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• Sep 18, 2023

Disrespectful and causing patients pain
On September 11 my mother was taken by ambulance to Chtistiana ER.
First of all I have to express my concern on the not so clean hospital. My mom was on a bed that was so filthy and it does not stop there.
1) filthy bed
2) filthy floors
3) filthy door handles
4) filthy wall vents to the point where the dust bunnies were already hanging out of the vent.
5) ants on blanket that was covering my mom. The doctor saw it and commented he thought it was a bed bug and fid not get rid of the ant.
I had to get rid of the ants, and only made me think they have had bed bug issues.
My mom was in the ER for several hours and then sent to a floor until she was assigned a room since she was being admitted for observation.
We preceeded to that floor where she remained till 7Pm where she was sent to the room where she was admitted to.
Everything was good until we were called the next morning yo let us know that my mom had a good night and that they had done here vitals and blood work again and all was well and that she would be dismissed. The person we spoke to stated she would start the dismissal process and that we could go to pick her up. We left within 10 minutes.
When we got there we went up to her room and her bed was already being made. We asked the person making her bed where our mother was and she responded there was Noone there when she got there.
We preceeded to go to the desk on the floor to ask for my mom and no one knew where my mom was. Everyone kept asking each other if they knew where my mom was at and no one knew.
Suddenly a nurse came out of another patients room and she stated my mom was down stairs in an area where patients went to at time of dismissal. The nurse also stated we were told at time of the call we got, which was not true. No one stated that my mom would be there. The nurse took us to where my mom was and to our surprise it's a room off the main lobby with no bathroom.
Here we are talk about a 93 year old woman that has incognance issues.
My mom was left there wearing nothing but the hospital gown that was 10 sizes too big for her.
When I saw my mother sitting there with other people fully dressed just really did me I.
The disrespect for my mother the hospital caused, not to mention the lack humanity and dignity. If my mother had to use the bathroom she would have to walk down a public hallway to use a public bathroom. How inhumane.
You think when one reaches my moms age of 93 has earned respect and dignity.
The hospital could have cared about anything like that.
I am so angry that my mom was treated so inhumane.
I preceeded to hovto the hospital's administration office to complain and all they could say is that is the hospital's policy.
They also stated that there was a person at the desk at all times in that dismissal room, well I am telling you there was noone there and my mom also stated there was never a person at the desk.
Bottom line the hospital does not care about the patients, or the hospital cleanliness. The hospital is focused on the dollar line, so as long as they are making money us that is important for Christiana.
Another thing is that Christiana is considered a #1 hospital, I would hate to see a #2 or 3 hospital.

Disrespectful staff
If I could give negative 5 stars I would. my son was admitted with liver issues, visually yellow and was left to wait in waiting room for 4 hours. Fast forward to next days visit I was greeted by rude and disrespectful staff and was not given any answers and was walked away from with eyes roles at me because I am concerned for his well being. When I asked ER nurse when he would be admitted she had no answers then left the area I was in. I am concerned for the health of my child and was disrespected in every way possible, I wouldn’t trust any of the staff in this place with a mouse. They don’t care about there patients or concerned parties of those patients.

I’m a Chemo patient receiving treatments every 2 weeks.. On more than 1 occasion I’ve had to wait 2 hours for my medications to be delivered.. In November of 2021 I was in treatment center for 8 hours.. I find this appalling I have Cancer I’m tired .. The pharmacy definitely needs to step up the process..

Christiana Care Springside Medical Staff
My wife had a stroke in 2017 which has caused her to be totally dependent on her care givers. It takes sometimes 1 to 1-1/2 hours to get her out of bed and ready to travel. In late June she was admitted to Christiana Care MICU with Pneumonia and was placed on ventilator until it was treated. Her stay there was very good and the staff was exceptional. That isn't the issue.

We had made arrangements for post hospitalation follow up with her PCP Robin Simpson.. She was not available so we accept the appointment with another Dr.. from the group practise for 7/13/21 8:40 am.

