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Big B Blacktopping Service

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Sorry, job hasn't been repairedIt will be repaired by end of December*** ***%

As predicted, I have not heard a single thing from Big B and sons My driveway is still not repaired, I have received no calls to explain their inability to make good on their promiseDo I need
to re-submit my complaint? At this point I want a full refund so that I may hire a reputable company to do the job right
Thank you,
*** ***

I [redacted] have talked to Mr. [redacted] and agreed to repair driveway by the end of Feb. if weather permits.

Review: Driveway poured on 8|30|12. Driveway held water in three large places to form deep puddles. We notified [redacted] the next day, he came out and said He would correct the problem by filling the lows spots and smoothing the asphalt out that this was not a big problem.We told him we did not want a bothed up job or sloppy patching and He told us again NO PROBLEM, HE would get a hold of us by the end of that week, and let us know when he would have his crew out here. Since than I have called to him a couple of times and so has my husband. As of today 10/18/12 our new driveway that we were told would not have standing water by his son (who wrote up the contract ) is still holding water in three places plus our new sidewalk is very uneven. He guarantees his work on his contract . everytime we"ve called him we were told he'd be out this week. AND AS OF TODAY . "NOTHING" This is what we paid $3,375.00. for , a driveway you can wash your shoes onDesired Settlement: To just get a nice driveway that doesn't hold water and has the proper run off like we were told from the begining. Our old asphalt held water. His son guaranteed us that if we let them have the job we wouldn t have holding water. We just want what we paid for and not this run around.



Yes I [redacted], owner of Big B Blacktopping have talked to Mr./Mrs. [redacted] about their water problem. In out conversation I agreed to work with their drainage problem to the best of my ability. I will also agree that it should have been done this past fall. Unfortunately due to weather it will now be this spring. However my son and I on two separate occasions told that due to their driveway being an overlay it is hard to correct drainage issues although we will try to the best of our ability. Now Mr. [redacted] is trying to say we guaranteed no water on his driveway which isn't true. We do not guarantee full drainage on no job site but this spring we will make our best attempt to satisfy the customer.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 9265885, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


we have been told 7 times that he would be out the following week and he never showed up I guess we will see if this is number 8. and we were told we would have water run off no more big puddles. we realize that their can be small puddles but not these big ones. we just want this resolved soon as possiable. [redacted] can call us anytime. [redacted]

Review: On June 17 2014 I had this company resurface my drive way and was told how many years of business they were in and how great their work was. I was told not to drive on driveway for one or two days'. I waited three days before driving on it,when I pulled on the drive a place by the garage crumbled and broke apart.It apparently was not compacted down hard enough. I called [redacted] who I dealt with and complained about the problem.a couple of days later he came out and looked at the drive and told me he would be back on the seventh of July 2014 to cut that part out and repair it.I showed him another part of the drive that looked to porous and not compacted down enough. He said he would take care of that too by heating the area with a torch and putting sand on it and compacting it to give it a smoother more dependable surface.I have called them numerous time and get their voice mail, I leave a message and they refuse to contact me back. I am being given the run around by this company who apparently is not living up to the promises or guarantee of the company.Desired Settlement: I want my driveway to be repaired the correct way or I want a complete refund for poor workmanship.I want this done in a timely professional manner.



This complaint has been resolved.

Review: Last year I opened a checking account for my minor daughter. I was told that when she turned 18, she would be on her own account. Last September she turned 18 and moved out on her own. My daughter subsequently fell victim to a check writing fraud whereby someone promised her work in exchange for funds and wrote her a check. When they gave her this check, they asked for a bit of cash in return which sadly, she gave. The check itself ended up bouncing. I assumed this issue was being dealt with when my daughter spoke to me about it, what proceeded to happen was yesterday all funds I had both in my personal accounts AND a mutual account with my fiancé (who is NOT even a legal guardian/parent of my daughter!) were removed and I got a phone call from the bank claiming I am now liable. It was at THIS point I was told they'd taken my funds. I attempted to go in person yesterday to resolve the issue and no compromise was offered. I asked what of holding personal checks for a few days and only giving clients a few hundred dollars until the check clears, her response was "you are responsible for what you put in your account..." Well, that's great accept I didn't put this check in any account! I can not control what happens with my ADULT child and I had NO idea that they automatically leave parents on childrens accounts after the child turns 18, apparently you must manually go in and have yourself removed. If this were a stolen credit card, they would've helped us-I was just flabbergasted that NO help whatsoever was offered and that they took all money from my accounts. It's almost like saying, "sorry your credit card got stolen but you got it stolen so it's your fault." They didn't offer any sort of help or any sort of payment plan-nothing and now I have no gas or food funds for the week. Desired Settlement: Remove my name IMMEDIATELY from my daughters account. I did not authorize myself to remain on her account beyond the lawful age of adulthood in Washington state, which is 18 and she will be 19 in September. ALSO-offer a hand out to parents and make it CLEAR that they have this practice and that they MUST come in and remove themselves from their child's account when their child is 18 or risk being held liable for their ADULT child's actions. Finally, offer media on various scams to educate their younger customers. This is their policy and I hate to think of a senior citizen banking there and having this happen to them.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/07/30) */

[redacted] Complaint Response


July 30, 2014

Ms. [redacted] is an authorized signer on her daughter's BECU checking and savings accounts. Her daughter is the tax owner of these accounts. Pursuant to BECU's Account Agreement, the terms and conditions to which both parties agreed, BECU reserves the right to require a joint account holder to be placed on the minor's account(s) who is a parent. The joint account holder (Ms. [redacted]) is jointly and severally liable to BECU for any returned item, overdraft, unpaid charges owing on the account regardless of the minor's rights regarding such contracts.

Ms. [redacted] states that BECU told her that she would automatically be removed from the account once her daughter reached the age of majority (18). However, this is not BECU's policy. The Account Agreement clearly states that BECU is not required to change the account status when a minor reaches age 18, unless the minor, legal guardian, or all account holders authorize BECU to change the minor account status. Therefore, since we did not hear from the account holders, we were under no obligation to change the account status and therefore remove Ms. [redacted] as an authorized signer on the account.

Ms. [redacted] states that her daughter deposited funds into this account and the deposited item was ultimately returned to BECU as unpaid. Since Ms. [redacted]'s daughter had withdrawn the funds prior to clearing the banking system, the account became overdrawn (negative). Please note that BECU's Account Agreement specifically states that although funds may be available and they are withdrawn, the account holders remain liable for any problems associated with collection or presentment, such as a check that was deposited being returned to BECU unpaid.

Since the account in question had no funds after the check bounced, BECU exercised its statutory lien rights, as described in the Account Agreement. What this means is that BECU has the right to withdraw funds from any account at BECU in which Ms. [redacted] is an owner for the purpose of paying off the indebtedness. In this case, the $1,950.00 deposit did not clear the banking system and since there were no funds in the account she owned with her daughter, BECU used its right of offset in Ms. [redacted]'s other accounts at BECU. Although Ms. [redacted] is upset that we took the funds from an account that she shared with her fiancé, who did not owe the debt to BECU, the Account Agreement clearly authorizes BECU to take funds from an account that Ms. [redacted] owned with other account holders who did not owe the money to BECU.

It is Ms. [redacted]'s responsibility to understand the terms of her accounts at BECU, all of which were clearly disclosed to her and which she and her daughter agreed to, when the account in question was opened.

Please note that although BECU could have assessed NSF fees on this account because the funds deposited were not paid, we did not assess any fees ($25.00 per item) as a courtesy. Therefore, we consider this matter resolved.


