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Review: for the past 7 years I have been ordering "sdk" super dry kids diapers in 40 or 80 count, 3 years ago I ordered the sdk 80 count cost was $92. per case they billed my card $184. which is cost of 2 cases they only shipped 1 case, I sent them copy's of my bank statement with email asking them to refund the over charge or to ship the case they charged for I have sent them a number of emails and have never got a respond have tried calling but have never had anyone answer the phone, in the past 3 years I had gotten 10 packs of 10 in my orders that was missing tapes on one side and some with the back of the diapers not sealed so the insides was falling out, none of theses can be used again I have called with no answer I have sent these packs back to ab universe with a not inside asking they replace the packs I have not gotten a replay from them or gotten the diapers replaced, now 01/02/2015 I ordered a 40 count of cushies due to the sdk out of stock my order has not been shipped as of 02/09/2015 this os over a month ab universe states they ship with in 2 days of the order, I have sent them emails asking whats the hold up with shipping they shows they have them in stock I have not gotten a replay to my emails and ab universe states they reply with in 48 hours.Desired Settlement: I would like ab universe to ship to me in a timely manner the diapers I have payed them for or refund me the money ab universe took from me.

Review: I have done business with this company in the past... I've never been dissatisfied with the products they sell, however they have always been slow to fill orders... currently I'm waiting for an order placed back on 7-17-2014, I still have not received the products ordered and while the company lists a phone number and email, I've tried many times to contact them for information on my order... they've never returned any emails or phone calls... there is no way to even leave a message. Because they still have a functioning website, I'm hoping more orders are not coming in and people are not receiving their orders. These are incontinence products and can be embarrassing to divulge this information and others may be hesitant to bring this problem to light. Please helpDesired Settlement: I would just like my order filled... I would actually like to continue purchasing the products they sell as I'm very satisfied with this. I'm just hoping they can at least contact customers and be available to help or receive phone calls or emails.

Thank you,

Review: Pre-ordered product with estimated arrival back in September of this year and received no product or updates. Desired Settlement: I would like either a full refund OR an alternative product of similar value and of my choosing to be sent in place of the originally purchased product.

Review: I ordered two items from ABUniverse in early March, one that was in stock currently, and one that was in pre-order status to ship 1-2 weeks from order date.Upon placing the order, I received the following information via email:

Order Date: 3/5/2014


Order Summary

1 ** PRE-ORDER ITEM ** ABU Cloth Refastenable Diaper S (Each) - White Plastic Cover

1 ABU Sissy Diapers M (2 pack)

Sub Total $30.61

Sales Tax $0.00

UPS Residential Shipping to US

(Rate With 20% Discount -$1.92) $7.69

Grand Total $38.30

I recieved the ABU Sissy Diapers within the projected time frame, and was pleased with that portion of the transaction, but I have yet to receive the more expensive item I ordered (the cloth refastenable diaper.) In the meantime, the pre-order time frame for this product changed to 4-6 weeks without any notification provided to me, and as far as I know, has never shipped. I have emailed ABUniverse at least 5 times, tried to call their listed phone number, and attempted to use the online chat option. My emails have not been responded to, the phone number has a pre-recorded message telling you to use the online chat option, and the chat option is and has been offline ever since I first visited the site. I have asked nicely for an update, asked nicely for a refund if no update can be provided, and asked aggressively for both. I know they have my correct email and shipping address, as the other item arrived with no issue.Desired Settlement: Ideally I would just like the product that I ordered, as I did intend my purchase. If, for some reason, that is no longer an option (manufacturers issue??), I would gladly accept a full refund with shipping included.

Review: I ordered on 12-22-2014 order #[redacted] and paid sent dozens of emails and called [redacted] and [redacted] called from 7am to 11pm line stays busyDesired Settlement: all I wanted was the product I paid the day I ordered $81.74 is this fraud taking money and not delivering putting alot of customers money in there bank and collecting interest

Review: I made an online purchase on the 11 of January of this year 2015. I paid in full $136.00 witch includes shipping. That was a Sunday. The following day I received an order processing notice and the Company took my money. Since that time I have received no product and no communication from the business at all. I have sent several E-mails and nothing. I even wrote a letter and sent by Post office. As far as indicated by the company all items were available and in stock. Desired Settlement: I'd like to receive the products I paid for and for the company to ship them for free. So they would give me a refund of roughly $25.00 I paid for UPS shipping.

Review: I purchased their product and never received it. I emailed 4 times the first asking when it would be shipped. No response so I asked for a refund. No response. I emailed 3 more times asking for a refund and have gotten no refund or response. They took my money with no product sent and no refund or response for almost 3 months now. Their website is still open but no phone number to contact is available. I would like my money back.Desired Settlement: I want my money back, please.

Review: I placed an order on 12/2, funds were removed from my account 12/3. it is now 1/7 and I have tried 8 times to contact the company, by phone and by email. the phone numbers are disconnected, and I have received no response via email.Desired Settlement: I would like either a full refund or a fulfillment on the order placed.

Review: Complaint taken via phone by staff (ES): Consumer placed an order on 3/11/14. He paid $28.57 by prepaid debit card. The card was charged after the order was placed. The consumer still has not received the order. The consumer has tried calling the company to find out when the order would be shipped and cannot get through to the business.

