if anyone needs to see it.) I also paid an extra $10.00 to have my Starter kit sent to me special shipment to arrive 4-6 business days after I ordered it. (almost 4 weeks ago now) I have called then at least 5 times when it didn't arrive. The first two times they were very nice. gave me all kids of apologies and also gave me a new customer service number to call, but told me to wait until the next day, because they had to update them on what I would be calling and they needed to stat looking into why I have not received my starter kit yet. so. I called the number the next day, it just rang off the hook, I let it ring for over 3 minutes, nobody answered. I called the other number back and they tried the number and said they got someone right away. told, me to keep trying. I did, for the next two days I kept trying, on the third day the number said everyone was busy and it was going to the head of customer service, when it got there. it said sorry we cannot accept anymore calls, pls. call back later. it is still doing that as we speak. I went back to the other numbers where I had been talking to the people by now there were upset with me, but I also went back to find out that all the numbers that I was calling and I have 3 that I was given previously, now when you call them you cant getDesired Settlement: Other(requires explanation)Also REFUND. NEVER RECEIVED ANYTHING (STRATER KIT, ANYTHING) SPENT $174.00 TO MY KNOWLEDGE. COULD BE MORE BY NOW?????????????I JUST NEED MY REFUND. I LIVE ON DISIBILITY AND AM LOOKING FOR A JOB TO SUPLIMENT MY INCOME NOT TAKE IT AWAY. THANK YOU, MS. [redacted]

Review: We became active members of the Zaken Liquidation Club (ZLC) with certain guarantees which were not honored. There has been a breakdown in communication when we tried to make contacts with our Agent, [redacted]. We made several calls, but on many occasions he is either not available or out of the office. Many messages were left on his answering machine or voice mail which were not responded to. We were assured that should we for any reason were not satisfied that we receive a refund. However, after exhausting all our options to have our questions answered or matters resolved, on April 1, 2013 we sent a letter via email to: [email protected] requesting a cancellation of our membership and a Full Refund. An acknowledgement of our email was sent to us assuring us that our complaint would be address. However, this has not be done, yet ZLC has continued to deduct $200.00 monthly from our account.Desired Settlement: Having failed in their promises which were guaranteed, eg. In 30 days income would soar; Personal guidance Agent; Market experts would be available WHENEVER we have need of for such guidance; ZLC supplies of all marketing methods, tools, and promotional materials; REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS; FREE Gifts valued #399.00 as a welcoming bonus when sigining up; A ZLC Liftetime Directory with self-addressed lables which was abruptly discontinued, among other things. We are requesting a FULL REFUND!

Review: My complaint is that zaken corp,will not answer or return my calls, I spent over $3000.oo getting everything they said I would need, then I took a little time off,(they told I had two years to make a sale) so I took time to work on the liquidation club that I also joined,at a considerable cost to me, at this time I went to a Image co in S.D and spent $1500.00 dollars to have 5000 fliers made up and send to varies zip codes,only to find zaken corp had canceled my Domain names, move it fast liquidation and Oceanside discount store, how I found out was I had a sport store that wanted me to liquidate the store,and they kept telling me I didn't have a web site. On the liquidation end, zaken told me if I made two sales in two years, I would get all my money back, plus 70% of the profits,now I can not get them to return my calls. Thank you for taken my complaint. Gael Grey [email protected] Settlement: I would like my invest returned to me, after all I also bougth post cards and fliers,mailing lists, and extra money for getting 70% of the profits. I called the zaken corp and asked a girl named [redacted], (who suppost be my contact) if zaken corp belong to the, and she informed that they did.