On 7/13/21 I saw the most outrageous display of patient disrespect and a organizational failure to provide services than I have ever seen. That morning it took alot of time to get my wife ready to travel. Her secretions were thick and excessive and her O2 sats were running low. On any other day she would have stayed in the house because that would have been the right thing to do. Instead we transfered her from her wheel chair into the vehicle and drove to her appointment. We were running a little late approximately 5 mins. When we got to springside there were no handicap spaces and no parking close where wheel chair usage could happen. But that is another complaint.
We finally got into the office at 8:52. 12 minutes late. There was 1 person at the counter talking with the staff which lasted 3-4 minutes. I could tell the staff member was unhappy with her job the way she treated the man ahead of us. We then waited an additional 3-4 minutes before she called us up. She pulled up my wife file, confirmed her identity and insurance information then said you missed your appointment we will have to reschedule. I explained that it took longer than anticipated to get her there but she still said we missed our appointment and would have to reschedule. Again this was a post hospitalization follow up visit. The next available appointment with her PCP was in mid August. So much for caring if the patient was having any issues. So much for being a health providing organization. So much for the Oath of Hippocrates performing your job for the benefits of your patients.

It is amazing that when you call the office the message even states that you provide same day acute care visits. I guess that is a lie also. So after being 12 minutes late (Half the time getting her across the parking lot because you don't have sufficient handicap parking) and spending at least 10 more minutes in the office, we were turned away. I guess the next time we sit in a doctors office for 45 minutes to be seen your organization will consider it totally acceptable

To add insult to injury we get a robocall saying that we missed our appointment and had to reschedule.

If we didn't like our PCP we wouldn't even consider recommending Christiana Care Springside Medical. Oh yeah by the way my wife has issues that a doctor could have handled with an office visit.
Christiana Care Springside Medical Staff

Poor quality across the board, inadequate care by healthcare “professionals”
After flown in by helicopter, my partner sat in the ER with no explanation as to what we were waiting for and why his status went from urgent to not so urgent. Very poor communication not only to trauma patients and their advocates, but between medical staff. Not every nurse in the ER was confused or uninformative but too many to count. It’s as if we weren’t saying the magic word to figure what the care will be and WHEN. (If unsure, SAY SO- “I don’t know is unacceptable”) After moved up to another floor to hopefully speak with the very busy neurosurgeon two days later, don’t interfere with the lounging nurses doing absolutely nothing while my partner has no bedding, ice, food after requesting and being offered. Disgusting. This place should close or fire their traveling nurses and mouthy staff.

You need more practice.

Billing: Received a bill eight months after the service date without prior notification or explanation of service.

I am a patient of Dr Cates.
Had several surgerys and a biopsy procedure don by him. Had no problem.
First time I want to his office I noticed his receptionist/nurse/office manager had a bad manners unfriendly and snearing attitude. Have her the benefit of the doubt. Second third etc attitude of hers began to show hate. After I had my surgery I had to call Dr cates to set opponents I had extremely difficult to have her answer the phone. When finally she answered and set an appointment she was extremely rude. On the day of the appointment there was different receptionist and she was nice Susan. Are from her lunch and without any thing to say imedietly as the receptionist if she was ok with a curushig snear on her face.
When the Dr came in he said “what that all abou? You have opened pandora box”
Reference that I have called Christiana Hospital and reported that I have had extremely difficult time to reach Dr Cates.
I said please Dr I only have you and God.
It you told me to make appointment to remove the catheter.
After that visit she scadual me 6 month with prescription to have psi test and to come back on the February 13 th 2020.
Which I did the test and went for the appointment little to know dr jackle and Mrs hide Susan told me we rest your appointment and we called you and texted you. I never received any thing .
I am Candidate for cancer and now I don’t know my test results. I refused any other appointment. But I need other doctor.
I am no charity patient I ave Medicare and also have the means to pay. I am asking Christiana Haspital for help.