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

Delivery of order or refund.

Review: My order was never shipped. I attempted to contact via phone and email. Finally, I got a shipment notification. However, the status is showing as unshipped. Desired Settlement: Either a canceled order and full refund. Or, an upgrade to free next day shipping.

Review: Hello I have not received my products. I did receive one package of my incontinence product but am still missing almost $70 worth of product. now I understand that the website said that the undelivered product was on pre order but it was expected in September and still has not arrived. I attempted to call there establishment every day for 10 days straight and have sent three emails and I have had not even one response. The biggest Issue I have is that there is no communication,and they already took my money and to make things worse I paid with a pre load card that I no longer have and now cant even get my money back. I can provide proof of Purchase with my receipts and can provide the emails I wrote for documentation. I truly thank you for any help and information you can provide. you may reach me by email or phone.Desired Settlement: I want my products that I have already paid for.

Review: I placed an order in early Sept of 2014 & have not received my purchase. I have been tried, unsuccessfully, multiple times to contact ABUniverse.Desired Settlement: I would like the product purchased to be shipped or a full refund to be made.

Review: I have done this once for this already with no response from you; the, or from AB Universe. I ordered from them, never received the product but was charged for it; then I requested a refund from them 4 times with no response and no refund. I really want my money back. I paid, got no product, requested a refund, no refund or response and it's been months now. I would really like a response from you; the, on this matter. I need that money back! Thank you very much.Desired Settlement: I need my money back. It was about $45 that I paid for nothing and want a refund. Jesse help me get the refund I requested from them 4 times. Their website is still up yet there is no contact info for them now... They are scamming people for money!

Review: I have placed an order with AB Universe back in April 2014. At the time it said that the merchandise that I had ordered was on back order and that it would take 4-6 weeks to receive said shipment. I have since tried calling numerous times and sending a number of e-mails due to the fact that I never received the product that I had ordered or even a refund of the money that I had sent to pay for the product that I had ordered. I have not as of yet heard any type of response from them about this matter.Desired Settlement: I would either like to have the product that I had ordered or a refund of the money that I had to pay for the product.

Review: An order was place with this company on 12/29/14. Order # [redacted]. The payment for the order was taken from our bank account, but the product has not been received. The Order on the website still shows as Processing. Emails either come back as non-deliverable or are not answered. The telephone always has a busy signal, no answer. I placed a request through the "Contact Us" portion of their website, but never got an answer that way either.Desired Settlement: Either delivery of the product, or a refund of the full amount of the order. Total: $154.01

Review: I made an order from abuniverse on January 1 2015 it is now January 25 and my order says its still processing. Iv tried to contact the seller several times but have yet to hear anything from them.Desired Settlement: I just want my things that I ordered from them. sent out as soon as they possibly can. and maybe free shipping if its possible.

Review: This complaint pertains to a customer service AND a delivery issue.I placed an order from this business on January 30, 2015 (order no. [redacted]) for which I received an order confirmation e-mail which accurately detailed my order. The payment was deducted from my checking account on February 2, 2015.Prior to this web-site being taken over by the present administration, I consistently received my order 3 days after I placed the order. In this case it has been 21 business days since the order was placed and I still haven't received the order.During the week of February 9 I inquired about my order via an e-mail I sent directly through the "Contact Us" link on the web-site. Although there is a claim on this link that states someone will contact me within 48 hours, no one contacted me.Then, during the week of February 16 I inquired about my order a second time via an e-mail I sent directly through the "Contact Us" link and again, no one contacted me.Yesterday I sent yet a third inquiry via a reply link on the order confirmation e-mail and as of this moment I still have not been contacted.I placed the order, AB Universe promptly deducted the payment for my order, I inquired about the order three times, and none of my efforts resulted in a reply of any kind from this establishment. In effect, they took my money, are simply ignoring my inquiries, and to make the matter worse, they still have not delivered my order.Desired Settlement: I want this establishment to tell my why my 3 inquiries were blatantly ignored. I want them to explain the major delay in shipping my order. I want them to immediately ship my order via [redacted] Overnight or the equivalent at no charge to me. Although I don't plan to order anything else from them, I'd like them to at least extend some sort of compensation for this fiasco (a free order, a substantial discount on a future order, something).

Review: On 10/12, I placed an order on the parent's companies website and paid for the order via my [redacted] account. My order # XXXXXXX[redacted]. I received an e-mail verification saying that my ordered was processed and that it may take a few days to ship because of paying with [redacted].

On 10/14, my payment cleared my [redacted] account.

It is now 11/1. I have still not received my order, however, I clearly paid for it.

I have e-mailed the company several times, but I have received no response. I attempted to call their 800 number, only to realize that the number posted on their website is for some law firm.

Their on-chat feature is never available.Desired Settlement: At this point, Since I still have not received the item ordered almost 15 days ago, I would like to what I paid for in addition, I want a full refund.

Review: Ordered merchandise from this website and have tried to get in contact with this company to cancel or ship the product. Have had absolutely no response to cancel or ship my merchandise.Desired Settlement: Either cancel or ship the merchandise.

Review: Made an order back on the first of February and received the conformation email, nothing since then.Desired Settlement: My product, or a full refund for which I payed for.

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