Review: I started with the Zaken Liquidation Club on 4-1-2013 (Agent Code: [redacted]), Directory Club Subscriber 4-11-2013 and increased to the Lifetime Directory Member on 5-7-2013, Profit Sharing Executive Plan on 5-16-2013. During this time I talked with Tony @ ###-###-#### Ext.245 and Jordan @ ###-###-#### Ext.235. I completed all on phone training with April and Jill at ###-###-#### Ext. 172 and Ext. 203. After the final training with April we were talking about the years I (with my family) had lived in the jungles of Venezuela. Following our talk she talked with others about me writing a book, which is something I've wanted to do for years. Early June 2013 I talked again with Jordan (I believe) and at that time all/or some of the "funds" I'd paid them were "rolled" into the writing a book project. On June 24, 2013 I received a call from Butch who was to be my editor. I would be given a "ghost writer, the ISBN number, all the marketing help, etc. I was told the begin by organizing my thoughts, photos, journals etc, which I began in earnest. Around early September I sent emails to both Tony and Butch but received the "unable to deliver" message back. On September 25, 2013 I wrote a personal letter to Mr. Zaken requesting financial help since I had spent so much money; all put on credit card in hopes of having an opportunity to increase our monthly income. When that letter was received I was called by Debbie, who seems to be the one who usually answers their customer Service number @ ###-###-#### Ext. 3. She asked me what I wanted done with the letter. Of course, I told her I wanted it given to Mr. Zaken. She told me he was out of the country and that she would give it to him when he returned. (I don't know if she had open the letter or not) I received a call from someone at this number ###-###-#### (name and company unknown) asking me about the book and what I wanted to do. We talked for 11 minutes and then the call was dropped. I returned that call without anyone answering.Desired Settlement: I would like to have ALL of the money that I gave them returned to me in full or repaid to the credit card which I used. Thanks for any help you might be. On 10-24-13 there was a message on the main line that after 10 years the company is no longer in business. I am out a LOT of money. Some of the money was "rolled over" into the writing deal so I'm not sure how or where everything ended up. I'm now sure I'm not alone in the closing of Zaken...

Review: Zaken high pressured me into buying worthless leads and mentoring promising a large income. The leads were outdated and the mentoring ($2300, of which I paid $1300) involved four 30-minute phone calls and after that I had to wait hours if I had a question or a problem. They did respond, but since I could not reach my mentor right away my issue was not taken cae of in a timely manner. The opportunity was grossly misrepresentedDesired Settlement: I would like to get back somme of the money I wasted.



We’re not too sure about the “grossly misrepresented” allegation contained in this complaint, and our representatives in the Customer Relations Dept have already discussed these issues with the complainant on several different occasions. Rather than ‘gross misrepresentation’ being involved, it might just be that the subject business program didn’t work-out nearly as well for this business associate as it has for numerous successful others. The “leads” are not “outdated”, but even if some of them were somewhat ‘unproductive’, all members of our Lifetime Directory Subscription membership program are entitled to periodically obtain fresh new potential-client business listings at any time! We really don’t understand the “wait (for) hours if I had a question or problem” portion of this either. Our professional business mentors are readily available during regular M-F business hours (plus have their own email addresses and voicemail box systems available for contact outside of business hours) whenever they aren’t already busy delivering business mentoring sessions to other independent associates (an activity which probably occupies about 65% of their available time). Even under the unfortunate ‘timing’ of such circumstances, our regular Customer Service and Business Coaching Dept agents are available to ‘pick-up the slack’, by providing answers to routine questions and other forms of basic business assistance and/or support. Our business opportunity offers and professional business consultant representations never absolutely “promise” large profits or income. They can only promise certain average levels of reasonably obtainable (but merely potential) profits or income to those private parties interested in participating in such business program opportunities.

This complainant’s money hasn’t been “wasted”. It has been invested in a usually-successful and potentially-lucrative business program – and the opportunity for achieving the desired level(s) of personal success is certainly still available. Nevertheless, our Customer Relations Dept has now terminated all of the remaining monthly installment payments becoming due-and-payable by this associate in the future – under the terms of her requested & agreed-upon monthly payment plan arrangement. Our company has rendered a substantial number of professional business services, together with a significant amount of related and/or personalized business materials, to this associate. The real ‘bottom-line’ on this particular situation is that our company has fully rendered all of the specified business services (and related materials) in good faith – with expectations of recuperating ample compensation on its cost/expenses for same through the remaining monthly installment payments being received. However, even while total services have already been rendered to this associate’s benefit, only about 57-60% of the expected payments have been received thus far. This scenario actually puts our company in an undesirable ‘deficit’ position (i.e. ‘in the red’) for its business relationship with this particular associate. Obviously, we would much rather see her become profitable and gratified than to find ourselves in the unenviable position of taking an unexpected loss on all of the services rendered for her benefit in anticipation of great personal success.

Perhaps it all boils down to this: She states that she “would like to get back some of the money I wasted.” We state that we would like to receive all of the payments to which our company is entitled under the terms of her payment plan arrangement – as adequate compensation for all of the professional business services duly rendered to her. Obviously, she’s not the only one who is experiencing “money wasted” in these circumstances! Therefore, by agreeing to cancel all of her remaining monthly installment payments a compromise resolution (of-sorts) has been accomplished. We invite her to contact any of our business support divisions for additional advice and assistance, if needed/desired, or contact our Customer Relations Dept if still more, additional discussion about this issue is needed.

