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AutoNation Chevrolet North

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Please let me know exactly how much if it has not been refunded yet, also how did you put it down, cash, credit card and or checkAlong with that the receipt and if it was a check please provide proof it has cleared your account and I will get a full refund

AUTONATION CHEVROLET NORTHDEALERSHIP RESPONSE TO [redacted] COMPLAINT On November 3rd 2015, Ms [redacted] visited AutoNation Chevrolet North and purchased a Toyota Camry with VIN# [redacted] During the floor interview, my Finance manager who contracted the loan, Mr [redacted] , discovered that Ms [redacted] had put on the credit application her present physical address as [redacted] and a work address of [redacted] in GeorgiaWhen questioned, Ms [redacted] stated that she was thinking of staying in Colorado or moving back to GeorgiaMr [redacted] stressed to Ms [redacted] the importance of keeping her job or being employed in order to arrange the financing on the loanMs [redacted] at this point decided to change her present address to [redacted] ***, which was corrected on the credit application and also on the rest of the loan documents which Ms [redacted] signedThe loan was contracted with a down payment of $however Ms [redacted] could only come up with only $on the day of the contract as a depositWe decided to deliver the vehicle to Ms [redacted] on a dealer demo plate and gave her 24hrs to bring the balance of $2150, current proof of residence and proof of income dated within daysOn November 6th 2015, Ms [redacted] came with the mother [redacted] to write two checks of $and $on her behalf to cover the rest of the payment, which they requested the dealership to hold both checks till 11/20/and 12/7/respectivelyThe dealership has an agreement with United Transactions (a check Authorization Company) where they will hold a check up to days, so we were able to hold those checksUpon payment of the money and delivery of the vehicle, we started working with lenders to secure approvalHowever, due to the challenge nature of Ms [redacted] credit score, which was in the 300’s and 400’s, we were limited to couple lenders we could seek financing withWe received a Conditional Approval from American Credit Acceptance, however, they were asking for a total of $down paymentWe called the lender to see if we could negotiate on the down payment, which they explained that the customer does not score well in their system and as such could not drop itWe contacted Ms [redacted] of the situation and suggested that the only way we could put the deal together was either with more money down or a qualified co-signer or bothAt this point Ms [redacted] had already moved back to GA with the vehicleShe told us she will ask around and let us know who can co-sign for herSince Ms [redacted] was with the vehicle out of state, we did our best to work with this long distance deal and the relationship we just found ourselvesMs [redacted] informed us that her sister was willing to co-sign with herOn November 17th 2016, we emailed her the information needed from her sisterMs [redacted] replied via email her sister’s ( [redacted] Henry) information and we submitted to the lender with both of them on the same dayWe received a conditional Approval again, requiring $down from the customerWe however got a second call, this time the lender was requiring $down from the customer and the dealership had to pay lender fee of $The 2nd option was $down payment from the customer and the dealership pays $in lender feesSince Ms [redacted] could not come up with the $down, the dealership decided to go with the 2nd option to pay the higher fee while Ms [redacted] only came up with additional $to make up the $required to do the deal, which Ms [redacted] agreed to doWe told her that we will reprint new documents and fedEx them out for both to signWe informed her again that we will need their most current paystubs, proof of address and the additional $when sending the contract backMs [redacted] claim that she received a call from the dealership weeks after moving back to Georgia is falseThough we don’t know when she moved back to GA, our records indicates that Ms [redacted] took delivery of the vehicle on 11/3/and was back at the dealership on 11/4/and 11/6/trying to make up her down paymentWe contacted her within business days that we needed more money down and or a co-signer to make the deal workWe kept waiting for Ms [redacted] and Ms [redacted] to provide us the required paystubs, proof of residence and Driver’s License for Ms [redacted] but nothing was comingOn November 27th 2015, Ms [redacted] emailed us saying she was still waiting for her sister’s paystubs, Driver’s License and also trying to get the $We told her we were going to send the contract out to them and have them send back with the required stipulationAs promised, new documents were printed and dated 11/28/and sent out for signaturesHowever the contract came back signed but did not include the currents paystubs, proof of residence and the $Ms [redacted] old paystub we had was over days old and we could not use, and also her YTD income total of $did not match the period worked which she indicated on the