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To whom it may concern, 
We contacted the customer and addressed the customer's issues/concerns. We will be scheduling to have the hot tub picked up from the customer's residence and returned to the factory for testing. 
If you have additional questions regarding this...

matter, please contact our customer service at [redacted]

To whom it may concern, Mr. [redacted] contacted our customer service department via email on 7/16/2015 wishing to cancel the scheduled service call (see [redacted]), as the hot tub was operational. If the customer is under the impression that the hot tub is still in need of service, he can contact our customer service via telephone or email. Thank you.

To Whom it May Concern, Mrs. [redacted] contacted our customer service department on July 27th in regards to a hot tub she purchased through another manufacturer that is no longer in operation. The customer wished to file a warranty claim for a 'defective' topside control panel. At this time,...

we informed the customer that we did not manufacture the product she purchased, and the warranty through the original manufacturer was void, as they are no longer in operation. In the interest of goodwill, we extend the terms and conditions of our warranty to owners of hot tubs purchased through this manufacturer with a Barefoot Brand name and will cover parts and labor for a genuine defect in the manufacturing process as stated in our warranty. However, as stated in the terms and conditions of our warranty, "any component not manufactured by Barefoot spas, is warranted by the source manufacture past ninety days from the original date of purchase." (please see attached). Because we did not manufacture Mrs. [redacted]'s product, we cannot facilitate this warranty claim with the source of the topside control in question. If you have further questions, please contact our customer service team. Thank you.

Having another problem with a pump on our Barefoot Spa we purchased 2 years ago. I say another because this is the 2nd pump that has went bad ( we have 2 pumps on spa). First pump they did replace under warranty, but it was only about 3 months after purchase. Barefoot had me send a video of the noise the pump is making. They are saying this pump has a bad seal and is not covered under warranty. Tried to reason with them, but got nowhere. I would think a seal is part of the pump. They also said they no longer use this pump manufacturer. I wonder why?? I would never purchase a tub from them, had I known they do not stand behind their product. We feel we spent a lot of money on a [redacted].

During the sales process our sales rep told us that we would not need any chemicals in our tub because the "ozone generator" took care of sanitizing the water which is completely false.
In attempting to report an issue we have had with our tub after only having it for 6 months I have left several messages via phone, email, and the electronic form on their website and have not had my issue resolved. On several occasions I called and found their company's voicemail box full with no explanation or alternative contact method given. This is very unprofessional. When I am able to reach someone (which has only happened three times in over 18 attempts) they say that "someone else is working on my complaint and that they will call me back with more information." I have yet to be called back.
If you are in the market for a hot tub do NOT go with this company-- they are unprofessional and do not seem the least bit concerned with customer service after you have given them your money.

To whom it may concern, [redacted] purchased a hot tub from Signature Productions, a Barefoot Authorized Reseller, that was delivered to his residence on 06/09/2015. He contacted our customer service department on 08/07/2015 noting that the jet two button in his topside was no longer...

operational. We received authorization from the customer to dispatch a service technician on 08/10/2015. We contacted a local service center, who scheduled service for 08/20/2015. Upon servicing the customers spa, the service company notated that a new topside control was needed. We received the serial number for the topside control from the customer on 08/25/2015 needed to get a replacement sent from the supplier. This information was provided to the supplier, and a replacement topside has been sent to the customers location (UPS tracking number [redacted]). Once the part has arrived, the local service company will be scheduled for installation. Please call if you have questions, thanks!
I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.The hot tub has not ever been serviced by anyone else, this is the first time that I had an issue with the hot tub, and the representative sent out by barefoot spas stated that this was a workmanship issue not a defective part

As I was walking around the [redacted] on opening day, I came to the Barefoot hot tub display. While looking at them, a salesman, [redacted], came over to help me. He was quite knowledgeable, personable, and friendly. I asked him a ton of questions to which he always answered in a pleasant manner. He was not pushy and remained friendly. I had been interested in getting a hot tub for a long time and thought this was a fair price, so I decided to purchase the hot tub. Delivery was scheduled for several days later. I have been enjoying my hot tub every day since I got the electrical hookup. I have called and texted [redacted] several times since my purchase with questions. He has always answered me promptly and been as personable as before the sale.