Review: Refused to return Agent purchase price that was guaranteed if not satisfied within 90 days by the Owner of Business.Desired Settlement: AT least purchase price of $89.00. Before having to go to court with this issue.



The solution to this issue is incredibly simple, and certainly far less dramatic than the complainant’s highly exaggerated statements attempt to indicate. Going “to court” over this trivial issue won’t be necessary, but would be tantamount to performing major surgery on a patient who simply requires a small Band-Aid. However, even if such a drastic and unnecessary step as going to court happened to be taken, the complainant would never prevail in the court’s judgment. Her personal signature on our company’s basic business program application form (submitted here for processing by U.S. Mail), indicating her understanding of and agreement with the terms and policies clearly-stated thereon (together with UPS Signature Confirmation of the program package delivery), definitely provide(s) all the ‘legal’ defense we would ever need upon such an occasion. Nevertheless, those same terms and policies provide a reasonable and very easy resolution to this issue – if the complainant will simply refresh her memory about what she originally agreed-to, and then utilize the correct options available to her. More about this follows below.

Next, the terminology used in this business associate’s “Statement of the Problem” is rather objectionable. The word “refused”, used in connection with her desire to obtain a refund of the investment she made in our program, specifically indicates (by definition) that one party has made an actual request which was subsequently denied by another party. But this is a strange and abhorrent deviation from reality – since no such request AND no such ‘refusal’ has ever occurred! The Contact and Communication Notes (routinely and meticulously posted with Date/Time/Contact Method, Topic of Discussion, etc, by our company’s many business support representatives) discloses only two occasions of contact with our Customer Service Dept (first on 4-15-13 @ approx 2:37 PM and again on 5-13-13 @ approx 2:23 PM, PST) but discloses NO contact, request, or communication with our Customer Relations Dept (handling all return/refund requests or discussions) whatsoever – on any date or at any time. Neither was the (requested and promptly delivered) business program package ever returned here again – in compliance with its ‘no-questions-asked’ return-for-refund policy. Furthermore, the Customer Service agent’s profile note on 4-15-13 clearly indicates that this business associate was graciously provided with some ‘complimentary’ (free) supplemental business tools, intended to assist her with working her independent home business more successfully and profitably. But at no point in these communications is there any indication that a “request” (presumably for refund) was ever made by this associate. IF (by some chance) it Had Been mentioned at some point, our support agent would simply have ‘reminded’ her about her program’s basic return-for-refund policy – and requested that she send her package back in a timely manner. So…it inevitably follows that no “refusal” of such an (alleged) ‘request’ could have transpired! Therefore, this objectionable insinuation in the complainant’s ‘statement of the problem’ is considered to be totally fictitious and somewhat insulting.

The Resolution to this Simple Issue – The following (excerpt) sections of verbiage can be found directly above the complainant’s personal signature on the requested business program’s basic application form: “I have 90 days to try the program and make money...if...not…I will simply return the program and you (Zaken) will return my full $89.” It seems that this same $89.00 (which is exclusive of the non-refundable $15 shipping/handling cost) is exactly the same amount being sought by her in the “Desired Settlement” section of this complaint! Furthermore, the UPS Signature Confirmed delivery date for this $89 program package was 4-4-13 at approx 2:00 PM, PST. Any armchair ‘genius’ could tell you that 90 days from the package delivery date of 4-4-13 would be 7-4-13 – when the clearly-stated 90 day Return-for-Refund Policy will finally expire. Could it possibly be any simpler and easier than this?!? The complainant is still refund-eligible (upon return of her program package) for about another 3 weeks! (A small Band-Aid will certainly suffice; no major surgery is required!) In conclusion, we consider this complaint to be not only ‘inaccurate’, but trivial and unnecessary. We’d prefer that our business support agents advise and assist this associate toward becoming successful in her business endeavors. But if she’s not interested in becoming profitable by working from home, an $89 refund will be processed for her just as soon as the return-shipped program package is received here (i.e. anytime prior to 7-5-13). We won’t even ask that the complimentary, supplemental business ‘tools’ be returned as well! “Problem” = Resolved.



