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I am rejecting this response because:The website should NEVER have said that the item was in stockTheir response does nothing to address this misconduct.The seller should NEVER have processed the charge against my credit card for item that could not be even possible delivered for over two months. In my state, this is illegalThe seller's response does nothing to remediate this unconscionable policy

We sincerely apologize for the issue encountered on this purchase. The shipment appears to have been lost at some point in the shipping process. We generally allow 2-days if we have a tracking number that shows no movement to determine if FedEx missed a scan, or if the item is truly
lostWhen there was no movement, we would have been more than happy to send a replacement unit, or issue a full refund, whatever was preferred. The customer chose to file a chargeback, which means we are no longer able to issue any credits, and must wait for the chargeback process to complete. We show that *** completed the chargeback process on 9/and the customer has been refunded in full.This situation is not a occurrence. We apologize that it happened and would have been happy to resolve it for this customer without having to go through a chargeback

I am rejecting this response because: This is my answer to their extremely lame excuses for falsely advertising a two day delivery for an item that was being shipped by ground. We're sorry again that we let this customer down. Being sorry doesn't absolve you from advertising delivery times and your being sorry doesn't help a business customer who is relying on your delivery time frame to get a property ready in time for a tenant to take occupancy.We do not offer expedited shipping. Why not? Most every other company I have dealt with does offer EXPEDITED shipping to customers who need the item within a particular time frame and are willing to pay for that service. Furthermore when you CLAIM to offer day delivery that IS EXPEDITED SHIPPING. Which is to say it's shipped by air NOT ground.Our policy and commitment is that if the item is not received within the stated delivery time frame, we give $back on the order.Why not just offer EXPEDITED shipping and save the $which you must be paying out quite often if you offer day delivery with ground shipping. And you offer this $as if it's a BIG deal. Maybe if I wasn't ordering for a business and didn't have a deadline, it would be OK. However you offer a special promotional program for commercial customers and to a commercial customer, $is nothing.The lead times are all based on average delivery time frames for each of our vendors.So what you are telling me is that in half the cases, you meet the day delivery commitment which means the other half of the time, you don't. So you are advertising a service you only provide HALF of the time and you don't think this is advertising? Really? So it's OK for me to make a claim about a product I might sell, even if the claim I make is only true HALF of the time. Right!We processed the $credit back for this customer per our policy.Yes, you did honor that commitment, but just by offering to credit back the $25, you only emphasize that the product is delivered in days if not all but most of the time as normally companies don't just give back money, even if it is only $25. Also, I would gladly have not only let you keep the $but paid an additional $to receive the product when I needed it. advertising is advertising. All you need to do is just be honest about the delivery period. Say it's "ground" shipping and that delivery times may vary from 2-days depending on location. If I had known that in the beginning I would not have been making this complaint. *** ***

We understand the frustration experienced on this order. We order and ship directly from Holtkotter Lighting. They provide their inventory details to us, and that is the information we use to project shipping time frames. When the order was placed, Holtkotter estimated mid-October
for availability. Unfortunately, that date did get pushed out due to delays in their Germany factory. They are now estimating mid-December for availability. We are happy to honor the sale pricing on the order, but we are not able to get this unit any faster. We must wait for the factory to receive their new inventory shipment, we do not work with other 3rd party distributors.The on-sale pricing is guaranteed as long as you can wait for the back order to come in. If you would rather not wait, we would be happy to extend the same promotional discount off a new order for an alternative, to ensure you don't miss out on the savings you received

Good Afternoon ***,Thank you for reaching out to usI have researched your complaint and it appears that you have been working with our customer service department to resolve the issueAt this time your delivery is scheduled for tomorrow 4/5/Due to the inconvenience and delay of shipment i
have issued a $concession for mis-shipment of the productWe appologize for the delay and thank you for your patience, *** *** Manager

Hi *** *** ***,I apologize about the issue with your order but it did ship out today with FedEx ***. I have also issued you a dollar credit since we missed the week delivery

The order is on a short back order until 4/27/18. This update was emailed to the customer email address provided on 3/26/(first business day after order was placed on Saturday, 3/24/18). We received an email minutes ago from the customer and we just replied to her with the same
information. If she wishes to cancel, we can absolutely do that. If she can wait, we're happy to keep her on the waiting list and get the order shipped as soon as inventory is available

I am rejecting this response because:As of this time, 7:45PM our banks credit cards have not been advised electronically of any credit for refund, We have received an e-mail post our complaint time at 4:PM
our time from customer service that they would be issuing a refund pursuiant to our cancelation of the order. This was after several phone calls by my wife again to customer service with one woman telling my wife that she should write up a complaint to report the way things were handled. The company should remove any reference to a guarantee to match competitor's lower price and not charge a credit card until they have shipped the order, especially since they don't pay the vendor who direct ships non-stocked products until they actually ship the product.Thank you

