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Adapt Health

72 Saint Johns Place Rd, Salem, Virginia, United States, 24153-5568

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• 4 h ago

Adapthealth must be in trouble -- called me 5X to pay a $60 bill before due date
Do not use this company for medical supplies. They will hound you for payment even before due date. They are violating every rule for collections. They demand credit card numbers for payment. They do not want to accept checks. They will call an average of 5 times even before the due date. Do not ever give them a credit/debit card number, a cell phone number or a checking/savings number. They will hound you relentlessly. Also, they make it very difficult to get a detailed bill that shows the purchase amount, insurance adjustments/payments and amount due. I am not sure how they get away with all this stuff. They must be violating a few federal and state consumer protection laws. Again, choose another medical equipment supplier.

• Sep 20, 2023

This company is in trouble -- poor systems, processes and people
Complaint against Adapthealth
Adapthealth is a medical device supplier. Americoast Maryland & Midatlantic Medical Equipment , and Royal Homestar are owned by Adapthealth. I have been using them for the past 10 months. Their billing practices are terrible. Their billing statements do not include the amount of the purchased item, and insurance payments and adjustments. Their statements only include the amount that they think the customer owes. They are the only company that will not automatically give consumers detailed billing information including insurance payments and adjustments. I discovered the detailed data is available, but you have to call them monthly to get it. This company lacks transparency in its billing practices and can not be trusted. The company has a culture that is driven by collections and payments practices that try to take away consumers payment choices:
1.) All their online processes, people and systems are geared to getting people to use their automatic billing payment capabilities which do not provide detailed billing information.
2.) They use every trick in the book to get people to mistakenly enable automatically payments.
3.) I incorrectly pushed the wrong button on their online portal and discovered I inadvertently signed up for automatic billing. I called customer service to correct my error. I was informed that I could not change my error. I became UPSET and informed Adapthealth that what they are not doing is against the law. I threatened legal action. The customer agent subsequently reversed her actions and changed my preferences back to paper statements which enables me to pay by check.
4.) My sense about this company is they are not doing well financially. Consequently, they have stepped up their bad collections practices to improve cash flow. Bad management is forcing employees to behave improperly. Things like normal payment processing is considered a collection problem. They aspire to collect every penny they can get even before insurance payments and adjustments are made.
These billing practices need to stop. The company has had past legal action against them for overbilling. Their culture enables an environment where senior citizens and others can be easily defrauded because many customers do not know detailed data exists to help them review the correctness of Adapthealth’s billings.
I am asking that Adapthealth (including Americoast Maryland & Midatlantic Medical Equipment , and Royal Homestar) be forced by regulatory authorities to comply with industry billing and collections laws:
1.) Do not trick consumers into automatic card payments.
2.) Do not force customer service employees to do things that are against consumers’ best interests.
3.) Provide detailed invoicing with insurance payments and adjustments on all billings.
4.) Provide detailed monthly statements via the mail, email or texts.
5.) Stop bulling via calls, emails and texts consumers to pay their bills early.
6.) Use industry accepted collections practices.
7.) Only bill after insurance payments and adjustments have been applied to an account.

• Sep 16, 2023

Just breath normal
I received a cpap machine with 1 nose piece. I had a 10 minute consult on day 1 hour 1 and her parting advise was I just need to breath normal. What I found out that night is that it’s impossible to breath normal if you actually want to breath out of your mouth. Unfortunately I had a horrible experience. I should have at least received a sample pack so I could try some different mouth / nose pieces. Well the bottom line is I didn’t use it enough in the required amount of time so I was told I have to buy it or return it and lose my deposit. So I’m the end they stole my money without giving me enough time to truly try to get used to it as when I was trying to get to sleep I was feeling like I was drowning. What poor service l… one star

• Aug 26, 2023

The company cannot keep track of its shipping or billing and they refuse to bill the proper insurance company and I lost and I lost almost 600 dollars out of my account. I have disabled auto pay and had to change my card. I asked to speak to a supervisor once and was told no. I have since changed companies. I do recommend this company to anyone. Avoid them at all cost the customer service is real bad it takes over an hour to talk to someone

• Aug 17, 2023

I have spent countless hours with Adapthealth's customer service and billing department attempting to resolve multiple issues. Firstly, while I understand HIPAA requirements for verification of my account, I am accustomed to answering just a few questions such as birth date and phone number. However, each time I speak with a representative, in addition, they request full address, phone number, insurance information, phone number, etc. Can the representative not see that information on their computer screen?