Review: 9566432

I am rejecting this response because:

their accessment that I have not tried to get my refund back is not accurate, I tried by phone several times

and sent a registered letter by the Post Office, to the effect that I wanted a refund in which I got a signature that they had received it as required by

Review: They sent me many letters stating I would make over a $1000 a week & double & triple my income if I did this or that which always cost me more money $500 min. I did as they said and sent out the postcard to directions (which were lifetime directories but I had to beg to get them to send them to me. I never received one thin dime for any Venture I paid for!! They just kept wanting more money. I was promised over a $1000 a week. They have my money- I have nothing. One venture was $2000. the directories were mailed out to other clients as well-greatly decreasing your prospect of anything happening when I tried contacting them through 2 phone #’s I got put on a loop that said not available every time. The evening time I did get through but referred to the loop and it was the samething not available. They are a fraudulent company & I want my money back. I did what they said & didn’t make one thin Dime.Desired Settlement: All my input money back because their claims was fraudulent. They also sent out the same direction to other people so it wasn’t even a given you were the first with a postcard person for the directories to a person.



Review: The company mailed out advertisements to work at home with a 100% money back guarantee plus a $250 money back guarantee which is good for 2 years. The also stated that they would build me a website for the business and it would cost an additional $189 and this would take about 4 - 6 business days. I did not hear anything about the website until I received my postcards about a month later and then the website only tells about the company not how to contact me. So this was wasted money. The program itself cost $174 so this is $363 I have into the program and then they keep sending me information on getting lists and I can buy this and that to help up my profits. I did hand out a few post cards and talk to a few people but no one interested so I decided to cut my losses and get my money back because it was not working. I called the number on the flier and they gave me another number and they gave me a specific extension and person I need to talk to, but when I call I am put on hold and then transfered to the front desk where I am put on hold and then put on a voicemail. I have left several messages over a 3 or 4 week span and have never received a call back. I did call a number for the owner of the company and his secretary gave me the same number and said that is the only person that can help me with refunds but she would email my concerns to her. I have since quit receiving mailings but still have not received a refund or a call back. The number I am calling is ###-###-####. The owners name and number is Tiran Zaken ####-###-####.Sincerely[redacted]Desired Settlement: $363 just what I put into the program.



While we readily apologize for this associate’s inexplicable and somewhat mystifying difficulty in communicating with (or being return-contacted by) our Customer Relations Dept (i.e. ###-###-####, Ext. 5), it’s true that division of our company is the only one capable of discussing special refund requests and/or processing refunds upon the determination of eligibility for same on a case-by-case basis. Requests have been made to the manager of that department for contacting this associate about further discussion of her request, and continuing efforts will be made in that regard. In addition to calling the company voicemail hot-line system at ###-###-####, our Customer Relations Dept can most effectively be reached at the above-shown phone number or by sending an email message to [email protected] We sincerely hope that further discussion can soon be accomplished, if still necessary.

Review: After viewing this opportunity back in December of 2012 I sent a letter in January of 2013 that I wanted my money back because this was not what I wanted. Instead of the company sending me my requested refund they sent more brochures for marketing the product. I sent them company proof of the letter that was originally dated in January of 2013 and some lady finally calls me in June of 2013 just to say it was not her problem while hanging up rudely in my face. I calls everyday during their regular business hours while leaving messages of my phone number and THEY STILL REFUSES TO RETURN MY CALLS OR ANSWER THEIR PHONES. I am still seeking a refund from this.Desired Settlement: This company has a one year guarantee that the money is refunded double if for any reason the customer is not satisfied. Well I am not happy and I have no problem exposing them to the media for poor service.



The “Customer’s Statement” and the “Desired Settlement” sections of this complaint contain so many points of fallacious information that we scarcely know where to begin! So, before embarking on such a lengthy rebuttal and/or ‘clarification’ process, it might be best to simply state the very heart of this matter – i.e. the complainant’s failure to comply with the clearly-disclosed terms of her basic business program package. To Wit: The application form used for voluntarily requesting this particular type of independent home business program clearly discloses its 90-Day (no questions asked) Return-for-Refund Policy – “…I have 90 days to try the program and make money…” and “If I’m not thousands of dollars ahead – within 90 days time…I will simply return the program and you will return my full $89.” Note: the guaranteed refund of $89 consists of the actual investment amount made for the business program package itself, but excludes the Non-Refundable (total) shipping & handling costs – comprised of the $15 ‘regular’ S/H, plus the complainant’s optional selection for $10 extra ‘rush delivery’ S/H, culminating in the actual amount which she authorized and invested for this order request on 11-26-12, exactly $114 total. This breakdown then brings us to the very first point of necessary clarification, i.e. an incorrectly stated “Purchase Price”/”Disputed Amount” of $129, which is obviously exaggerated above and beyond the complainant’s actual invested (paid) total of only $114.