Compliance Dept.

Review: This credit union, say I opened a visa card account when I did not. I looked at the application and there was a lot of wrong information on it. For example, it says I own Rental property and I do not own any rental property. They want to try to get me to pay back these charges, but I will not. Also, I have a line of credit at BECU and I only used $3,000 from the line of credit and they want me to pay back all of this activity. I told them I will not.

I first learned of this when a person named [redacted] called me and said they were not going to offer me lower payments. I was kind of shocked. I told her I did not know what she was talking about and explained I never called her before this phone call. [redacted] who works in the Loss Management Department. She told me she remembered my voice from the night before and not to lie. I told her my account must have been hacked into. She just laughed and told me these types of things do not happen in real life. I told her they do. She just continued to call me a liar.

Then a [redacted] called me and said I am not going to write off any debts like you asked me too. I was confused and did not know what was happening. He was very rude to me

I then got a letter from a computer technician I had emailed about this situation and he said it was BECU's fault and they just pretty much verified my account details to the criminals. He did a lot of tracing and I have his letter if you need more information.

I have suffered emotional and physical stress due to the actions of BECU. I want them to write these fraudulent charges off. I will not pay them a penny because this was all their fault. I have included a notarized page in the attachments to declare everything I have said is true.

[redacted] also claims he is at his desk most of the day so he is always able to answer his phone, but when my mother tried calling him, it went directly to his voice mail. Also, the people at BECU are extremely hard to get a hold of.

BECU needs to apologize to me for calling me a liar and for their extremely rude behavior. Some type of retribution would be nice because I have severe anxiety and have been constantly worrying about this. BECU should not treat their customer's like this.

Also, [redacted] is a rude person to deal with. I have also reviewed all of the transactions made on these accounts and the only one that looks familiar is the one transaction for $3,000 which I did use, but I did not use any other money from the Line of credit because we were saving that for something.Desired Settlement: For them to stop harassing me about these charges, treat their customer's with respect. And also pay me for emotional damages they have caused me.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2013/12/05) */

December 4, 2013

Snohomish, WA 98290

RE: Complaint Filed via Washington State Attorney General's Office (File #[redacted])

Dear [redacted]:

We are in receipt of the online complaint you filed through the Washington State Attorney General's website dated November 26, 2013. Your complaint alleges that criminal activity occurred on your BECU Visa and line of credit accounts and that as a result of this criminal activity, you are not responsible for payment offthe outstanding debt obligations.

We have researched your allegations thoroughly and find no evidence of criminal activity. Our records indicate that the charges on your accounts are legitimate. You did not inform us of any reason to regard these transactions as being questionable.

We mailed your periodic statements on a regular basis and the information provided on these statements documented the activity on your accounts. These statements provided an opportunity for you to identify and resolve billing errors, including unauthorized charges, if you send a "billing error notice," which is defined in federal regulations as a written notice to a creditor no later than 60 days after the creditor transmitted the first periodic statement that reflects the alleged billing error. You had an opportunity to review the statements that BECU sent to you, and to notify BECU in a timely manner within 60 days of receipt of the periodic statement in which the fraudulent activity occurred. Since we did not hear from you within that timeframe, we cannot honor your claim that you are not now responsible for the amounts owing. Nevertheless, if you are concerned that fraudulent activity occurred on your accounts, we encourage you to contact law enforcement and work with them to seek resolution.

Our response to your belated assertion about unauthorized charges also reflects the fact that, even when you first expressed concern related to your credit card account, you did not make any allegation that the charges were unauthorized. Rather, our records indicate that you initially requested a payment plan arrangement. You started asserting that some charges were unauthorized only after the negotiations for a payment plan did not produce a result that you regarded as satisfactory. BECU'S experience with members in the past has demonstrated that, when charges are truly unauthorized, members inform BECU about the unauthorized character of the charges when the members initially communicate about the charges. Your new assertion that some charges were unauthorized is contradicted by your prior willingness to enter into an arrangement that would allow you to pay such charges on a deferred basis. At your earliest possible convenience, please let us know if you dispute that you initially requested a payment plan arrangement. Thank you for your consideration in this regard.

Regarding your assertion that the loan application you signed had incorrect information (e.g. that you do not own rental property and therefore, do not receive approximately $50,000.00 a month in rental income), we find no evidence that you did not provide this information, as your electronic signature attests to the veracity of the information that you provided to BECU in an online application. In order to make an online application, you provided information that was not publicly available, thus authenticating your identity. By signing the Master Credit Application (enclosed), you acknowledged that all the information provided on the application is true and correct. If you did not agree with the information on the application that BECU, in good faith relied upon as a factor in granting you credit, you had an obligation at that time to inform us of the incorrect information. Please be advised that reporting false information on a credit application is grounds for suspension or termination of the accounts.

Regarding your assertion that you used only $3,000.00 of the $9,500.00 line of credit and are therefore not responsible for repayment of $6,500, we disagree with your assertion. Please note that when you signed the Master Credit Application, you promised to pay BECU the total of all credit advances under each account(Visa and line of credit), finance charges, and other amounts set forth in the Agreement. In the absence of a timely billing error notice from you or any other reason for the charges to be characterized as unauthorized, there is no basis to excuse you from performing your obligation under this Agreement. As of December 4, 2013, you owe $9,129.85 on the Visa and are six days past due for a payment of $225.00. You owe $8,182.46 on the line of credit, which is 19 days past due for a payment of $188.46. Please contact BECU'S Loss Management Department at [redacted], ext. [redacted] to arrange payment on the accounts.

If you do not agree to enter into sufficient payment plans to pay off these debts, we will have no choice but to set up your delinquent accounts for additional collection activity. Accounts that are sent for collection can impact your credit and affect your ability to obtain credit from other institutions.

Regarding your claim that you never contacted BECU about entering into modifications of your current payments as a result of reduced income, our business records indicate otherwise. Our records indicate that on October 15, 2013, we received communication from you via BECU'S online secure messaging portal, in which you requested modification of your monthly payments. On October 21, 2013, you requested a reduced payment plan of $25.00. Later that day, BECU contacted you to inform you that we could not honor your request. During that conversation, you informed us that you had not yet signed up with a debt management company for the purpose of entering into reduced payment arrangement with BECU (your admission thus indicates that you acknowledged having difficulty making the regular payments). We followed up with a letter dated November 4, 2013 (enclosed) which informs you that BECU denied your loan modifcation requests. Based on the facts, we do not find evidence that you never contacted BECU or had any discussions with BECU staff about making reduced monthly payments through a modification plan.

We apologize that you have been frustrated with BECU, but our records indicate that BECU'S staff has treated you with respect. We would never impugn your integrity and regret that you feel this way.

Please note that our review of this matter leaves you with the following options: (l) you may enter into payment arrangements with BECU to pay off these debts; or (2) you may exercise your right not to pay off these accounts. If you do not pay the balances owing, BECU may send the debts for collection activity.

We thank you for taking the time to document your concerns.