AdaptHealth shipped me the wrong equipment and has billed me for it, despite having returned the equipment weeks ago (as verified by their receiving department). Their systems to not facilitate on-going case information. Consequently, I have to start from scratch each time to reiterate my issues.

I wonder if their CEO has any idea of the magnitude of his/her company's problems? Perhaps the company doesn't realize (or doesn't care) how much additional personnel they must have to maintain in order to answer repeated questions from their customers. I am certain that I am not the only one that has experienced this nightmare.

I am soon to move on from this company and will make every effort to post my less than satisfactory experiences.

• Aug 11, 2023

This company is the absolute worst!!
This company is the absolute worst. I have never had so many problems. First, they never call you back when they say they will. Their billing department doesn't have a clue what the shipping department has sent. When calling the shipping department they send me back to the billing department. The bill is totally incorrect. I have NOT received ANY supplies from them, yet they refuse to delete this bill. I have had it with company!

• Aug 09, 2023

Worst Service Ever
I’ve been a Versus customer for approximately seven years. Versus support was always above and beyond unprecedented. I say this because approximately five years ago my cpap suddenly had issues. Versus was going to ship a machine to me, but I was flying out for business the day it would arrive. They arranged to have it at my hotel in my room when I arrived. They just made sure I was ok. I didn’t even ask for that. They just did it.

Now, Adapt has purchased Versus. Adapt sends out order confirmation shipping info. They list phone number to call with questions. I had a question. I don’t exist in that system. Literally I’m a ghost. Spent over an hour with someone genuinely trying to find me asking others, escalating, no one finds me. I try logging into the Versus portal. Same. I’m a ghost. We tried everything to find me, find my order, anything. Zilch. They put in a work order for someone to call me. I wait a week. Crickets.

I started digging online to find a different number. Call that one. I choose billing option because surely they want money. Yup! They find me. I have a small bill I go ahead and pay. No problem. The agent puts me on hold while the payment processes. It seems odd, but ok. She comes back on the line and announces she has set me up for autopay. She never asked if I wanted autopay. I didn’t authorize autopay. Autopay had not even been brought up until she announced I was set up. That’s illegal. I tell her to remove me from autopay immediately. She doesn’t want to. We have some back and forth, I tell her I’m needing to cancel my account with them. She becomes sarcastic, but agrees to transfer me to another department.

I am on hold while she updates next person about me. I finally get connected to new person who explains what they know. I ask if they mentioned the autopay issue. No. I ask if they mentioned other things. No. New person begins paperwork with complaint agreeing what happened was …. not ok. New person was extremely apologetic. I felt like I was talking with my old Versus people again. I appreciated their support.

Today, I get a call from Adapt regarding the complaint. This individual clearly has zero experience working cases like this. I told them it was very clear they didn’t, and that I was allowing them space for that. They thanked me. Things they said were addressed was the sarcastic tone by the agent. That was it. I asked about autopay. They said I wasn’t on autopay. I said I was put on autopay. They insisted I wasn’t. I repeated I was and that I did receive a confirmation email that I had been removed from autopay that I was happy to send. I also asked about the automated emails with order confirmation with incorrect contact us information that is required by law. Didn’t get anywhere with that. Didn’t get anywhere with their own portal not recognizing me. All they wanted to discuss was the sarcastic tone.

All I wanted was to order additional products and confirm account information.

They aren’t looking to improve customer service or experience. I miss Versus. I’ll be seeking a new provider.

