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123 Credit Restoration

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• Oct 18, 2020

Joe Hobicia at 123 credit restoration stole my money from my accou t on July 4th, during the pandemic. I did not authorize him to withdraw funds for service. So I called him. This company is scamming people out of their money during a pandemic. I want a refund of my $500.

123 Credit Restoration Response time Oct 19, 2020

Unfortunately, *** is not telling the truth here. When she signed her CONTRACT with us and accepted to do business this authorizes us to the funds that we originally agreed upon. We. continue to do work for ***. A few days ago we sent more violations out in the mail for ***'s accounts. We responded to her email that we are working her accounts and won't stop until everything is finished like we originally promised. She continues to try to deface us and send us vial comments etc as we CONTINUE to do work for her.

Customer Response time Oct 24, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
*** Hello! I have enclosed the text messages and emails I and Joe had thank you he has done nothing at all nothing has came from the credit bureau at all he really lied about his service. thank you!

123 Credit Restoration Response time Oct 27, 2020

Unfortunately, *** attachments have no use here as all she has is our email's automated response. This is in place so the client know we relieved their email and a team member will be reaching out to them. I have attached the last email we sent to *** explaining everything to her on October 12th. Once we sent this we never heard from *** again. She signed up with us in mid July; unfortunately due to COVID we had to close for a few weeks in August but we were back up and running briefly after. We had done our part and have disputes and violations in the mail regarding her accounts. With ***'s signed contract she authorizes us to take the money that she owed which is why she provided us with her credit card info as you can she from the attachment.

Customer Response time Oct 28, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. I am not satisficed with the services Mr. Joe had promised me. He promised that he could have my bad debt removed from my credit. He stated he has a great success at it I informed him of another company that stole my money he stated he is not in that type of business. I really trusted what he was saying. I believe he was being genuine. But after he took my money on the July 4th, I should have know he was a con-man. He informed me that I would receive updated reports from the credit bureau within a few weeks I have yet to receive anything from a credit bureau as of this date. It has been 3 going on 4 month, November 4th, and no-one has sent me anything from his office or the credit bureau's I really don't believe that he is doing any work on my behalf. He took my money from the bank account with out me consenting to it. Then after the $499 dollars would not [process completely he then didn't hesitate to texted me to tell m the money was half approved by my bank. I then said I was using another card why would you do that I knew that there wasn't enough money in that account. So then in there I should have know he was scamming me out my money. I explained to him that I wanted to use another card not that one to pay but he had already took the money form one of the cards. As a matter of fact they ask for your credit card stating that they will not do anything with the card its. Just to verify the account and he did take the money before I approved him to. I then had to go to the credit union and deposit more money to pay him the rest of the money. then he finish processing the payment on July 4th, I really believe he has scammed me out of my money and is not helping to resolve or remove anything from my credit. I have yet to get anything from his company or a credit bureaus. He is a scammer. He does not contact me in any form unless I text or call. Then he stated to email him. I ask over and over contacting him once a month of whats my progress he continues to states YOU SHOULD BE GETTING UPDATED LETTERS FROM THE CREDIT BURUEA SOON. it has almost been 4 months and nothing has been done. if he has worked on my credit can he please send proof of what has been done with dates. Or I would like my money refunded to me. He coned me during a pandemic and a country shutdown for his benefit. I have nothing from his company but text and emails from him after I reach out each time what company does that? Please refund me my money and I can decided on what to do with my credit myself. there are other avenues I can take. I would appreciate my money refunded to me. Mr. Joe know this all to be true. I have emails and text messages to prove it. Thank You! Regards