[redacted] Corporate Counsel

Final Consumer Response /* (3000, 10, 2013/12/06) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I did not know these charges were made. I never opened a visa card. no no no, I will not pay for criminal activity. I have put a security freeze on my credit files and you can not access them. I do not own rental property. I have given you proof. You need to write off these charges. How was I supposed to know about these fraudulent charges? I never received statements in the mail. I would never use an e signature. Do you not review the information I send you? I am not going to pay for criminal activity. [redacted] is the one who should pay. The only time I requested lower payments was when I was wondering why the monthly payments on my 3,000 I did use were so high. I Do not owe you anything more than the $3,000. I dispute that I ever said I was going to a debt management program. I will not pay for criminal activity. You will not send any fraudulent accounts to collections. THIS IS IDENTITY THEFT.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 12, 2013/12/11) */


BECU believes that it has addressed all of [redacted]'s concerns in the multiple correspondences with him. That said, I am attaching BECU Manager [redacted] most recent response to [redacted]'s rebuttal dated December 5, 2013. BECU mailed this letter to [redacted] today, December 11, 2013.

Furthermore, BECU's regulator, the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) also received the same complaint from [redacted]. Upon receipt of BECU's response to him, the DFI closed the complaint. I have attached the DFI's closure letter for your files.

Thank you for your consideration.

Corporate Counsel, BECU


Review: Loan number XXXXXXXXXX

[redacted] and [redacted]

PMI removal ordeal

I have never been treated like this by anyone I am doing business with. I have all dates and names of people who did not do what they say they would do if you choose to verify.

I called BECU on 10/18/12 and talked to [redacted] to start the PMI removal process. I was given a number and told to fax the request which I did on 10/22/12.

I called BECU on 11/9/12 and left message that I had faxed the request and wanted an update.

I called BECU on 11/14/12 and talked to [redacted] to find out what the status was and was told I was not over 2 years on the loan which was 12/9/12 they said they sent me a letter that I never got and would have a PMI Specialist call me who never did.

I called BECU on 1/7/13 and [redacted] who told me to refax request now that loan was over 2 years old. I refaxed on 1/8/13

I called BECU on 2/22/13 and talked to [redacted] who said my second request from 1/8/13was never logged in and they had no record of it. I explained that I had proof it was received as my wife works for a government agency that does business with Boeing. He asked me to fax the transaction journals showing they were received . These were faxed to him on 2/24/13.

I called BECU 2/26/13 and talked to [redacted] who said the re-fax was forwarded to the PMI department and they would call me in a day or two. They never called.

I called BECU 3/8/13 and talked to [redacted] who said it was escalated. I asked what it takes to get PMI removed and she gave me the same info from the letter I finally received in January 2013 that used the numbers and LTV from my original loan of 12/10/10 over two years before. I explained this to her and she said I could order an appraisal. I explained that I had already done so but nobody ever called me. I then asked to talk to a supervisor. I talked to supervisor [redacted] who was very apologetic and said she would talk to the PMI department and call me back. She never did call me back.

[redacted] from BECU called my wife's work number on 3/11/13 and left a message that he would like to help us with our mortgage needs.

I called BECU on 3/12/13 and talked to a [redacted] who said I needed to escalate it. (I was thinking doesn't anyone there even look at our file?) I explained that I already had escalated it before. He then said I needed to talk to a supervisor. I said I already had. He tried to supervisor [redacted] to the phone but could not. I then talked to a different supervisor [redacted] who said she could not understand why this was happening either. I asked her about all of the extra PMI payments and the appraisal fee she asked me to send. I explained nobody had ever asked me to mail it in. She said she would see what they could do for me. She said I would need $18000 cash if my home appraised at $332,000.

She said she would look into it and call me back. She called back and left me a message that she would call me tomorrow about removing the PMI. She never called back.

I mailed the appraisal fee of $450 on 3/14/13 to the address the supervisor [redacted] gave me.

I had the appraisal done on 4/5/13 which was completed on 4/8/13. It appraised at $360,000.

I called the appraiser on 4/19/13 who said he could give me no information but gave me a number to call for a company called LSI. I called LSI and they had me call BECU.

I called BECU on 4/19/13 and talked to [redacted] I asked for the appraisal amount. She said she did not have it but the PMI removal date was effective April 18th. I then asked to talk to supervisor [redacted] I had spoken with before and was told she was in a meeting. This person sent her an email that I wanted the appraisal amount and the appraisal itself mailed to me and to call me. I never got the appraisal amount, the appraisal, or a call back.

Received a letter 4/29/13 that PMI was removed effective my June payment.

I called BECU on 4/29/13 and talked to a [redacted] who had me explain everything again. I also requested the appraisal again. She had me talk to a different supervisor [redacted] who said he would have the other supervisor [redacted] call me. She called me and left me a message as I missed the call. I called her right back in less than 5 minutes. After being screened I got her voice mail. I left her a message that none of this was my fault and I was not happy.

I called BECU on 5/2/13 and talked to supervisor [redacted] and asked for a third time for the appraisal. She said they were working on some sort of resolution for me and would call me tomorrow. Of course she never did.

I called BECU on 5/6/13 and talked [redacted] and was transferred to supervisor [redacted]. voice mail. I left a message asking again for the third time for the appraisal to be sent to me and what was the amount.

On 5/7/13 PMI department emailed the appraisal to me.

I called BECU on 5/10/13 and talked to [redacted] who transferred me to supervisor [redacted] P voice mail. I left a message asking the supervisor why she never calls me back after she says she will.

On 5/10/13 supervisor [redacted] P called me back. She said she escalated to the manager of the PMI department. She said either the manager of the PMI department or she would call me back no later than 5/14/13. Nobody called me.

I called BECU on 5/16/13 and talked to Lynne who transferred me to [redacted] P voice mail. I left a message for the supervisor [redacted] P asking why she did not call me as she said she would.

I called BECU on 5/20/13. I left another message for the supervisor [redacted] P to call me. I received a voice mail from the supervisor [redacted] P that the PMI department was cutting me a check for $96.00 today and that was all they would do. I never got a check or a call back as usual.

I called BECU on 5/20/13. I explained to the supervisor [redacted] P that this would not work for me. She said she would escalate to a manager higher up and call me. I am still waiting on this call back as well.

Towards the end of all of this a mortgage broker that I have used 5 or 6 times in the past called me. Being totally disgusted with BECU I had her proceed and was approved in less than a week at a much better deal than I had with BECU.

I still have another house, two autos, and a credit card with BECU. Payments are all on auto deduct.

Had one single person from BECU called me as they said they would none of this would have happened. If the PMI department had called me back as I was told they would I would have sent the appraisal fee check as instructed.

I would not have made $579.60 in additional PMI payments. If I had known I would be treated this way I would have just refinanced away from BECU and not had the $450 appraisal fee to remove PMI that I no longer was required to have. I also would have never even looked to refinance away from BECU.

The way I see it, I am owed an apology and a refund of the PMI and appraisal fee for a total of $1029.60

This in no way compensates me for the time, grief, or dead phone batteries. I would also like to know what steps [redacted] be taken so that another BECU member in good standing never has to go through this again.

Desired Settlement: $1029 for the money I paid due to nobody including supervisors doing anything they said they would do. They would not even respond to an email that I sent to them directly at the Tukwila branch. The way they treated me is not acceptable for any business.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2013/08/15) */

[redacted] Complaint Response


August 15, 2013

First and foremost, BECU regrets that [redacted] had a less than optimal experience with BECU. We would like to offer an apology if any of our representatives made him feel like he was not a valued member. We take member service seriously and expect our representatives to address members professionally, courteously, and timely. We will make sure that our representatives are reminded of the importance of member service.

We appreciate that [redacted] took the time to provide a comprehensive summary of his concerns. I will address them now.

