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Alleviate Financial Solutions

4 Park Plz Ste 1450, Irvine, California, United States, 92614-8608

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Able to answer all questions professionally. Able to wipe out pretty much all debt. Best program to build your credit back up. After 6 months you are eligible for a loan that goes towards your creditors which in itself builds your credit up.

The knowledge of the customer service rep. Chris knew what he was doing.

Zero stars. One of their associate companies gets your interest with the promise of a personal loan then steers you to Alleviate and a debt consolidation. The guy with their associate company made several very misleading statements but you don't realize the statements are untrue until you a ways into the process. They rush you to fill out the agreements and leave out quite a few details that might make you think twice. You have three business days to tell them in writing to cancel your agreement, otherwise you are bound by it for the long term. I have sent two emails with the Notice of Cancellation letter to their "support" email address and not gotten a reply. Monday I am sending a registered letter Monday so there will be proof they received it. I WANT TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT WITH ALLEVIATE IMMEDIATELY, ONCE AND FOR ALL. I am saving all the proof so I can show that I sent the emails and letter within the time specified in the agreement.

This comapny is an absolute joke. When I first signed up was told it would take abiut 2 mnths maybe 3 to have the settlement options. When the time passed an still was not contacted I called an was told by customer service it takes 6 months. I then cancelled. When cancelling was told only would be charged 1 fee of $9.75 an was charged 2. No big deal however was told the money I paid would be put back into my bank account 3-5 days. Never seen it. Called an was told a check was mailed. Going on 2 weeks now an still not received. I called an was told in order to cancel check an have new one issued there would be a cancelation fee for the check. This place is a rip off an the customer service is incompetent. My opinion save your money an work with your own accounts.

Alleviate Financial Solutions Response time Jul 08, 2020

Tillina, we're sorry to see your disappointment. Please contact member support at your earliest convenience so that we can assist you, We look forward to speaking with you.

One star is too generous for as unethical and poorly managed as this company and their affiliate, Tripoint Lending, is. They begin by hooking you with a promise of a large, very low interest debt consolidation loan. When you are inevitably denied for this loan that you were supposedly preapproved for, they sell you on a debt consolidation program riddled with inconsistencies. They rush you through an online application while on the phone with you, which if you read carefully, contradicts itself in many areas. They promise you'll be debt free in 21 months no interest with a big discount, sooner if you choose to accept a personal loan they claim you will be approved for in six months. They fail to inform you of the massive fees incurred while you wait years for your accounts to default and settlements to reach agreements. Unfortunately I realized this to be a scam operating within legal loopholes a little too late. I have tried to call to cancel and get rerouted to voicemails or assured it will be processed and then hung up on with no confirmation. I advise you all to do your research and avoid these financial predators and others like them.

Alleviate Financial Solutions Response time Apr 24, 2020

We apologize that you have had this experience with us. We can assure you that we are compliant and sometimes consumers are not able to qualify for the loan due to circumstance outside of their credit. We do our best to make sure that each person has the best option or alternative based on the qualified criteria. We have reviewed your client experience and it appeared that you agreed to the option and continued. If you are not happy with your overall experience...I can assure you that we appreciate your feedback and continue to improve as that is very important to us.

We would love to help you out further And review your loan options as we want to make it right for you. We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with our service. Sometimes, consumers are not able to qualify for the loan due to circumstances outside of their credit. We do our best to make sure that we assist each person with the best suitable option or alternative based on the qualified criteria.

Bait and Switch - They send a mailer with a loan amount and low interest rate that you "qualify for". You go to a website and put in your code and they say you have been pre-qualified. You call the number and they ask questions about your monthly finances so they can try to sell you a debt consolidation program after you agree to a soft credit check. Within a few seconds you will get a message which states that you are not qualified for the low interest loan. That is when they proceed to try to sell you on a debt consolidation program.

Alleviate Financial Solutions Response time Apr 21, 2020

We would love to help you out further and review your loan options as we want to make it right for you.

We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with our service.
Sometimes, consumers are not able to qualify for the loan due to circumstances outside of their credit. We do our best to make sure that we assist each person with the best suitable option or alternative based on the qualifying criteria.