As confirmed above, the complainant’s ONLY requirement for obtaining the refund guaranteed in the clearly-disclosed terms of her business order is…to return the program package to our company within 90-Days of delivery by UPS – and that confirmed delivery occurred on 12-3-12 @ approx 10:43 AM, local time. Therefore, her guaranteed refund-eligibility (predicated upon timely package return) would not expire until 3-4-13. NO ‘alleged’ letter of refund request was ever required, necessary, or effective; NO phone call(s) to our company were ever necessary either. The ONLY thing that was ever required, necessary, and effective was a program package return within the specified 90-day timeframe. Period. That’s All. However, To Date NO returned business program package has ever been received here from the complainant and (as our business support representative attempted to explain to her on 7-12-13 @ approx 12:16 PM, PST) her 90-day refund-eligibility time period had already long-since expired back in early March. The few Contact & Communication Notes entered/recorded in this business associate’s computerized Profile disclose the following facts: 1) No Record of any such ‘letter’ being received in January of 2013. 2) No Record of any such communication by “some lady” in June of 2013 – the Profile discloses a ‘gap’ in communication between the occasion of a Customer Service Dept phone call on 1-10-13 @ approx 10:40 AM, PST, and the above-referenced call (customer service again) on 7-12-13 @ approx 12:16 PM. The (final) 7-12-13 call was culminated by our representative connecting this complainant’s phone call to the voicemail box system in our Customer Relations Dept – Not in some “rude, hang-up”, which allegedly took place sometime in June (?!) 3) The “Complaint Background : Problem Occurred” Date stated in this ‘complaint’ case shows: 1-10-13. If so…then at the date of this ‘problem’ origination, the complainant still had nearly two (2) full months remaining, in which to return her business program package for guaranteed refund eligibility! 4) Daily business procedures require our business support representatives to “answer their phones” and/or “return…calls” from the recorded voice messages routinely received here. There’s no reason to believe that some type of inexplicable ‘aberration’ has occurred in these routine business procedures, but the complainant is certainly welcome to discuss this matter further with our Customer Relations Dept at any time she chooses to do so (via phone, email, fax, etc.) However, nothing changes the unfortunate fact that she’s already made herself ineligible to receive the requested refund – as most likely will be patiently explained to her if/when she calls the Customer Relations Dept.

Last but not Least – the plethora of fallacious information found in this “Desired Settlement” section. 1) The ‘guarantee’ referred-to here is associated with another, completely different, basic business program than the one pertaining to this issue. Our associate/’complainant’ never enrolled in that other program – so all of these allegations are ‘moot’ from the outset. 2) That program comes with a 2-Year (Not ‘1-Year’) bonus money refund guarantee which has absolutely nothing to with whether or not the ‘customer is satisfied’. 3) It’s a ‘money-earned’ type of guarantee - while the ‘bonus’ payment amount is more than our associates originally invest in that program, the amount received is nowhere close to “double” (it’s actually about 60% above the initial amount paid), 4) Earning the ‘bonus’ money refund requires active participation in that program, by the submission of liquidation-eligible product samples for consideration in our buyers’ network – Not merely customer ‘dissatisfaction’! 5) “Poor Service” has absolutely nothing to do with any of this…since all of our business support divisions are readily available and quite willing to assist/advise our independent business associates toward becoming successful and profitable in their personal business endeavors. In conclusion, this entire last section of the complaint information seems to be nothing more than a very poor (and completely irrelevant) mixture of “apples with oranges”.



Frankly, this situation has become quite ridiculous. Our time is just as valuable as hers, and we shouldn’t be required to keep wasting it over “these foolish games” either. Isn’t it a well-recognized psychological/emotional dynamic of human nature that the more a person is ‘in the wrong’ (and the more they don’t want to admit it), THE LOUDER THEY YELL AND SCREAM AND THREATEN in a desperate attempt to improve their defensive position and/or change the undesirable reality of their situation?!? Please forgive us for saying so…but that’s exactly what seems to be happening here.