123 Credit Restoration Response time Oct 30, 2020

Unfortunately, *** is lying here. We were in contact with her and she never responded back to us. Firstly. she signed a contract in which yes she has to input credit/debit card information. We told her this is so we can run our initial reports to provide her with answers with what we would be able to do with her accounts. It is hard to give someone a timeline during a pandemic when all of their accounts will be completed. In works with the FTC CFCB they do not always have people in their offices everyday so their response times have been delayed this year as we've seen not just from the work we have done on ***'s account but as well as the work on other clients accounts. We have worked on behalf of *** and have had disputes, and violations out every single month for her accounts. She has only been a client since July. *** is someone who thinks someone is taking advantage of her because she has to pay for a service that has been done. *** has been complaining and been a problem since the first week she signed her contract. We have continued to be the most professional and work on her files and put some of her cases ahead of others to get her results. We keep explaining to her right now our source of communication is our email; but she continues to discuss texting which we no longer do. *** signed a contract and hired us to do the work we are performing.

• Oct 13, 2020

Want to give no stars. Was guaranteed results in 30 days and it’s been 3 years with nothing changed. He is a thief.

123 Credit Restoration Response time Oct 14, 2020

This is a lie and we have Mr *** paperwork and everything we have ever filed for him on his account.

• Sep 10, 2020

I contacted Joe off his *** ad for credit repair. He promised to boost my credit and remove my *** and remove anything negative. He was paid and full has done nothing at all! He wont response to text message, phone calls or emails. This guy is complete fraud. The last time we spoke two months ago July 7th 2020 said he was mailing everything out. Its now 9/20/2020 still nothing in the mail. This is guy is a fraud.

123 Credit Restoration Response time Sep 11, 2020

Mr. has been in communication with us. He even filed cases against us in *** in which *** awarded us winners in every case he filed because we supplied them with examples of work we have done for Mr. with the 3 bureaus, and the FTC. Mr. signed a contract in which by the law gives any client a certain timeframe in which they can withdraw from doing work with us. Unfortunately, Mr. is way past this timeframe window. We have attached a sheet from Mr. file in which he never sent back a signed form for the period he could cancel the transaction. Also, we have attached examples of work that have been done by being sent out to the bureaus. Thank you

• Sep 03, 2020

I have been working with Joe for quite some time now, and although results have been slow going I was seeing results non the less. In April he told me he could settle some of my debts for me for juat over 1900, the money was to be paid to the creditors in turn I would have the accounts cleared..... I sent Joe the money and to this day he can not provide any proof of settling my accounts and for the last month he has stopped responding to my messages. I want the money returned so that I can pay these accounts since he did not do so, and if he did I need proof he did as the creditors are still sending me messages that the money is owed.

123 Credit Restoration Response time Sep 04, 2020

We have provided services as under the contract that the customer has signed for payments received after rendering services. We have also attached the contract. And an example of a deletion that has occurred.

Customer Response time Sep 04, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. there are 2 more accounts they are supposed to show as settled. if they can show that I will be satisfied.... I have asked for this proof for over a month now and they waited until now to show it.... if they had responded to me instead of ignoring me I would have not filed a complaint. once I see proof thatthe other 2 accounts have been paid I will be satisfied. Regards

123 Credit Restoration Response time Sep 11, 2020

We do not fill out the intake forms the CLIENT does. So, if you falsified your info on the account that is on you not us. You have signed a contract in which it is YOUR SIGNATURE. The contract very much states on how you are able to back out of the contract. That is a law we put in our contract unfortunately this client is far past the date she could have backed out. If the client would like to discuss this more in depth and let us know what she is expecting she can email us at [email protected] , we are very much willing to work with you but we will not be slandered. We provide our customers with respect, and provide results. Please reach out to our email thank you.

• Aug 19, 2020

Joe promised result in 30 days (per text)
It’s been almost 2 years. Nothing
And he stopped responding

• Aug 18, 2020

I paid 300.00 to have my credit report fixed and everything removed .. I have been in contact with them and they keep promising results. It has been 5 months and I have not received any results .. Now they won't answer my phone calls/Texts and they even blocked me from contacting them via Facebook messenger.. I have received lots of emails from other customers with the exact issue I'm having... I saved and have every single Email, Text and FB message of him promising results and giving me the run-around.