credit applicationWhen contacted, Ms [redacted] informed us that she was on sick leave and her sister [redacted] was also on maternity leave and didn’t know when they were going back to workWe asked if they could get letters from their employers to indicate they were still employed and when they were going back to work to bridge the gap, but the job letters never cameAt this point it looked like we had no jobs to proof to the lenderWe also did ask for the $more down payment as discussed and as indicated and signed on the new contractWe received the contract back on or around December 4th We sent the contract in to the lender, for the lender to start their verifications to avoid further more delaysOn December 12th we contacted Ms [redacted] that we were still waiting for the lender stipulation in order to get this deal FinalizedShe did reply that day that she had her paystub but her sister was not working anymoreWe told her to send us her paystub to send to the lender to see if that will workHowever, on December 17th the lender sent an email requesting that we reprint the Purchase Agreement and the Retail Installment Contract to reflect a selling price to $to meet their guidelines and also suggested that we not change the contract dateThe lender also requested that since the proof of income and proof of residence they have on file was more than days old, they needed current paystubs and proof of residence dated within daysWe communicated this to Ms [redacted] and sent out again the contract with the changes the lender requiredUpon receiving the newly signed contract back, on January 7th 2015, we sent it overnight to the lenderOnce again Ms [redacted] did not send the required current proof of income and proof of residence with the contractAt this point time was running out with the lenderOn January 14th 2016, the lender informed us by email that if we do not provide the required documents to fund the deal, they were going to reject the contractOn January 15th 2016, we received another email from the lender that we had up to 5pm to submit the required documents else the contract will be rejectedAll efforts to get the required documents to meet the deadline had failed and the contract was rejectedThe lender informed us that since the contract had gone past the first payment date, we now have to resubmit for a new approval, re-contract and required new current proof of income and proof of residenceWe contacted Ms [redacted] about the latest development and informed her that in order for us to move forward again with the deal, we will need the required current proof of income and proof of residence for both of them dated within days upfront for review before we resubmit a new application to the lenderFollowing various communications between Mr [redacted] and Ms [redacted] , she finally emailed the paystubs and proof of residence to Mr [redacted] on January 21st Though Ms [redacted] had earlier told us that her sister [redacted] was no longer working, however she was able to provide new paystubs for herMr [redacted] later brought me the paystubs to reviewAfter careful review it was very obvious that the paystubs for both Ms [redacted] and Ms [redacted] had been alteredThe fonts did not matchThe digit (and 0) did not match the same fonts on the same pageThe YTD income for [redacted] for the period ending 1/12/showed $The figures were not lined up and the check period dates had been erased, compared to a previous paystub for Ms [redacted] from the same companyWe considered this as an attempt to defraud the dealershipAt this point, we had gone over and above very consideration to help Ms [redacted] to be put in this situation, and as the Finance Director of the dealership, I did not want to put the dealership and our lenders in this fraudulent situationWe also found out that the checks that Ms [redacted] Mom wrote, the one for $returned as NFS and she did put a stop payment on the one for $We therefore decided to undo the deal without any legal charges against Ms [redacted] and Ms [redacted] and just move onWe informed Ms [redacted] via email on January 21st 2016, that we were no longer interested in moving forward with the deal since the documents she provided us had been altered and asked her to drop off the vehicle at AutoNation Honda Thornton Road, at [redacted] by the end of the dayThis was the closest location to her houseMs [redacted] refused to drop off the vehicle as directed and at this point she stopped answering our callsOn January 26th we sent Ms [redacted] a text message that if we do not hear from her immediately, we were going to report the vehicle as stolen to the State of Georgia PoliceShe called back immediately to Mr [redacted] and said she was out of state and will drop off the vehicle when she gets backAt this point we just wanted to get our vehicle and move onWe contracted the service of a Repo recovery company to recover the vehicle since she had refused previous directives to drop off the vehicleThe vehicle was recovered on January 29th and we later directed Ms [redacted] to the location of the vehicle to go get her personal belongings out and turn in the key, which she did on February 2nd.We can also provide all the documents necessary to further solidify our position on this matter

