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American Hero Construction

3500 Boggy Creek Rd, Kissimmee, Florida, United States, 34744-9412

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A warranty was promised and never issued upon completion and now I have leaks and rotting wood and cannot get a returned call or someone to check it
On 11/10/2017, the roof replacement began on my roof that was damaged as a result of the hurricane earlier that year. A payment of $6000 was prior to the work being started. The roof was completed on 11/11/17. At that point I was promised a warranty for the work that was completed, but never received it. In November, 2018 the roof began to leak. I called the company several times and appointments were made to inspect the roof, but nobody ever showed up. I called several times and was given a variety of excuses for missed appointments such as the person who was supposed to show up was on vacation, had cancer or would call me back. I never received a call back, no one ever showed up to check my roof. Now I find rotted wood and the leaks are becoming worse and I no one from this company will return my call. Horrible experience and terrible company!

Desired Outcome

At this point I would like a new roof. Clearly when my roof was replaced, the rotting wood was never removed. The condition is worse off that it was when the supposed replacement occured

American Hero Construction Response • Mar 28, 2019

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. I apologize for the delay in my response, however actions were immediately taken to resolve the problem on your home. I received and update from my production manager, Mike L. He confirm with me that that the services have been completed and also stated that he spoke with you regarding the services. He stated that you were happy with the outcome and please with the response in getting the repairs done. I you should have further concerns please do not hesitate to contact be me. My contact information is attached to this response. Thanks for your business.

We were solicited by American Hero for a new roof through our insurance for hail damage. All was going well. We were approved by the insurance company and they issued a check to us. American Hero came by and picked up the check before the roofing could begin. This seemed a little unorthodox but we were getting a new roof. We did not hear from them for approximately 6 weeks. The day before the roofing was to begin the shingles were delivered and the truck had a hydraulic leak on our pavers in our driveway. It took about another two months to have that repaired. The day of the roofing went well. They completed the job in one day. The roof looks great.

Contract with American Hero Roofing job not done and send to collection department.
American Hero Roofing were doing our roofing by Feb last year but they suddenly left after almost done and did not return or provide any additional information. My wife send an email to the company head person Mr. A. She ask what will be the next step to pay the remaining, but he told her they will be contacting her soon. In the course of a couple of months past nothing happened and suddenly they send a notification that we were on collection. I told them that I was never send a final invoice with the final payment and that the payment were never requested.

Apparently the company change management and we end up been Late without notice. After they almost finish the job and left couple of months later water damage start on my bedroom. I tried to contact the American Hero and left message but they never reply back and the only talk related to this issue was with the person from collections. I owe them about 8k but they never finished the job and I been told by the collection agency they will file in court to get a lien on my house for not providing final payment. I had spoken in multiple occasions with this person from collection but he was telling me that I had to pay and that is illegal to hold money for this job. I reply in multiple occasions that I was not holding any money but state the fact that they did not finished the job and how they send me to a collection agency for non payment when they did not finished the job and now I have water damage. NO attention to this matter has been followed by this agency and I will need to contract another company to repair a roof of only a few months old to be finish.

Desired Outcome

They need to finish their job. take me off from collection department and provide with solution to the roof leaking issue. No money will be addressed until job is complete and damage are been addressed as well.

American Hero Construction Response • Mar 04, 2019

In response to the complaint filed by Mr.. I submit the following: After carefully reviewing Mr. file, there is no record of a call made by Mr. regarding unfinished work or repairs. Mr. roof passed the county inspection on April 9, 2018. Mr. account was turned over to a collection service after numerous attempts to reach the customer by phone or email. We have called and left messages at the same telephone number list in the complaint. We reached out to Mr. on the following dates:


Mr. Roof cost $12, 608.63, to this date we have only received payments totaling $3184.00. According to Mr. insurance company, final payment was issued in the amount of $8, 173. The check was made payable to both Mr *** and his wife. That check was intended to cover the cost of the roof. That check has since been cashed and cleared the bank, still leaving a balance of $9424.63. Lastly, if there are any services required, we will be glad to schedule those services once we are notified. I have left my contact information should you have further questions regarding this matter

Roof Repair Contract was not fulfilled accordingly. The company has received full payment for their services and my roof has not be repaired.
Originally this company was contacted sometime last year after the hurricanes made damages to my roof. The contract was signed and they were to begin working on my roof shortly after. The company never responded to my calls and the roof was never worked on after months of contacting them.