She might “clearly know what (her) powers are”, but conversely our company clearly knows what its RIGHTS are also – and it has no trepidation about continuing to appropriately exercise those rights whenever necessary, without suffering any ‘loss of jobs or reputation’ as a direct result. Her own failure to successfully qualify for a “simple refund” by properly complying with a very straight-forward, clearly disclosed, (no-questions-asked) RETURN-FOR-REFUND POLICY in a timely manner Does Not (somehow) make our company ‘the bad guy’ in these circumstances! To This Very Day….her business program package has never been returned – not within the refund-eligibility timeframe, nor at any other time thereafter. So exactly who is really at fault here??

With very few (and very rare) exceptions, there isn’t a reputable business/company in the entire world which doesn’t require a return of the product or merchandise (in acceptable physical condition) still held in a consumer’s personal possession, prior to issuing a ‘refund’ on the purchase price of that item. Our company is no different than any of the others – except (perhaps) for an extremely fair Return-for-Refund Policy which is better disclosed right-up-front and is well-honored by routine and equitable processing of eligible refund credits – upon product return in compliance with the policy.

How wonderfully convenient for her that she holds “a copy” of the alleged ‘original letter of January 4, 2013’ – for which there is No Proof that it was ever mailed or received here. But (once again) that’s a totally irrelevant and completely moot point anyway. The applicable policy doesn’t require that you send us ‘a letter’; it simply requires that you return the product package!

However, allow us to speculate a little bit about the existence of such a letter…and make an assumption that it had been properly sent and successfully received here - just for the sake of providing a complete (and final) response to this tiresome issue. IF…such a letter had ever been received here (which it was not), it would have been delegated to the attention of our Customer Relations Department – since its topic or subject matter involved a “refund” request. One of our agents in that department would then promptly contact the associate/author of the letter by phone call or via email message – with a friendly, diplomatic “reminder” that the established policy for that type of business program package required a timely return-shipment to our company. IF…our agent’s attempt to communicate by telephone was not answered ‘in person’ by the party being called, but rather met by a message-recording/answering system, a voice-recorded message would have been left on the machine for them – including the same ‘reminder’ information and a cordial invitation for that party to provide return-contact here (at their personal convenience) if any questions remained unanswered or if any further discussion was considered necessary. Thereafter…IF their program package was not return-shipped and received within the refund-eligibility period, and/or IF that party never bothered to pick-up the telephone and return our call (or send an appropriate email reply), they would (ultimately) become ineligible for a refund on their purchase anyway – regardless of whether they had ever mailed ‘a letter’ to us or not!

So this concludes the unnecessary ‘over-complication’ of an ordinarily very simple, clear-cut matter. Our company is constantly “doing the math” and (fortunately) this type of unreasonable “complaint” is only experienced from a very small minority of its independent business associates. As support and advice (or further discussion with Customer Relations) remains readily available.



Review: 9625871

I am rejecting this response because:


Going over each section of the Zaken's respond,

1. When a person have to chase down a business for SEVERAL MONTHS to bring this their attention, I as a customer and consumer is entitled to yell and scream about MY MONEY. I will not apologize for the way that Zaken has taken my words or my message. I had to bring in the in order to FINAL get an answer from Zaken to take this complaint SERIOUS.

Review: I received their advertising in the mail about 2 years ago advertising stay home business for $89.95 to receive a starter kit and I sent for it and last June I sent for this particular order for some flyers to distribute and I never received them. The last time I talked to one of their advisor. He told me that another company will send me my order in the next 15 days now is pass 4 months I am still waiting. I want my $60.20 and my initial enrollment money to get started. (Enclosed a copy of the check).Desired Settlement: Give me all my money back because I never profit from anything they told me.

Review: Back in March of 2013 bought the quicksell program with the intentionof making some money, (as the program states). Since April till now (Oct.) program has made zero dollars, March bought quicksell - $2,000.00. End of March salesman starts calling me to upgrade my website for quicksell, repeatedly told him that I couldn’t afford the upgrade. Continues to call for approximate next 3 days, I can’t afford it. On April 12th he goes and charges my credit card without my permission. Card charged was same card quicksell was purchased on so number must have been on file with Zaken Corp that was $3,000.00. Bottom line program does not work, cost me in postage for cards I have sent out and phone calls I make. (Allover country) again 7 months I have made zero dollars, just costing me more money.Desired Settlement: Full refund, that’s it $5,065.0.

Review: I have been promised a full refund for the services that have not worked. I had several complaints but was not able to receive any callbacks from this salesperson, [redacted], who promised me he would help and support me any time I needed him. That did not happen. I had requested to have a business plan removed because I had not even requested that one at all. They would not remove it nor return my money. There were many of the staff that I tried to leave a message of which I did not receive any call backs. There were way too many fraudulent lead ons that did not work out.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund as had been promised on the phone if the program was not successful for me. I was given a 6 month guarantee too.