123 Credit Restoration Response time Sep 04, 2020

We have provided services as under contract signed by the customer which is attached for payments received after rendering services.

Customer Response time Sep 04, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. They have shown you attachments from a false account showing improved scores! That is not my account! The services they have promised, was to remove everything from my credit report, everything still stands on it...

123 Credit Restoration Response time Sep 17, 2020

How have documents from a different client? Nothing, is false this client is telling mistruths which is unfortunate. Whatever paperwork you'd like us to provide we will provide. We work hard on all of our clients files. Please let us know and we will comply.

123 Credit Restoration Response time Sep 18, 2020

The client is falsely accusing us of sending someone else's credit scores? This is incorrect and we take great offense to this accusation. We have, and continued to work very closely to this individuals files. We have shown *** countless times examples of work we have done so he better understood what we were doing. Now it is he who is lying which is unfortunate.

• Aug 11, 2020

In May of 2019 I searched for credit repair services in order to make improvements in my personal life. Jospeh Hobaica appeared to be good at his job and eager to help customers. Unfortunately I have paid a total of $533.02 (3 payments) to fix my credit and absolutely nothing has changed! I made my first payment of $100 on 5/8/19 and second payment of $99 on 5/14/19. Joseph has poor communication skills and is very difficult to get in touch with (unless it's about him making more money). It is now 8/11/20 and I have yet to see any improvements. I am constantly ignored or told "I will have more updates by Monday". I specifically requested that he assist with an account I wanted to "pay to delete", which was $334.02 (paid on 4/29/19) out of the $533.02 I paid. I provided payment 8/29/19 for the account to be deleted. However, once again it is 8/11/20 and NOTHING has changed. I requested to receive a copy of the agreement made with the specific creditor I requested a "pay to delete" from and he insisted that he would mail me documents. I still have not received anything! I have all receipts of payments I have made through paypal and would like a refund. I paid for a service and got nothing in return. I am very disappointed.

123 Credit Restoration Response time Aug 12, 2020


Customer Response time Aug 20, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 14660830, and find that this resolution is NOT satisfactory to me. I have attached 4 documents, but also have text messages as well. However, I am only able to upload 4 documents at this time. Please let me know if additional proof is needed, because I can provide text messages. Thanks!


Shira Smith

• Aug 08, 2020

I had given 123 credit restoration, J Michael Group LLC 199.00 dollars for credit repair, and had seen 0 results. Nothing was added on negativity onto my credit while he has been “resolving” my current issue. He has not taken a single item off my credit report as promised. He has not resolved any issue, he has barley responded to any messages sent from me. I would like a refund of the 199.00 sent to him back to me immediately.

123 Credit Restoration Response time Aug 09, 2020

We started prior to any payment and payment was made for services rendered. He did not understand apparently that it takes up to 45 days for up each update. He has received one update in the mail from the credit bureau's which he has not given to us but we can pull electronically. Everything will be finished as promised him he already paid for services rendered

Customer Response time Aug 09, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below. I never received ANYTHING in the mail regarding my credit. Regards

123 Credit Restoration Response time Aug 11, 2020


• Jul 29, 2020

I paid 123 Credit Restoration 500.00 to fix my credit. They took my money and basically ran away with it and never did anything that they promised me. I asked 123 Credit Restoration for a refund and they basically said they are working on my report. They have been telling me that for 4 months now and have done nothing. I would like my money back.

123 Credit Restoration Response time Jul 30, 2020

She had over 70 negative accounts and we removed over 35. With the process slow down in March we started in February. So we were not able to complete everything and we just started again in July to remove the other remaining accounts. She paid for services already rendered and owes more money for future items to be removed.