I have attempted through Christiana Care’s billing email address and by phone to obtain information to why billing is over one year from the date of service for my wife-account [redacted] (date of service 7/17/19), and over 8 months for my daughter-account [redacted] (date of service 10/3/18). To me this delay is suspicious and I question the accuracy of the billing. After 2 months of questioning, I was told it was due to insurance company delays. I was promised the delayed EOBs supposed from July 2019 on Oct 2, 2019, but have yet to receive them. If the long delays are due to our insurance companies, I wanted to approach them with my concerns as I have flexible spending accounts that expire in the calendar year. Emails trail as follows and I can provide copies if requested: July 30, 2019 Request from me on why the long delay in billing as I just received billing for both accounts. Aug 1, 2019 Response from you indicating that all insurance payments & adjustments need to be reviewed prior to billing Aug 1, 2019. Response from me indicating that EOBs were quickly issued for [redacted] (date of service 10/3/18) on 10/12/18 primary insurance and 11/5/18 secondary insurance; for [redacted] (date of service 7/17/18) on 8/2/18 primary insurance and 8/11/18 for secondary insurance. Aug 23, 2018 Request from me for response as 3 weeks had elapsed. Aug 27, 2019. Apology from you and response indicating it was sent “to our management department for further review.” Sep 23, 2019 Email from me indicating I had not heard an answer and that I assumed that amounts were not correct. Sep 23, 2018 Response from you that you had tried reaching the patient on Sep 20 & would call again tomorrow. Sep 23, 2018 Request from me, asking who and what number was a called. Also another request for you response in writing. Sep 23, 2019 Response from you that you called my home number and you requested an alternative number. Sep 24, 2019 Response from me with my cell number to reach me. [I have never received a call from you on my cell number provided] Sep 26, 2019 2nd Request from me providing my cell number & requesting a call and indicating that if you didn’t call, I considered the matter closed. A voice mail was left this time & I returned the call on October 2, 2019 at 1:50 p.m., I spoke initially with [redacted]. After receiving the same line of answers about insurance being slow to clear and I provided the insurance EOB dates, I asked to speak with a supervisor. I spoke to [redacted] who indicated that the last EOBs from the insurance were from July 2019 and she would send me copies. I have not received them to this date.Desired Settlement: 1. Explanation on why the emails were not responded to in a timely manner. Explanation on why despite several requests, I was not called at my cell number but instead at a home number where no one was available. 2. If EOBs from the insurance provider did take until July to receive the final: a. Copy of the EOBs that delayed the billing so I may approach our insurance providers with this, and b. Explanation why [redacted] did not provide me this as promised on October 2. 3. If EOBs from the insurance provider dated July 2019 do not exist: a. Explanation of why [redacted] stated this incorrectly, and b. Explanation of Christiana Care’s failure to bill us within a reasonable timeframe, and c. Independent review of billing and charges from the 2 accounts to assure that charges were correct from 2018. Business Response: On behalf of Christiana Care, I would like to apologize for the miscommunication and delays during [redacted]'s billing experience. Christiana Care worked closely with Aetna after they processed the claim as if they were the primary insurance. The EOBs were mailed to the patient on the receipt of this complaint and I am able to mail or email them if the patient does not have them at this time. The EOBs are dated October, 2108. Christiana Care works with Aetna through conference calls and in July 2019 we resolved the coordination of benefit for this billing concern. Christiana Care's Patient Financial Accounting has reviewed [redacted]'s account has a zero balance and the coordination of benefits were applied accurately. Christiana Care appreciates feedback from patients and families so that we can learn from these experiences. Timely emails, calls and thorough explanations of concerns is our goal. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions. Thank You, [redacted] Consumer Response:


Review: I spoke with the billing dept several times since the beginning of November 2019, and they were to send me a payment booklet so I can pay them 10.00 per month as per agreement made on 11/6/2019 with Lauren. Payments were to start end of November. I was to obtain a Financial form and also apply for medicaid, which I have and am waiting for the decision. After receipt of medicaid I am to fill out financial form and copy my acceptance to hospital and they will then be able to go through medicaid to obtain payment for this bill. I am a full time student. This was all arranged on Nov 6 2019. As of Nov 19, I had not received any correspondence whatsoever from Christiana in regards to making payments, no payment booklet nor payment statement with instructions on how to make payments. I telephoned in again and spoke with [redacted] and informed her of the above, she was to resend me the payment booklet again. I tried to call several times on Dec 3. Dec 5, and Dec 6, and could not get through. The phone numbers are constantly busy and after a while on waiting your disconnected. I finally had my mother leave a message on Dec 5, with [redacted], the billing manager's voice mail and to date has not returned the call. I now rec'd a call from a collection agency and have been told my acct was turned over to them on December 5th, 2019. I was to make one payment at the end of November which I had all intentions to do and have followed up with the hospital and they are not providing me with billing information as to how to make my payments to them. I spoke with the Christiana Care billing today at [redacted] and the gentleman I spoke with confirmed the above and when I advised that this should not have gone to collections he agreed but he advised he would not be able to take back out of collections. When I reiterated the fact that I still do not have any information where to send my payments to Christiana Hospital he replied "now you will deal with the collection agency'. I responded that this was done in error and in bad faith and will not deal with them. I did obtain a name and address of [redacted], which he informed me is the head of corporate complaints regarding this. When I tried to confirm his position he kept wavering with me so I am unsure and he may only be a manager. They will not cooperate with me so I can make payments and they definitely were committing "Bad Faith" when placing this account in collections on Dec 5, 2019. We started to communicate on November 6th, 2019 and they have breached their commitment to supply me with the information needed to start making my payment of 10.00 on November 30, 2019. We haven't even got to the second payment due date.Desired Settlement: Remove from collections immediately and supply me with the information as to whom the payment is made to and where to send the payment to. Also a letter confirming this and a letter of apology. Business Response: To whom it may concern: Thank youfor the opportunity to respond to this complaint. We are very sorry for any miscommunicationd stress that this may have cased [redacted]. Here are the details of what has transpired to date: The account was placed with them in August 2019 and the initial letter/statement was sent. VARO called and left message on number provided 9-18. On October 2, 2019, he contacted VARO stating he was following up with CHAP to see if they would cover. Patients are told they still need to begin making payments while applying for Medicaid or financial assistance, so the account remains in good standing. Another statement was mailed, due to the statement cycle and two more messages were left on voice mail. On November 5th, he called VARO stating his aunt would be calling to set up a payment plan. The call from the aunt was received on 11-6 and a payment plan was established. Payments were not made as promised, so the payment plan was broken and the account went to Collections. A payment plan can be re-established by contacting our billing offices [redacted] Once this occurs, the account will be taken out of Colelctions. Again, we are very sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused [redacted]. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in setting this up. Consumer Response: December 18, 2019 To: Re: Complaint # [redacted] In response to the answer from Christiana Care they state this was referred in August 2019, I was in the emergency room on July 28, 2019. The first billing I received was sometime at the later part of October , 2019, which indicated the charges for my visit to the emergency room, adjustments to the bill and the total due. The bill was sent with the original documents which are dated October 15, 2019. On November 6th I did have my [redacted] speak with them, she worked in this field and understood my financial situation and would be able to manage a payment schedule for me. After she spoke with Lauren it was arranged to begin making payments of $10.00 per month. She was to send a payment booklet to me in the mail which would have all the information for me as to where and whom to send to. To this date I never received. I have made another call to them on November 19th to advise still no information received from them, spoke with [redacted] and she said in the notes it stated it was sent, I informed her it is 2 weeks and nothing received. She advised she would send again. Next thing I do is attempt to contact them since still nothing received again. For three days I am constantly telephoning them at 302 804 6000, busy or being on hold stating “hold for the next available operator”. While holding after a certain amount of time you were getting automatically disconnected. On 12/5 my mother left a message on a voice mail for a [redacted] the hospital itself, to return our call. He never even responded and he is supposed to be the billing MANAGER. I then get a message to call back a phone number in which I gave my mom written permission for her to handle on my behalf. I am a full time student therefore it is difficult to call. She called the number and found out this was put into COLLECTIONS. She was advised to fax them the written permission to speak to them and call back next week because there is at least a 48 hr wait til it will show up in the system that they can speak with her. In the meantime she contacted the Christian Care and finally got through and they said it was put into collection on December 5th, 2019. I am quite annoyed at the false response that has been given by Christian Care to this complaint, they have lied about every aspect. No one has ever given me any information over the phone for me to be able to make payments, and they did not keep their part of this contract to send me the booklet to start making payments. Does it make any sense that a person is to start making a payment at the end of November and calls in to them to advise nothing is received in order for them to send the payment on November 19th, 2019 and Dec 5th they place in collections? I have found that this company is not practicing proper billing procedures and they do not follow through with their duties that are promised over the phone. In the interim I just was notified that my sister is going through the same. They do not follow through with what they promise over the phone with a consumer. If the hospital would like me to give you the name of this complaint I would be more than happy to advise. I just wanted to start payments of $10.00 as we discussed and they were to send me the necessary booklet for me to do so. That is all I ever wanted. I don’t want any false claims being said or placed in my records. I haven’t even received any response from [redacted] who is supposed to be the head of Christiana Care billing who handles CORPORATE COMPLAINTS. The letter was received by them on December 12th, 2019 at 12:48 PM. I would like to know what his position is also since I have not received any response from him either. I feel I was given false information. My mother told them on the last call on 12/11/19 that I wanted to make payments immediately and would do so as long as it was to the hospital billing directly and it was removed from collections since this should never have gone to collections. The gentleman she spoke to advised her that this cannot and will not be done and that I would hear from collections and that is where I am to make payments directly to. That is when she asked for the Head of this Corporation and Corporate Complaints. He said he didn’t know who that was and put her on hold. He offered his supervisor’s name or manager’s name and she reiterated what she wanted. He did come back with [redacted] name and information to fax and the address which is a P O Box. I am willing to set up a payment arrangement immediately with the hospital directly but I want this information in the files and related to them. I am studying criminal justice and this offends me and I will not allow any false information to be placed on my record on in my files Business Response: The patient states that, on November 6, 2019, he spoke with a Christiana Care billing clerk about the money he owed the hospital for his bill. He informed her that he was applying for Medicaid but, in the meantime, would pay $ 10 per month, starting in late November. Unfortunately, somehow, a misunderstanding occurred. The patient was told to print out and submit a Financial Assistance Application. Unfortunately, he mistakenly thought he was supposed to submit the Financial Assistance form only when he received the response from Medicaid. In addition, the patient thought that [redacted] would send him a payment book. He states he waited for the payment book to arrive and called the office numerous times to ask why it hadn’t been sent. However, Christiana Care does not use payment coupons to collect on past due bills. When no funds were paid on the bill, and when the patient did not submit a Financial Assistance Form, Christiana Care referred the matter to Collections. Since that time, the patient’s mother called. She informed Christiana Care’s Finance Department that she has been trying to get Medicaid to cover the bill but the agency has been unresponsive. The Finance Department has agreed to take the matter out of Collections and seek payment from Medicaid. The mother offered to pay but Christiana Care told her to wait and they would try to get the bill covered by Medicaid. We understand that the financial aspects of the health care system can be very confusing to patients. We are sorry that this misunderstanding occurred. At this time, we believe that the patient’s complaint has been resolved. We believe that the patient will qualify for Medicaid and the hospital will look to Medicaid to pay this patient’s bills. Should the patient be ineligible for Medicaid, the hospital has agreed to work out a payment plan with the patient and/or his mother and clarified its expectations about how this payment plan would be administered. The patient has been given a direct contact in the Finance Department who will respond to any issues and answer any questions that arise.

