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Jul 08, 2020

Scam artists.
Ordered headlights 5 weeks ago. they just came yesterday. I tried to contact company with no success. They sent the wrong part and there is no way to contact them. Do not do business with this company !

I have bought headlights about a month ago and they still haven’t came in. I have also not been given a tracking number, therefore I have sent them multiple emails regarding a tracking number and even emails just to check up on my purchase. They billed my card immediately but have not done anything. These people are scammers and I will never recommended their website or products to anyone I’ll only tell people not to buy from them.

Bad service
I bought headlights they said were in stock on there website They gave me an order number and billed my credit card. I have not had anyone contact me with regards to my order. I have sent 5 emails with NO reply. I found two phone numbers and called them. Never talked to anyone but my number has been blocked. All I want is to know when they are going to ship my parts. Is that really too much to ask?

Service sucks
I ordered a set of lights for my truck
They take your money, but didn't ship me anything, not even an empty box

I ordered a set of headlights for my truck about a month ago. No FedEx tracking number or anything. I’ve emailed them a few times and they just give me the same response “I assure you it will be there in a few days” SCAM

Have you received your order yet?

May 07, 2020

My son ordered a set of headlights April 16, 2020 and still nothing! All he’s received was an email saying they receyhis order and would email as soon as it shipped. I’ve emailed them and sent message on messenger and nothing. I’m so sick of these crooks that scam people! Did you ever receive your order?

Jan 09, 2020

I'm not a very happy mom! My son also has purchased headlights for his first vehicle. Doing this all on his own. Boy is he being educated! He ordered the lights in Dec 26th. Got a receipt with his order number but to this day has not received shipping or tracking info. Oh, and paid for 3-8 business day shipping. We both have emailed. No response. We both have called. The number isn't even a working number anymore. I have even messaged on facebook messenger. With virtually no way to get in touch with anyone I really am starting to feel this company is a scam. My son was telling me how good the customer service rating was... So sad. Do you people understand what you are doing to these people that are ordering? The trust they have put in you? Not everyone is wealthy enough to just throw this money away. My son used his birthday and Christmas money. I really want to give y'all the benefit of the doubt, but unless we hear something positive by end of this week I'm afraid we will be SCREAMING that is company is a scam all over the internet.

May 07, 2020

Did your son ever receive his order? My son also ordered headlights on April 16, still have not received them. I’ve emailed them asking where his order is. Can’t even find a telephone number off the site. Do you know what state they are in? I’m really thinking it is a scam site. These people are pathetic! My son doesn’t just have money to throw away. These people should be shamed of themselves.

Mar 10, 2020

They just declined my card twice for what reason, I have no idea. Talking about address doesn't match, but yet they took 88.99 off of my card twice. Now I can't get in touch with the company by phone or email.. Total rip off, and it's very disappointing for them to just take my money without anything in return

I ordered the wrong fog lightsI sent e-mails to '[email protected]'; ''[email protected]' asking them to cancel the order an hour or so laterI also submitted a cancellation request using their websiteThey responded by email hours later saying: "We just notified our vendor regarding cancellation and will contact you once we hear backThanks for your patience.Best Regards, Customer Service" I received a shipping notice later in the day stating my order had been shipped via UPS.I called UPS about the situation and they stated I could refuse delivery and the package would be returned to the vendor at no charge.I also contacted the vendor who said there would be a 20% restock feeOK, I can accept thatWhen I emailed Auto Lights Pro that I planned to refuse UPS delivery, they replied stating:"If you need to return the item, there is a process that you need to follow in order to send the item back There will be a 30% restocking fee and you are responsible for the returned shippingAlso, if there item is rerouted back to the vendor, there will be a rerouting fee assessed as well." Really? These people should not be in business! They are true rip-off artists and will capitalize off any circumstanceWith the high price they charge for a returned item, I'm not certain what I will do by delivery dayIt's obvious to me that Auto Lights Pro does not care about building their business on satisfied customersI recommend avoiding them like the plague!