BECU has determined that there were delays associated with [redacted]'s request to remove the private mortgage insurance ("PMI") on his BECU mortgage loan. Ultimately, the PMI was removed at a later date than expected. As a result of these delays, we refunded two monthly PMI premiums that [redacted] had already paid. The monthly premium amount was $96.60. Furthermore, as a courtesy, BECU refunded $450.00, which constituted the appraisal fee that he paid to BECU. [redacted] received $643.20 from BECU. BECU notified him of this fact by letter dated July 22, 2013 and enclosed the check.

We cannot honor [redacted]'s claim for reimbursement of $1,029.00 because this amount had no bearing on the delay.


Legal Dept.

Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 12, 2013/09/02) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

If [redacted] would read the initial complaint she would see that I received the November 1st letter in January 2013 as I stated. She states that neither conditions 1 nor 2 apply for my PMI removal. She is incorrect as number one did apply as proven by the appraisal. Number 2 applied on December 10th when the loan became 2 years old as per their numbers given to me and my original loan documents. She claims my PMI was removed on April 22nd which is also incorrect. It was removed after my May 2013 payment that had PMI in it. [redacted] also states that I received payments totaling $739.80 which is also incorrect. If she would read the complaint she would see that on 5/20/2013 I talked to [redacted] P. who said I was to get a check for $96.60 which I stated in the original complaint I never received. If she disagrees I am sure she can provide a check number and proof that I cashed is as she works for BECU. All I have ever received is the check for $643.20 received in a Fedex on 1 August 2013. I have not cashed this check.

[redacted] would rather state misinformation as fact than look into the actual case as to what really occurred. Just perpetuates the treatment I have received all along. Just pathetic.

Let's say I agree to PMI reimbursement from January through May even though my loan was 2 years old on Dec 10th 2012. Take my original Request of $1029.60 minus $96.60 for December and I am still owed a total of $933.00 of which I have a check for $643.20 that leaves a balance due me of $289.80 using numbers she agrees to.

Please send me a check.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 10, 2013/08/26) */

August 26, 2013 Complaint #XXXXXXXX

BECU Second Response

BECU has refunded [redacted] a total of $739.80 on two separate installments. As we stated in our earlier response, [redacted] is responsible for the remaining $289.80 because this amount had no bearing on the delays he experienced regarding removal of the private mortgage insurance.

In a letter dated November 1, 2012 (attached), BECU explained that [redacted] was not eligible to cancel his private mortgage insurance. Because [redacted]'s loan was sold to Fannie Mae, Fannie Mae's requirements apply in this case. In order to approve the removal of private mortgage insurance, Fannie Mae requires either: (1) that the principal balance of the loan must reach 80 percent of the original value of the property; (2) the loan must be at least two (2) years old at the time of the request to remove private mortgage insurance; or (3) the current loan-to-value ratio must be 75 percent or less. Loan-to-value ratios are obtained by dividing the current property value by the current unpaid balance on the loan.

In [redacted]'s case, neither conditions #1 nor #2 applied in his case; therefore, BECU could not remove the private mortgage insurance at the time he requested. By our calculations, [redacted] would not have been eligible to remove the private mortgage insurance until January 2013. Ultimately, BECU removed [redacted]'s private mortgage insurance on April 22, 2013. By our calculations, [redacted] was eligible for a refund of three months' payment of private mortgage insurance (February through April), which we have already refunded. As a courtesy refunded the $450.00 appraisal fee that [redacted] paid to BECU. To date, [redacted] has received a total of $739.80 in refunds.

BECU will not refund any additional amounts because to do so would create a windfall to [redacted] did not qualify for removal of the private mortgage insurance at the time he initially requested.

BECU considers this matter resolved.


Legal Department

Review: On 5/29/2014 we purchased a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado P/u from [redacted] in Aberdeen. We transferred the Insurance from the vehicle we traded in to the new truck. It was 3 days later when [redacted] found financing at a lower interest rate. We have since received three notices from BECU that we were not insured. The last one that came was a "Notice of Collateral Protection Insurance". The coverage period was from 06/02/2014 to 06/02/2015. The premium cost was $6489.00. For one year, I think that amount is excessive. I called and talked to the Manager of BECU and finally got it straightened out (I hope). I told [redacted] at BECU that I wanted a letter stating that we no longer owe the $6489.00. We have yet to receive that letter. We have received phone calls from them wanting us to change our accounts to them. We live in Hoquiam, Wa. Why would we want to bank in Tukwila.

Product_Or_Service: 2014 Chevrolet Silverado crew p/u

Account_Number: XXXXXXXXDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

We would like a letter from them stating that we do not owe and will not owe the $6489.00 ASAP.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/08/21) */

August 21, 2014 Complaint # XXXXXXX

Mr. [redacted] financed an auto loan with BECU in early June 2014. On June 28th, we notified him by letter (attached) that the vehicle was not insured (for the purpose of protecting BECU's collateral, as the vehicle served as the security for the loan).

We did not hear back from Mr. [redacted] and, as is BECU's practice, followed up with two additional letters informing him that the vehicle needed to have collateral protection insurance ("CPI"). Please see attached letters dated July 2 and July 16. Finally, in the letter dated July30, we informed Mr. [redacted] that his loan agreement with BECU required him to purchase CPI and that if did not respond to our request within five days to provide insurance, we would purchase it for him at a cost higher than what his insurance company would charge him. We did not hear back, so on August 4, we purchased CPI and added the cost to the loan balance.

Mr. [redacted] subsequently purchased CPI so we canceled our policy and informed Mr. [redacted] of this fact on August 13, 2014 (see attached letter). Therefore, we believe this matter has been resolved.


Compliance Dept.


Review: In April of 2012, I contacted BECU to get the title to my [redacted] as I was selling it. When I contacted BECU, I was told I still had an outstanding of $300+ and it was with [redacted] There should never have been an outstanding balance, it was incorrect on BECU's end.

At any rate, I contacted [redacted] I paid it, the 1st week in May of 2012. I was told at that time it could take up to 6 weeks, (once they informed BECU that I paid it in full), to get my title-I received it 3 weeks later and sold my Jeep to someone who could fix it.

I had my credit report pulled and BECU has marked it as Repossessed. This is false and is affecting me terribly. I contacted BECU in February and now again in May- I need this corrected on my credit report as it's not a Repossession. It was paid in full and sold.

Desired Settlement: BECU, needs to correct my credit report, immediately. My jeep was NEVER Repossessed...nor was it a charge off. When I disputed it with one Bureau, they listed it as charged off. It was paid in full.



Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 6, 2013/05/23) */

May 23, 2013

[redacted] Complaint


BECU received [redacted] correspondence with the and wishes to respond. Regarding [redacted] claim that BECU reported information to the credit bureaus incorrectly, BECU investigated her claim and has determined that the reporting indicated a "repossession" which should be changed to "charge-off." BECU reported the corrected information to the credit bureaus and [redacted] can confirm that the change has taken place.

Thank you.

Legal Department

Consumer's Final Response /* (-5, 13, 2013/06/07) */

I would also like to know why it was submitted as a Repossession to begin with? That is false recording on BECU's end and has in turn affected me getting a vehicle. How would small claims court deal with this? And now it's being recorded as a charge off because BECU posted the pmt to the wrong account?

Business' Final Response /* (4000, 10, 2013/06/06) */

June 6, 2013

Member [redacted] wrote in directly disputing her loan [redacted] and how it was being reported to the Credit Bureaus as a repossession. [redacted] letter states that she paid the outstanding balance directly to [redacted] and ultimately received the title for her vehicle, and that the vehicle was never repossessed.

