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Review: Christiana Care has failed to follow its own billing policies leading to a negative mark on my other-wise excellent credit. For three separate doctor appointments Christiana Care billed my insurance company for services provided, but failed to send me a bill for my co-pay. The co-pays in delinquency are from September 2013 for $25, December 2012 for $21, and February 2013 for $10. Christiana Care's policy is to send three bills before handing over the unpaid bills to a collection agency. I spoke with two Christiana Care representatives (both on April 17, 2014) who could only provide one date (August, 8, 2013) when a bill might have been mailed out to me. One representative actually suggested that I should check with the post office regarding how nine bills were not sent to my address. I have never experienced any issues with the post office and have a wonderful mailman. This suggestion is insulting. If I had received a bill, I would have paid the bill -- especially for such small amounts. Christiana Care also had a incorrect phone number for me, so any phone calls would have failed to reach me, as well. Instead of following their own policies, Christiana Care handed over my small debt to a collection agency. This negligent act has cost me my well-earned high credit score.Desired Settlement: I desire a letter detailing how Christiana Care did not follow their own billing policies which directly led to a negative mark on my credit. The letter should also state that I have paid my bill in full (which I did on April 17). This letter needs to be sent to Experian, Equifax, and BYL Collections with a cc to me.



To Whom This May Concern:

Thank you for the opportunity to address [redacted] cocnerns and we are very sorry for any inconvenience that this may have casued her. Here are the results of my review:

The mail was returned as a bad address which is why only the patient did not receive billing statements. She called CCHS Billing Department stating she was applying for a mortgage and had paid the accounts with our Collections Department. These outstanding debts were removed from her credit and a letter confirming this was sent to [redacted]. The address is correct. It appears the issue was that there was not a space between the house number and the ‘A’ which triggered the mail to be returned. I understand that [redacted] has spoken with our billing department on 04/18/2014 and all of this was reviewed. The balance was paid in full and the credit bureaus have all been contacted with the updated status of the account.

We will be working very closely with Leadership of our Patient Financial Services to ensure quality assurance on outgoing bills and statements for address acuracy. We understand completely the anxiety that this may cause especially when applying for mortgages. Thank you for the opportunity again to review our processes to ensure we are providing excellent customer service.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.



Review: [redacted] April 27, 2014

Customer Relations Department

Christiana Care

Newark, DE

To Whom It May Concern:

I was seen today (4/27/14) in your Glasgow Medical Aid Unit in Middletown, DE. The purpose for my visit was concerns relating to skin rash. I was given 1 diagnosis by the Physician Assistant (Olga) and then provided with a 2nd diagnosis by the Physician ([redacted]).

I feel that it is vital to mention that I advised the Physician Assistant that I wanted a 2nd opinion of the Physician on duty. The Physician reviewed my diagnosis and disagreed with the Physician Assistant (I also overheard their discussion where [redacted] informed the PA that he did not think her initial diagnosis was accurate). I was given a prescribed a corticosteroid and advised by the Physician that I should apply to affected areas BID. I filled the RX-same day and applied the first treatment per instruction. After application, I noticed that there was not enough medication to be compliant with Physician prescribed treatment. I decided to call the Urgent Care care to express my concerns and for follow up. I spoke with the nurse on duty (Nicole), who did not actively listen to my concerns. Rather, Nicole reiterated notes (perhaps documented in chart) but did not listen to my concerns nor did she address my concerns. As my concerns continued, I requested to speak with the Physician for clarity on how to best move forward treatment. The RN (Nicole) refused advising that this is normal protocol. I have grave concerns that a nurse would refuse a patients request for clarity on how to take prescribed medication. After I advised Nicole that I would forward my concern to the local Medical Board for review, she then acknowledged that she would have the Physician return my call. It is disappointing to think that a patient needs to provide what is perceived as a threat (to inform medical board) for the purposes of obtaining clarity for prescribed medication.

Considering this negative experience coupled with being given two separate diagnoses, I will now head to the local emergency room for follow up.

I would appreciate a phone call to discuss this incident further.