Ms [redacted] purchased a [redacted] wagon on 6/4/At time of purchases the vehicle had 162,miles and the vehicle was sold "as-is"At time of purchase there were no emission issues with the vehicleMs [redacted] returned to the dealership with the vehicle on 6/23/with the check engine light presentThe vehicle had been driven 1,miles since the purchaseThe dealership diagnosed the vehicle at no charge to Ms [redacted] and advised her that she would need a catalytic convertor in order for her check engine light to be resolved thus enabling her to pass the emission testSince the vehicle was sold "as-is" and was agreed upon by the customer, the dealership has no responsibility to fix the vehicle as Ms [redacted] is suggestingHowever, if Ms [redacted] would like, the dealership will over a 20% discount for the parts and labor associated with the repair I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11295504, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Mr [redacted] , I have reviewed your vehicle you purchased a year ago and their was some negative equity on the vehicle you purchased, along with natural depreciation of the vehicle you would like to trade in this year appears to have compoundedNow I understand this can present with a challenge in trading in and we always try to give every best option for the bank requirements to secure fundingI am a little confused as to what your concern is, is it with the trade value, the financing options required by the bank or a warranty issue which I cannot find any details on yet you mentionedPlease feel free to contact my office phone directly, I reviewed all inbound calls to our store and do not have one to my office and I do have an open door policyMy direct is 303-301-2454, I am out of town this week and will be back in town next week.Thank you,Nathan

Mr [redacted] upon his purchase, did express that he wanted to secure his own financing through Rio GrandeUnfortunately, Rio Grande is not a lender with whom we do business with, so as customary, we advised Mr [redacted] that we needed to do a "backup contract" (which the customer signed)using similar bank structure until he could replace it with his own financingOver days went by without the customer providing a letter of credit, or his money, so that we could unwind the [redacted] "backup contract"Consequently we cashed the contract and ultimately over time [redacted] was looking for a first payment.Rio Grande did in fact send us funds (much later) so we took it upon ourselves to do the right thing, unwind the [redacted] deal and re-write using Rio essence we had been paid twice on the same contract.We believe the situation is resolved and all parties should be satisfied [redacted] General Manager

While I understand the customer's frustrations, the money was not in house in a timely manner as we advisedWe are help to tight standards on cash flow which entails cashing contractsIf the money from Rio Grande was timely, we would have never have cashed the [redacted] contractThe customer also was advised and frankly if the customer disagreed he would not have signed the back up contractWe always want to have the customer choose their lender if they desire; however, we are required to pay vehicles off our floorplan (ALLY Bank) within days of delivery, so we cannot be left over days without funds

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:So the Autonation not responding to numerous phone calls would have been very effective on the lenders end of having a person to talk toThey sent out the money and paperwork within business day and that's not fast enoughI see the excuses hitting brick walls all the way aroundThe check was sent and contact was attempted within to business daysmonths went by with no regard for double payment nor several voice mails and emailsWhich I have clearly stated in my complaintWhat is the reason for no response? Is that my fault as well? Funny thing is this is not my first vehicle purchaseI went to Salt Lake to purchase a vehicle and the price didn't change, the paperwork was ready and I didn't leave with loans! months to resolve an issue were I'm being held accountable for an error on Autonations part is in no way my faultThe resolution and the Autonation excuses are not making this any better and do not make senseI am not happy with any of the work I have done on getting my credit from complete ruin and hearing nothing was done on my end on a timely matterWho wouldn't sign another credit ap when they know they are already approvedAt that point it is just a credit apWhen the funds are received and credit is confirmed the ap is voidnot here to argue anymoreThe price changed, the vehicle I purchased was not handled properly form day 4, loans were in my name for months before I got it resolvedAutonation is responsible for my credit going south as well as not returning any calls whatsoever! My credit union will be happy to testify to the multiple messages to see if they received the check and when they would be receiving the titleI'm sure they would be happy to write their own report about this episode that they had with Autonation! Sincerely, [redacted] ***

