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Good Morning,
Please pass on our apologies to the
customer though a damage that has emerged from an accident occurring cannot be
considered a manufacturing defect or the responsibility of the retailer who
supplied the product
In reference to the customer information
claimant has supplied the with I was unable to locate the delivery of
the rug the customer is associating with this concern
No records came up when I searched phone
No records came up when I searched name
Under the address listed here I was able to
locate an account under *** *** and this is actually an account I was
personally involved in ( and have notes stating I personally spoke with
Kimberly) to provide her with a courtesy exchange (where no defect was present)
on an ottoman in March of
In reference to the only rug I can locate
within ***’s account:
We delivered a 5’3” x 7’6” rug (article# 940318)
There was no extended protection purchased on this rug and outside
of the warranty and our written term of accountability to this product (on
2.27.2015) we agreed (as another courtesy) to replace the rug with an even
exchange for a concern of fraying ends
On the date of this courtesy exchange (2.27.2015) our records
reflect that the new rug was smaller than the old rug so we gave the customer a
store credit to reselect (another courtesy)This deeply perplexes me as our
records show that we brought the same article number to the customer as what
they previously had in the homeSame size, same article number so it perplexes
me as to how that new rug could be different than the last in terms of size? My
best professional guess leads me to believe that the credit was given as yet
another courtesy in a continued extreme
effort to convey to the customer how much we truly care about her concerns
This credit transaction shows that we removed that specific rug (5’3” x 7’6” rug article# 940318) from the home on and there
is no other sale for a different rug attached or associated to this return
At this time I cannot even confirm the
purchase of the rug listed in this claim is from our business and the history
of this account overtly shows that we have clearly made several exceptions for
this individual already
Bob's Discount
Furniture prides itself on standing behind the merchandise we sell in the event
of a defect however, to remain fair to all of our customers there are some
scenarios where recourse is not an option
Kindest Regards,
Stephanie AG***
Bobs Discount Furniture
Customer Care Corporate Liaison

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: This is not true. Complaint will stay open.
*** *** ***

Dear,I called and spoke with Mrs***, briefly explaining some of the goof proof coverage's and claim procedure. The claim for the scratches on her dining chairs was denied because they do not penetrate the surface of the itemsThe damage would
be considered wear and tear, which is not covered under the goof proof plan nor the manufacturer warranty.I have offered a store credit in exchange of the bonded leather recliner; although Mrs*** reported to Guardian that one of her grandchildren may have cut it with scissors I explained that some of her concerns with the recliner may be the result of cracking and peeling, which can be common amongst many bonded leather items but not considered to be a defectMrs*** understands that the total value of the store credit is $which includes the recliner (less a 15% usage fee), goof proof and taxShe will be responsible for paying delivery and repurchasing goof proshe wants the coverage on the newly selected item; delivery and pick up will occur on the same day.Mrs*** agreed to accept the offer and said that it was satisfactory to herThe confirmation number for the store credit is *** *** and it must be redeemed by August 10, 2015.Thank you,*** **

I contacted acceptancenow and they informed me that my issues would be with Bob's FurnitureWhen I personally went to the store, I was sent on a wild goose chase as I need to talk to that person and this person in regards to the matterBob's furniture representative is the person that introduced and walked me over to the department.
Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
*** ***

Although the delivery was finally made on time, it took multiple phone call and social media messages and posts to finally get this company to deliver on the day promisedI was constantly getting conflicting information, including being told the delivery was going to be as scheduled, then being told in the same day that is was being delayedI can only imagine what the average customer has to go through if they don't have the time and patience to deal with this company's disorganization and misinformation. *** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:This $sectional is a piece of junkIt has not held upThere is another seam separation on a different cushion (exactly the same as our initial issue) that is not at all addressed and this should definitely be covered under the manufacturer's warrantyAll of the edges have pilling and look years (not months) oldI feel that I have been sold an inferior product and should at least be entitled to replacement cushions and not have to "purchase" themHow ridiculous!! The urine stains were from (1) incident when we had company and their dog thought it would be a good idea to "mark" it's territoryBut because, there is more than one urine stain, it is assumed that it could not possibly be from a single incidentIn essence, the company is calling me a liar and I take serious offense to thisHow do they know when this incident occurred and the circumstances surrounding it? All their response tells me is that they do not want to take any responsibility for this inferior product
*** ***