Thanks, [redacted]Desired Settlement: Apology and this service should not be billed to Cigna.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: I visited Christiana care health system in June of 2013 for my pregnancy and that same day went to the insurance office to apply for Medicaid and was approved. I was informed every bill would be back paid by my state insurance had I been approved, and I was. I even had a health insurance officer from the State of Delaware visit my Delaware address to finish my paperwork and take care of billing my accounts to the insurance. Since then I have called twice and apparently after calling again today neither employee has taken note that I have called. This is very unprofessional, and negatively affects my life because now my credit is marked with several derogatory marks from the accounts being sent to collections. After calling collections, there is nothing they can do, the hospital had to withdraw the account and take care of it. I'm highly upset because being on state insurance, it is assumed I do not make much money, and I now have an 18 month old who I provide for. My credit is something I rely on heavily and it is weighing down my score to a point where nothing is being approved. I have tried my best to take the polite route but there is nothing more your hospital can provide me besides going through here. I even tried looking on the website for a contact person to talk to but there was no numbers provided. I ask you please take the time to fix your billing issues, looking at the bureaus site alone there are at least 20, and that should not be an issue.Desired Settlement: I would like my accounts to be settled, and something worked out.



On behalf of Christiana Care, I would like to apologize for the experience you have had with our Patient Financial Services. I contacted that department to gather information to resolve your concern. Patient Financial Services confirmed that you were eligible for DE Medicaid during June of 2013 and that insurance paid your June 2013 patient care. Patient Financial Services confirmed that you are not eligible for DE Medicaid during July or August of 2013, therefore our records indicate a total balance due of $1000.09 for one hospital visit and two physician bills. Christiana Care offers patients the opportunity to apply for financial assistance and if you pursue that option and receive financial assistance that could be very helpful to lower the balance due to Christiana Care. We also offer payment plans which will provide you opportunity to remove your bills from collections and positively impact your credit report. I can be reached at Patient Experience, [redacted] to assist you in moving forward and would be welcome the opportunity to work with you on this resolution. Thank you, [redacted] Patient Experience.

Review: On June 1, 2014, I was billed for medical services in the amount of $165.88 by Christiana Care. As a result of a clerical error made by Christiana Care the address on the billing was [redacted] (an address I've never lived). I never received any notice of this billing. Christiana Care sent this debt on to a collection agency (BYL Collections) who also never contacted me due to the incorrect address that resulted from the hospital's error. I only learned of this billing during a routine check of my credit report in which I saw the derogatory credit mark which has greatly reduced my credit score.

I have been a Christiana Care patient for many years. I've never made a single late payment. As soon as I learned of this issue I promptly sent payment along with an explanation and request for resolution.. I've received no response from Christiana Care.Desired Settlement: I am requesting that Christiana Care instruct their contracted collection agency, BYL Collections of West Chester, PA, to remove the collection record from my credit report therefore restoring my credit score. Marking the debt as paid is not sufficient as I feel this never should have gone to collections at all. Had they not made an error regarding my address this never would have happened. This seemingly inconsequential error by the billing department has caused me great harm by degrading my credit score and ability to conduct business as a result.



Dear Mr. [redacted],On behalf of Christiana Care, I apologize for the billing error which occurred on your Christiana Care account and the fact that you did not hear back from our organization upon your request for resolution. I have worked with the Billing Department to send a letter to remove the blemish from your credit report. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Once again, I do apologize for this billing error and the impact it has had on you. Thank you, [redacted]

Review: My son began receiving services at a Christiana Care Health Services (CCHS) provider in January 2013. I began to receive collection notices from CCHS or BYL Collection services in January of 2014. On January 22, 2014, I faxed to CCHS copies of all my receipts and/or checking account transactions showing proof of payment at time of service. I did not hear anything back from this fax, and I called them to verify receipt and was told the receipts had been forwarded to their accounting department.

No word after that, until I received a Collections call on April 5, 2014, saying we had not made payment, nor submitted proof of payment, for the dates they were stating we hadn't made payments. The same day at 3:11 p.m., I emailed [redacted] with the following email:

Attached you will find documents proving payment for account #{removed for privacy}. These co-pays were paid the day of treatment at the [redacted] Rehab location. I am VERY frustrated because I faxed the documents from 2013 on January 22, 2014, and I still received a call today, April 5, 2014, saying that we had not made payment, nor submitted proof of payment, for the majority of these dates. Your billing system is the problem here, not my lack of payment.

If I continue to be called, requesting payment or even simply requesting proof of payment, I will get a lawyer involved to stop the harassment, as this is what it is at this point. Plain and simple, it is harassment. It is a lack of proper payment application/billing procedures that are causing this, and not my failure to pay.