I am the long-term companion/care giver for A. Longobardi.
He has been a patient of Dr. Cates for many years.
We have always received excellent service.
Dr. Cates' practice recently moved to Christiana Care Urology at 501 West
14th Street.
Recently, on 7/17/18 to be exact, I called the practice to inquire about needing catheters soon for Mr. Longobardi.
I was told by staff that someone on 7/19/18 would get back to us about the issue.
On 8/1/18, after receiving no call back from the practice, I made a second call to the practice. Again, by the same staff member, I was told someone would get back to us about ordering the catheters and yet still today, 8/3/18, I have received no callback.
What now are we to do? The catheters will be needed soon.
This is the worse service we have received from this practice in all the years Mr. Longobardi has been a patient.
[email protected]

I had back surgery in 8/2016. It went well and I have nothing but nice things to say about the hospital staff. My problem is with the billing department. I have tried several times to speak with them about my hospital bill (which was $79,159.21) as I want to try to work something out- I know there can be financial assistance especially when it is paid out of pocket. No one will respond or get me to the appropriate person to help me.

I just want 5 minutes of someone's time. Please direct me to the right person.

Still haven't heard from anyone.

My son was taken here for a surgery that the first hospital was not comfortable performing. He ended up staying there 4 days and 3 nights. I have nothing bad to say about the hospital or the care he received while there. Everyone was great! Service was excellent. My issue is with the medical records department. I turned a paper in on 2/8 to have his records emailed to me. It is now 3/1 and I have not received them yet. I called on 2/27 to inquire about them and the girl I talked to was SO ignorant! I nicely said there was no reason to get nasty I just want his records. You would have thought I cussed her out and screamed at her because she got worse! She transfers me and tells me to push option 2. I am not a drs office so I didn't and ended up back with her. She said if you would have listened to me in the first place you would have talked to someone. I explained I am not a drs office and that's why I did not use that option. By this time I was starting to get a little agitated with the way she was treating me. I asked for her name and she would not give it to me. I asked 2 more times for her name and she then hung up on me. I called back with a few minutes and left a message for the manager in charge of that department and have yet to hear from her and this was 2 days ago that I called. This was my first experience with this hospital. The hospital itself was excellent. The staff in the medical records department not at all! They are giving your hospital a bad name! I am actually considering contacting some higher up in command for something to be done if nothing is done about this complaint. All I want is a copy of my son medical records for his stay there and it seems to be a problem.

Christiana Care. My brother had a terrible experience at Christiana Care with an addictions Counselor, Don Taggart. Granted my brother is an addict, but he still has a right to be treated with competence and respect.. Mr. Taggart seemed to be preoccupied, dismissive, and really did not have a lot of knowledge about drug addiction. There were also some questionable, suggestive, remarks he made to my brother, which I rather not go into. If you are on the DL, your business, but don't make my brother feel uncomfortable who is there for treatment. This guy seems to be really off the wall. Christiana Care should use better screening with their addictions counselors.


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'Christiana s' aka Rand W. Deamond and his manufactured, abusive 'review' are just another example of his vicious cyber bullying. Maybe his 'brother' would be interested in knowing that he is a drug addict? This little sneak knows how to carry out his revenge by using his computer like the true gutless coward that he is. He only lies when his mouth is open.

I went into Christiana Care to have a bad case of AFib treated. Several different methods were attempted, but none of them worked.
I had to go back to the hospital, and they found a blood clot in my lung that would have killed me had they not treated it. They put me in ICU overnight on a heavy blood thinner. The next morning at 6am, my heart stopped for 7-12 seconds. Had I not been there, I most likely would not be alive right now. I had been under the care of a cardiologist for several months before, and had started having dizzy spells that went undetected. It was because of previous stoppages of my heart.
After my heart stopped in the ICU, the staff cardiologist came in and told me (and I firmly believe) that if I hadn't been there, it could have been missed, and I could have dropped dead on the street.
The options were...1. Go home and hope it never happened again...or 2. Get a pacemaker and live a happy life.
Well, I chose #2, and have been living happily ever since (that was Oct 2013).
Not only did they show the utmost respect for me, they did everything they could to make me as comfortable as possible.
My regular cardiologist left an out of town conference he had been attending when he heard of my situation, and got back to visit me in the recovery room.
I went in on a Saturday, had the episode on Sunday, Got the pacemaker on Monday, and went home on Tuesday.
I cannot express my gratitude to the Doctors and Staff at Christian Care for basically giving me the rest of my life.
My wife hates all hospitals, but she was extremely pleased with the way everything was handled. They let her stay by my side the entire time, with the exception of the operating room.