To whom it may concern, 
[redacted] and [redacted] purchased a spa we manufactured from one of our distributors. She has contacted our customer service department on several occasions and expressed concerns about dirty water in her spa. More than one representative expressed to the...

customer that based on over the phone troubleshooting, the hot tub is filtering as designed and the dirty water is likely caused by a heavy bather load and recommended adding a supplementary sanitizer to the customer's maintenance regime. The customer expressed that she did not share the same opinion, and wanted a technician out for further diagnosis. Because the customer did not wish to complete the authorization form required for service as stated in the terms and conditions of the limited warranty, we would not be able to facilitate this service. We provided the name and number of the local contracted service technician, because the customer expressed they would like to contract with him directly. Based on our conversations with Rick from [redacted], the customer has yet to schedule this service, but based on his communications with the customer, he also believes that spa is filtering normal. 
Please let us know if you have questions!
I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]
There was no offer but rather three statements
1. It is true that there were no "brochures", instead I was guided to the Barefoot internet web site for information.  The [redacted] "Owners Manual" printed from that site on 2-22-2014 describes the "Gate Valves" as part of their "Internal Components", page 15, and why they are included.  I noticed as I was creating this response that they have since changed their "Owners Manual" to include "General Components" without "Gate Valves".  Perhaps they took my suggestion to upgrade their web site.
2. The examination of the EXACT unit delivered did not include removing the front panel, which is screwed on, for inspection.  Instead we were shown a similar model which was already opened for inspection.  That unit contained "Gate Valves".  The salesman said that all units were made the same way.  In a subsequent phone conversation with the salesman, he stated that all the units he was familiar with contained Gate Values like the one we viewed.
3. The person responding from Barefoot must be new this year and must not be familiar with the previous "Owners Manual" or other [redacted] units manufactured for Barefoot.
I was rather disturbed by the tone of Barefoot's response as it seems most unprofessional.  They did not appear to want a resolution, but rather claimed "..we told him we do not use them", clearly not a truthful response to what was told to me by the salesman and a different tone than [redacted] email.
I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.A hot tub requires chemicals to maintain good water condition.  These chemicals, as well as minerals in plain tap water, leave a residue when the water they are dissolved in evaporates.  The failed pump seals in question initially start leaking (dripping) when the pump is on. Eventually the seal worsens and the leak becomes a continual drip both when the pump is on and off.  This dripping water eventually evaporates and a residue begins to form.  Part of the residue is from the tap water the other is from the chlorine and other chemicals used to maintain good water quality in the tub.  I sent photos of the pump with the bad seal to Barefoot Spas and they immediately denied the warranty claim based on a residue in the photo.  They claimed the residue was Calcium and is abrasive to the seals.  I provided the Hot tub's water analysis and the Water Authority's annual Water Quality report indicating that the water supply has "very low" Calcium content.  Barefoot Spas then claimed it was too much Chlorine.  I explained that Chlorine is used to sanitize the water but I frequently monitor the levels because my 14 year old daughter has sensitive skin and gets a rash if excessive Chlorine is use.  After that discussion, Barefoot Spas claimed that there must be something in the water that is prematurely wearing out the seals.  I have taken my water samples to professional water testers and have yet to find this "mystery material" in my water which results in pre-mature pump seal failures.  I have provided the water reports from my local spa dealer as well as annual water report(s) from the water authority all of which indicate no abnormal/extreme water conditions.  Nothing has been identified as being abnormal with my water, yet based on residue, which one would expect due to months of the pump's dripping, Barefoot Spas has avoided paying warranty expenses.  The expense was paid by the consumer.  These leaks have cost the consumer $700. to repair.
Another example of Barefoot Spa's not honoring their warranties is the drain valve would not open and eventually pulled out of it's housing.  I advised Barefoot Spas of this and they claimed I had debris in my valve.  I keep the tub in pristine condition.  They denied the claim assuming the consumer must have done something wrong.  The consumer purchased a new valve and had the repair done.  Subsequent to my notifying B. S. of the drain valve issue, and being denied warranty service, their CEO advised me that they had multiple issues with the drain valves and had an newly engineered solution which solved the previous problems.  Despite this admittance to having a defective component, no warranty assistance was provided.
There is a lengthy email chain between Barefoot Spa's CEO and a Consumer of his products that depict how a prospective Consumer may expect to be treated regarding potential warranty claims.  This has been submitted to the in a prior email.
The Barefoot Spas method to market is to sell their products at trade shows and deliver their products the same or next day, based on the inventory they bring to the show.  I was skeptical about post-sale support and should have followed my instincts.  However, I chose to buy the tub and am realizing unacceptable Post-Sale support from this company.  The approach the company takes from the CEO down to the Customer Service rep is that the consumer is at fault and avoid warranty expenses.  Prospective buyers beware.