We worked to resolve the issues experienced by this customer, when we were informed, per our stated policy Replacement parts were initially sent after trouble shooting with the manufacturer Then a full fixture was sent to try and resolve the issue The customer did not contact us
after the last replacement for the complete fan, and we were not aware there was still an issue We are not able to verify if the issue is with the fan, the installer, or the power supplier within the home to that electrical outlet.We will process a full refund for this customer for the amount paid to the fan Per our policy, we cannot be held liable for any 3rd party fees incurred for installation The credit for the fan was issued 7/in the amount of $541.12.We are more than happy to work with any customer that encounters an issue with an order We can send out any type of replacement part of fixture that may be necessary In 99.9% of cases, no further issues are encountered We just ask to be notified if there is a problem, so we can assist

We understand the customer’s request and complaint. We’re sorry for the issues encountered with the product he purchased. Per our warranty policy, we sent out replacement parts based on the issues stated by the customer. When those replacements did not resolve the issue per the customer, we issued 100% credit back to this customer for his purchase. The total credit back to him was $for the products he purchased. We do not cover 3rd party fees and state this on our website in our policies (screenshot and link copied below). When the customer spoke directly to the manufacturer (***), they advised what they felt was needed to resolve the problem based on the statement of the issue. When the new receiver did not resolve the issue, we had a new fan was sent out. All replacement parts and units were sent out at no cost to the customer per our policy. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to
my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
I want to thank you for having someone finally review the circumstances of my order; I also appreciate that you have stood behind your order guarantee I realize that businesses have employee training issues and I am sure that you will correct some of the issues that subject your business to valid customer complaints

I am rejecting this response because: I don't agree with this statement: The size the customer wants is not available - it's not something that is actually made. The size I want is available for purchase from multiple different companies, here it is on the manufacturer's website: ***

We sincerely apologize for any frustration this situation has caused. We regret that we are not able to process the order. As it relates to orders flagged as fraud, our policy is that we cannot process the order and we do not follow up with potential Frausters. The charge was
voided, so no funds were deducted from the credit card

I am rejecting this response because: I was told that the order was fraudulent and that I could never order from your store again. I want that removed and an apology that doesn't include your response to insinuate that you did nothing wrong. you did say that I ordered in a fraudulent way. you also refuse to tell me how it was fraudulent

Good Afternoon,
Thank you for your inquiry,
In regards to your order # *** we have already issued a $credit to your credit card for the delivery guarantee which brought your total for the two items to #In regards to our advertisements, we do advertise No Duties, Taxes or
shipping on all of our products shipped into CanadaHowever we also have a page for Canadian customers that states we do charge in US dollarsPlease see link :
We are up front with all of out customers that we are a California Based company that offers the best service and prices for Canadian customersI apologize if there was some confusion with the name of our website however I also see that you have placed a previous order with us in October (1206000) in which you were also charged in US dollars for that order
I would love to earn your continued business as we do offer the best prices for lighting products into Canada however we do charge in US dollars and any conversion rates applied by your bank we are not able to adjust
Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope that you still feel you received the best price for the products that you purchased
*** ***
Sales & Operations Manager

Hi ***Sorry about this issue with pricing. We will turn the package around and credit you back your funds***

We're very sorry that we let this customer down and missed the expected delivery time frame. Our day delivery commitment means if an item isn't received within days, we give $back on the order. Delivery time frames are based on the average delivery time frame for each brand.
Many brands have multiple warehouses, which allow them to get products delivered anywhere within this time frame. On occasion, items may be out of stock in the closest warehouse, and so the order gets fulfilled from the other warehouse, which may be farther away. This is why we have our delivery credit.Because we missed our expected delivery time frame on this order, we've issued the $credit back. We've spoken to this customer via phone every time that she has called.We're sorry again the order did not arrive in time. We've fulfilled our commitment by issuing the $creditWe're not able to reship orders via expedited shipping methods. I've included a link to our delivery incentive promotion below.***

We sincerely apologize for the situation Our delivery promotions are based on average lead times, and we do meet them on a majority of orders If we do not meet the time frame, our commitment to our customer's is that we will give them money back If I can confirm the order
numbers for the orders referenced above, I can make sure those credits were processed Again, we apologize for any confusion and that we did not meet expectations here

I am rejecting this response because:
It fails to address the complaint.
It is clear that this company is benefiting from advertising prices that are ostensibly CanadianThe company has received previous complaints on this matter from Canadian customers, including here through the, and has failed to address the matter
Furthermore, hiding the information deep in a page of the website instead of on the advertising pages that customers shop from, and on the BILLING information is evasive and dishonest, especially since the problem is already known to the company.
I would also like to add that the credit mentioned in the company's response was in no way related to the currency of the transaction and is no way relevant to the topic of this complaintThat credit was related to their own shipping guarantee because they failed to deliver the package in the promised time-frameI find the attempt to blur the lines by raising this issue additionally dishonest
It's clear there is a problem hereIt should be correctedBilling practices should be clear, honest, and transparent
Resolution is fine but company never sent any information on backorder. - I have the email from the 3/26 and it doesn't inform me that the product is backordered- Business does not pick up phone

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