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Christiana Care Health System

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Review: I was seen in Christiana's ER in June 2012 for which they billed my insurance company, [redacted]. They accepted [redacted]'s payment but instead of accepting it as payment in full (usual and customary), as they would have for Blue Cross or Aetna, they balance billed me for the remainder a year and a half later. Their explanation was that they did not have a contractual agreement with [redacted] so they had no obligation to treat me the same as other insured individuals. (This practice is illegal under Medicare and Medicaid.)

With no advance notification they submitted the remainder to a collection agency. Had there been no insurance they would have deducted 10% of the $2440 bill,which they are not willing to offer me now.Desired Settlement: Withdraw collection agency, accept insurance company payment as payment in full.



Christiana Care worked with [redacted]'s insurance to resolve payment with them since we are non-par with [redacted], which is the patient's responsbilility to be aware of their insurance coverage. Christiana Care continued to work with [redacted] when we got the initial payment from them and did not bill the patient at that time so it did result in a delayed billing to the patient. The patient did not respond to Christiana Care bills therefore the balance was referred to a collection agency. Please let me know if you need additional information. Thank you, [redacted]

this pertains to the Wilmington medical center. our mother who was elderly was in and out of this facility for over 2 months. she went in for pain in her hand. they released her without a diagnosis . she returned again with the same problem. at that point she was diagnosed with gout. they treated her with antibiotics, which in turn gave her CDIF. they released her after a little time in the hospital, just to return with still having CDIF. this is no doubt in our minds that they just needed the bed so they had to move her out. when confronted this was never denied. in the end she went in and out of having different levels of CDIF. with the doctors coming to the conclusion and I quote"she's just a chronically ill person and would probably not get out of this cycle". once they made that "diagnosis" they quit trying to help our mother get well. she in the end died due to a respiratory issue, that they would not treat. that is a disgrace in our book. they treated her based on exactly what she could afford, which was very little. she only had Medicare and Medicaid. I realize this sounds mean but they let her die and I will never forgive them for that.

we had to fight hour after hour, someone had to be there just about 24/7 in order to get information or making sure they were doing everything they could to help our mother.

please if anyone reads this please,please try and find another hospital to take your loved one to. this is a brief history of our experience with this facility. I refuse to call it a hospital.

Review: I have updated my information with one the the Christina Care Medical Centers, [redacted]l Aid Unit [redacted] I submitted my insurance and was told there was no co-pay. I saw the claim go through my insurance (Aetna) and it was denied. I have since then made multiple attempts to contact the company and receive a bill so I can make payments. I have provided them with my address, I have called and left messages at their billing department - I have a few thousand in an HSA account waiting to be used for these types of claims..... instead of sending me a bill they have filled with collections - the collections agency has also failed to send my an itemized bill and now I have a 101 dollar collection reporting to my credit report while I'm in the processes of preparing to buy a house.Desired Settlement: I would like an itemized bill of all that is owed to this company. I would like a direct contact number for someone who will directly handle this issue. I would like the collection to be removed from all three of the major credit reporting agencies IMMEDIATELY. I would also like a record to be made of this failure on the part of this business to provide a bill in a timely manner.



I appreciate you reaching out to share your concern. The [redacted] Aid Unit is in a facility where Christiana Care has a numerous of services but the Medical Aid Unit itself is not a Christiana Care service. It is a separate organization with separate billing. The information you shared in your email for the contact information to the [redacted] Aid unit is correct - you can contact [redacted]

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Address: 4755 Ogletown-Stanton Road, Newark, Delaware, United States, 19718


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