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Good afternoon, I am just now returning from holiday and will be glad to look into this matter for you.  I personally have not recieved any emails regarding this matter.  Also , it would be helpful to look into this for you, if you can provide me the type of vehicle that was...

towed. Thank you, Compliance Manager, Capital Tow Inc

The complainant has already received a response from the company. The tow company has an agreement with the management company for the property and not with the security company. The tow company is under no obligation to report anything to the security company. The tow company enforces the parking...

rules for the property and will impound violators of the parking rules for the property. The vehicle that was impounded was in violation of the parking rules for the property by being parked on the grass which is a violation of the parking rules .I have attached a photo of the vehicle parked on the property prior to the vehicle being impounded. An apology for impounding the vehicle will not be issued and a reimbursement for the fees associated with the impound will not be issued.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
My daughter is contact w/ apartments. They say that it should NOT have been towed. I'm forwarding everything the towing company has stated so the can deal w, them.  This is just another scam and tired of companies like this that take advantage of people for there company gain time after time. I just hope that the takes there name off because reading others complaints on this site, it shows that this is common practice for them. Almost ruined a wedding for them to make $300, there is NO excuse for this or this company to still be in business. When you return the $300 and should be more for the fact I keep having to respond to such a shady business, then I might not be so upset. But they will continue to do this and I hope you make them take the off the company.

Do NOT call this company!!! They tell you they will be between 10 - 15 minutes, and they didn't show up for over an hour and a half. They take your credit card when you call so if you cancel, they will still charge it.

The tow truck driver said he got a text about our dispatch an HOUR after we called, which is why he was so late, but the central dispatch kept telling us that the driver was stuck in traffic. They just take a huge volume of calls and people's credit card numbers so you are stuck with them.


Good afternoon,
I have reviewed your complaint. I regret to inform you that your complaint is invalid as we have photos of your vehicle under a covered parking (reserved) space. It also is marked reserved on the ground, at the space, as reserved. As far as the slander that you have placed, stating...

that the apartments get a fee for each vehicle, That is absurd! The apartments get nothing from the tow company monetarily or otherwise. I suggest that you please review get your facts first hand before trying to slander a company. Thank you.

There is no information concerning the vehicle or property the vehicle was towed from. I can not make any statement without having information concerning vehicle impoundment without having the vehicle information.

The vehicle did not display the required credentials to occupy a handicap space and was impounded legally. The vehicle was in violation of Texas Occupations Code 2308.251(a)(4), Texas Transportation Code 681.006(a)(1)(2)(A)(B), and Texas Transportation Code 681.011(b)(2). Attached are photos of the...

vehicle in violation.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:You must send a Certified Letter according to Texas State Law that must come from the parking facility not the tow company. Can you verify in my Apartment Lease contract as well as State Law that you do not have to send a certified letter with return receipt requested? A green, orange or any color stick is a violation of state law period.Also I do not own a Chevrolet Trailblazer. Can you verify that I own the vehicle? I contacted [redacted] as well. I spoke with [redacted] on 12/13/2016 and she verified that they do have a contract with [redacted], and Captial Tow.Also she stated the car was towed due to no registration and no inspection. Also on 12/25/2016 I spoke with [redacted] who is the dispatcher for [redacted] stated that the car was towed for illegal parking. In your rebuttal, you stated that the car was abandoned. Can you verify why so many different reason unless the three companies are committing illegal business practices, contract fraud, and misrepresentation of contractual agreement. Please verify.

Without having some type of information concerning the vehicle towed, the property the vehicle was towed from, and the date that the actual tow occurred, I can not offer any kind of response or information. Please provide some type of information concerning the vehicle and property that the vehicle...

was towed from so that a proper response can be submitted and hopefully aide in a resolution.

After reviewing this case it was revealed that the vehicle was impounded for parking on a property without display the required parking permit for the property. After investigating the claim it was revealed that a parking permit had not been issued to the vehicle and the vehicle was not registered...

to a resident of the property. The vehicle was not on the resident's lease agreement either. The owner/operator of the vehicle was charged for the impoundment of the vehicle as the vehicle was parked in violation of the parking rules for the property. A reimbursement has offered pending proof that the vehicle does in fact belong to the resident of the property. Such proof has not yet been provided.

Good afternoon,
I need some more information as to where it was towed, vehicle information, date and time it was towed. As I do not have any customers with this name towed from handicap. Please provide more information so we may have a valid response.