Review: I send The Zaken Corp. a money order for business stationery. I called to see when it will be delivered and asked if they were still in business. The person said they are still in business and is not thinking about closing the company. I have been waiting for the stationery since 8/23/2013. I called about the stationery on 10/22/2013 and I got, "the number you have called is not in service". I send a $199.00 money order, I want my money back. I thought they were a legitimate company. They should have called me and said they were closing, not keep my $199.00. I hope you can get it back for me or have them write or call me.Thank You Sincerely [redacted]Desired Settlement: I send a money order for $199.00 for business stationery, I want it back. They need to explan their actions.

Review: I called the Zaken Corp. in the beginning of February I was told that all I had to pay was a one time fee of 105.00 for materials, plus $189 for a website that I never got. I made several calls, but on many occasions never spoke to anyone. Everytime I called I would get transferred around. Anytime a live person came on the phone they would quickly transfer me to a voicemail. I left messages on an answering machine or voice mail, finally someone named Aaron finally called me back, we spoke briefly for about 8 minutes, Instead of helping me he was trying to get me to spend more money. After I told him I was not interested he quickly told me that he would have someone name Jill contact me. She never did. He did tell me that if I was not satisfied all I had to do was return the materials and when they received it I would get my refund. I did not like the fact that I could never speak to a live person long enough to get my refund. However, after exhausting all my options to have my questions answered or matters resolved, on April 22, 2013 I sent a letter in the email to: Zaken Corp 2610 Conejo spectrum in Calif. requesting a cancelation of membership and a Full Refund. I finally spoke with a lady in the refund department on June 12, 2013 who assured me that they did received the material back and I will get a refund of $293.00 in 7 days. I ask her how I would get it because they took it off my credit card, she said it would be a paper check in them mail. Today is July 27, 2013 I have not gotten anything yet. Please help me.Desired Settlement: I would like to have my money back. A full refund of $293.00like I was promised I paid by credit card, however, I would like a paper check, I do not want them to have any more access to my credit card information.



A “paper check” refund you want…a properly-processed company Refund Check you’ll get! While (perhaps) we should offer an apology for the alleged communication difficulties unexpectedly experienced by this business associate ‘complainant’, and (perhaps) for one of our experienced business consultants simply doing his job by making her aware of other excellent business program opportunities which were also available to her, the only thing she ever really needed to do (from the start) was to promptly return-ship the business program package materials here – to be eligible for the guaranteed refund. Luckily, that’s exactly what she finally did – and still soon enough to be qualified under the clearly-stated terms of our standard ‘return-for-refund’ policy. However, she claims that part of the overall payment authorized in conjunction with her original order request for ‘combined’ business services (i.e. a basic instructional business course package together with a personal internet business site) was “$189 for a website that I never got.” This particular allegation happens to be incorrect in a couple of ways. 1) It was never intended or represented to her that she would be receiving “a website”. Besides the basic instructional course package, the second part of her requested business services was to be a personal internet business-facilitation site known as “a landing page” – which is completely different from any of our business associates’ full-blown personal business websites. Such personal websites are readily available to any of our authorized associates who opt for utilizing them to augment their personal business endeavors and success, but are also much more costly for our Web Tech division to create, register, and activate into service on the Internet. A significantly larger investment than just “$189” is required to obtain one of those! But it’s not quite clear how this unfortunate misunderstanding might have occurred. 2) This associate/complainant’s personal internet landing page was properly created and activated for her use in a timely manner. So the “…that I never got” portion of her allegation is also incorrect. She voluntarily enrolled herself in our basic business program (and authorized the combined-services payment charge) on-or-about 3-25-13. Then her personal internet landing page was promptly created and activated into service (under the preferred Domain Name designated and/or personally approved by her) on-or-about 3-27-13, just 2 business days later. Furthermore, that site remains active and fully-functional on the Internet right now! Therefore, professional business services were duly rendered to her benefit in exchange for that portion of her overall payment charge. Although…now that our upper management team has carefully considered these circumstances and has made a rare concession on her behalf (which includes the usually non-refundable $189 internet services portion of her overall payment in the currently pending refund), her personal internet site will be deactivated again, soon after the check processing of her “full refund” has been completed. But the point is this: Those services were never “not received”.