Went to hospital in pain and they offered 2 tylonal I am able to take them at home. Insurance is not covering anything because no services rendered. No MRI no anything been in pain for three days refuse to go back there. They take a medical oath to help people and leaving people in pain is in humane. We don't live in a third world country. Just because they have drug addicts does not mean we all have to suffer. Everyone is going to other states.


Review: In August of 2012 I visited Christiana Care several times. The first time was for on 8/7/2012 for $569.00. I had dual insurance at the time of my visit. Christiana Care neglected to adjust the charges based on the BC/BS allowance of $241.17. Aetna and BC/BS combined to pay $350.75, leaving an overpayment of $109.58. I owe no balance on this bill. The second visit was on 8/26/2012 for $2766.50. For this visit, BC/BS only allowed $2434.52. Aetna and BC/BS combined to pay $2352.45, which leaves a balance of $82.07, not the $137.40 which they are billing me. Again, they failed to take the adjustment from BC/BS.

They have since reported my non-payment to the credit bureau, and this is negatively affecting my ability to get security clearance on a contract at work.

I have talked to billing managers as well as the credit agency regarding this, sent numerous faxes and letters to no avail. I have received not one response from Christiana Care over this matter.Desired Settlement: For DOS 8/17/12, I request that they take the adjustment from Blue Cross (minus the adjustment already applied from Aetna). BC/BS would then be owed a refund of $109.58.

For DOS 8/26/12 I request that they take the adjustment from Blue Cross (minus the adjustment already applied from Aetna) and send me a new bill for the $82.07 so that I may pay it.

Additionally, I want all matters regarding this to be stricken/removed from my credit report.



On behalf of Christiana Care, I would like to resolve your billing concern. I apologize that you were unable to resolve this concern through our billing department and the communication did not meet your expectations. We researched your concern thoroughly and have identified the following payments and balances related to your concern. For the date of service of 8/7/12 [redacted] paid $124 and our contract rate with them adjusted the bill at the rate of $56.90. Blue Cross paid $226.17 and the adjusted rate was at $146.35; therfore the total insurance payments applied result in a balance due of $15.00 for the patient. For the date of service of 8/26/12 the total amount billed $2766.50. [redacted] paid $1871.88 and we applied the contract discount of $276.65. Blue Cross paid $480.57 and we applied the contract discount of $2.40. Therefore the patient copay is $135.00 copay. For both dates of services both insurance companies paid according to our contract and the patient is responsible for the copay amounts. Christiana Care would like to work with the patient for a payment plan on the balance due and would be willing to have this billing concern removed from the patient's credit report. If you have any questions or concerns, I would welcome the opportunity to support you moving forward. thank you, [redacted] patient experience



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. I would like to pay the full amount owed as soon as possible and have this matter removed from my credit report. Please let me know who to contact at Christiana Care to make payment and have the matter stricken from my credit report.


Review: I had my son in october at Chrisitana Care hospital, I was put in collections in January for a bill for a balance I never received. I did not realize this bill even existed until I went to apply for credit and was denied. When I bought my home one year ago my credit was 780, now it is 629! I pulled my credit report, saw the delinquency. Contacted Christiana Care, they had an incorrect address on file for me. They stated they had tried to contact me on my cell phone. I would testify in court than absolutely never happened, and could pull my phone record to prove that. My house number is [redacted], they had [redacted]…obviously this was a computer error. I had received a bill from my obgyn and the anesthesia services, it never occurred to me that this bill even existed. I have contacted christiana to resolve this over a month ago, going on two months now….I STILL HAVENT received a bill. I keep expecting a call back from a manager "within one week" that never happens. However they do keep asking me if I want to set up a payment plan. I am not paying them a dime until I get an itemized bill showing me my charges and can confirm that they will pull back the collection.Desired Settlement: I would like this resolved immediately. I contacted the credit reporting agencies and have received confirmation that equinox and experian have pulled it from my report, still waiting to hear back from transition. my fear is this isn't resolved fast enough and I have to go through the headache of appealing it over again because christiana is still holding me delinquent.