Dec 21, 2019

Our website has very clear return policy, which we believe is fairOnce a light has been installed on a vehicle, we cannot be held accountable for how it performs, due to the fact that there is a considerable chance that human error upon installation is what caused the malfunctionWe, as well as the manufacturers we sell, offer videos and technical support for installation and troubleshooting The lights that we sell are protected by the manufacturers warranty which covers such things as water damage (faulty seals), bad wiring, loose parts, etcHowever, in this case, the issue was deemed by the manufacturer to likely have occurred due to incorrect installationIf the manufacturer is unwilling to grant a full refund, there is no reason, as per our return policy, that this customer should be entitled to a full refund with no shipping costsOn all unauthorized returns, which is what this is, all of the lights have to be tested if they are going to be resoldTypically, there is about a 25% restocking fee which is intended to cover the cost of these testsWe offer free shipping to our customers, and for those that have authorized returns as wellIn this case, his return is not authorized, yet he is insisting on a full refundPlease follow the link to our return policy I have also pasted the text below: RETURNS & EXCHANGES We may accept returns and/or exchangesShould it be necessary for you to return an item that you purchased from AutoLightPros, you can return the item for an exchange or refund only if ALL of the following parameters are met: Within days of the item being delivered only if the item is in its original packaging and in a brand new, resalable condition Any product is non-refundable if it is alter, used or fully and/or partially installed in any way Return shipping and handling fees are non-refundableAll installation or incidental fees are non-refundable All returns items will be subject to 25% restocking feeWe cannot accept C.O.Dshipments For your protection, we suggest all returns be sent back to us through a traceable carrierIf an item arrives damaged, it must be reported to us immediatelyBefore sending a shipment to us you must contact us at [email protected] allow 10-business days after receipt in our warehouse for your return to be processedAll parts include a manufacturer warranty, subject to the requirements of the part's manufacturer Shipping and Tax Policy Our shipping and sales tax policy is as follows: We offer free ground shipping to the lower continental United StatesShipping fees will be incurred on items shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, U.STerritories and International locations Shipping fees will be incurred on items less than $Expedited shipping options are available and will include an additional feeExpedited shipping fees are determined by the weight of the items and the shipping addressOur primary shipping carriers are UPS, FedEx and USPSHowever, we may use other carriers as neededSales tax will be applied to purchases made within CaliforniaThese orders are subject to the California state sales tax

Scam people in order to stay in business.
Your a joke and your business will go burning in flames along with you. Don’t worry karma is going to catch up to you. It’s funny how you think your successful when in reality your just a low life s**m bag that has to scam people in order to stay in business. Y’all are all a joke.

Dec 15, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:My name is [redacted] ***, I'm one of the owners of Auto Light Pros I'm responding to Complaint ID [redacted] The customer is reporting a complaint that she would like to return an itemWe are approving the customer's return and are in the process of providing an RMA#The only reason there was a delay is that RMA approvals can take up to business daysI've CC'd [redacted] , the customer who filed the complaint, for her verification that a return is being processedOnce the RMA is approved by the manufacturer, the return shipping information will be providedPlease let me know if you have any questions regarding this compliantBest, ***

May 07, 2020

Since you are one of the owners at autolightspros how about telling me where my son’s headlights are he ordered from you on APRIL 16, 2020?!?! Order # 200064859

Nov 27, 2019

To whom it may concern, This customer ordered the incorrect part for his vehicle, despite the fact that the fitment information in readily available on the product page on our website from where he purchased the partFurthermore, we already issued the customer a refund for this item, as evidenced by the attachmentThe customer was assessed a restocking fee, due to the fact that there wasn't anything wrong with the item, he just ordered incorrectlyWe incurred the cost of advertising, boxing, and shipping the item to the customerWe are assessed fees from manufacturers as well when issues like this occurHad the item been defective or damaged in some way, or if the customer ordered incorrectly due to bad data on our website, there would not be any fees assessedThis is not the caseLastly, we could not issue the refund until the product had been shipped back and processed by the manufacturerThey had to inspect and test the item to make sure that it wasn't damaged during installation, and was in re-sellable conditionOnce this was confirmed, we were refunded (partially), and we refunded the customerPlease let us know if you require further informationWe also had responded to every email from this customerWe did not ignore his issues, we simply couldn't issue him a refund until the item was returned and processedHe was unhappy with this, despite the fact that we are unaware of any company, online or otherwise that issues full refunds to customers prior to the purchased item having been returnedBest regards, Auto Light Pros

This company is a jokeImpossible to reach via phone or emailIf you're gonna run a business you gotta pick up the phone and you gotta answer emailsNot coolDo not do business with these peopleMy teenage son spent a lot of money on headlights, which are defective and need to be replacedI cannot get in touch with them

May 07, 2020

Your son’s headlights from auto lights pros were defective? My son ordered headlights from these bogus unprofessional people on April 16, 2020 and still NOTHING.