• Mar 03, 2023

Terrible customer service
Much like the last review I read, this company has several invoices and unexplained charges billed to me. When I requested an itemized bill I was told I wasn't "competent" to understand the email statements so they would mail them so I can "understand them better " when requested to speak with a manager I was re routed to another representative. I will be filing a complaint and grievance with my insurance

• Feb 25, 2023

User Beware
I got a CPAP in Sepember 2022. Complete lack of transparency on cost and they force patients to keep a card for mandatory autopay. Over the months, I've had a number of invoices and deductions from my bank account that exceed my insurance company's EBO. There's another overcharge invoice for $255 coming my way (they've even double billed as well as taken 2 back to back withdrawals totaling more than $900, which I had to dispute with my bank). Customer service is so horrible and incompetent, it appears the only way I can stop this is to cancel my bank card. In addition to the hundreds of dollars they've already taken at will, I noticed that an additional $1700+ claim was filed with my insurance company under a joint company name. At this point, I am convinced this is a scam company. I'm so angry!

• Feb 17, 2023

New C-Pap customer- turning in equipment
hello, I received a c-pap machine on 1/17/23 after getting approval from my insurance company. when I was fitted for the machine I as asked to pay $85.70. I asked was that for my purchase of the machine. I was told yes. I was told that periodically I would receive supplies. On 02/04/23 I received some filters - my cost $8.03. Imagine my surprise when I received an invoice in my email for $199. 54 which apparently they are charging me installments on the machine. I was never informed of this. I canceled the equipment and I am returning it today. Such a sad state of affairs- you must not mislead your customers like this. I was never advised of equipment rental only supply costs. I will be filing a billing dispute and a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

• Feb 25, 2023

I've been having similar issues. They mandate that a card be kept on file and force autopay. I got my machine in September and they keep overcharging my back account. It doesn't stop. I already had to file a bank dispute over a double charge (both were over $450). I got that back, but with all the other overcharges (they aren't following in-network insurance EBOs, I calculated at least $250 in overcharges to date. Their customer service in billing is HORRIBLE as well-- bunch of scoundrels. I'm also about to go through the inconvenience of canceling my card so they can't steal anymore money from my account (they refuse to remove my card from their file). Complete lack of transparency! I imagine they make quite a bit of money by counting on patients who don't know the influx of random billing.

• Feb 16, 2023

Unsuccessful CPAP purchase - Total disorganization between sales and local office
I am existing Adapt Health customer, long term CPAP user. Tried to buy travel CPAP before international trip, but got wildly conflicting opinions from national sales team and local office on what exactly I needed to buy one. After running all over my county to get (second) prescription, local office all snotty and rejected the prescription. Totally unhelpful. Will have to switch providers, which is shame because I enjoyed Adapt Health sales folks and their regular check ins and supplies.
Unsuccessful CPAP purchase - Total disorganization between sales and local office

• Jan 11, 2023

New Client - three invoices in four days.
I have been a client for less than two weeks and have received three invoices via email and instructed to click on link to register for invoices details. Links does not work. finally spoke with a representative who sent me a link. Invoices do not explain the charges.Told not to worry about it because amount will be charged to the insurance company and the balance will be charged to the credit card that they have on file. Amount that will be charged to my account is three times the monthly amount quoted. Adapt Health does not know the meaning of "customer service". Not a company that I will continue to do business with.

• Dec 28, 2022

Terrible, incompetent company
Worst experience I have ever had with a company. Do not give them your business. Adapthealth/Roberts and however many companies that are part of Adapthealth is the most poorly run and poorly staffed bunch of incompetents in existence. Liars who say they will help, and then never follow up until you literally have to scream at them. I started out nice, but after 23 calls, hours on hold, and no ability to directly call back the person you spoke to last, you are reduced to a screaming, rude, stressed out mess. Nobody documents anything accurately, and they can’t even enter your basic information accurately. Oh, and don’t trust the “nice” ones — I found that those who reassured me they would help and would follow up were the least likely to do so. Run away, do not walk, if your insurance or provider says to use this company. The only thing they are interested in is selling you more supplies.

• Nov 05, 2022

Worst company ever.
This is the worst company ever especially Jacqueline bryant. My claims were processed wrong and I advised them they were being reprocessed and they charged my credit card 409 bucks and won't reimburse me. My insurance told me they sent them the EOBs and that there is no way they didn't receive them and Jacqueline bryant told told me they didn't receive them, then demanded I show them proof of the EOBs. I am filing complaints with The PA Attorney General, The PA Insurance Commission and The BBB.