Good Afternoon
We are very sorry for any confusion or miscommunication this
customer is experiencing using the warranty for the merchandise purchased from
Bob’s. I see that this purchase was delivered
on and at the time of purchase, the customer purchased the option
*** *** Plus.
This protection plan has two aspects. Through Bob’s this customer is covered for a
period of five years for manufacturing defects.
Manufacturing defects must either be verified through a Bob’s technician
visit and report or through the customer submitting photos which are then
reviewed by a staff trained specifically in that area. Fading and discoloration are not
manufacturing defects.
The other side of this plan is through a third party
company, ***. *** covers the
merchandise for accidental damages.
Accidental damage must be reported within thirty days of occurrence and
the customer must be able to provide the necessary details to clearly indicate
that this damage occurred through a single accident or incident and not through
everyday use, misuse or abuse of the merchandise.
This customer called in to report discolorations on
3.10.17. There are several environmental
causes for discoloration. The most
common are direct sunlight, sitting close to a source of heat like a radiator
or fireplace and products that are used on hair or body that contain alcohol or
other drying agents. There are a lot of
environmental influences that can cause leather and wood to discolor, none of
these would be a manufacturing defect.
We are not able to “fix” discoloration so sending a tech would be a
waste of the customer’s time.
If there was a single accident that occurred within the last
thirty days that the customer has all the details, which would explain the
discoloration, the customer can submit a claim to ***. *** will request photos and the damage
in the photos must match the details of the complaint.
If the customer would like to submit photos through the
mediation site for review, we would be happy to review these photos with our
Service Managers for clarification.
Kindest Regards,
Tracy S***
Corporate Liaison
Bob’s Discount Furniture

Good Morning,
I am so
sorry to learn of our customer’s poor experience with this purchaseI can only
imagine how frustrating this has been for our customer and completely
understand their position at this point
As a
retail chain, and not a manufacturer, we have little control
over the
availability of some productAs this is a shipment our inventory system
clearly expected in sooner there is always the chance that the overseas
shipping container will make it to our Distribution Center sooner than the
anticipated date we have right nowPlease pass on our sincerest apologies that
we haven’t been able to deliver this purchase as advised to our customer and as
we have disclosed the merchandise will not be made available to us to deliver
to the customer prior to the end of the first week of November
We have
the current options available for recourse in relation to this customer’s
To wait for the item the customer initially
purchased with the understanding that the tentative stock date would be on or
about and we will return the delivery fee after we have successfully
completed to the customerOr a cancelation and full refund of the
customer’s order
Again I
do hope the customer can accept our most sincere apologies for what has
occurred; it was never our intention to communicate any delay in shipment or
disappoint our customer The delay was
not due to the miscommunication with the Goof Proof plan. The customer would have received a call from
the store regarding the delay and not being able to fulfill our delivery.
Discount Furniture
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
After I also posted a complaint on Bob's Facebook page I was finally contacted by Bob's customer care personal and they apologize for all the problems I was having and they are sending a replacement on the sofa bed.
*** ***

Good Afternoon We are very sorry for any miscommunication. We do not offer free delivery. If a customer choses to pick up their merchandise to save on the cost of delivery, that is something we are happy to support. If however it is then necessary to return the product, the
customer must either pay the new delivery fee or return the merchandise to the pickup location to receive the new merchandise. We are very sorry if that was not clearly communicated. As our prices are already discounted, we do not hide the cost of delivery in the cost of the merchandise. The delivery fee for the exchange of the single piece would have only cost the customer $49.99. We are very sorry that the customer was inconvenienced having to make the two trips. We hope that the new piece will bring the customer many years of happiness. Sincerely, Tracy S*** Corporate Liaison Bob’s Discount Furniture Tell us why here
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