BECU researched the matter and discovered that [redacted] had two different charged- off accounts (debt sent for collection activity) with BECU - one was the auto loan, and the other was her deposit account. BECU has determined that the deposit account was the account that was "Paid in Full" through [redacted] and the auto loan still has a very small outstanding balance. Since the balance was so low, BECU authorized the release of the vehicle's title, but [redacted] would need to pay the full balance before she can establish new accounts at BECU.

At the time of her letter, BECU was reporting the loan as a "Paid in Full Repossession." BECU has clarified that the auto loan is a "Charge-Off with a Balance Due," and submitted corrections to the credit bureaus.

As of Thursday May 23rd, only [redacted] had updated its records to reflect the correct status. BECU contacted the other two bureaus on Friday, May 24 and learned that the other two bureaus-[redacted] and [redacted] would update [redacted] credit reporting to reflect that the auto loan should be reported as a charge-off with a balance owing.

BECU has verified that [redacted] and [redacted] have updated their reporting as of June 5, 2013. The auto loan is reporting as a "Charge Off UNPAID." All three bureaus now reflect an Unpaid Charge-Off status, which is the correct reporting.

Legal Department

Review: BECU is inconsistently alleging that the 2014 Subaru WRX STI 5-Door Hatchback subject to an automotive loan is not currently insured.

A notice was originally sent March 26, 2014 stating that the vehicle was not insured. After an in-person visit to BECU's Evergreen Way Branch on March 28, 2014, it was clarified that the VIN was corrected on the policy through [redacted] Both parties agreed that the vehicle was properly insured exceeding the levels specified in the lending agreement.

A final notice dated April 09, 2014 continues to allege that the vehicle is not currently insured. This vehicle continues to be insured exceeding the levels specified in the lending agreement.

A notice via Certified Mail threatens to purchase insurance on my behalf.Desired Settlement: Cease and desist the mailings stating that this vehicle is not insured to the levels specified in the lending agreement.

Cancel any insurance obtained on the my behalf and credit any charges back to my account.

The vehicle is currently insured through [redacted] and will remain so consistent with the terms of the lending agreement.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/05/02) */ Complaint

Member [redacted]


[redacted] 2, 2014

BECU is in receipt of Mr. [redacted]'s complaint to the Mr. [redacted] informed the that BECU incorrectly stated that the vehicle he financed through BECU (2014 Subaru WRX STI 5-door Hatchback) was not insured. Mr. [redacted] states that his vehicle was insured at all times and does not understand why he received notices from BECU alleging otherwise. We have researched the matter and provide the following response.

BECU originated Mr. [redacted]'s auto loan on February 21, 2014. Mr. [redacted]'s insurance company, [redacted], verified Mr. [redacted]'s insurance coverage on February 25, 2014. That same day, [redacted] notified BECU that the insurance had been canceled.

BECU's insurance agent ([redacted]) notified Mr. [redacted] by letters dated March 22 and April 5 that, because there was no record of insurance coverage on the vehicle, as communicated by [redacted], BECU would purchase collateral protection insurance for him and add it to his loan balance. Mr. [redacted] discussed the matter at BECU's local neighborhood financial center on April 28, 2014 where a BECU employee contacted [redacted] Insurance in order to verify whether the vehicle had insurance coverage. [redacted] contacted [redacted] and [redacted] confirmed that the vehicle did indeed have the requisite insurance coverage.

Therefore, BECU immediately canceled the impending [redacted] insurance coverage that had been placed on the vehicle. To date, Mr. [redacted] has not incurred any additional fees or charges related to the insurance coverage. Mr. [redacted]'s loan is in the position of status quo ante, as if the whole incident had never happened.

We apologize to Mr. [redacted] if was frustrated with this process and regret that he did not experience an optimal and seamless loan transaction with BECU.



Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 7, 2014/05/05) */

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Review: I used BECU's home loan department loan application process to apply for a loan however the process has become faulty due to the fact the website has been plagued by the online loan application steps. Somewhere during loan application steps, it gets to the stage where it checks for a credit check retrieval and page will sit there forever. Problem existed when I first time apply for home loan back in jun/11/2012 and after more than a year later, I went through same application process and the online application webpage hangs at the exactly same spot where it is retrieveing the credit information about applicants. This signifies BECU's lack of quality and responsiveness to their customer complaints and should be resolved. As a result, I had to call their customer service to finish the loan process which incurs me an additional time, stress and effort. Desired Settlement: 300$ for additional unnecessary time, effort involving calling customer service representative to finish the loan process because of their faulty web design.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/11/18) */

November 14, 2013 Complaint # XXXXXXXX

To Whom It May Concern:

We are in receipt of [redacted]'s complaint to the regarding his frustrations using BECU's online mortgage application process. I have researched the facts and provide the following response.

Our business records indicate that [redacted] applied for BECU mortgages on three separate occasions via the online channel (June 9, 2012, June 11, 2012, and again on June 11, 2012). The reason he was not able to receive his credit reports is that, at the time he initiated the online application process late in the evening, the site was down for system maintenance. When that happens, the applicant receives the following message: "Our automated credit report retrieval has not completed. This page will automatically update once the results are received. If this page does not forward automatically within the next two minutes, please click the Help button below to contact us for assistance." This explains why his application "hangs." Unless [redacted] contacts BECU at this point for the purpose of ordering the credit report, his application will not be processed. It appears that [redacted] did not contact BECU.

On August 11, 2012, [redacted] again initiated a mortgage application via the online channel. He initiated the application when the system was down for maintenance, so he received a message asking that he contact BECU. He contacted BECU and we were able to order a credit report the next day. His application was therefore complete. We then disclosed the loan terms. Originally, [redacted] intended to purchase property for primary use (owner-occupied). He then decided to purchase the property for investment purposes. Therefore, since the use of the property had changed, the underwriting standards also changed. After that there was additional communication between BECU's loan representative and [redacted]. On September 10, 2012, [redacted] requested that the application be put on hold while he made up his mind about the purchase. BECU's loan representative contacted [redacted] on November 20, 2012, but he did not call us back. As a result, BECU canceled [redacted]'s application because the credit report became stale and we could no longer rely on it for purposes of extending him a loan. After notifying him that the loan was canceled, we did not hear from [redacted].

On October 19, 2012, [redacted] again initiated a mortgage application (for the purchase of investment property) via BECU's online channel. This time, because he used the site when it was not down, we were able to generate a credit report and therefore, we began the underwriting process and generated the requisite disclosures. BECU contacted [redacted] on October 22, 2012 and he responded "please let me look at my application and get back to you." We did not hear back from [redacted] until January 23, 2013 when he responded via email that he had terminated his search for a home and would be in touch with BECU soon. That same day the BECU loan representative sent [redacted]'s mortgage file to the underwriting department and the underwriters declined the loan for lack of adequate reserves (meaning that the borrower had insufficient assets remaining after closing). As required by law, BECU sent [redacted] a denial letter.

On November 6, 2013, [redacted] initiated another mortgage loan via the online channel BECU generated an error notice and requested that he contact us. [redacted] called BECU and conveyed his frustrations with the application process. A BECU loan representative corrected the error [redacted] had incorrectly typed his address) and BECU generated a credit report. We then informed [redacted] that he could complete the online application process. Two days later, on November 8, 2013 BECU sent a courtesy e-mail reminding [redacted] to complete his application. On November 9, 2013, [redacted] completed the application process via the online channel. We submitted the application for underwriting and generated the requisite disclosures. Our records indicate that [redacted] viewed the disclosure and since that time period, we have no additional information to report. At this point, if [redacted] is still interested in purchasing a property, he will need to find one that is suitable for his needs as this loan remains in a "To Be Determined" status.