• Oct 11, 2022

All this Company is, is a shell company who does nothing but collect bogus claims.
On July 4th of this year they started to charge my Medicare for a O2 Concentrator that I returned 2 years ago.
They told me they have no record of return and if I couldn't prove I returned it, the billing would continue.
It all started with Aeroflow, I had a Concentrator with them in 2017. In 2018 they lost the Contract with BCBS of NC .
Told me not to worry because they are going to use a 3rd party biller. They billed me from 3 different sub companies going forward.
I wised up and purchased my own Concentrator 2 years ago , notified them to pick up their equipment. They picked it up in February 2021. The billing stopped.
I turned 65 in July, went on Medicare and they started charging again for something I dont have.
The reviews and Lawsuits are all over the Internet on just how nefarious this company is and I'm not alone in my dilemma.
Unless I can prove it was returned, they say I'm responsible for payment.
I've already contacted the DOJ , The States Attorneys General and Medicare Fraud along with the US Treasury.
I won't sit back and watch these people rip off the good citizens of the USA.

Date of experience: July 03, 2022

• Oct 03, 2022

Faulty machine for year and a half
When I bought my machine through Alina health, I was told I owned it. Since Adapthealth took over, I no longer own it and suddenly get a $2,000 bill out of nowhere for the same machine. I have complained that the machine is faulty only to be quoted varying amounts from $600-$900 for replacement. It concerns me that these are predatory tactics in a vulnerable community. Has anyone experienced these kinds of intimidation tactics?


I have had the unpleasant experience of dealing with this Adapt/Family Medical Supply company since April; three months later I'm still having to fix the issues their internal errors / mishandling of my medical information have caused. Because they took so long to fulfill my prescription and insurance authorization for equipment I was told that it "timed out/was dropped in their system", upon talking to my insurance company they conveyed Adapt never sent the "medical necessity" forms requested numerous times to maintain the prescription and initial authorization. After phoning weekly for two months, I was suddenly told, "I don't see your name for equipment in our system" Turns out they lost my paper work and said I had to make calls to my sleep clinic and primary doctor to expedite paper work back into their system and to my insurance directly to ensure a speedy authorization back into their system. After I made the calls and had the paperwork resubmitted, Adapt still took two weeks to process the paper work. In the mean time, I was told a store was holding my Cpap and as soon as my insurance authorization appeared in their system I could schedule my fitting. I didn't hear from them so of course another phone call 5 days later to the store now to see if they had received my insurance authorization, they hadn't, and they no longer had the device. Adapt hadn't told them to hold it even though they told me they had. So here I am back to the drawing board looking in the system for a Cpap that doesn't require me dealing with the Adapt / Family Medical Supply. HORRIBLE COMPANY, INCOMPETENT, HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!


Difficult to order supplies.. Vague description of product making it difficult to communicate what to order. Wrong product sent. Denial from company of any responsibility when complaints are submitted.


Is AdaptHealth scam?
I am the POA care giver for my mother who is in memory care. I saw a small bill for AdaptHeath but could never find what product/service it was associated with. Then a second small bill arrived, but again no service or product that my mother was being billed for. Finally I called their customer service number and gave the operator my mother's account number on the bill. He then wanted my mother's birth date which I gave him, then he wanted more personal info for my mother that I refused to give him. I told him he would receive no more info about my mother until I knew exactly what AdaptHealth was billing for. He refused to tell me because of "company policy", so I ended the call.

Honestly, this is exactly what scam artists do to prey on the elderly. To me, AdaptHealth is a scam and should be shut down until they prove their billing is legitimate to myself and all other "clients" being billed by them. My next stop is the Better Business Bureau and my state's AG.


Worst company; will stress you out; do not use them if you can help it
Adapt Health is not able to send a detailed billing statement. They send balance forward with no details and cannot explain the charges. I called 3X over 3 days and they keep insisting they are emailing statements but they never get there. I tried registering on their website but that does not work either. They have staff answering the phones who are robotic and do not know anything. They are dishonest and not helpful. If you have another option, do not order from this company. They also auto checked my credit card which I did not approve. I had to move mountains to get a manager to listen to me and even now I am not sure it is cleared. They will charge your credit card without permission.

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