I have talked with her, she is coming in to explore her options in weeksIn regards to service, she has a warranty on the vehicle, we will look at it when she is back in town in weeks

I have attached all documentation informing Mr [redacted] of his car buying purchaseYou can review, he declined the warranty offered to him at time of purchaseHe was given the right to bring the vehicle to a mechanic and prior to purchase, he has that signed and a copy attachedHe also signed a Used Vehicle Acknowledgement form, where he signed that he had received the carfax, the Used Vehicle Buyers Guide and given the inspection reportThe Carfax is signed attached"We Owe" signed and attachedBuyers Guide, front and back signed and attachedI will out of good will, if not already done, discount the work to a lower labor rate, and cost on partsIf he would like to purchase the warranty, which was declined when offered at time of sale, I will sell him the warranty at a discounted ratePlease let me know if I may assist further Complaint Response Date bumped because: Data Base Migration I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted] yes thanks for the help after the complaint was sent the general manager contacted us and we reached a an agreement very quick thanks again for the help

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: It doesn't really resolve this issue What happened, did happen The manager indicates things in his reksponse that shows he does not understand what my phone call was aboutI made it clear in the phone call with [redacted] that I was interested in the Federal Tax Credit that was offered for the Volt Do they really not know what the Federal TAx Credit for EV's applies to? This IS their business to know about huge incentives associated with cars they sell The Federal Tax Credit is only offered on PURCHASES of NEW EV Vehicles Every reputable car dealership in the United STates knows this You cannot buy a used EV and get the tax credit I made it clear To [redacted] what I was looking forIf the salespersons do not understand the incentives associated with Electric Vehicles that would be a failure in training I guess But he DID seem to act like he understood what I was talking about I think he just wanted to get me in the door and knew he didn't have any such vehicle, and didn't care about being honest And LISTEN, this is NOT the first time someone at this store has done this us - my husband and I called them one other time looking for a Volt, over a year ago, and on that occasion they did the same thihng - they told us they had one, when in fact there was not one to be had on their entire lot When we got in there, they tried to sit us down and collect all our information and subsitutue something else There is nothing straightforward about they way the salespeople there handle customers requests They ignore what you are telling them you want and ask you questions about how much money you have, how much your payment has to be, even when you are telling them you do not want to discuss that, you just want to see the car they have told you they have And they try to string you along and make you think that as soon as you answer all their questeions, they will let you see the car But there is no car They are just sizing you up for their sales pitch when they try to persuade you to take something else It was infuriating and my husband swore he would never go back in there I thought maybe it was a one-time thing, and was willing to give them a second chance, but I see now they do this all the time If the manager is not willing to take a good look at what his salespeople are doing in this regard, then it will be his loss This isn't about whether he can "say" his people were rightHe needs to know his people are pissing customers off As far as his mention of surveillance Yes, someone DID follow me out towards my car as I stated I never said anyone "BLOCKED" me, I said he followed me out toward my car, and yes, he was yelling "MISSMISS..." Yes that DID happen I don't know what surveillance the manager is referring to, but it is doubly clear to me now that he is only interested in trying to refute what I am saying instead of listening to what is going on, on his sales floor and on his lot I can only assume that these tactics are OK with him and that is how they do business SO NOT OKAY SO DISReSPECTFUL of customers So to him I'd say, gee thanks for listening to the phone call Listen and look some more I had no reason to make thi sup and I certainly had better things to do than APPARENTLY WASTE it trying to get you to see that your salespeople are employing some very invalidative tactics If you approve of what they do, that most likely means you are only in it for a one-time sale and o repeat business, and you don't EXPECT people to ever come back, EVER Sincerely, [redacted]

The dealership had an approval, with providing all bank requirements the approval changed as the bank required documents did not all matchWe do have a new approval with yes a change to the bank approval on money downWe have refunded all funds to the guest and are willing to continue to assist