Worked with Johnathan yesterday. Thank you for being respectful and helping this process so easy! Looking forward to a world with less anxiety.

I was very apprehensive about the service. Wondering if it was a legit company. My representative Cory has answered all my questions. He calls me back when I leave a message.
So far all has been good. I will update later as this process precedes.

Upon my initial contact with this company on February 28, 2020, after that point I decided I didn't want to be enrolled in their debt settlement program and I submitted my cancellation request online on March 2, 2020 (the deadline to submit was midnight, March 4, 2020). The deduction for the monthly debt settlement program was to occur on March 5, 2020. However, when I inspected my checking account online, the fee was deducted from my checking account on March 6, 2020. I immediately called this company and told them I submitted the cancellation request on March 2, 2020, two days ahead of the deadline to cancel. They told me I would get the refund back into my checking account in 7 days. It has been nearly 2 weeks and I still have not receive the refund showing up in my checking account. I am left stranded with very little funds in my checking account at the present time because I have health problems that need attention by my medical provider. I am thoroughly frustrated and upset over this.

Alleviate Financial Solutions Response time Mar 20, 2020

Mr. Dobbs,Thank you for reaching out to us.After looking into your situation, please be assured we adhered to our cancellation policy and began the steps to cancel you out of our program as soon as possible. Unfortunately, your custodial savings account is administered by Deby Pay Gateway, a third-party company. Accounting for business days and the overall nature of ACH transactions, this can cause a lot of delays in processing cancelations. In your case, the first payment had to clear before we could continue the remaining cancelation steps. As of March 17, we were notified a physical check had been issued by Debt Pay Gateway and will be delivered to your address within an additional 5-7 business days. We are truly sorry for the circumstances this has left you in, but these sorts of processes can take some time.We hope you reconsider your review, but more importantly, please keep in touch and let us know if there's anything further we can help you with.

Customer Response time Mar 22, 2020

As of March 22, 2020 I have not received the check by mail. Furthermore, it would be more prudent if the refund be submitted electronically to my checking account, by ACH deposit so that I can take care of my health issues. At this time, assuming my health issues do not deteriorate further, I guess I would have to wait until I receive the check by mail and then deposit it into my checking account. After that point, I would have wait 5-10 business days to see if the check clears without any delay. I cannot give this company a positive review due to the lack of propriety when dealing with refund issues.

Alleviate Financial Solutions Response time Mar 24, 2020

We have attached the proof of refund we apologies for the delay, we are trying our best to process everything right away for our client. Unfortunately, due to the affects of the COVID-19 virus, we are really working to process everything for our client right away.

I regret believing the good reviews on your website (which I checked beforehand). Their recent actions, in my case, are deplorable.

I signed contract on 2/28/2020 (9pm on a Friday night), via phone with a representative of Alleviate Financial Solutions (4 Park Plz Ste 1450, Irvine, CA 92614-8608). Within 24 hours, as was my right, I notified the company that I wanted to cancel the contract, BEFORE it even began. I notified them via email, and I called my representative, Evan (on Saturday, the 29th, but he didn’t return my call until Monday, March 2), and I mailed a certified letter (which I have a signed receipt for) on Monday, March 2, 2020. Enclosed with my certified letter, I stated that I wished to cancel my contract, that I did not wish for them to negotiate a debt settlement on my behalf and that I did not wish to make the first payment on March 11. I also signed, dated and enclosed the two copies of Notice of Cancellation, from their service contract. The first line of which states:


And I followed their further instructions:

Alleviate Financial Solutions LLC.?Address: 92 Corporate Park #C-407, Irvine CA 92606 Email: [email protected]?not later than midnight of March 04, 2020

Since I did all this, the contract was NOT to be made effective. Yet DebtPay Gateway initiated a transfer from my bank account anyway (3/11), over-drafting my account. I received an insufficient funds notice and I have had to spend time, energy and money cleaning up the mess. I am very disappointed and concerned that they will continue, in the future.

This is NOT the behavior of an ethical company or representative. They come across as trying to help, but in the end, are not honorable.