In early January 2015 my wife and I went to a spa sale in our area.  Barefoot was the spa on display which was being promoted by [redacted].  They had several model on display but said all were sold and they would have to order on for us but we would get the newer model. He said it would take 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.
Our salesman went over the benefits of the Barefoot spas and told us it came with a factory warranty of 5 years parts and labor.  I inquired if this was an in home warranty and he said that it was covered completely.  I asked about how long to get it serviced and he said they have service centers in our area.  I again asked if there would be any charge to come to our home for repair and he said there should not be any trip fees.
It was time to discuss price and he first gave me the retail price and the price they would sell it to me for that day only.  I responded that the price was too expensive compared to comparable models we have already looked at with another vendor.  He asked where we needed to be and I gave him their price.  He went over to a supervisor and came back with a price in between mine and the first price.  I told him thanks for showing me their product and started to leave.  He asked me to wait and went back to his boss.  He came back with that he got his boss to throw in every discount and gave me another price and again I thanked him but declined.  He went back again and came over with my price and how he had to really sell it to his boss.
I agreed to the price and asked how much down to order the spa.  He told me to get the price I had to pay for it today in full.  I gave him the full payment and during the transaction he said I would probably have the spa in only 4 weeks instead of the longer time.   He said I would receive a call from Barefoot Spas within a week to welcome me to their family of spa owners.
I waited two weeks and had not heard from Barefoot Spas so I called them to make sure my order was being processed.  The had the order but had not got around to calling me.  While I had them on the phone I inquired about the warranty and they told me that it only came with a 90 day in home warranty.  When I told them what the salesman had told me they said to take it up with [redacted].
I called [redacted] and they said to take it up with their salesman or Barefoot as [redacted] did not cover the warranty. I called the salesman and he replied that there must be new people working at Barefoot and they do not know what they are talking about and he quoted again that the 5 year warranty was an complete in house warranty.  When I called back to [redacted] they said that I would have to talk to the salesman supervisor.
When I talked to the supervisor he said they salesman denied telling me that it came with a 5 year in house warranty.  Then he said they had just fired that salesman. He then said he believed me over the salesman but could not do anything about the warranty as they worked for [redacted] and not Barefoot Spas. When I started to push the issue of what they were going to do for me the next thing he said was "there are no refunds" and he could not do anything about the warranty and would have to talk to Barefoot Spas.  He did send me an extra startup chemical kit but nothing else would be done.
I finally got a call toward the end of February that my spa would be delivered on Sunday March 1.  I let them know that would be good as Sunday was my day off from work.  I made arrangements to have an electrician to be available to hook up the electric to the spa that day.  On Thursday before I got a call from the delivery man asking if we could change to Wednesdayas he truck broke and he would not have it ready before then.  I told him I had to work and he said he could be there by 6 am.  I made arrangements to go into work late that day.  He was there about 6 am but his helper was delayed.  We waited a little while and then found out that the helper would not be available that morning.  He asked if I could help him as he would do most of the lifting.  I informed him I would try but have some issues with my back.  We could not get it up the steps. I called my brother and he happened to still be home and he came to help.  We eventually got it onto the deck but I had to leave quickly and get to work.  Being early March it was dark when I leave and come home from work.  The first day I had to set up the spa wasSunday and found damage to the corner and side of the outside.
I called [redacted] first thing Monday morning and they told me there was nothing they could do as I signed the invoice and accepted the spa.  I called Barefoot Spas and they told me that they did not cover the deliver and would not do anything for me.