Customer Response time Jul 30, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Regards

• Jul 11, 2020

Customer service is absolutely horrible. It took him 8 days to contact me after I inquired and gave him my info. After he dis contact me finally my experian account had been locked and a fraudulent charge on my debit card to experian had been made and shut my whole account down because I had never made a chargw to thwm before and my bank contacted me about it. Tge I my paperwork I had received was my report and what they could possibly work on but nothing specific and everything on that email was sthe cresit rwport I get on my own. I did this before with another company but thought I'd have a better chance with someone else. After that he sent me an invoice for payment but nothing else. Even with the other company I still had to sign something stating that they will be working on my credit, but nothing. Then I get a message from him saying that if I didnt pay that he will send my info to collections and that he'd already paid court fees. What court fees? I did t have to go to court for anything and there are no wage garnishments to come from any of my accounts. Its not even 2 hours from thw time I was supposed to payand I'm being threatened. That is bullying sir!! Even debt collectors dont have practices like this. I would have still paid him but he decided that bullying tactics work best for him so thats fine with me. My lawyer will be very happy to see the texts messages you ha e sent to me. #stopbullying

• Apr 19, 2020

I had a great experience.. very professional staff .. I would recommend this company to anyone with credit issues

• Apr 16, 2020

Absolute scam. Refuses to meet or share any 'work' he claims to have done on my behalf.

• Apr 13, 2020


123 Credit Restoration Response time Apr 14, 2020

We removed the original items she had on her report and she paid for those. Other items were added after including late payments by her to drop her score and she never contacted us to deal with those. If she contacted us we would have been happy to help.

Customer Response time Apr 16, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below. I have numerous screenshots, text messages, *** messages, emails, etc from them. I sent some ones that show is money back guarentee of a certain credit score. Showed where he said I had 60 accounts to remove so he would charge me $399. He never removed more than 10 accounts. My credit score hasnt gone up. I included a message where I asked him what was taking so long. Also the invoice I paid. Ive saved every text message, email and *** message from him so I have the proof of everything. Regards

123 Credit Restoration Response time Apr 16, 2020

she said for items removed. we would be happy to have her. come in to go over her accounts and offer additional assistance.

• Apr 03, 2020

Don’t fall victim to this company. They don’t deliver!! Joe Is a complete scammer. I paid them for their services and haven’t gotten any results. My credit score have been the same and they’ve done nothing for me. This place is a joke and I would never recommend anybody to do business with them. I want a full refund and I will receive it even if I have to take it to court

• Jan 25, 2020

My name is *** , a consumer whom inquired about credit repair on or around 10/9/2019. Upon a phone call inquiring I recieved a call by a consultant named Joe Hobaica. He informed me that he could remove negative remarks including a bankruptcy on my credit report. I chose to continue with the service in which he sent me a invoice explaining all that would be removed from the credit report. He informed me also that I would not need to pay up front, but within 60 days I could make installments equaling 150.00 every two weeks totalling 600 dollars. It would be within those 60 days I would see the negative items removed from my credit report. As if 1/25/2020 none of what was promised has been done. The itens still renains, and my credit score has not changed based on the services promised. There has been little conversations solely through text mesages only. When contact asking the progress ge would tell me little and confusing responses.m, prolonging the process in which theres no changes. I feel I have been scammed as nothings been done. Ive paid for and was promised services Ive never receieved. I was told to email information from the credit bureaus when the are mailed to me including disputes. Ive done this.

123 Credit Restoration Response time Jan 26, 2020

She paid $20 per item removed as we started removing them and she has since been returned all $600 she paid and we still removed all of her items she paid for. We can’t do more than that. We worked for free ! :)

The owner of this business claims to remove debts and money owed off of your credit report permanently. In reality he only disputes claims so they're temporarily removed making it appear that your credit score goes up, ultimately leaving your score lower than it originally was.

123 Credit Restoration Response time Jan 17, 2020

She was already refunded and we do remove items from the report and stop them from collecting money legally under the FDCPA. We did refund her money of $150 even though it was past the three day rescission. And we already performed the work. She did not even wait for our results to come back

Telling people to not pay there bills and they would remove all negative items from your report. It’s been over 8months and not 1 thing has been removed by them

123 Credit Restoration Response time Dec 05, 2019

He had over 80 items when we started and have less than 20 now. At $20 per item the value would be $1200. I don’t know why he sent it to the without consulting us ? We are available seven days a week.