I filled a complaint on this site for that same issue and the complaint was closed without my approval, after they contacted me stating that it was a miscommunication and that the person responsible for this agreement had been terminated.

Finally the company contacts me and begins working on the roof. They installed the roof in 1 day, the next day they were back to install the roof again. Apparently there is a lack of communication within this company. Needless to say, the roof was installed and as you can see in the pictures I attached, they left part of the roof exposed. I have called them numerous times and their office staff seems to have an attitude assisting customers. No one seems to truly be invested in resolving customers matters.
3 times I have been told someone would return my call to no availability. Full payment was provided to the company in December 12, 2018.
Im going on 3 months and my roof has not been completely repaired.

Desired Outcome

I need the company to uphold their end of the contract and complete the work.

American Hero Construction Response • Feb 21, 2019

Contact Name and Title: Tyrone C, GM
Contact Phone: 407-487-3183
Contact Email: tc***
Thank you for bringing Mr *** concerns to our attention. As of today 2/21/19, our production manager spoke with Mrs. regarding the outstanding services mentioned in the complaint. In addition, I called Mr. and left a detailed message regarding his concerns. A meeting and inspection date were agreed upon between both the production manager and Mrs.. Mr. roof is completed and passed the county's final inspection on December 29, 2018. The production manager is coordinating the additional service requirements and will provide schedule to customer. We apologize for the delay in the scheduling and assure we will complete the additional services in a timely manner to the customer's satisfaction.

They improperly vented my dryer vent after replacing my roof.

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Begin forwarded message:

I am very very upset right now. We had a new roof put on by you guys nearly a year ago. Today we had our dryer ducts cleaned because our dryer has been overheating and burning. The dryer is only two years old and the belt has gone from being overworked, the coils have overheated. The dryer vent repair men said that when the new roof was put on you did not extend the dryer vent causing zero air flow. Our home could have burned down. He advised I should call the fire marshal while they are here (they are still here) because this is a very serious violation. They have temporarily vented it into the attic space but you have to come out and re-vent it. We also expect to be reimbursed for the extra money it cost us above and beyond the standard dryer vent cleaning as well as the cost of the heating coil and belt. I am very upset with American Hero Construction.

Desired Outcome

I would like for the dryer vent to be properly repaired as well as the reimbursement cost of the vent work that had to be done as well as the cost of dryer repairs.

American Hero Construction Response • Feb 16, 2019

Contact Name and Title: Tyrone C, GM
Contact Phone: 407-487-3183
Contact Email: tc***
American Hero Construction Company appreciate bringing this customer complaint to our attention. In response to the complaint. I want to highlight that the homeowner roof pass final inspection conducted by Polk County on 2/27/18. This problem was brought to our attention by the homeowner's complaint through Had we known about this problem earlier we would have immediately responded by making the appropriate repairs. As of this date, we have scheduled a service team to go to the customer home to make those repairs. The appointment is scheduled for 2/19/19. Our roofs come with a 10 year labor warranty. Any issues relating to installations, we respond and make the appropriate corrections. We will continue to follow-up with this customer to insure all repairs are completed to satisfaction.

Customer Response • Feb 19, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They came out to fix it but only sent one very nice gentleman who did not realize they would actually need to put a hole in the roof and place the vent through it. He will come back on Thursday with a crew causing me to have to miss another day of work. We do still expect to be reimbursed for the work the dryer vent cleaners did for us by rerouting the dryer vent into the attic temporarily so we could have a functioning machine without the risk of burning our house down. As well as the cost of the wear and tear our just two year old dryer has taken by having to run so hot. We have spent money replacing fuses and parts because we never dreamed the problem would have been no ventilation. I hope American Hero takes this situation very seriously so that I does not happen to any one else. Placing a roof over a dryer vent hole and thus by leaving a vent up against a piece of plywood with no ventilation is extremely serious. Three small kids live in this home. It could of been a very very dangerous situation. I'm am very thankful that we caught this before it was too late.