Legal Department

Review: Way back on X-XX-XXXX we filed a chargeback with BECU regarding an ink cartridge purchase through [redacted] The carts were represented as new, OEM. In fact, they had expired some three years before the purchase and did not come in [redacted] packaging and were products of Third World countries marked not for resale. The amount in dispute was $69.88 which was posted to BECU account number XXXXXXXXXX on 3-20-2013.

This was a no-brainer. This was dog-simple. Unfortunately, enter stage left, Boeing Credit Union.

The chargeback was received and duly processed by BECU and the amount was provisionally credited back to my account. BECU then began asking for documentation. We prepared all requested documentation, including pictures and faxed it in. BECU received it. Then BECU asked for the same documentation. Again we sent it in. BECU then asked for the same documentation. Again we sent it in, this last time on 5-4-2013. That letter was very pointed and it explicitly pointed to all of the answers to their questions and showed these questions being answered in previous communications.

Shortly thereafter we received a letter from BECU stating that the dispute had been decided in our favor and that the matter was PERMANENTLY closed. The credit was allowed to remain in our account.

Case closed? One might think so, but of course we're dealing with BECU here so the nightmare continues.

On about X-XX-XXXX we received a letter from BECU dated 7-9-2013,stating that they had "forwarded our letter to the appropriate representative who would contact us if need be". No case was referenced.

Of course we had not recently sent any letter to BECU, so, fearing some kind of attempted fraud, we wrote to BECU online and advised them of that fact and asked what the letter was in reference to.

As usual, we received only unhelpful nonsense from BECU through their website. We finally concluded that the letter dated X-X-XXXX was just another BECU clerical screw-up and we ignored it, assuming they would figure it out in the end.

But of course we're still dealing with BECU here, so the nightmare continues.

On X-X-XXXX we received yet another letter from BECU, dated 8-5-2013, stating that BECU had not received a response from us and that the amount of $69.88 was being removed from our account.

Desired Settlement: BECU must straighten this matter out, send us copies of ALL correspondence, including their letter to us stating that the dispute was decided in our favor PERMANENTLY, and BECU must leave the funds in our account or put them back into our account.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 7, 2013/08/26) */

August 26, 2013 Case # [redacted])

BECU has reviewed Mr. [redacted]'s allegations and will respond accordingly. At the outset, BECU wishes to clarify that Mr. [redacted] contested two charges from [redacted] at differing times- one in the amount of $69.88 on March 27, 2013 and the other in the amount of $126.83 on July 30, 2013. Both of the disputed charges involved the purchase of ink cartridges.

First Dispute

On March 27, 2013 BECU received Mr. [redacted]'s request to investigate a dispute in the amount of $69.88 for charges incurred through [redacted] involving the purchase of ink cartridges. The next day, BECU posted a provisional credit to Mr. [redacted]'s account pursuant to the MasterCard rules and operating procedures. A provisional credit is applied to an account during the pendency of the investigation. Once the investigation is concluded, the credit remains or is reversed depending on the outcome of the investigation.

On April 4, 2013 BECU sent Mr. [redacted] a letter informing him that in order to further investigate and process the charge-back of $69.88, we needed more information. Again, we were operating within the requirements of the MasterCard rules. In that letter (attached) we informed Mr. [redacted] that we needed the invoice or description of merchandise from the merchant, the name of the product that he ordered and received, and if the merchandise was returned, we needed proof that he returned the item.

BECU completed the process and submitted the charge-back to the merchant bank. On April 29, the merchant bank denied the provisional credit. BECU informed Mr. [redacted] in writing of the merchant bank's determination. In that same letter, we informed Mr. [redacted] that if he intended to appeal the merchant bank's denial of the charge-back, he would need to review the merchant bank's documentation which impacted the decision to deny the charge-back.

On [redacted] 6, 2013, Mr. [redacted] consented to BECU's further investigation of the matter. As a courtesy, BECU allowed Mr. [redacted] to keep the $69.88 provisional credit without any further investigation. BECU notified Mr. [redacted] of this fact by letter dated [redacted] 7, 2013 (attached).

Second Dispute

On July 30, 2013 BECU received a dispute form from Mr. [redacted] in the amount of $126.83 for charges incurred for the purchase of ink cartridges. On August 1, BECU posted a provisional credit to Mr. [redacted]'s account pursuant to the MasterCard rules and operating procedures.

On August 4, 2013 BECU informed Mr. [redacted] in writing that a provisional credit in the amount of $126.83 was posted to his account and we requested additional information from him in order to investigate the matter. The request for additional information is a requirement under the MasterCard rules and operating procedures. Mr. [redacted] informed BECU that he had returned the merchandise on July 19 and had not received a refund. In this situation, BECU is required to allow the merchant 30 days to the post the refund (credit) to the member's account before BECU can process the dispute. Before BECU had the opportunity to further investigate the matter, the merchant [redacted] credited Mr. [redacted]'s account in the amount of $126.83 on August 21, 2013.

On August 23, 2013, BECU sent a letter to Mr. [redacted] informing him that the provisional credit of $126.83 would be reversed since Amazon had credited his account for the same amount.

We regret that Mr. [redacted] was frustrated by this process and did not believe BECU was responding to his requests, but as a financial institution with contractual obligations to MasterCard, we are duty bound to honor the MasterCard process, which means we must adhere to the MasterCard rules and operating procedures regarding disputes of charges. MasterCard requires the documentation that BECU requested Mr. [redacted] to provide. While it [redacted] seem unnecessary and irrelevant to Mr. [redacted], the documents are relevant to MasterCard as a condition of investigating the matter.

Our understanding of this situation is that Mr. [redacted] has now been made whole as the transactions have been reversed and a total of $196.71 has been credited to his BECU checking account [redacted]


Legal Department

Final Consumer Response /* (3000, 9, 2013/08/28) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

Once again, for probably the twentieth time, BECU has refused to comprehend even the basics of this case and it is so, so, so simple. I find this beyond incredible. They were told over and over and over and over and over that this problem had nothing to do with the second chargeback of $123. This has to do ONLY with the first chargeback of $69. Here is the problem, YET AGAIN. This has been explained to BECU more times than we can count, and we have faxed them copies of these two letters. Yet STILL, after all this time and all these dog-simple explanations, BECU seems to be purposefully, willfully "misunderstanding" this problem. We don't see how that can be possible unless it is deliberate. Once again, for the bloody record, here it is: On May 7, 2013, we received a letter from BECU stating that our chargeback in the amount of $69.99 had been honored and that a PERMANENT credit had been issued. Indeed it had. Simple so far, correct? No one is confused thus far, right? Done deal, end of story, everyone is happy. But, of course, we're dealing with BECU, so NOTHING can be that easy. Now, on August 5, 2013, fully four full months later, we received a letter from BECU stating that since we had not responded to some non-existent query of theirs, the amount of $69.88 would be debited back off our account. Obviously that is a problem and that is the ONLY problem we are complaining about. We wrote to BECU about this, and they misunderstood it. We wrote again. They misunderstood again. We wrote over and over and over and over and over, explaining it in every possible way, first by using their website contact system, then by snail mail and fax. In every single instance, even after we twice faxed them these letters, they CHOSE to misunderstand this and would only respond to something entirely different which we had never complained about! At one point we told them we needed to interact with someone with an IQ over 11 and we meant that literally. We see that [redacted]'s IQ is even lower than that, and we mean that literally! This is now a public website. This is beyond any stupidity we have ever encountered, even in Third World countries. This is documentable mental rdation. BECU: Figure this out and offer an intelligent reply. Seriously. You're making fools of yourselves in a very big way and we're beyond disgusted with you -- we're frankly scared of you. No financial institution anywhere, not even in Afghanistan, can afford to be this inept and downright bloody stupid.

