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Review: I'm not a resident of the United States, however I visit often enough so that I can spend time with family and when I do make purchases online its sufficient time to receive the products. I made this purchase on the 26 August before I entered the united states and in an email to abuniverse I advised that I would only be visiting for 5 days. I have sent as many as 6 emails all of which have been ignored. At this point I'm frustrated and I would be leaving soon. If the product cannot be supplied I would like a refund of my money. The webpage is falsely advertising that they received a shipment in august and this was the premise on which I made my purchase. I would really appreciate your assistance before I leave because even their customer service lines are pre-recorded and is of no help.Desired Settlement: If the product cannot be delivered by Saturday 6th September I would like a full refund of my money.

Review: Took payment for Order. Provided no tracking info. Have tried to call phones are just recordings and have E-mailed [redacted] times with no response.Desired Settlement: Full refund. and Explanation

Review: I did order with the ab univerise for some goods but site they have said they recieved payment but I did payment by paypal for the goods

paypal transcaction no 83kXXXXXXbXXXXXXT FOR $238.06

For orderXXXXXXXx7t3e-moDesired Settlement: To process my order and get goods on the go

Review: They never completed my order, only one shipment ever arrived.Desired Settlement: Fulfill the remaining order or issue a refund for the unfulfilled portion of the order.

Review: Ordered product from this company and only received partial shipment, Received full payment and have not fullfilled the order. E-mailed Five times to make good on the shipment and no response.Desired Settlement: To receive the full order to which I purchased from this company.

Review: After charging my card I received an order confirmation email. Then I decided to cancel the order, and attempted to call several times and multiple email attempts to reach them but was unsuccessful. I have not received a shipment notification which is mute at this point because all I want is for the order to be cancelled and a full refund be credited to the card I used to make the purchaseDesired Settlement: Cancellation of my order and a full refund credited to the card used for the purchase



Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 6, 2014/04/15) */

The product has been received. I would like to consider this complaint closed. Thank you for the help.

Review: I purchased a product from the site that was a back order product so it took a little longer for it to arrive in in their stores. I waited until after the date that it said to contact them if I still had not received a tracking order. I emailed them after the deadline and have consistently been emailing them almost daily for the past two weeks with no reply, no one to answer the phone and the online customer service chat always offline 24/7. It's been over a month since my initial purchase which had charged my card upon purchasing. I've giving them the proper shipping address and correct email address, but I have yet to receive a reply or a tracking order nor have I received the package itself. My purchase of the product was March 5th 2014Desired Settlement: I wish to receive my package, and or be updated on the status of my package.



Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 6, 2014/04/15) */

The case is resolved. I have received my package.

Review: I ordered some things from the website (1. ABU Super Dry Kids Diapers M. and 2. ABU Cloth Refastenable Diaper M.) the second pat of this order was a Pre-Order. the website states that the preorder would take 4-6 weeks to ship. it has been almost 10 weeks from the order date. I have tried to contact a number of times with Email and telephone with no response. Desired Settlement: I would like to receive the item that I pre-ordered and paid for in the order #XXXXXXXXXXXX. it would also be nice if you had a way that someone could actually contact you.

Review: Paid for product on 6/18/14 and completed order. Order number is XXXXXXXXXXXX. Credit card was charged for purchase. Received confirmation email and [redacted] tracking number, but package was never given to [redacted]. [redacted] website indicates information about package was entered but that they have not yet received the package.

Have tried to contact company through email, phone number, website, facebook, and twitter multiple times all to no avail.Desired Settlement: I would like an explanation as to why my purchase has not been shipped, and if the order cannot be completed as agreed upon, a full refund of $48.93.

Review: After dozens of attempts to get hold of somebody to find why my order has not shipped I still am unable to get any info on what has happened to my order.


I placed order based on the promise of quick shipping. At this point it will never arrive in time for me to use. I have repeatedly contacted the company by phone and email with no reply. They just took my money and ran. No accountably for what they have done. No explanation. At this point think they just robed me. Desired Settlement: I want a full refund of $75.12 back on the credit card. And the order canceled as it is of no use to me now. I paid for quick shipping for a reason. The product is now useless due to delay in shipping.

Review: I had placed an order back in September 12,2014 and received half of my order and was told that the other half which are AB CUSHIES 40 Medium Diapers will be sent out when they get the supplies sent to the warehouse and they also told us that they had a high volume and that I will be put on a waiting list.Here is my order number to help out to locate it [redacted] I have tried contacting this company but never got a response I never had problems before HELP!!Desired Settlement: All I would like is my order or a refund if they can't get me my product

Review: I have ordered a product from this business that I have yet to receive. The order was made on Oct 5, 2014, and while the product was pre-ordered and expected to ship within 4-6 weeks, it has now been 4 months since the order was placed and payed for.Desired Settlement: I would like the ordered product or a refund for what was payed.

Review: I ordered five cases of diapers from this firm, three of one variety and two of another. After a few months and many ignored complaints I finally received, with no apology, the three cases of one type I ordered. This order ([redacted]) was placed on 8-20-2014 and fully/immediately charged to my credit card and paid for. I am STILL WAITING for my two cases of the Cushies variety of product which I paid for LAST SUMMER! Their website said they were on backorder but for the last couple months their new website says they are "in stock" and they are accepting orders for them. I have REPEATEDLY contacted them by email (no response whatsover), phone (no one EVER answers the phone or calls me back)and even by snail mail (sent out 12-23-2014 (no response, letter never came back so somebody received it). I am frustrated beyond words at AB Universe's TOTAL lack of response of ANY sort to my complaints...not even any excuses. Frankly I think companies who treat their customers this poorly (or are out-and-out thieves) should be put out of business. But the truth is that I like their products and would like to keep buying them. I suspect many customers feel this way and that's why they treat us so poorly.Desired Settlement: I just want the items I paid for many months ago, and maybe with them an apology and an extra case of the product so I will keep buying from them in the future. They are the Cushies, size Large, 80 per case.