Customer Response time Dec 30, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

A lot of inconsistencies on how many things were on my credit first he started off saying over 51 this message says over 60 the message that he sent the said I had over 80 so many inconsistencies nothing is been removed by him *** has removed two items off my credit they said there was only 44 items on my credit between the three credit bureaus. Customer provided requested documentation, see attached (7). Regards

123 Credit Restoration Response time Dec 30, 2019


Joe from 123 Credit Restoration initiated a text July 8th, 2019 @ 10:13am EST. We sent may messages back and forth as the price was steep and I was skeptical at first as I wasn’t sure if the company was real or not. After speaking to two family members and reading reviews of this company I decided to go with them. After seeing and getting dispute messages from the credit bureaus I was starting to get my hope ups, especially when my score jumped 115 points. Mind you, I have been in constant contact with him checking to see if specific items would be removed and it all 40+ items would be taken care of... Anyway, I stopped getting notifications I reached out to Joe via text and said, “Hi, I hate to bother you so late, but I was checking to see if you were still working on my credits and accounts? I used to get dispute emails, and I have not gotten any at all for a very long time... Please advises as soon as possible, thank you.” His reply to me was, “Yes the updates are coming by mail. I’ll check them Monday for you. No worries. Thank you. I then said, “Oh... why by mail, not emails? What changes?.... he then replied, “No reason. It’s what we deemed necessary this time.. I got concerned when I read that and followed up with, “Hmm.. I hate to be so blunt, but why or what made become deemed necessary?? He then said; “It’s normal. You will still get updates via email also. Check with me Monday. Well, that conversation started Saturday, October 5th, 2019 @ 6:2pm EST and went till the last text from him at 8:33pm EST... I forgot to follow up with him that Monday as I have a lot going on in my life right now.. So, now it is Sunday, November 23, 2019 and I sent a message at 12:25am EST saying, “Hi, I was just checking in... It’s been over 90 days and my credit hasn’t changed? I am not trying to be a rude customer, but this is very frustrating as you told me it would be repaired in 90 days for the price I paid. My message turned green, and did not go through as a blue message as Joe has an ***...So I followed up with a phone call, I got a sketch British woman speaking and I left the same message.. I am not sure what happened with this, but I should’ve seen the red flags prior to entering and paying $799.00 for this. Anyway, I will be calling my credit card company to report. I was just reading reviews of this company and I see that people, who actually maybe people are being told now they aren’t clients. If that’s the case, then I have 30+ screen shots showing and backing me up and will be more then happy to share with anyone. STAY CLEAR FROM THIS PLACE, IT IS A SCAM - DON’T WAIST YOUR MONEY OR TIME - OH, yeah he will hound you to leave a positive review, and if you don’t it upsets him.

123 Credit Restoration Response time Nov 25, 2019

He started with over 50 items to remove. We removed over 25 and at $20 per item. We will finish. This is a process and takes time. Thank you.

Customer Response time Nov 28, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. I was promised that my score would be at 710 in 60-90 days if I paired the $799.99 price, in which I did. If you read the attached text messages sent between the salesperson and myself you will see this. Please note I am the blue message, and he is the gray. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.


Took my money never did 1 thing to help remove anything from my credit. Save your self some time and money and stay away from this company. Blocked my messages and *** comments.

Signed up for a FREE consultation via Facebook post. Mr. Joe H reached out to me and sent several downloads and had me sign them. I was under the impression I was signing up for a FREE consultation. After further research with all the complaints on this website...I opted out! I sent him a text stating my reasons why. He replies "you had three days to cancel and you didn't, if I don't get a payment I'll garnish your wages". This EXACT reason why I chose not to allow this scam artist to handle anything!!!

123 Credit Restoration Response time Nov 18, 2019

He is not a client ? There is nothing to dispute. He cancelled within the three day period.

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