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Aloha Pools & Spas of Paducah

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I am rejecting this response because: I was promised to receive ONLY ONE emailI did not agree to receiving multiple emailsI respectfully ask that you listen to the call

I do apologize for the frustration and inconvenience you have experienced after we replaced the windshield on your GMC AcadiaIn reviewing recent notes, it appears that the buzzing sound has been eliminatedOn July 16th you visited the Safelite location in Richmond, VAThe manager and a technician talked with you, test drove the vehicle and made some adjustments to the trim around the windshieldAfter this, the issue appears to be eliminatedThe Safelite manager also provided his information for you to contact him directly if you have any further concerns
I truly hope that you are able to enjoy a quiet ride againWe do appreciate your business and our goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find the resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

Dear Mr***,? I’m very sorry that our attempt to repair the windshield of your brand new Jeep Wrangler wasn’t successfulWhile we do have a very high success rate with our repairs, there is no way to determine how the already damaged glass will react to the repair processIn some
cases, the attempt to repair a windshield can result in the chip or crack becoming larger, and we are not responsible for such damage.? The outcome of a repair is affected by many factors, including but not limited to:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? - The age of the damage? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? - The size and location of the damage on the windshield? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? - Glass is a sensitive and unpredictable material? In speaking with the Safelite location manager, I was advised of some details provided by the technicianWhen the technician arrived you weren’t availableShe contacted you and let you know about the repair process and what risks were involvedShe also documented the paperwork stating that she advised you of the possibility that the damage may get larger or crack out.? You were offered a replacement price that included a $discount, however you stated that the price was too highYou stated that you wanted Safelite to replace the windshield for freeWhen the manager stated that we wouldn’t be able to do that, the conversation turned negative and when the call was over there was no agreement reached.? I have included a copy of our full warranty and a copy of the technician’s paperworkIf you are still in need of a windshield replacement and would like to accept our previous offer, please feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment

I’m so sorry for the multiple issues you have experienced after we replaced the windshield on your GMC AcadiaI understand how frustrating this must be for youI do see that a warranty appointment took place today, July 13, I hope that all issues have been corrected to your
satisfactionIf not, please contact us at ###-###-#### and we will do whatever is needed to rectify the issue
Again, I apologize for the issues along with the inconvenience and frustration they causedSafelite does appreciate your business and our goal is to make sure that you are completely satisfied

Dear Mr***,
It was a pleasure to speak with you on Wednesday September 16, The agreement we reached was to provide you with a check for $as a gesture of customer satisfactionWe also discussed your suggestions to expand our disclosure prior to performing windshield chip repairs and perhaps a standard discount to customers if our attempt to repair a windshield isn’t successfulYour comments and concerns are being forwarded to our senior leadership team for consideration
We received the release of liability that you signed indicating that you would consider this issue closed once you have the $checkA check request has been submitted and you should receive the funds in about 7-business daysAgain, it was a pleasure to speak with youIf you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our Executive Service team at ###-###-####

I am rejecting this response because:any car can have rust and this response is very vague
Regards,? *** ***

A Senior manager from Safelite called us? in reference to complaint ID ***, and they have agreed and scheduled a warranty replacement of our windshield and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.? I sincerely appreciate that Safelite was able to make contact and understand our dilemma and resolve the issue.?
*** ***

I’m very sorry that our attempt to repair the windshield damage on your Ford Focus wasn’t successfulWhile we do have a very high success rate with our repairs, there is no way to determine how the already damaged glass will react to the repair processIn a small number of repairs the damage
may get larger and Safelite is not responsible for thatI have attached a copy of our warranty, which includes our money back guarantee for repairsIf a repair is unsuccessful or just not satisfactory, Safelite will refund the cost of the repair to the paying partyIf the cost of the repair was paid by the customer, that amount would be credited toward the cost of the windshield or their insurance deductible if a claim is filed for the replacement
There are several factors that play a role in completing a successful repairThese include but are not limited to:
·? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The age of the damage
·? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The size and location of the damage
·? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Glass is an unpredictable and sensitive material
Because you weren’t happy with the results of the repair, we didn’t charge you for the workOur technician didn’t do anything wrong while attempting to repair your windshieldTherefore we are not able to provide a windshield replacement at no cost to youWe would be happy to work with you to provide the best price possible for a windshield replacement from SafeliteFeel free to contact us at 1-800-800-
Again, I apologize that the repair attempt wasn’t successfulWe do appreciate your business and hope to be able to work with you and get a new windshield installed for you

I truly apologize for the inconveniences
Safelite has attempted to install multiple windshields on your vehicle and in our professional opinion found nothing wrong with the glass or installationPer your conversation with us; you were concerned about both the installation and glass
In an attempt to rectify this issue and come to a resolution, we suggested you take your vehicle to a shop of your choice; where you selected *** **? GlassUnfortunately, since this vendor replaced your windshield, any warranty related questions or concerns you may have will need to go through them directly or we would be happy to make contact with them to make them aware of said issues
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly at 866-212-

