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Cascade Financial Services

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Cascade Financial Services Reviews (51)

the customer service and representatives are the rudest people I have ever dealt with.The manager there would not listen to me and only take the side of his employee the customer representative would threaten my wife with credit scores and literally sent her in tears.If you are looking for a loan this is not the place to go to and I'm going to refinance just so I dont have to deal with them again.

I have never had a complaint since using Cascade Financial Services. This company has some of the nicest most caring employees I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They go out of their way to help you with any problem you may have. I would never want to use another Service besides them. I have never had any thing but pleasant experiences with Cascade. Big thank you to [redacted].

The service is fantastic! These people work real hard and they are great at solving problems. They are dedicated to getting you the right loan program.

Happy, happy, happy! no problem here!

Friendly staff, easy to talk to, quick to get back with an answer. This was my FIRST home purchase and was surprised at how painless and effortless it was. So many speak of the dreaded task of processing a Mortgage. Cascade must be an exception!

Review: I have been with cascade over a year. I have made payments on time, every month, using bill pay from my bank account. I have never been late on my Mortgage payment, ever. The payment goes out on the 5th and arrives at Cascade by the 7th or 8th and has always been processed by the 9th of the month. In Feb. of 2015, my automatic debit from my account did not debit on the date it normally does for some reason. I called my bank and they said they were having some problems with bill pay on that date. I was in the Hospital from Feb. 10- 15, so I could not receive phone calls. Once returning home and able to speak on the phone, I got a message from Cascade that they didn't have my payment. (This was Feb. 24th.) Upon finding out the payment was not drafted, I set up a new payment on Feb. 25th. My bank said it would be there by Feb. 27th. I also called Cascade to let them know I had sent the payment. On Feb. 25th, the $2500 was drafted out of my checking account, and on Feb. 27th it showed from my bank as delivered. I again called Cascade on Feb. 27th which was a Friday, and wanted to make sure they got the payment. The lady I spoke with said they had not processed it yet but it usually takes a day. She asked me if I wanted to do payment by phone, but at that point I couldn't, because the money had already been drafted out of my account. I didn't have an extra 2500 laying around. Feb. 28th and 29th were Saturday and Sunday respectively. On March 1st I called my bank to make sure the payment had been received and credited, and they verified it was received by Cascade Financial on Feb. 27th.

In March, my March payment was auto debited/ drafted out of my account on the 5th and sent. On March 7th, a lady from Cascade Financial called me at work saying they never received my Feb. Payment. She said there was a mail strike and they had been having problems with the mail getting there in a timely manner. I explained I had sent my payment on Feb. 25, and it was received on Feb. 27th. She said it might still be processing. I asked her how long did it take to 'process'. On March 9th, both payments were processed the same day, My Feb. and my March, 5K, and I was charged a $100.33 late fee plus they reported me to the credit bureau as a 30 day late.

I did not know they charged me a late fee or reported me to the credit bureau until this week, when I went to refinance a car loan at a lower rate, (Because I have good credit!) and when they pulled my credit report that was on there.

I called Cascade several times, hearing from the same lady who assured me they can't control the mail and it was my fault for not making a payment over the phone. I then asked to speak to a supervisor, [redacted], who also stated that I should have done a payment over the phone. When I explained that the money had already been taken out of my account, he said I shouldn't use bill pay. I really feel like this was not handled in a very professional way, and that they wanted to simply charge me the $100.33 late fee. For all I know my payment sat on some desk for a week. He stated on the phone to me, "People get angry when they do not get their way." I felt like this was very condescending, especially from a manager and this company really isn't about customer service but about making money. I understand they are obligated to report late payments via regulations, but in this case, the payment was sent 5 days before the end of the month, and just as they are not responsible for the mail, I'm not responsible for someone who lets payments sit on their desk for a week. I tried to make this payment 2x, and I was very active in making sure payment was recieved. It would be different if I just blew it off.

I called my bank, and explained the matter, they got the confirmation number proving the payment was sent, and then called Cascade on my behalf, and faxed over proof of payment to [redacted] who was investigating. I did not hear back from [redacted] so on August 3, I called my bank again, and they called Cascade on my behalf, again, I was told by the lady who answered the phone that I would not have the credit report changed, and she didn't understand why I was 'calling her again.' I very politely asked to speak to a manager again, and [redacted] spoke to myself and my bank. My bank verified that payment had been sent, and they faxed over proof of such. [redacted] refused to budge and said he was not going to change anything.Desired Settlement: I would like my $100.33 refunded to my account, and more importantly I'd like my negative credit report reversed. I don't think this was accurate reporting and not indicative of my payment history or attempts to make sure this payment was there by the end of the month. I also noticed that I was not the only one with this problem. There are 3 other negative reports with this company for the exact same issue. Maybe they need a better payment process person or someone who actually processes payments on the day they arrive, not whenever that person feels like getting around to it.



[redacted], After reviewing the borrower’s complaint in regards to her late payment. I have found that the late payment was not due to her negligence but rather due to an error by her current bank who didn’t send the payment on time as she had instructed them (we did confirm with her bank that it was their error). This I believe is a clear cut situation where as a servicer we can make a discretionary decision to enforce the late payment or look at the whole picture and give the borrower the benefit of the doubt. Upon review my Director of Servicing will be contacting the borrower today to let her know that the late payment penalty will be fully refunded and the late payment that was reported on her credit will be reversed. Sincerely, [redacted], CMBPresidentNMLS #[redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved. Currently, (Sept. 8, 2015) I have not yet seen the refund or the reversal of my negative credit report. I appreciate the effort and time in reviewing my case.


This is my 3rd home I've owned. NEVER have I had a mortgage company call me and ask why I choose to use the grace period and why I don't pay my mortgage on the first. When is it your business what day I pay my mortgage; I have never been late. For one of your representatives to call and ask questions like that is bad practice. I know my mortgage is due the 1st BUT I'm also given 15 days to pay. So do not call me harassing me if its not passed the 16th. I signed my mortgage documents fully aware of it all so there is no need to call me and question me like my mortgage payment is directly effecting you [redacted]. If I'm going to be late ILL be sure to call you. Not only have I gotten these annoying phone calls but letters from my home owners insurance saying Cascade never paid my insurance and I got the same letter from the state about my property taxes. And oh the excuses I've got as to why. Horrible!!

Cascade helped me secure a home Loan thru the VA and helped in getting me setup with a home dealership on a new home after a few of dealers we were working with went out of business or were not that familiar with the VA process and wouldn't sign off on the loan.

They were always there to help during the long process, working with them for over a year on the loan they were always helpful, friendly and willing to go the extra mile.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a loan on a new home.

I unfortunately am not able to delete my previous comment. But I do want to say, the issue has been corrected and am very pleased with the outcome of the situation. Dispite any type of miscommunication done I do feel like Cascade is a good company. And that is being 100% honest. Once, everything was explained specially about the type of loan applying for it makes me feel better with this decision.

All of the People we courteous and professional. I recommend this company.

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