The “lady in the refund department” with whom she spoke was actually the Manager of our Customer Relations Dept – who had every good intention of promptly processing an ‘eligible’ company Refund Check for this associate. However, as fate would have it, certain unexpected issues suddenly arose with our Billing Department’s payment/refund credit transaction system – which resulted in all of our ‘pending’ processing becoming not only delayed, but also extremely back-logged for the next several weeks. As a result, it has taken our processing agents a substantial period of time to finally get ‘caught-up’ again. We have no real “excuse” for the significant delays – only a legitimate “reason” behind their occurrence. Nevertheless - partially due to those unexpected refund processing delays (and by way of an indirect ‘apology’?) management has decided to authorize the Full $293 Refund for her.

Bottom Line: Based upon an eligible business course package return (in compliance with the clearly-stated return-for-refund policy associated with that program offer), together with an executive decision made by our company’s upper management team, a $293 Refund Check is now being prepared for this business associate. In less than a week, processing and signing of the check will be completed and it will then be Mailed to our associate’s known address. Reasonable expectations would be that this refund check will be received via USPS Mail within the next 10-12 days. This action is considered to be a proper and acceptable resolution of the complainant’s issue(s) by our company.

Review: In August and September I invested a total of $7,686 with The Zaken Corporation of Thousand Oaks, CA for the "Inventory Liquidation Program." I was told that if at any time within the first year, I was unhappy with the program offered and the results; I would receive a full return of my investment. Despite my requests to secure a refund of my "investment" from the Zaken Coorporation, none has been forthcoming.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund of my investment with The Zaken Corporation as soon as possible.



We apologize for such a delayed response, but this “Statement of the Problem” is rather brief and not very specific about the alleged cause of dissatisfaction by our business associate. So there’s not sufficient information upon which we might conduct a thorough analysis, followed by our provision of a direct response to the specific ‘issues’. He mentions a significant amount which he invested in his own personal business venture, but fails to mention the equally significant number of professional business services (and related materials) which our company has already duly rendered to his personal benefit. To Wit: An active personal business website created/activated at company expense, several confirmed UPS deliveries of related and/or personalized business materials, and his active participation in and completion of the pre-scheduled business mentoring sessions. Therefore, all of the business materials and professional services specified under the terms of his business order request(s) have already been fulfilled. With such extensive business services duly rendered to his benefit in good faith (at significant company expense), it should be readily apparent that no such “full refund” of his investments could possibly be either reasonable or equitable. The portion of his ‘Statement’ which claims “I was told that if any time within the first year I was unhappy…I would receive a full return of my investment” is quite mystifying – since our company doesn’t offer any such refund policy (or even a remotely similar type of ‘guarantee’) on any of its excellent business program packages! Several other types of ‘investment return’ policies exist on our programs, but nothing approximating this statement. Finally, his claim of “despite my requests (plural) to secure a refund of my investment…” is, at the very least, somewhat misleading. Because his one and only (singular) communication with our company relative to that specific topic (as broached in an email message) came by telephone call on 6-24-13 @ approx 9:43 AM, PST, with a Customer Service Dept agent (not the Customer Relations Dept, where all such ‘refund’ requests are properly handled) – when he abruptly and unexpectedly terminated the call before any pertinent discussion could be held and/or a successful transfer of the call to our Customer Relations Dept could be completed!

Our Customer Relations manager has been hoping to discuss this matter with him for the past several weeks. If he would simply contact that department at his earliest convenience, additional explanations, clarifications, and discussion (if needed) could easily be provided to him. Regardless, this scenario is certainly not such a simple matter as providing a ‘full refund…as soon as possible.” Very little (if any) of his original investment amount still remains after all of the costs & expenses associated with our company’s rendering of services to him were covered. Therefore, it’s rather doubtful that even a relatively small ‘pro-rated’ partial refund settlement amount could be offered – but that’s a determination for our Customer Relations Dept to make.

Review: In April of 2013 I filed a complaint against the Zaken Corp, for their business which they said would make me thousands of dollars which it did not. The refund they said was over 6 months and was not refundable, and I understood and excepted that, however they there still willing to work with me and that upon specific request would return my package, and circulars well they did not!Desired Settlement: In 10/23/13 I requested the package and circulars, they were not resent! Zaken Corp is a very arrogant, mean and nasty company. I feel like a fool, and a victim. The 136.00 is not a lot of money, however it is money that could have gone to another investment. I know I want receive a refund I file this complaint that maybe others want lose their money. Thank You Brian!

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