American Hero Construction Response • Mar 11, 2019

Mrs ***, we have reached out to you on multiple occasions regarding your problem. I have personally called and left messages with you on four separate occasions. I have provided you with both my office number and my direct cell phone number. I have yet to receive a returned call for you. If you are requesting American Hero to compensate you for a loss, that must be accomplish between you and the comapany. My contact information is listed below. Thanks

About three weeks ago they did my roof. They did a great job on my roof, completed the job in a day. I would have given them 5 stars had it not been for the fact that my solar panels are still on the ground. I have called them numerous times. I know it's an outside contractor that supposed to take care of the solar panels, I just wish someone would let me know when I can expect to have the job completed.

They will not provide me with my warranties after I have paid in full. I want by warranties to be enforced/given to me.
Signed contract 7/19/18. Roof installed on 9/7/18. Had many issues with the repair and failed first inspection. On 10/26/18 the job was completed. Final payment was sent and cleared my back on 12/21/18, see attachment. On this check it clearly shows "Paid in Full" on the front and back of the check. American Hero Construction endorsed the check as to agreement my account is paid in full. I have reached out then on 4 separate occasions requesting for my warranties and getting no responses. The people I have been in contact with is Steven F 407-489-0788 and recently Mike L 407-506-2425 ml*** From my sales person who is teh only that has responded Chris B 407-388-7040 informs they will not give me the warranties since I have not paid in full. On the contract for the repair of the roof there is a notation to remove gutters and put back up. This was a total of $496.40. They didn't perform this task. They never replaced the gutters/downspouts. I had to pay someone else to do that job. I wrote the check for the full amount minus the $496.40 which was agreed when they endorsed the check. The office I'm working with is the

Desired Outcome

Give me my warranties and they will be enforced to their fullest. Want proof they are enforced. It is not necessary for me to pay anymore to American Hero Construction to receive my warranties.

American Hero Construction Response • Jan 22, 2019

Mrs ***, your labor warranty is clearly stated on your final work order. I am not sure if that is what you are referring to if you are asking for supplemental manufacturers warranty paperwork we can certainly take care of that for you. All warranties are in full force once final payment is made. I will be looking into your file when I get to the office tomorrow. Till then rest assured we will absolutely honor any warranty issue that may arise.

Customer Response • Jan 23, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
All I have received is the 'Certificate of completion' that states nothing about a Labor warranty. I looked at the Final paperwork (yellow and pink copy) it doesn't stated any time table how long the labor is warranted. Thanks for looking into this tomorrow. As AHC has agreed payment in full is completes by endorsing the check that stated "Paid in Full'. I will await receiving documentation of the materials and labor warranty.

American Hero Construction Response • Jan 27, 2019

I am sorry I still don't understand we have honored all our warranties in good faith awaiting final payment. I am happy to issue you a letter stating that fact. I am confused though we have serviced your property and honored our warranties awaiting final payment, we are continuing to do so and you already have it in writing signed off by us in your final work order. I am happy to to issue a letter reiterating our warranties if it is unclear. I am absolutely willing to talk any of this though with you. Just so we are clear though, all warranties are in full force in good faith until final payment is rendered. So right now your warranties are being enforced. I hope this clears up any confusion. Again, I am happy to draft a letter outlining this for you. I am sure I can call the manufacturer and have them issue a letter as well once the final payment is made.

Jose D was very nice to work with. He explained everything in detail and kept me informed of the process before the work began. My new roof looks beautiful.

American Hero did an excellent job on our roof. Julio S assisted us with everything that was needed to get our beautiful roof completed. The team was impressive! They got here early and immediately started ripping off the old roof. By the time we got home everything had been completed.

