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• Mar 28, 2021

I have a double wide abandoned on my property by my deceased son {4/23/2020}, no payments on loan have been paid on the loan in almost a year. I have been unable to get a answer from cascade as to what their plans are for this home. I can not rent this lot or sell it with with home on lot. this is causing a hardship because lot could be rented for $350-$400per month. DOES ANYBODY CARE?

I would not even give them a one star, but have no choice in order to submit this. Cascade took over our mortgage from DiTech in December 2018. We had automatic bank draft with DiTech and were able to set it up with Cascade. They were drafting my account monthly, but on 4/20/2019, we received 3 letters in the mail from Cascade that we were 90 days past due on our account. We went back and found every payment that we have paid had been pulled by Cascade except for April. They said in the letter that our March payment was received but they did not bother to apply it to our account and charged us a late fee. The letter also said that they have received $1,056.96 since January 1, 2019. So our account is current, with the exception of this month, for which Cascade did not pull. We have no idea why they pulled for March, but did not apply it to our account and why they did not pull at all for April. But there is something fraudulent about this whole situation. My fear is that they are going to try to repo our house if we don't pay off the entire balance. There is no reason that they should not have pulled for this month and no reason why they should not have applied March's payment to our account, other than to swindle us out of our home! I would not recommend Cascade. But sadly, we had no choice since they bought out DiTech. And we were never late and had no problems with DiTech pulling from my account and applying it to our mortgage payments. I am honestly scared that they are going to take our house and mess up our credit rating so we will not be able to buy another house. We have never been late with payments and have been making house payments on this home for 20 years. The stress that we are going through is truly a scary experience. You just don't know what these people are going to do.

I applied for a loan with cascade financial after visiting a manufactured home dealer. They approved me for a loan but are unable to explain to me why the loan is structured the way it is. I have spoke with two different dealers to see if either could explain what was going on. Neither dealers could figure it out. They definitely drop the ball when it comes to explanations.

I had the pleasure of working with both cody and Kelly. I calied almost every day seems like and Kelly ALWAYS took the time to explain the process even if it was the 10th time I've asked. All I can say is that she truly seemed to care and was there to answer anything I had to throw at her!!

• Sep 11, 2020

Why did you give them 1 star?

I was nervous about the home buying / building process and this company completely put me at ease. They were super professional and were always quick to take my call or call right back. The customer service was amazing!!! They always answered all of my questions with professionalism and patience. I highly recommend this company to anyone that is looking to buy a home.

This company has made my loan experience extremely difficult and unpleasant. The loan officer along with loan officer manager were rude, disrespectful, incompetent and I walked away with the feeling that they were trying to get me in dishonest situation. When ever I ask for them to clarify the numbers, they were not very clear. Also if I requested something to be done, they would leave it till the end and then they were trying to rush me to sign and telling me that is was too late to change anything. This is why I decided to not sign with them. Horrible experience.

Ridiculously Slow process. Never get any feedback or updates from them. Was told the loan process would take 4 to 6 weeks. ON week 6 I ask how much longer? The response
was I've Seen it take 4 to 6 MONTHS. If I had known that I would have even started the process. Now I'm Stuck Because who wants to start over again. Would never recommend to anyone. Even my home dealer says they won't do business with again.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved. Currently, (Sept. 8, 2015) I have not yet seen the refund or the reversal of my negative credit report. I appreciate the effort and time in reviewing my case.


Just like some of the other reviews, my payments do not get processed in a timely fashion by Cascade. I receive late notices and they have sent out statements with late fees. I emailed them via their complaint contact department on my online account access, and my bank attempted to contact them too, but Cascade refuses to discuss with my bank. I've never received an email back from them, and only received one call that went to voice mail. My last payment (which goes out via bill pay by my bank) arrived at Cascade's lockbox on August 26th for September 1st payment, but Cascade is so slow they didn't process the check until after September 9th. This is the worst service experience I've ever received from a financial institution.