Dear Mr***,I’m very sorry for all the issues you’ve had with the windshield replacement on your Toyota SiennaFirst and foremost, I want to let you know that we are processing a refund to you in the amount of $Please allow 7-business days to receive the refund check.You are
correct that Safelite’s intent is to continuously improve and not to disappoint our customersWe value your feedback and will use it to help us do betterI want to address a couple of your specific pointsWhen a customer asks for a representative’s name and/or manager’s name, that information should be provided without hesitationI apologize that some associates aren’t familiar with or comfortable with that policy.At this time, scheduling a warranty appointment is not an option on our websiteWe are already working to change thatI’m sure you understand that it’s not as simple as just adding a new optionThis project is in the development process with our IT teamWarranty work is as important as a good repair or installationWhile only about 4% of the millions of jobs we do every year experience an issue, if we don’t handle the warranty jobs properly we may lose a customer forever along with everyone with whom they share their negative experienceOur National Lifetime Warranty is unique in the auto glass replacement industryIt is a vital part of the Safelite Advantage.Thank you again for your business and your feedbackIf you don’t receive your refund check by November 30th, please contact our Executive Service team at ###-###-####

Dear Mrs./Ms***,I am very sorry for the inconvenience and lack of communicationWe wish we could've retained your business.? I? did? look over your work order and saw that the provider was switched over to Advanced Auto GlassWe have not done the work so we cannot charge youYou
would only be paying the current shop? your $deductibleIf there is anything else we can do please let us know? Sincerely, *** ***

I am rejecting this response until the check is actually receivedAs of today I do not have a refund check? I have been told on four different occasions that a check was being mailedNot to mention the numerous hours I have spent dealing with the issue to follow up on the status of the checkI’m appalled at the complete lack of willingness to resolve this issue and would never recommend or use Safelite for any services in the futureA customer should not have to call a business establishment over time and wait on hold for over an hour or more each time to obtain a refund due to a faulty repair.?

I’m sorry that you found our most recent response to be unsatisfactoryMy understanding is that we haven’t done any work on your vehicle and you don’t wish Safelite to work on your vehicleYour frustration is understandable and I regret that this occurred
There is no reason for any customer to be treated in a rude or unprofessional mannerYour feedback about your experience has been documented and has been shared with the field managementWe appreciate you letting us know about your experienceWe will use this information to assist in our goal to continuously improveIf you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact a member of our Executive Service team at ###-###-####

Dear Mr***,
I'm very sorry for the misunderstanding regarding the quote for the replacement windshield on your Nissan MuranoThe quote you received online was a cash quote assuming no insurance claim would be filedThe higher amount of $is the amount your insurance provider would
agree to if a claim was filedIf you had comprehensive coverage on this vehicle, you would be responsible for your deductible and any remaining balance would be paid by your insurance provider
On Monday February 15, 2016; a member of our Executive Service team left a voicemail message for you indicating that the cash price you would pay for the windshield replacement coincides with the online quotation you receivedIf you would like to schedule the replacement, please contact the Safelite scheduling department at ###-###-#### and reference this work order: ***-***
Again, I apologize for the misunderstandingWe look forward to being able to provide a brand new windshield for you at the price you were originally quoted

Dear Mr***,I'm very sorry to hear that our attempt to repair your windshield wasn't successfulIn order to further assist you, I will need some additional information to locate the original work orderI have been unable to locate the information with the phone numbers, name, and email address
provided to the Revdex.comPlease provide the full name as listed on the order, the year make and model of the vehicle, the last digits of the VIN,? the work order number if available, and the telephone number listed on the orderIf you are in need of immediate assistance please call ###-###-####

I'm very sorry to hear of the issues regarding your Ford FI reached out to the Safeltie shop to get more information.? Our records show that we replaced the windshield in your truck on May 13, You reached out to our Customer Care team on January 31, and indicated there was a
crack in the windshield and a possible water leakBefore an appointment could be scheduled the call droppedOn March 19, another representative attempted to contact you to follow up and left a message with our contact number.? You next contacted our Customer Care team on May 1, regarding the crack in the windshieldOur notes don't indicate that a water leak was mentioned in that callA no-cost warranty appointment was set for Monday May 7, for mobile serviceThe results of that appointment were as follows:? The technician noted that you had added some type of blue sealant under the molding? apparently to prevent water from leaking under the hood of the truck.? The crack was on the inside of the glass and appeared to have been caused when you? attempted to pry up the molding.? The shop manager declined your request to replace the windshield at no cost to you as? the crack wasn't due to our installation.? The only water that was visible was under the hood of the truck and not related to the? windshield.? While it is unfortunate that you have a crack in your windshield and a water leak under the hood of your truck, neither of the issues are due to our installation in May We must again respectfully decline your request to replace the windshield at no cost to youIn addition, we are not liable for the water leak under the hood or any damages it may have caused

Dear Ms***,? I'm sorry to hear about the damage to your BMW Gran CoupeI do see that we offered to cover the cost of repairs with a signed release of liabilityCould you please provide the estimate showing the full cost of repairs?

I've spoken with the manager of the Nashville location multiple times and they were fully aware of the damage they causedThe leak didn't start happening until my windshield was replaced the first time by SafeliteI've provided video evidence of the water leaking through in between the first time they fixed it and the second time*** (the company that fixed my rear view mirror) couldn't tell how the rear view mirror got damaged since the windshield had already been replaced the correct waySafelite was fully aware of the damage they caused but are not responsible enough to fix itI just want to reimbursed for the repairs I had to pay for on account of Safelite's disregard, laziness and lack of awareness

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: I am not satisfiedIt make no sense that the technician would tell me that he was 100% sure the crack wouldn't spread and for me to now have the amount of damage I currently haveAlso, why would I pay progressive a premium every six month and they get refunded the money for a faulty repair while I am stuck paying out of pocket for a whole new windshield? The "courtesy" price for $to repair my windshield isn't a courtesy at allThe first response you sent to stated it was $and you would knock it down to now you're saying it $offI have found a reliable company to repair my windshield at a lower cost than you have offered and will have the repair completed once I return from sea

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