Tell us why here...Mr [redacted] , you mentioned a 2nd opinion with your vehicle has not taken placeI will out of a courtesy good will jesture have our service department contact you and take care of a tow if needed and diagnostics for you to have
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution to look at safetyconcernand fix buffing scratches at best is satisfactory to mePlease forward to dealer to read my reply and desireto handle and fix my concerns.Sincerely,
*** ***
Attn: Autonation In response to the business replyI held my upset well in my phone conversation with *** * the sales managerI will accept the Autonation dealer to look at the damage as it is a safety concern in my eyes and also do the offered buffing of those scratches mentioned in hopes of getting them out hopefullyI would like to drop the vehicle off on Saturday 9/or Monday 9/18,Tuesday 9/which day works best for this dealer to promptly handle the issues at handPlease let me knowThanks, ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

As mentioned, your more than welcome to come visit with me personallyI have given you my personal information to contact meI am confused as to what you would like me to do furtherI understand you will not be visiting us in the futureThank you for all of your detailsIf there is nothing specific I can do please allow the to close the case

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Attn: Auto Nation North/Nathan,
Cc: Case #
In response to the email I received back from the dated 12/22/
*** we purchased a high mileage extended warranty on the vehicle and would like to use this warranty to get our BMW XrepairedWe are NOT interested in trading in the vehicle; as we had just purchased the vehicle from you 8/29/and have been trying to get this resolved for several monthsWe searched for over a year to find the BMW Xwe purchased from Auto Nation North with the 4.8isThey are a rare find as it took us many years to locate our other Xthat we've owned for close to years
Please see the attached letter from the warranty companyThis letter states Auto Nation North would like to take care of repairs to our vehicleThis is what we would like to happenWe would like the vehicle warranty honored and repaired
I know you are aware that I've tried for many months to get into contact with YOU, *** *** *** who is the service manager and Auto Nation North manager *** Instead of you calling me back to solve this, you have two salesman call me to try and get me to trade in the vehicle and refund me the warranty moneyTrading in the vehicle does not solve the problems wrong with the BMW Xthat Auto Nation North sold usThis would only push the problems on to the next owner and put us in a vehicle that we don't even like costing *** and I additional unwanted moneyWhy should we be out-because Auto Nation North doesn't want to repair our vehicle? After repeat calls and text messages that I have saved from your salesman-I did in fact tell *** via text: *** that I was not interested in trading in the vehicle and if he contacted me again asking to trade in the vehicle, I would call the policeAfter telling your salesman several times that I wasn't interested in trading in the vehicle and they flat out told me no that Auto Nation would not fix my vehicle-yes you better bet I told him I would contact the policeI was being harassed to trade in a vehicle I purchased from you less than months agoTrading in the vehicle is not solving the issue
Our request:
#1-Auto Nation North-honor the warranty and repair our vehicle(You haven't even offered to do a diagnostics on the vehicle to see what's even wrong with the vehicle yourselfYou're taking the word from a third party auto repair shop.)
#2-Give us back our Chevy Tahoe we traded in and any money back that we invested into the BMW Xthat we purchased from you
We've put new wheels and tires on the vehicle (because they needed replaced/repaired)
New rotors and brakes (all four) (because they needed replaced)
Cost to repair of two front boots (because they needed repaired)
All money returned for warranties purchasinclude high mileage, oil changes, windshields ECT
Return of our down payment
Auto Nation North-pay off any money owed to Bellco CU for the loan to pay it off and we will return the vehicle back to Auto Nation North
Cost for replacing all decals
Cost for replacing the two front air shocks
Cost for a four wheel alignment
Please let us know how you/Auto Nation North would like to solve this issue
Thank you,
*** ***
(Extended Warranty)

This is an electronic title from his financing company, we can not issue a check until we have titleWe expect through his financing company, whom we paid the loan off as agreed at the purchaseThis financial institution is a little slow on title transfersI expect to see this guest have his
funds / check next week later in the week

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