When I got the spa filled most of the way with water it started leaking.   I called Barefoot and left a message.  When I got a call back they wanted me to open the sides and find out why it was leaking.  I thought buying a brand new spa I would not have issues or at least the manufacture would have a service technician take care of finding out what the problem would be.  I did take of the side and found a supply line broken near the pump. I had almost 300 gallons of water leak out of the spa.  Good thing it is outside and not in my basement.
They said they would have to find a repair service in my area.  I commented that I was told they have personnel already available in my market.  I did not hear back from them for a couple days so I called back to check on the status and had to leave a message.  I waited a day and had no response.  I called back again and got a person.  They gave me the name of a vendor that I could call or they would have them contact me.  They were also shipping me a part to repair my spa.  I called the shop and the gentleman came out to see what the problem was with my spa. The part had not arrived but he had pieces with him that he was able to use.
I filled the spa again and everything seemed to work.  At this time I found that one of the jets did not work.  I called Barefoot and again they asked me to take the part of the spa and exchange it with another jet to see if it fixed the problem.  I was told that are the spas and parts are checked at the factory but evidently they are not.  They said they would have a service center come out and take a look at the issue.  
I figured I would call the technician that came out the first time and set up an appointment as I had to do it the last time.  When I talked with him he said he still did not have a work order for the original repair and would not set up a time till he had verification he would be paid.  
Then I received a phone call from a different repair center letting me know they would be out to check my spa.  They showed up and determined that it needed a new jet and a housing.  They contacted Barefoot and was told they would ship the part direct to my house.  It arrived a few days later and I contacted this same vendor and a they came out the next week.
They could not fix the spa as the parts sent from Barefoot did not match.  How could they send both parts at the same time that fit each other and not check to make sure they worked ?  The technician ordered another part.  While waiting for the replacement part my spa got another leak.  I lost almost all the water out of my spa again, way over 200 gallons of well water.  
The technician had to come out again and determine what was leaking and order a part.   I received the part and called Barefoot for them to get the technician back out for the repair.  I left a message and waited a day and did not hear back again.  I called them again and left another message and finally got a call back.  They said for me to call the repair center and gave me the information for the first repair center.  I told the lady that there was a second vendor who looked at the last two problems and which one did they want me to use.  She said just call the second repair center.
At this time I asked to speak with the supervisor for their customer service.  She was not there but they would give her a message to call me.  I called the service center and set up an appointment but they could not get there to the next week.  A week by and I had not heard back from the supervisor at Barefoot so I called back.  I had to leave another message in the morning and waited till almost the end of the day with no reponse. I called back and an employee answered the phone.  I asked about not getting a call from the person in charge and she said she sent her an email the same day I had first called.  She put me thru to her voicemail and I left another message to contact me.
The technician came out and was able to repair the leak and install the new jet.  I filled the spa again and everything seemed to work fine but I was still frustrated with the whole way everything was handled by Barefoot Spas and [redacted].  
At this time I contacted the due to the poor customer service I had received.  Multiple times I was told things that were not correct by a salesman and multiple times I never got a call back from employees of Barefoot Spas and [redacted].  If you look at my original issues I sent to the, Barefoot only responded to one of the three issues.  They only responded to the second two concerns after they got the response back from me thru the that I was not satisfied with what they had done to rectify the problems.
I never have had anyone from either company call me at anytime to thank me for purchasing their product or call and check to see how my spa is performing after all the issues.  From the delivery time of March 4 it was another 6 weeks before I was actually able to use my spa.  
If you need anymore information please contact me, 
Thanks [redacted]