Alleviate Financial Solutions Response time Mar 19, 2020


First of all, thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention.After researching this further, our records do not show us receiving an email 2/28 or 2/29 regarding cancellation.However, we did receive your physical letter on 3/11. Due to the overwhelming amount of mail we receive, it typically takes about 5-10 business days for our team to receive and process traditional mail. It also appears you attempted to reach your sales representative outside of normal business hours ("Saturday, the 29th, but he didn’t return my call until Monday, March 2.") Knowing this, we responded as soon as we possibly could. Additionally, it appears an affiliate company sold you our debt settlement program: they are not the same as Alleviate Financial Solutions, and we cannot be responsible for them. Our team helps with enrolling you with our program but only after you have made the decision to agree to move forward through your affiliate organization, who, again is an entity separate from Alleviate Financial Solutions.

We kindly ask you to reconsider this complaint, and please reach out to us if there is anything we can do to improve your relationship with us and your experience with our program.

Satisfied so far. Excellent customer service.
Kenneth has done a great job explaining each step. I will update in 6 months when creditors are paid off.

They have been very helpful to me. Very professional and very friendly.

So far it's been great working with Frank! I'll update this in 6 months to let you know an update.

My complaint is not just the nature of refund/exchange. It's also guarantee and service issues. Alleviate Financial Solutions, AKA Tripoint Debt Resolution contacted me offering their debt settlement services for two debts that I have. I asked many questions and later found their answers were not correct. I was required to Docusign the contract while they were on the phone, and initial the other pages. They guaranteed that I would be completely satisfied with their services and I could cancel at any time, and get my money back. I agreed to the amount they came up with monthly for $388.90, which went into my escrow account.

. He said that their fees were minimal and never ever mentioned that I would be charged $4,297.00, for settling the two accounts.There is no way I would have agreed. The $9.75 monthly fee and interest was fair. It would have taken an attorney to understand how they were deceiving me out of a considerable amount of money, and later not following through on their end, which was to start negotiating with the two companies that I have debts with. As the months went by, I called several times and only spoke with their C.S.R's. After two months with no efforts to negotiate I called them only to be told "be patient." Funds were deducted from my account starting July 5, 2019 and as of January my balance with the two companies I owed was the same. Please note that I later found that their CSR lied when I called about my Citibank Mastercard Debt last Nov.Their CSR informed me that they had succeeded in reducing my balance owed by 50%. As time passed I sought assistance from professionals in this field as things seem suspicious. I was informed, that I had been seriously taken. When I called to cancel in Jan. the CSR said,"we were just about to negotiate your Citbank bank balance." Shocked, I replied, "I was told by your colleague that it was already negociated in November." The CSR I spoke with in Nov., had all of my information, so why would he lie?

Alleviate Financial Solutions Response time Feb 24, 2020


This Client has received Payment On 2/18/2020 for the amount of $388.90.

We have proof of the payment return to clients account, we do apologies if the process took more than the 5 to 10 business days.

If any further questions please give us a call.

Great customer service returned all my calls and was very helpful in helping me understand what I needed to do

My representative Paul has done a great job explaining the program and followed up with me through the process. Thank you

The gentleman who I worked with to solve my problems was professional and caring, I would recommend this company to anyone.

It was quick and easy. I can sleep at night!

Alleviate Financial Solutions Response time Feb 18, 2020

Katherine, thank you for your review! We are excited to be able to help you reach your goals and for you to become debt-free, and for a better sleep at night. Feel free to reach out to our member support team if you have any questions or concerns.

My experience was a quick and easy process. They answered all of the questions that we had and they were very informative on how the process works and will go. Great customer service!

Alleviate Financial Solutions Response time Feb 18, 2020

Amanda, thank you so much for sharing your feedback! Please reach out for any questions or concerns our member support team is here for you to make this process easy and help you reach your goals.

Great customer service and a speedy process which was efficient!

Alleviate Financial Solutions Response time Feb 03, 2020

Susan, thank you for sharing your feedback!

Alleviate Financial Solutions Response time Feb 03, 2020

Susan, thank you for sharing your feedback!

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Address: 4 Park Plz Ste 1450, Irvine, California, United States, 92614-8608


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