Review: I was supposed to get a check deposited from someone that did not end up going through. That being said, when Monday rolled around and all payments went through and the check that was supposed to be deposited did not, my account over drafted. Now I completely know that I should have checked about 6 times to ensure that check was going to get deposited but that was my mistake. My issue is that because of the circumstances, I feel that I shouldn't have NSF fees. I completely understand if someone just spends money and is not smart with it but this is a situation that makes sense in that I shouldn't be punished in that way by taking more money when it really was not my fault. Desired Settlement: Reimbursement for my 3 NSF fees.



Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/07/03) */ Complaint Response


July 3, 2013

[redacted] complaint states that she should not be assessed NSF charges for overdrawing her BECU checking account. When [redacted] opened her accounts at BECU, we provided her the Account Agreement, which describes the terms and conditions of her account relationship with BECU. [redacted] agreed to these terms when she applied for membership.

Specifically, the Funds Availability Policy in the Account Agreement states that although BECU makes available any funds that are deposited into the account, (and subsequently withdrawn), [redacted] is still responsible for any problems associated with collection or presentment, such as a check that was deposited being returned to us unpaid. This is precisely what happened to the check that [redacted] deposited. On or around June 20, 2013, [redacted] incurred four NSF charges that she requested BECU to waive. Since [redacted] had already withdrawn the funds, she is responsible for the overdraft and any NSF fees that are assessed as per the Account Agreement.

BECU's business records indicate that, on a prior occasion (March 7, 2013), [redacted] overdrew her account and incurred two NSF fees associated with the overdraft for a total of $50.00 in fees that BECU reversed. Although not contractually obligated to, BECU reversed the $50.00 NSF fee as a one-time courtesy, which we clearly explained at that time to [redacted]. Our business records further indicate that we told [redacted] that if she overdrew her account again, we would not reverse any more NSF fees. Despite this conversation and notification, [redacted] later overdrew her account and requested BECU to reverse the additional NSF fees.

[redacted] is responsible for paying the NSF fees. BECU will not reverse them as [redacted] contractual obligations were properly disclosed. In the future, [redacted] should wait until the funds have cleared before withdrawing money from her account. That way, she will not incur any further NSF fees.


Legal Department

Review: I had an existing HLOC and needed to up the credit limit so I had to apply for a new account. The loan just closed and I see on my account that they took money from my account. No disclosure that they would do this was given to me, nor any documentation or recent. They have no regard for there customers.

Ask to talk to a supervisor and the only one that apparently works at this department, [redacted] was not available and I was told would not be available to talk to me regarding this issueDesired Settlement: Someone to call me and explain this charge and why they did it without any authorization or paperwork. Total unethical behavior and disrespect for their customer



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/11/12) */ Complaint #XXXXXXXX

November 12, 2013

BECU is in receipt of [redacted]'s complaint regarding the charge we imposed on his home equity line of credit account. The $85 charge that BECU assessed is also known as the reconveyance fee. The reconveyance fee is a pass-through fee that BECU submits to the title company.

As a condition of obtaining his home equity loan with BECU, [redacted] agreed that BECU would hold a security interest in his property securing the line of credit. Essentially, [redacted] "conveyed" his property to BECU as a condition of obtaining the home equity line of credit. Once [redacted] pays off the balance of his line of credit, as he did in this case, BECU must then "reconvey" the title back to [redacted], as he is the legal owner of the property. This reconveyance process has a charge associated with it because BECU must work with the title company and the county in order to effectuate the reconveyance and subsequent recordation. In [redacted]'s case, King County assessed a fee of $85.00 to complete the reconveyance, which BECU paid and then passed onto [redacted] for reimbursement.

By way of background, [redacted] opened a home equity line of credit with BECU. He later asked to have the line increased. We explained to him that we cannot increase an existing line but if he was still interested, he could close the existing line and then re-open a new home equity line of credit with an increased line (assuming he qualified).

In this case, BECU opened a new, increased home equity line of credit. When an old line is closed, we require the payment of a reconveyance fee. This fee is charged occasionally by each county therefore, BECU is not in a position to know what the fee will be with each county when the loan is paid in full and closed.

When [redacted] signed the Deed of Trust securing his home equity line of credit, he agreed to the terms and conditions of the deed of trust which obligates the home equity loan. One of the items we discussed with [redacted] is documented in Paragraph 18 of the Deed of Trust, in which [redacted] agreed to pay BECU a reconveyance fee so that BECU could convey the property back to [redacted].

In this case, since [redacted] made arrangements to pay off the home equity line of credit, and since BECU did not know in advance of his intent to do so, we could not assess the reconveyance fee at the time of pay-off. Instead, we allowed the pay-off to proceed as he had scheduled it, and then assessed the $85.00 reconveyance fee at the time his new home equity line of credit funded, noting that the $85.00 had been advanced against the line of credit.

We'd like to address [redacted]'s comment that [redacted] was not available to speak with him regarding the fee. Our business records indicate that although [redacted] was not available at that time, she did assign another senior person to contact him. [redacted] of BECU called [redacted] and left a message for him. She did not hear back from [redacted].

We regret that [redacted] was frustrated with this process.


Legal Department

Review: On Sunday morning 11/16/14 I woke up and discovered my car window smashed in outside my home, with my wallet stolen from the car. I of course do not keep my wallet in my car normally but it had falled out of my purse the night prior and did not realize. I filed a police report with Snohomish County PD. Then I called BECU and reported my card as stolen/closed the card. The person from the call center I spoke to told me to call on Monday to file the fraud paperwork and order a new card, and that she had turned off the card. There were 3 fraudulent transactions that I could see in my online banking from the debit card that was stolen.

On Monday 11/17/14 I went to the new Bothell location on my lunch break to get a new card and fill out the fraud paperwork. [redacted] I believe her name was told me 'these are usually handled in 48 hours'. A few days pass and I don't hear anything, I call and they say 'because it required a pin, the investigation takes 7 to 10 days'. It's now been 2 weeks and the 3 fraudulent charges totalling ~$300 has not been credited back to my account.

I'm assuming it's taking this long because it was a debit card ATM withdrawal which requires a pin. I have the police report saying my car was broken into and wallet stolen, I have my[redacted] CC that had fraudulent charges too, I don't know what else to do to show that this was legitimate fraud. I can't just go into the stores and ask for the security camera footage to prove it was a thief. I switched banks to BECU for BETTER customer service, which is not what I am getting. I understand taking a while to conclude an investigation, but why not call a 'valued member' to follow up? FOURTEEN DAYS during the holiday season missing $300...that's not okay.Desired Settlement: The 3 fraudulent ATM charges refunded immediately and an apology for lacking attention to detail and sense of urgency.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/12/09) */ Complaint #XXXXXXXX

December 9, 2014

I have researched Ms. [redacted]' claim regarding her stolen BECU debit card and her request that BECU credit her account for the three fraudulent transactions that she reported. We understand the Ms. [redacted] is upset that BECU did not credit her account immediately. I have checked the status of her Ms. [redacted]' Member Advantage Checking Account and as of December 1, 2014, BECU has credited the account $306.00.