To whom it may concern, On September 11, 2014, [redacted] submit a website inquiry looking for an owner's manual for a spa purchased and delivered through a distributor. Our representative contacted the customer that same day and provided this instructions via email, and informed the customer...

that they are available for download at anytime on our website. On October 2, 2014, the customer left a 2 star review on our company [redacted] page stating the following "Bought the [redacted] manuals are not any good, small defects with the pool and spa, maintenance costs are way more then the sales man from Signature Production's sales man said they would be, still do not know what all optional items are on my pool, it's like they dropped it off and said "here sucker good luck" they won't respond to email complaints" We do not have record of any e-mails from the customer that went unanswered, however, upon receiving the customers complaint, we responded on the company [redacted] page "[redacted], I apologize that you have not been able to get in touch with us so we can better assist you in learning to operate your new Barefoot Spa! Our customer support line is available 7 days a week, or you can email us with any questions you may have! Our system indicates that our team member [redacted] contacted you on September 11th to check that everything was running smoothly, and sent you instructions on how to drain the spa. If you have other questions, we are always happy to help!" and a member of our customer service department followed up via telephone and left a voicemail for the customer. The customer did not return our call at that time, but submit a new website inquiry on June 15, 2015 stating that he had lost power to his hot tub. We tried to reach the customer at both numbers on file daily and were unable to reach him or leave a message. The customer called in again on June 19, 2015 and we were able to initiate a warranty claim on his behalf. The warranty claim is currently in process and a local technician will be schedule service with the customer to determine the nature of the defect. Please contact us if you need additional information. Thank you! [redacted]
[redacted] Also called the customers number on file and left a message asking them to call me back on my direct number.

To whom it may concern, 
While we respect the opinion of the technician in the field, we do not agree with his conclusion that the panels cracked from over tightening on installation, as the panels were not cracked at the time of delivery. As stated in the terms and conditions of the...

warranty, if the panelling had a defect that impacted the structural integrity of the spa that was caused by our manufacturing process, Barefoot Spas would replace them at no charge to the customer. However, the damages noted are only cosmetic, and not eligible for warranty coverage regardless of the origin of the defect. I have [redacted] a copy of the terms and conditions of the warranty for your review.

I bought a Spa from Barefoot Spas at a trade show in December 2014 that carried a 5 year warranty. In the last month or the spa developed a leak on one of the pumps. I contacted Barefoot Spa and made them aware of the issue and expected it to be taken care by the warranty without any issues.

They declined my requested and stated "due to calcium deposits the pump is not covered under warranty" and they further stated I would be responsible for all repair costs. These people have very unethical business practices and are a complete sham.

Do not understand how they have a A+ Rating with the Their salesman (Marko Franklin) and the Customer Service Representative that was on my case (Cyndi don't know here last name) are both very unprofessional and rude. I understand in talking with people in the Spa Industry locally in the Roanoke VA are that Barefoot Spas went by another name several years ago they had a terrible reputation of ripping epople off and they went bankrupt only to resurface under a new Brand with the same business practices as before and are now go by the name of Barefoot Spas. I just wish I had known that information prior to me purchasing this spa or I would have never done business with them.

It's a shame business like these exist but I hope you can help remedy my situation. At the very lease I hope this complaint can help othjer people to stay aware from this company and not suffer financially or emotionally as I have. Hope to hear back from you.

Barefoot Spas Response • May 02, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:
Per the terms and conditions, our warranty covers defects in the manufacturing process. Calcium build in the pump is caused by improper water chemistry and therefore would not be covered. If the customer would still like to proceed with the repair, the distributor would be happy to facilitate it.

Thank you,

Amanda T

8401 Fort Darling Road
North Chesterfield, VA 23237
(804) 298-3939 Office
*** Direct

Customer Response • May 02, 2018

I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
The contractors Barefoot Spas hired to inspect my hot tub never inspected the damaged motor to prove whether or not the machine was leaking/ malfunctioning due to a manufacturing defect or not. All they saw was calcium buildup on the machine from photos taken and assumed the leak was caused by neglect on our part

To whom it may concern, 
We do not have record of a purchase from Miss. [redacted]. Based on the purchase date, it would appear the product was purchased from another manufacturer, and the number she is dialing is no longer in service. Our customer service may be able to assist the...

customer in locating a new cover. Our number is (804) 298-3950. Replacement covers can also be purchased from many outfits online, including [redacted].Thank you!