To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]'s concerns related to the actions taken by our [redacted]. In consultation with the leadership of this department, the following has been done to address and resolve this issue:

Follow up with VARO/BYL (CCHS' billing and collections services) was conducted to determine why this was not corrected and more importantly why [redacted] never received a return call. The bill for her son was sent to Collections due to the wrong address. VARO was informed to return the account from Collections, remove this from her credit report, and send statements to the correct address. As a result of this event, we have implemented a process with our customer service team, to escalate all supervisor calls immediately, while the patient is on the phone. VARO does not tell patients that they will receive a return call unless it is from the escalated supervisor/manager stating research needs to be done.

Thank you again for this opportunity to addres this matter and we are very sorry for any inconvenience or anxiety this may have caused [redacted]. We apologize greatly for this.

Review: October 16 2012 my daughter was scheduled to see [redacted] at Neurology associates with Christiana Care. Apparently [redacted] was over booked and my daughter was put with [redacted] instead. At the time I had Aetna access ppo and had to use specialist that were listed in a book the insurance company provided. When I scheduled the appt for my daugter I explained that I had to use a provider out of the catalog and was [redacted] a provider. I was told yes. I have been going back and fourth now for 11 months between Christiana Care and [redacted] office Manager trying to resolve this problem. [redacted] office manager is saying that the charge of the visit went to the deducible and that it is illegal to give that back. I did everything I was supposed to do and it was not my fault that [redacted] overbooked and put my daughter with a doctor that is not on my plan. I am requesting that they write the bill off. I have worked in billing for 30 years for an opthalmology practice and we would never have put a patient through an ordeal like this. I have asked several times to speak to [redacted] to explain what is happening, but they will not put me through. Could you please help me!Desired Settlement: Please have them write off the bill for 132.06



To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to respond to this concern. We have contacted the complainant and indicated that we will be waiving the balance of $132.06.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you again,


Review: I have had service at Christiana Care at Foulk Road on July 3, 2013. The Company failed to bill my insurance at the time and to avoid having my credit affected I paid the bill. After speaking to the Company together with the representative of my insurance carrier, the bill was paid by insurance I have tried to collect my refund and each time I speak to a Company representative they tell me that it takes 2 months to do so. It has been seven months and still no refund (acct [redacted]; $370.00). I would like to get my refund.

In addition, I recently received three invoices for co-payments for which I sent payment. They have applied payment to two of the three and continue to bill me for one of them, stating that it has to be done by another department. They have my money as they have not issued a refund for that amount ($44.00) I would like this money to be properly applied and to stop receiving payment requests from them.

PLEASE HELP!!!!Desired Settlement: I want refund in item number 1 ASAP. For item number 2 I want money appropriately applied and to stop receiving invoices from them.



To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for this opportunity to address [redacted] concerns. We are very sorry for any distress or incovenience that this matter has caused.

This author had the opportunity to speak with [redacted] to review this matter. A refund in the amount of $462.50 was processed on Friday, 3/14/2014 and was mailed on that same date. [redacted] inquired about several other bills in which she made one total payment for and wanted to know the breakout for each of these bills and how payment was applied. This author is in the process of obtaining all of this information and will mail to [redacted] when ready.

There is one outstanding bill from July 3, 2013 that her insurance has not processed. Once this occurs, we will ascertain if another refund is warranted and will make these arrangements at that time.

Thank you again and please extend our truest apologies to [redacted] for the delay in processing and resolving this refund.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

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