Review: I ordered a back-ordered shipment over a month ago and still have yet to receive an update about when it will be shipped. I can't reach a customer service rep on their phone line or on their website. I am concerned that they have my money and they're not going to furnish the products. I hope I am not being paranoid but I've been trying to contact the company for over a week.Desired Settlement: I just want the shipments I paid for, Order Numbers:

XXXXXXXXXXXX AND XXXXXXXXXXXX. I want an update on when those orders will ship so I know this company isn't stealing my money! I am sorry to sound so paranoid but not being able to get in touch with the company for over a week is [redacted] suspicious.

Review: On January 5 2015 I ordered from the website approximately $98 worth of product. There were to be 2 boxes. These were ordered at the same time. I received an email that only one of the 2 boxes were shipped. These were different products. I have not received an update on the second shipment. This is even after repeated attempts to contact them at their support email address which is[redacted] My hotmail bounces this as undeliverable. And I get no response when emailing directly form the site. I check me email several times a day and I have yet to be updated as to the status of the rest of my order. For reference, my order number is [redacted]. The following is the only information that has been was sent with the notification that my order was partially shipped: Shipping To: [redacted] Brockport, NY 14420 US Shipment Status: Not Shipped yet Shipping Method [redacted] - Ground Cushies20 ABU Cushies 20/pack Size: LARGE $38.95 x 1 $38.95Desired Settlement: I would like the rest of my order or a FULL refund to include the additional shipping charges for the rest of the order. I feel the company should also compensate me for the inconvenience as these are health product and I have had to spend additional funds on alternative products

Review: I placed an order thru this site 12/24/2014 and have never received this order. I was told the order was shipped on 12/26/2014 by [redacted]. I have yet to received this order. I had ordered ABU Cushies 80/pack size medium at a $120.00 plus shipping at $38.08 for a total of 158.08. The charge went to a company called Care Health Services. I have tried many times to contact the company thru their email address and have never received an answer. I have gone on to their Facebook site and noticed that I am not the only one with this problem.

Product_Or_Service: Cushies80 ABUCushies 80/pack

Order_Number: [redacted]Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I would like either a refund or the merchandise shipped to my address

Review: I made a order on 4-4-14 and was charged.I did receive a tracking number but it doesnt give me any info.I have been sending numorous e-mails about them getting in contact with me for my order and I have recieved nothing.I never had problems with them in the past for items I have recieved.I feel like they just took my money and ignored the order.The chat help is always off-line and they dont answer the phone.I need help.Desired Settlement: I am hoping they fulfill the order that I asked for in a reasonable amount of time,saying that its already been 3 weeks for a 2 day delivery.This is the worst service I have ever had with them and might be my last.

Review: I ordered from a company called ABUNIVERSE over 2-3 months ago. I ordered diapers and was expecting shipment back in september or august. I have yet to receive my order. They haven't given me a tracking number or anything. I went to their website to put in my order number and I keep getting the same message on the site that reads: "(Important Note: At least part of this order is for items currently in PRE-ORDER status which have not yet shipped. An estimated shipping time frame would have been provided in the original order email and information.)

Our records indicate order number XXXXXXXXXXXX was placed on Thursday, 8/28/2014.

Tracking information has not yet been added to this order in the online tracking system, which does not necessarily mean that no progress has been made processing your order." I tried calling them via their number that's posted on their website, emailing them, online chat service, yet no response or help. I paid money for this and have my receipts to prove when I ordered this. I need my product now.Desired Settlement: For my product to be delivered that I ordered, and for a free additional package of the same diapers I ordered since I could have been ordered more since that time. I've been needing these because of my medical condition and they have been unreliable, uncaring, and unresponsive, and they owe more than an apology for their service.

Review: Ordered a pre-order of superdry kids large 40 with baby fresh scent on the 30th of july and was told via the website that it would be available august. it is now more then halfway through the month and I still have not received tracking information or an order. I have emailed them multiple times. I have also called their 1-800 number with no success. They never respond to my emails nor do they pick up the phone.Desired Settlement: I want my order before the end of august. I also want tracking information. I want the right order. A case of 40 large super dry kids with baby fresh scent.

Review: I ordered from them online and they charged my account but I never got confirmation and product was never delivered. I have tried t email and call them with no answer back Desired Settlement: I want what I order and the money back that I paid to have it delivered quicker.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2013/12/19) */

The customer ordered on 12/17/2013 at 9:46am and chose 2 day shipping. We shipped the product on 12/17/2013 via [redacted] tracking number 1Z888VXXXXXXXXXXXX. The package is scheduled for delivery to the customer today 12/19/2013.

We did send out an order confirmation and a shipment confirmation to the email address that the customer input when he placed the order.

The customer spoke to our company today via our online customer service chat feature and after speaking with him, learned that the customer input the wrong email address, which is why he did not receive the emails. I forwarded both emails to the correct email address that the customer provided during our chat session.

This order is successful from our end as we fulfilled all obligations including notification to the email address provided, same day shipping and the 2 day delivery option that the customer chose.

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