Upon receipt of this customer complaint, I called the borrower and I feel he now understands that we do not hold onto his payments to process at a later time.  I explained to Mr. [redacted] that there is no benefit to us holding his payments for 5-6 days.  I explained to the customer that it...

is to our benefit to process his payments as soon as they are received.   We discussed the lockbox (payment processing) process and I explained that the lockbox (payment processing center) that our bank uses does not have the ability to receive online bill pay electronically at this time so his bank has to mail his online bill payment to us using regular mail.  I explained that we have had concerns about how long mail is taking to arrive at the lockbox but after a thorough review of their processes we are confident that the mail center in Dallas is causing the delay.   The borrower feels we are delaying processing money he is sending us in order to set him up on [redacted] payments where we draft his account directly.  There is no financial gain for us drafting his account over processing a payment in any other way.  The only reason every person he has talked to about this issue is urging him to allow us to draft his account is because it is the best solution to this problem.  If he authorizes us to draft his account on the first, it will be done and his account would reflect that his account was paid on the first.  The borrower would not receive any calls or letters except for the monthly billing statement if he sets up an [redacted] payment.  We have suggested he set this up because we know he wouldn’t have to worry about this issue anymore if he does.  I have reviewed the memo history in our system and Cascade has only initiated one outbound call for the life of the loan for the purpose of inquiring about his payment.  The borrower says we have called three times in over one year and I see three outbound calls but the other two were responses to his calls to us.  When the borrower told us he would send the payment out early, before his money was in his account, our employee informed the customer that they wouldn’t recommend him to do that because we would process the payment when the payment is received and if he didn’t have sufficient funds the payment would be returned from his bank. We have never had problems processing payments the day they are received.  We are working with our bank to get their lockbox set up to take online bill payments electronically but there are technology issues to contend with.

As the Chief Compliance Officer at Cascade, I take all complaints very seriously and want you to know I've researched this situation, acknowledge our responsibility and can definitely understand your...

frustration. Given the complexity of FHA's new handbook, more research prior to responding should have been done as the answer you received regarding your husband changing jobs was inaccurate. As such, we are refunding your full deposit of $895. I left you a voicemail to let you know this and to verify the address to send the check to, but see that you did include your address in the complaint so will mail the check there today. I sincerely apologize for the experience you had with us and want to let you know we appreciate you sharing your concerns so we can try and make things right. We are also taking this opportunity to remind employees of this specific guideline as well as how they could better handle questions like this in the future.  Please know that customer service is extremely important to Cascade and if given the chance, we’d still like to help you with the financing of a home.   
I am available any time if you need anything further. My email is [redacted] and my direct line is [redacted] 
Christina G[redacted]

[redacted], After reviewing the borrower’s complaint in regards to her late payment.  I have found that the late payment was not due to her negligence  but rather due to an error by her current bank who didn’t send the payment on time as she had instructed them (we did confirm with...

her bank that it was their error).  This I believe is a clear cut situation where as a servicer we can make a discretionary decision to enforce the late payment or look at the whole picture and give the borrower the benefit of the doubt. Upon review my Director of Servicing will be contacting the borrower today to let her know that the late payment penalty will be fully refunded and the late payment that was reported on her credit will be reversed.  Sincerely, [redacted], CMBPresidentNMLS #[redacted]

I have had my mortgage with Cascade for the past 10 years and I have never been happier with the service of a home loan. They are all very professional. I streamed lined my house with them for a lower interest rate a few times and the process was very smooth and timely. They kept in close contact with me and let me know how things are progressing. Their service is like none I have ever experienced in a lender and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a mortgage company that is honest, friendly and professional.

Cascade is working to resolve the previous reported problems with processing payments in a timely fashion. Cascade has been in contact with me via email and phone to resolve, which is appreciated. If this processing issue is resolved, I see no issues with Cascade going forward. Much improved service with calls and emails.

Very pleasant to work with. They answered all of our questions promptly. I recommend them to anyone.

Positive experience. They kept me informed with the whole process and answered all my questions quickly . Kelly bjorklund was great and always available via email or phone. I would recommend them to anyone.

From start to finish their people have been their every step of the way. The financing was great and even with a low credit score I was able to get a very decent interest rate on my home loan. After paying on time for over a year they have already worked with me to re-finance at a lower interest rate. Once again their people have been responsive, understanding, and professional every step of the way.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


I was very pleased with my service with Cascade Financial. They are extremely professional and polite and answered every one of my questions as it came up. I have had very bad experiences buying a home from other companies, but Cascade made this a wonderful experience. I would recommend them to anyone looking to finance a home!

For my family and I cascade financial was absolutely amazing. They made everything painless and not matter how many times you call they go above and beyond to help. [redacted] and [redacted] are amazing.

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