Purchased Projector Headlights for my daughter's Toyota Corolla The product failed within six weeks Filed a warranty claim and got a RMA Had additional questions like -- will they send me new lights and I send the defective lights back? Or do I purchase and install new lights and then send in the defective units? Or do I just take out the defective lights and send them back and wait for them to credit me the amount so I can buy new lights while we don't use the car at all? They were slow to respond and sometimes didn't respond at all By the time we ordered new lights, had to schedule to get them installed it was after their day RMA period Then they didn't respond to emails and finally they rejected the return because it was after the day period from Auto Light Pros and out of the Day warranty from Spec-D Tuning Though we did send the lights back (Spec-D rejected one light shipment (because it was in two boxes instead of one?))So now we have one defective light and no refund for a defective safety product
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
[Unfortunately my situation isn't covered in the return policy at all.
The main problem here is that I was sold Sonar branded products when I
specifically used AutoLightPros' chatbox to ask someone if they were made
by the same company (since their look was similar to the Sonar branded
product I already owned and had decided was junk) Now if the packages
delivered to my house were in SONAR branded boxes, I would have known
they were the same thing and never installed them. But the lights are
delivered in brown boxes with no branding or other information. So those unopened boxes were delivered to the auto body repair shop. If you
would like to discuss the installation of the lights as the problem, you
can refer to the fact that a national collision repair shop chain were the
ones repairing my truck and they are the ones to install the lights. If
anyone is qualified to install automotive lights I would surely think it would be a
place like that. I am more than happy to provide the information to
that location if someone would like to call there and verify they
installed the lights. No matter if you want to claim the cracked glass
is their fault (on the drivers side fog light) or the halo flickering
(on the passenger side light) is their fault, it's really hard for me to believe that a
place like this (over stores throughout the USA and Canada) would
not be able to install QUALITY lights without issue. If I were to try
and think of the one type of place you could have aftermarket lights
installed, and have a manufacture warranty cover them, it would be a collision
repair center and maybe a mechanic shop as a 2nd choice. It's funny
that the flickering halo is one of the same problems I had with the
first set of Sonar lights I owned... The other problem I had with the first set
was the lenses (at some point) flew offWhile this set, cracked.
sets of lights, years apart, with the exact same problems, the first installed by me
(which was denied warranty by the manufacture since I installed them)
and the second set being installed by a professional shop and both
having the same problems... Sounds like junk product to me and exactly why I used your chatbox to verify that they were not the same thing.But
again, that's outside of the fact that your company sold me these
lights, telling me they were *** brand, and that was not the same
thing as Sonar which they are. Julio Barrientos at ***
([email protected]*** assured me they are sister companies and
that the vendor should know that and it is no secrete, which means your company was likely
deceitful in selling me the product. Even if you didn't know this, as
you have tried to claim, after learning it you should absolutely be
willing to take this product back and apologize for the confusion knowing that it was the exact product that I didn't want. Your
company should know the product you sell, that's your job. You are
claiming to be "AutoLightPros" after all. ]
*** ***

Here's the UPS Tracking:
12.8px;">*** *** ***

Had a great experienceGot the right lights days after oreder was placedI emailed them to check in after the 2nd dayThey immediately responded and let me know that they were on the way:)

May 07, 2020

And you probably work for these sorry people

">I received the message you sent me with the invoice detached from auto light pro where I purchased the item but have not received it I have been in dispute with them since March about receiving the product or the refund they contacted me the end of June and said within to business days I should have had my refund here it is July 14th and I still have not received the refund nor have they responded to any of my emails as well so what they have sent you was the invoice from the purchase I am still waiting on my refund and of course I have not gotten a response from them since June 30th so if you could a little further look into this or pressure them on the refund matter I would appreciate it I have spoken with UPS they had contacted the seller and the seller had stated to me I was going to get a refund and have never received it so I am patiently still waiting for my refund with no response attached to the emails I have sent them

To Whom It May Concern:">My name is *** ** ***, I'm one of the owners of Auto Light ProsI'mresponding to Complaint ID ***The customer, *** ***, is reporting a complaint that shewanted to return an item but was refused unfairlyWhile we did refuseto process a return for her item, the reason was because themanufacturer's warranty was voided - she had attempted to return thelights after installing and using them in a way that future customerswould be unable to use them.Our warranty, which covers each respective manufacturers' warranty,explains that we are happy to process a return if the item isdefective, damaged or even if the customer does not want them anymore- so long as they haven't been installed and usedHowever, thecustomer can't return an item that they claim does not fit if the itemhas shown the wear and tear found after being used - which is whathappened in this case.We offered the customer a 15% discount on all future orders to try tolessen the financial blow, but she did not follow up on this offer.Please let me know if I can provide further assistance.Best,***--*** ** *** | The Auto Part ProsAutolightpros.comCell: ***Office:***

Here's the UPS Tracking:*** *** ***

To Whom It May Concern:
We find it hard to take responsibility for the issue with this customer who states "I ordered a grille that aparently ended up being a bumper grille...So I received the wrong grille"
If you look at the TITLE of the product:
class="title" " margin: 0px; padding: 0px background-">CHEVY SILVERADO BLACK RL SERIES BUMPER MESH GRILLE - RBPIt clearly states that it is a bumper grilleWe don't really know how else to advertise our product more clearlyGranted, the image includes the front of the vehicle, but these are images that are supplied by the manufacturers that we need to use to advertise their productsOf course, on the front of the vehicle, the main grille is going to be larger than the bumper grille, which by the way is featured in the imageHowever, every single website that offers this product uses this image, because as we stated, it is supplied by the manufacturerThis customer was charged the restocking fee because they ordered incorrectly despite all of the information on our end being featured prominently, and correctlyIf we had incorrect data, or if there was an issue with the item, there would not be a feeFurthermore, we offer free shipping to our customers, so when there is a return without an issue with the product (other than the customer ordering the wrong item), we cannot incur these costsOur return policy is clearly stated on our website: ***
Auto Grille Pros

This company is ridiculous!! You cannot contact them via phone It only takes you to an automated voice-mail Email is also a jokeI sent around different emails before I got a response that was not even helpfulI had to get a hold of not only auto light pros but another company to return an item that didn't fit my car After shipping the item back it took over a month and a half to recieve my refund Only to find out they take 30%of what I paid for a "restocking fee"This company is bull ***!!! Horrible non existing costumer service! I will never go through this company again

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