We would recommend this company for their great quality and service.
Thank you for a great job!

Cat and Sandra C.

From start to finish the process had been handled in a professional way, all the paper work was explained to us, the roofers where here only one day and did an excellent job. I am very pleased with the work that had been done.
John N

This company does not complete their agreed upon work on their contract. Did not pass our roof inspection for almost 2 months now.
On July 12, 2018, we signed an initial contract with American Hero Construction with one of their project managers. At the time the project manager reassured us that the roof would be completed in about 2-3 weeks time. Later the next week the same project manager returned to our house as he had filled the paperwork out incorrectly and completed an addendum which included a corrected balance amount. Insurance claim had also included replacement of window screens and AHC agreed to complete these as well and it was written on the contract. Again he reassured us that in 2-3 weeks the completion date would be met. We provided AHC with a check for $14,184 and was deposited July 18, 2018. On August 10, 2018, we contacted the project manager asking about materials being delivered at our house and he did not return any of our phone calls or text messages. After calling him again, another employee answered our project manager's phone. She assured us that she would follow up with the materials and our project manager no longer is taking our build. There was limited contact between the employee and us from August 10-16 and if there was any contact it was based on us initiating it and being told that they would look into it. On August 16, 2018 we were assigned a new project manager. He again apologized for the company and the materials were delivered on August 23, 2018. We also asked about the window screens at that time to remind them that those needed to be delivered as well. On 8/27/18 our build started and on 8/28/18 it was "finished". We were reassured that after inspection is passed later that week we would be all set. We made the company aware again that we still were missing our window screens as agreed upon in our contract. Monday 9/3/18 my husband stepped on a nail on our yard and I swept up countless metal pieces from our pool deck. When I contacted our project manager he assured me the yard would be magnetized again? We then failed inspection on 9/11/18 due to incomplete affidavit. On 9/6/18 it was brought to AHC's attention through our project manager that a seal was not completed that connects our pool screen to the roof leaving about a 3 inch opening. On 9/7/18 we were told that another employee would be by to drop off our window screens but she never showed up. On 9/10/18 we were told that they would be delivered later that week and delivery was delayed due to bad weather. On 9/26/18 we were told by our project manager that the window screens and pool area screen would be put on the service schedule. We let the project manager know that we found some mold in our skylight and we were not sure if there was a leak. Early October we called the company and requested to speak with a manager. We were connected with the branch manager for Lakeland who reassured us that he would take care of all of our concerns. On 10/8/18 the project manager contacted us that a crew would be out the next day to check the skylight. The appointment was later cancelled and changed to 10/10. The AHC employee checked the skylight and stated that the mold was likely due to the roof being off and then replaced with some condensation left behind and that the skylight did not need to be replaced. On 10/15 the project manager contacted us and told us that he had contact with the service department and they would have all the scheduled services completed for all of the clients waiting on them. He also stated that he would have another inspection scheduled but this never happened. On 10/23 the project manager was made aware again by us that we were awaiting the screens, the seal to be fixed, and the inspection was not passed. After October we had contact with the branch manager who continued to reassure us that this matter would be resolved by the end of the month. We have had to primarily initiate the calls and texts to him and there has been no follow through. This past week 10/29-11/2 he did not return any of our phone calls/texts.

Desired Outcome

Also throughout this process the company has had the guts to call us 2x and request the remainder of our payment despite the inspection not being passed and the agreed upon contract items being completed. We are extremely dissatisfied with this company and want our home to pass inspection and the agreed upon items to be completed (pool seal and screens). We also want a lien release as previously agreed upon from the first project manager in case this company is not paying for the materials listed under our build. This company has zero communication between their departments and with their customers.

American Hero Construction Response • Nov 05, 2018

Not completing services on our part is unacceptable. I will personally make sure that is completed expeditiously. Please accept my apologies.