To whom it may concern, 
Our customer service department has attempted to explain the operation and design of the topside to the customer, but in an effort to help provide a better understanding, I have addressed some of his concerns/comments below..
Our controls are designed to...

maintain the customers selected temperature on the topside, the pump will run on low speed until it has exceeded this temperature by two degrees. If the temperature were to drop below the temperature selected by the customer, the heater will kick on and aid in heating the water until it is within one degree of that temperature. This is to maximize the usage of the ozone filtration (which only runs when the pump is running in low speed), and allow the spa to utilize the heat generated from the pump inside the cabinet so the heater is not running as frequently. Because the spa's pump and heater are not regularly kicking on and off throughout the day, the spa is more efficient and it will extend the life of the pump.In a more "traditional" spa, a customer would select a desired filter cycle and a mode setting. Based on our experience in the industry, these are very confusing for the average consumer, and limit the ability to maximize the usage of the filtration system, while still enjoy a comfortable water temperature. Because the mode settings and filter cycle settings are independent programs on these controls, they are often set in such a way that the spa is either not filtering enough to keep the water clean, or filtering too much that the spa would overheat and trip the breaker. 
Though the maximum temperature the customer is able to select on the hot tub is 104, any topside in the industry will not "overheat" until the temperature has exceeded 109 degrees. This is a federal industry standard. Ambient temperatures will effect the temperature of the water, so in warmer months, it is more likely that the temperature on the spa will exceed the selected temperature by 1 or 2 degrees. In colder months, it is more likely that the temperature of the water will drop and the heater will kick on. 
The product is covered under our manufacturer's warranty, so if there was a defect in the topside, we would happily dispatch a technician to determine if a replacement is needed. However, based on the customer's comments, the hot tub is operating as it was designed. We apologize that it is "different" then the hot tub he owned previously, and hope that he now understands that our hot tubs are designed to be "easy to use" and efficient so they can be enjoyed for many years to come.
If the customer has questions about the purchase, he would need to contact the distributor he purchased from. As the manufacturer of the product, Barefoot Spas was not involved in the purchase process. 
Please let us know if you have further questions. Thank you! 
Customer Service Manager
I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]
Pump was installed on 9/19/15., after three week wait. Barefoot is very unprofessional.  Did not return five phone calls for a week.
I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.1. The spa I purchased has Barefoot Spa's logo on the control panel. How can they prove that the control panel in question was NOT something manufactured by them? If they can I would like them to prove that the part/parts in question are not something they manufactured. I saw some panels that were clearly stamped with "[redacted]" however our control panel matches those shown on the current Barefoot spa website. 
2. The response states that Barefoot spas responded to my inquiry sent on 27Jul2015. This is false, I (Mrs. [redacted]) never received a return phone call  despite leaving a message on their voicemail nor a response to the email I sent them directly from address mandie[redacted] which provided a photo of our control panel and the PO documents. 
3. The document they have provided in their response was never provided to me at the time of purchase. The documents I received were provided to the for review with this complaint.

To Whom it May Concern, 
[redacted] and [redacted] purchased hot tub through a company that distributes our product. On Sunday evening, we received information that they needed assistance with the set up, and our customer service manager went above and beyond to aid the customer on...

her personal time. At that time, the customer disclosed that they did not contract a certified electrician to do the electrical installation as stated in the pre-installation requirements and the owner manual. Based on the issue described by the customer, we believe that the electrical installation was not properly installed, and may have damaged the internal equipment. We disclosed that it was possible that the electrical installation may have damaged the equipment, but offered to have a technician dispatched in normal business hours to confirm. A technician was dispatched, and believes that the pump needs to be replaced, however the technician neglected to contact us on site as stated in the work order to allow the supplier of the pump to further troubleshoot and have parts sent. The contracted technician offered to revisit the site to complete the troubleshooting and proceed with the customer's claim, and the customer declined. We are ready willing and able to proceed, if the customer desires. However, a replacement spa is not warranted.Please contact us if you have further questions! Thank you!

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