It does not appear that Ms. [redacted] overdrew her account between the time she reported her card stolen and the time it took to deposit the funds in her account, so no overdraft fees were incurred and therefore, no overdraft fees need to be refunded.

We thank her for bringing this matter to our attention and trust that this issue has been resolved.


Compliance Dept.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 7, 2014/12/10) */

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Review: Company in question was hired to blacktop my driveway. After completion I noticed areas of puddling in the new drive. I sent an email to the contractor responsible for the job that contained photos of the areas in question. I was told someone would come to fix the issue. The driveway was completed in May of this year, the issues was brought to their attention in June. It is now November and nothing has been done to repair the problem. Twice I have sent the email, multiple times I have been told someone would be out in 7-10 days to fix this, I have lost track of the number of unanswered phone calls to the company.Desired Settlement: I would just like my driveway fixed the way it should have been months ago.



Sorry, job hasn't been repaired. It will be repaired by end of December.

Review: My wife had a credit card with BECU and accumulated rewards points for using the card which I also used but only as an otherized user. Unfortunately she passed away in June of this year. I went to the credit union to settle our accounts and remove her name from them. They told me the points were no longer valid due to her death. I told them that if there had been a balance on the credit card I would have been liable to re-pay this. Then why should they not be liable to pay me tne rewards points. I believe this to be un-ehtical and very one sided. If it wasn't for their depositors they would not be in business. This is not how you treat your depositorsDesired Settlement: I believe they owe me the points just for the fact that I already lost the love of my life but I was also a user of the credit card.



Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/08/05) */

August 5, 2013 Complaint Response # XXXXXXXX

First and foremost, we are sorry to hear about [redacted] death. BECU wishes to convey its condolences to [redacted]. We have reviewed[redacted] claim and we will honor the Visa Rewards points that the [redacted] had earned. Our records indicate that the [redacted] had earned 24,635 points, which would equate to approximately $246 if the points were redeemed. BECU will apply a $246 credit to [redacted] Visa account on file [redacted]

We hope our actions resolve the matter for [redacted].


Legal Department

Review: There was an agreement in January 2012 to reduce payment and interest rate. The payment was reduced, the months were added on to contract without reducing the interest rate. The rate was to be reduced from 9.75% to 7.75%. I noticed in approximately July 2014 when my overall amount due seemed so high, that it was never applied. I inquired about this and they claimed they reduced the interest but it was only for a couple months they went back and gave me credit for about $1000 which does not add up to 2.5 years of interest. The car loan started in November 2007, amount of $6000 was added to loan and undetermined for what. I have paid for 7 years and the balance is still $17000 which does not add up, nobody pays for 14 years to get car paid off! I inquired several times about the payments etc., I asked for an audit of the payments and loan contract but they stated they do not have an audit department. They have repossessed my vehicle with the amount owing after paying for 7 years. I believe the calculation of the loan is incorrect and I do not owe that much balance.Desired Settlement: I am seeking an internal audit of payments, the interest rate not being applied or an offsite audit of the loan and balance. I believe I do not owe that much left on the car.

They need to prove the amount of interest reduced for that 2.5 year period.

I have it all in writing.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 7, 2014/12/18) */

[redacted] Complaint # XXXXXXXX

December 18, 2014

In her complaint to the, Ms. [redacted] raises a few issues with respect to her auto loan. She wants the following issues resolved: (1) a record/audit of her payments; (2) whether the interest rate of 7.75% was applied to her loan; and (3) why her balance has not been paid down despite the fact that she financed the loan in November 2007 for 72 months.

Regarding the first point above, we are attaching a detailed payment history of Ms. [redacted]' auto loan from the date she financed the loan with BECU. This payment history shows the imposition of charges for collateral protection insurance which added to the balance of the loan and was only partially reversed given an actual lapse in insurance coverage, along with several late payments and the resulting late charges, as well the impact of a number of loan modifications agreed to by the borrower, including periods of interest only payments.

Regarding Ms. [redacted]' second point above, BECU did modify her loan in January 2012. Although the modification contract that Ms. [redacted] agreed to does not reference any reduction in her interest rate (the original contract rate was 9.75%), when questioned by Ms. [redacted] in 2014, we agreed to honor the lower interest rate of 7.75% based on conversations held with her in 2012. We backdated the reduced rate to the date of the 2012 loan modification, but because of system constraints, performed calculations outside of the loan record and made a one-time adjustment to the account with funds credited against the loan balance. Had Ms. [redacted] received the lower interest rate dating back to the January 2012 modification, Ms. [redacted]' auto loan would be reduced by $1,184.56. Therefore, BECU applied this amount to Ms. [redacted]' auto loan and reduced the balance.

All of these factors help explain why the loan balance has not been reduced in a manner consistent with a customary repayment schedule in which payments remain at the scheduled amounts and are paid on time, without penalties or other charges. Despite the several loan modifications and BECU's efforts to assist in allowing her to retain the vehicle, it was ultimately repossessed last month.

Although the redemption period has expired, we continue to hold the vehicle and if Ms. [redacted] would like to redeem it, she can pay the loan current, including the repossession and storage fees within the next 10 days.

If she would like to talk with a BECU representative to answer any lingering questions, she can contact BECU's at X-XXX-XXX-XXXX, ext. 5370 and we [redacted] be happy to more fully explain the loan history.


Compliance Department

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 9, 2014/12/24) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I need the interest rate reduction of 7.75% in writing showing dates of when reduction started, balance of principal/interest on date started and showing for the 2.5 years the numbers reduced and the total outcome. You can state all you like but it needs to be calculated in writing in the ledger to be accurate.

Also, I received a statement of still owing and I do not owe as of November 4, 2014 when the car was repossessed and is not in my possession.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 15, 2015/01/30) */

January 30, 2014

Ms. [redacted] is not the primary borrower on the account in question so she would not be receiving any statements. BECU sends statements only to the primary borrower. BECU does not send statements to the primary borrower after the debt has been charged off.

BECU Compliance Dept.

Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 17, 2015/02/03) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I get all the statements and letters etc., so not sure what you are talking about but it has always come to me and my address. My response last time was that I WAS receiving the statements after repossession and I wanted to know why, where is the car, has it been sold etc??

Review: We have a business account with BECU - two checkings and two savings - which we have had since about May of 2012. We deposit approximately 1 million dollars per year into these accounts combined. BECU's online website - where we can check our accounts - has been down and out of service since 9am yesterday. So far, we have been unable to access our accounts for 26 hours. We did call BECU yesterday morning to complaint about this and all that they said is that their website would be done until today. It is still down. Desired Settlement: Better service. Reliable service.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 7, 2013/12/03) */

[redacted] Complaint # XXXXXXXX

December 3, 2013

[redacted] asserts that BECU's website was down for 26 hours and, therefore, she was not able to access her business accounts online. BECU's Business Services Manager, [redacted] contacted [redacted] on November 20, 2013. [redacted] apologized to [redacted] and explained that BECU typically schedules maintenance for the website during non-peak hours. In this particular matter, the website was scheduled for maintenance beginning November 16, 2013 at 10:30 pm Pacific Time through November 17, 2013 at 10:40 am (roughly a 12-hour window).

When [redacted] spoke with [redacted] on November 20, [redacted] confirmed that she was able to access the website. Again, we are sorry that [redacted] was frustrated because she could not access the website but believe that the matter is resolved since the website is currently operational.


Legal Department

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