Good Afternoon,
We apologize for the miscommunications that
lead to the customer not receiving the BWB timeframe they were looking
for. We do see that routing was able to
get the customer into an earlier timeframe once the error was brought to the stores
attention. The
delivery team arrived at
the home at 10:and completed the delivery.
As this customer has a contract with a third party ACCEPTANCE NOW that encompasses
the delivery fee we are not able to honor the request for a refund. We will offer this customer a $gift card
as compensation for the miscommunication and the delivery team arriving
minutes outside of promised timeframe
Kindest Regards,
Tracy S***
Bobs Discount Furniture,
Corporate Customer Care Liaison
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:I did not receive a phone call or speak to any one from Bob’s Furniture Store (BFS) since 10/17/2015.I find it distasteful that BFS would continue to assert that they did. The Customer Care Corporate Liaison pasted a line of text that on 10/19/at 12:there was a follow up call with the customer More valuable proof of their assertion would be a written transcript of the alleged conversation This of course could not be provided, as the conversation never took place.On a positive note I did receive my refund on 10/21/2015. I would like to thank the staff of The for acting on my behalf I strongly believe that if I did not contact you my issue would not have been resolved and I may have had to contact an attorney. Thank you!Sincerely,*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:Since there are no actual photos, its hard for them to say one spot won't bring it up to showroom materialI paid for insurance, and want the spot removedThe first spot, that was reported within weeksOr, I would like a refundSince I paid for services that I am not receiving! I want the services I paid forPeriodI am not asking for a cleaning, nor did I EVER ask for a cleaningI simply called to report a stain on my couch, and was asked if I had more than oneI said yesThere areBut I called to report one specific spotWhy does this not fit???
*** ***

Good Afternoon
The customer has not been able to provide the requested
information on the call the customer has stated they were offered the extra
compensation. The notes from supervisor
Monique state she told the customer they were responsible for the cost of the
mattress. The customer used the credit
for the two pieces and only returned one.
Tracy S***
Corporate Liaison
Bob’s Discount Furniture

Good Afternoon
We are very sorry that we were not able to complete the
delivery on the requested day.
The delivery fee is on a sliding scale of approximately 10%
of the merchandise total. This customer
merchandise total was $and the delivery fee charged was
While that is certainly not exactly 10% it
does fall very close. I would hope that
whoever gave you the 10% information made it clear that it is “about 10%”
The delivery team was at the customer’s home during the
timeframe provided. The customer should have
received a voicemail with the timeframe, if no voicemail was available when the
automated system called, we would not have been able to leave the message,
however to ascertain the timeframe, the customer could have gone on line to delivery tracker, called into customer care or the store
We did submit a request for go back. The team was not able to be sent back
As the team was at the delivery location during the assigned
timeframe, we would not be able to offer to refund the delivery fee. There was no delivery failure on our partWe would be willing to offer a gift card as a
goodwill gesture to this customer to try to make this right. We are willing to offer the customer an ***
in the amount of $50. If the customer would
like to accept the offer they can reply to this email and we will have the
*** sent to the email address associated with this complaint
Kindest Regards,
Tracy S***
Corporate Liaison
Bob’s Discount Furniture

Good Afternoon We are very sorry if there is any misunderstanding. When the delivery was made, the customer insisted on a discount on the pieces. That was granted the customer received 30% back as a store credit and the pieces no longer carried any manufacturing
warranty. The pieces were kept “as is, no warranty”. We would not be able to offer any resolution on this complaint. Sincerely Tracy**
*** ***Corporate LiaisonBob’s Discount Furniture Tell us why here

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: attached are the pictures requestedI would like to keep the case open until it is resolved.
*** ***

Good Morning
We absolutely understand this customer’s frustration with this
exchange and we agree. I have changed
the exchange to reflect that we will not be charging a new delivery fee. It is not the customer’s fault that the store
is not able to take back the damaged
We will absolutely make this right, we tried to reach the customer to
schedule the exchange, we were only able to leave messages at both
We are very sorry for the delay in the replacement of the
mattress, please have the customer call either the store or customer care at their
earliest convenience to schedule the exchange
Customer Care Liaison
Discount Furniture

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