Hired to deal with my insurance company. Told me not to contact insurance.
I hired Luis K as my rep to have roof replaced. He instructed me not to deal with insurance. I was only responsible for my deductible. It's taken a year and insurance is not paying what I was told they would pay. I have texts from this rep indicating my payment owing. I've told them I want it in writing before I pay. They are now wanting me to pay the difference. I had many quotes on this roof. This company was the highest. (More than 8500)I only agreed as I live in Canada and it was easier to have them handle the logistics. A roof that I could have had installed for 5000. Luis took receipts for screen replacement. They can't find them. The roof wasn't tarpped, this causing leaks in my garage. The did repair but now have yello stains. Now Luis is gone and this company is threatening me with legal action.

Desired Outcome

I want to pay my deductible as promised. Nothing else.

American Hero Construction Response • Nov 05, 2018

I am so sorry that you are having a bad experience. I am going to have my office bring me up to speed on your file. It is certainly not our practice to charge more than the insurance estimate minus the deductible. Unless there is work not covered by the carrier that was discovered during the process of executing the work order. I can't imagine why there would have been any additional cost. Again, I am sorry for your frustration and will get on it immediately. Please bear with us while we gather the necessary info.

Customer Response • Nov 05, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Thank you for the response. I do have many texts from Luis. Many quotes, all much lower than Hero. Simon agreed to reduce my deductible by 1000 as Luis took my receipts for screens before he left the company. I would have NEVER have hired Hero to replace my roof at a price of 9000 dollars when it could have been done for almost half. If you require copies of the texts along with his telephone number, I'm happy to provide.

Customer Response • Nov 27, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Please open this communication between us. My contact number is

American Hero Construction Response • Dec 10, 2018

Thank you Mrs *** for allowing us to work through the confusion of your carrier refusing to pay the agreed amount. I am glad we could come to a resolution. Please accept my apologies for not being able to work this out sooner.

American Hero Construction did an outstanding job on our roof . The job was completed from start to finish in one day and looks amazing ! We are very pleased and would recommend this company for all your roofing needs

We suffered damage from a hail storm and called American Hero construction to help us with replacing our roof. From filing the insurance claim all the way to having our new roof installed, American Hero Construction was the best! Joe B was our project manager. He, along with John M helped explain the process and stayed on top of the job. They communicated so well. Our new roof looks amazing. I would recommend Joe and American Hero Construction to anyone who asks!

Not a happy customer. Roof looks great but leaks on my ceilings look awful (tarps not deployed soon enough during installation). It has been 6 weeks and several calls and HERO has not taken care of the problem as promised.

American Hero Construction Response • Oct 17, 2018

I will have someone call you today.

Contractor has taken months, failed inspection. Roof still not finished.

Total fail. Since March, I have been dealing with this company. Horrible service. My roof was done, failed inspection. You could literally see the shingles sticking up, and the wooden roof deck in spots. Super unsafe, and causing permanent damage every day left. Immediately notified Simon. They sent inspector anyway, didn't fix the problems, failed. Gutter were run right down in electrical pump. It is shorting. Put off everyday by the Building Manager etc. Thet just refuse to do the job..

Desired Outcome

My roof finished, gutters in proper spaces and hung correctly. Final inspection completed. I have had a riff that wouldn't pass inspection for over 4 months now. Any damages, aka pool pump, etc, fixed by company. Intent to sue.

American Hero Construction Response • Sep 04, 2018

I am so sorry you are having a bad experience. I assure you we will take care of it. Please accept my humble apology. I will look into it and get back to immediately

Kevin was great roofers went above and beyond the expectations so glad we chose America Hero

Josh the manager was awesome and very helpful and all the workers were great and did and awesome job, They went overboard on everything

durand g*** is very happy to have your nice very professional Kevin M as roofer.He needs to be congratulated for his great communication with the clients such us foreign explaining everything ,taking time and make his client happy.I will recommand to my friends and in the neighborhood.I give him 5 stars

My experience with American Hero Construction has been excellent since Carlos R helped us with the process to the workers who made the roof . I recommend American Hero Construction for the good service I am satisfied with the work of the company.

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