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Then Why you still giving the services to other website who have same of business like I had.  I am sorry but I am really not satisfied from the way you company take decisions. This is not fair  of doing business. To one you are saying you no longer provide the services and to some other you are providing there services. I don't understand.I need the action , close the other accounts only then I will be satisfied. 
[redacted] response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] has been reviewed. Believe it or not, the delivery issue had been resolved before 2Checkout sent a reply. In this manner, the resolution can be satisfactory and the case can now be closed. Thank you for providing valid explanations to understand the situation.

[redacted],2Checkout is the payment processor for this Seller.    We typically let you work out any issues with the Seller and would not get involved.   I see that you have made an effort to reach the Seller and the Seller has not responded to your requests.   I am refunding you the four installments that we captured from you.   4/23 Original date of Sale,  We also billed you on 5/23, 6/23, and 7/23.   14.99 for each installment.  I have issued a refund in the amount of 59.96.   Please allow 5-7 business days for that to post to your account.  Thank you,Christy

2Checkout mentioned that if we shut down the account, they will have to hold our funds up to 90 days. The problem is, It is not us who want to close (terminate/shut down) the account in advance. It was because of their sudden-new-policy which they terminated our account. This is fine for us as we understand that they have new policy. What really not fair to us is, they have to hold our funds for 90 days (although they said they "maybe" lower it to 60 days). and caused our financial lost as we owe our supplier payment and currently paying interest. Why their sales team didn't inform us/tell us/remind us that IF they terminate our account, they will have to hold our fund? I find it they purposely hidden/omitted this and continue let me collecting payment untill I try to withdraw the funds, they shut it down, and hold all of my funds.We can provide proof of delivery and everything, there is no way to hold our funds like this.We sincerely hope can help us in this matter.

The solution offered by business did not help as seller never responded to the email I sent on may 28 as suggested by the business. As you collected the payment on behalf of your customer, you should be able to charge them back and issue a refund to me asap.Here is the copy of email sent to seller on May 28 and no response received as of 06/03/2015.

Hello [redacted],Per your statement from  6/17/2016, stating that you have no intention to utilize the 2Checkout payment gateway, your account was closed on 6/19/2016.  Order number [redacted], was refunded to your client, as this order was placed in direct violation of our terms of...

service.  The remaining funds in your account is scheduled to be released today, 6/23/2016, please allow 1-5 business days for the funds to post to your bank account.I wish you success in all your future endeavors.Sincerely, Beth[redacted]

Hello [redacted] We have reviewed the information for your 2Checkout Seller account.  We will be releasing a payment to your [redacted], bank account by the end of business today.  We will be holding a reserve amount for a period of 90 days.  We have set a payment review date for the...

final payment on 4/6/17, the reserves will be released after the review date as long as there are no chargebacks or refunds processed through your 2Checkout Seller account. Sincerely, Beth Senior Account Advisor 2Checkout

Hello [redacted]Due to security, we are not able to discuss other Seller accounts with you.  Your account cannot be re-opened due to the nature of your business and the high risk of chargebacks that  are associated with this type of business.Sincerely,Beth [redacted]2Checkout

Hello [redacted]I understand your issue with the chargebacks that are resulting through your Seller account by one buyer, however, the chargebacks were issued on three separate orders.  This resulted in 3 chargebacks through your account. The credit card industry does not look to see that the chargebacks were from one person, but from 3 individual transactions, (sales).  The chargeback percentage is based on the amount of sales that are processed through your account.  The ratio of sales that were processed through y our account versus the chargebacks resulted in a total chargeback percent: 7.10%. Unfortunately, this is a higher chargeback percentage that is mandated by the credit card industry, (which is 1%).  As a result, of the chargeback percent of 7.10%, your 2Checkout Seller account was closed.Sincerely, Beth

I am rejecting this response because while you say you don't handle customer service issues or issue refunds on behalf of the seller, you should be able to put a company that you're processing payments for on notice and force them to issue the refund when they have bad business practices.  You should have some sort of department that actively investigates these issues and deals with these companies accordingly.  It may possibly make them want to do better business on behalf of their customers.  2CO is the payment liaison between purchaser and seller, so having an account in bad standing with 2CO and you holding their funds will cause them to operate ethically. As of right not, you're partnered with a scam company that claims to be based in the US but actually is in Pakistan, thus they have no sanctions in this country.  Had I known this about this company prior to being scammed, I would not have done business with them.  Your "request" that they contact me was in vain as I have received no communication from this company whatsoever.  They have no reason to do the right thing and refund me, because 2CO as there payment processor allows them to conduct unethical business practices and chooses to be the middleman in fraudulent transactions with companies that misrepresent themselves.  I will continue to consider this issue not resolved and share my experience with 2CO and Emenac on every forum, comment section and review site possible until I am fully refunded.  2CO should have some standards as to whom they do business with. I am not alone int his experience I had.  Apparently, the processing fees are all that 2CO cares about. 

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.  I'm happy your Bureau exists and was able to help me effectively and in a timely matter. 
Regards, [redacted]

Hi [redacted],No need to copy a definitions of what is IPTV EPG from google, you seem just filling the replies with unrelated information.EGP is not a "file sharing", neither a “news group”. This comparison makes no sense. And as per copy of of your policy I have sent to [redacted] as a proof, there is nothing even close to IPTV listed.My complaint partially remains in effect. Tax information received, but I’m not authorizing you to use my funds for no interest for 180 days and you are required to cover the damages to my business.Talking about [redacted], who take part in this incident, as per your policy AND policy of [redacted], you are NOT allowed to take [redacted] payments on someone’s behalf (me). How would you comment this violation of yours?Have a wonderful day.[redacted]

Hello [redacted]I have located your order that you placed through, order number [redacted]2.  In reviewing the order, I see that you have opened a dispute with PayPal in regards to the payment, we will need to abide by the decision that PayPal has concluded...

for your charge.  You can also contact the seller by phone at:  ##########, to work the issue out with them directly.  2Checkout is a payment processor for sellers, we are not considered the reseller of the products listed on the website, once the Seller has received the funds in their account, we do not have access to those funds.  Please contact PayPal in regards to the dispute that you have opened through your account with PayPal.Sincerely,Beth[redacted]2Checkout

The PayPal dispute is about physical products, not services. I have paid for participating in a conference. So, I am not protected by PayPal dispute, not because it is not my right, because they are unable to protect buyers in service purchases. Currently, 2Checkout has provided a tracking number "NONE" to the dispute, and everything has became more complicated. 2Checkout knows exactly that PayPal would not defend me, and they are abusing it. is the only party who can protect me as the buyer now. They are abusing PayPal protection limits.I have paid $560 to receive fake documents by a seller in Egypt who do not care about anything, and no one is supporting me. It seems 2Checkout is not even reviewing my documents correctly. As a buyer, I wish to know what should I do? And this can happen to anyone, and there is no solution to avoid this from happening again for others unless 2Checkout decide to stop supporting a party without evidence.The screenshot is attached. I am going to continue the dispute with PayPal, but all options are for physical products and I am literally stuck on this.Regards, [redacted]

Hello [redacted],2Checkout is the payment processor for the seller,, we do not handle any customer service issues regarding orders that are placed through the seller's website, including any refund requests. This is solely the Seller's responsibility.   I have forwarded...

the complaint to our Loss Prevention Unit and they are looking into the issue with the seller, however, we cannot issue any refunds on orders that are placed through the seller.  You will need to allow PayPal to settle the dispute for you.Sincerely,
[redacted] | [redacted]

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