The vehicle that is being referred to in this case was actually documented in violation before 1 a.m. The vehicle that was towed was not illegally towed as the complainant has indicated. The truth behind this vehicle being towed is that the vehicle was parked in a fire lane. The vehicle...

was not running and the hazard lights were on. the vehicle was documented in date and time stamped photographs in the fire lane initially on 01/17/2017 at 12:28 p.m. again at 12:33 p.m. and then towed at 12:57p.m. The vehicle was parked in the fire lane for 29 minutes before it was towed. Parking in a fire lane is a towable offense by state law. Sec. 2308.251. PROHIBITION AGAINST UNATTENDED VEHICLES IN CERTAIN AREAS. (a) The owner or operator of a vehicle may not leave unattended on a parking facility a vehicle that:(1) is in or obstructs a vehicular traffic aisle, entry, or exit of the parking facility;(2) prevents a vehicle from exiting a parking space in the facility;(3) is in or obstructs a fire lane marked according to Subsection (c);(4) does not display the special license plates issued under Section 504.201, Transportation Code, or the disabled parking placard issued under Chapter 681, Transportation Code, for a vehicle transporting a disabled person and is in a parking space that is designated for the exclusive use of a vehicle transporting a disabled person; or(5) is leaking a fluid that presents a hazard or threat to persons or property.

At this point I will be hiring and an attorney to help with this situation.  Being a tow company sometimes you have to accept liability especially if a person car has been damaged.  Capital tow I hope they are able to hire great representation.  I am very disappointed with their service.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:The photos do not prove the muffler was dislodged from the exhaust pipe.The photos at the facility were obviously taken before the vehicle was backed into the stall, or there was damage and the photos were taken to protect themselves.The photos do not demonstrate the damage and sound coming from the exhaust system.Capital Tow did not hear tyhe sound from the dislodged muffler and exhaust.The issue of contacting Capital Tow four days after the incident is immaterial, the issue was reported when the vehicle was picked up.Capital Tow should reimburse me $195 for the repairs to the exhaust / muffler.Any other outcome is poor business practice on Capital Tow's part.

I appreciate the information being sent that was needed to properly identify the vehicle that is being referenced in this case. This information is needed as all files are based upon the vehicle and the property not the name of a person linked to the vehicle. The name and date used in the complaint could not be cross referenced without some information concerning the vehicle and/or the property the vehicle was towed from. After locating the vehicle being referenced in this complaint it was revealed that the vehicle was parked in violation of the property rules and subject to being towed. There is signage on the property, as required by law, warning that towing is enforced. This property does require permits for parking on the property. Visitor spaces are provided for anyone visiting someone that lives at the property and those spaces are marked "Visitor" on each of those spaces. The vehicle referenced in this case was parked in an unmarked space which is resident parking and does require a permit. This vehicle was parked in resident parking without a permit on the morning of December 22 at 3:03 a.m. which is provided by photographic evidence that is date and time stamped before the vehicle was towed.

It is a 2009 silver Chevrolet Malibu. The last four digits of the VIN is [redacted].

I would like to address complaint [redacted] Capital Tow is a towing company. Auto Impound is a vehicle storage facility. Capital Tow does impound vehicles into Auto Impound. The phone number listed on the signage that is located on the property is Auto Impound's phone number and address. By...

law the information that is required to be posted on the signage on property is the name of the tow company, the address of the location in which the vehicle is impounded to, and a telephone number which includes the area code that is answered 24 hours a day to allow the owner to locate the vehicle that was towed. All signage on the property have the information required by law. The tow company does do business through email to protect the vehicle owner, so all communication is documented. The storage facility does deal with upset customers often and does, for their employees protection, operate from behind a pay window with a slide box in it to pass documentation back and forth. There is no information regarding the vehicle that was towed in the complaint. That information would need to be disclosed in order for me to investigate the complaint of a parking tag mentioned in the complaint. All vehicles that are impounded by the tow company are documented in photographs of the vehicle in violation of the rules, set forth by the property, before impounding the vehicle. A windshield photo is required by the driver to document that a vehicle not authorized on the property.

My car is a 2008 Ford Fusion, plate number [redacted] towed from the city of Dallas. Jackson Branch is the name of the complex. I look forward to the resolving of my dispute.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10678993, and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute. I was parked in a visitor space and can photograph said space if needed. Unless someone else with a tow ruck moved it, it had to be in the same visitor's spot I park in.

Is there anyway that I can be reembursed for my car staying at the lot for two extra days due to the fact that I call when it was towed and was told to email capital two and someone would get back with me about fighting it  and that never happend?

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