Attached are receipts/explanation of benefits for the dates in question in 2013. Those dates are:

• March 1, 2013

• March 15, 2013

• March 22, 2013

• May 3, 2013

• May 10, 2013

• May 24, 2013

• June 21, 2013, and

• August 2, 2013

In order to stop the phone calls for the treatment dates in 2014, I have also attached the receipts, cancelled check and screenshot of my bank account showing that payments were made on:

• January 29, 2014

• February 12, 2014

• February 19, 2014

• February 26, 2014

• March 12, 2014

• March 19, 2014

• March 26, 2014, and

• April 2, 2014.

In case there are questions, Jeanne Shellenberger, your physical therapist, cancelled the appointment on February 5, 2014, due to a family emergency; and I cancelled the appointment on March 5, due to my son being sick.

Please respond to this email acknowledging receipt; as I am entirely fed up with the hoops I'm having to jump through because of your failure to manage your payment and billing processes appropriately.

If there are any further questions about our supposed "failure to pay", we can discuss this in person with the appropriate management level person at Christiana Care and our lawyer.

[redacted]end of 4/5/14 email[redacted]

On April 8, I received a response from Patient Pay saying, “The attached documents have been fowarded to our accounting department for the payments to be applied accordingly. Once this issue has been resolved and more information on the issue has been obtained, a supervisor from our billing department will contact you immediately.”

A few phone calls went back and forth with a Billing Supervisor named Samantha and the next email I have is me to Samantha on June 16, 2014, forwarding a screenshot showing payments for April, May and June 2014. At this point I remember being told that I should send in my receipts after each visit so that they don’t have billing errors.

On June 17, I received a response from Patient Pay saying, “The information provided as been fowarded to the accounting department for review. The accounts in question are currently on a hold and once we receive a response from the department, our billing department will follow-up immediately.”

On July 22, I emailed Samantha again, writing, “I have started to receive bills for the January service date again (Acct # 1147055-6). Please update me on the status of this account ASAP. The last I heard, over a month ago, the account was placed on hold and someone would follow up immediately. I don't consider a bill in the mail to be a follow up.”

So there was not followup to me, no resolution, and stupidly I must have assumed that because I stopped being billed, they had appropriately applied all the receipts I had sent to them.

This week, I received a notice from one of my credit card companies stating that due to serious delinquency reported on my credit report, my rates were being increased. I could request a free credit report due to adverse action being taken against me, so I did. I requested the credit report and see where Christiana Care Health Services has reported a $60 delinquency on my credit report beginning in December 2014 and continuing to now.

One of my main points on my phone calls with Christiana Care was that it is REALLY EASY to destroy someone’s credit, but really hard to keep good credit up. And here it is. I’m incredibly frustrated because I don’t know how much more I can do to PROVE that I have made ALL the payments. And my credit is being ruined due to a $60 alleged bill.

I’m not sure what course of action to take from here.Desired Settlement: I need the report against my credit to be removed. I also feel that something should be done to investigate Christiana Care's billing services. I would love to talk to someone further about all of this. I feel legislative action needs taken against the company to ensure that their billing practices are thoroughly investigated and their manners of conducting business are legal. I don't see how they can be.



On behalf of Christiana Care, I thank you for sharing your feedback on your billing experience. We take patient feedback very seriously and I apologize for not meeting your expectation for communication and documentation. We followed up on the concerns you shared and the extensive documentation you detailed and have learned from your feedback. Christiana Care billing department has adjusted the $60 balance due and removed any negative documentation from your credit report. Timely and accurate communication with patients is important and we did not followup with you in a timely manner. We have shared your feedback with several areas in billing so that we will improve our customers satisfaction and confidence in our billing department. If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at [redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: It has been 4 months, and I have not received the refund of overpayment of $6.80 on Account [redacted]. Recently, I have received from you (the business) another bill of $35.93 on Account [redacted]. If you cannot refund me the $6.80 in a timely manner, I'll be deducting this amount and send you a payment of $29.13 on account [redacted] instead (this amount has been sent). It appears that your billing practice lacks transparency and is near the brink of fraudulence. As stated before and shown in the attached copy of the two bill statements dated respectively 2/11/2014 and 3/31/2014, the amended statement shows that the adjustment has increased from $42.23 to $49.03, and thus the payment I am responsible would decrease accordingly to $21.47. Since I paid you $28.27 on 3/5/2014, I am due for a refund of $6.80.

Now I continue to receive the bill of $6.80 and be threaten to have the account sent to a collection agency.






behalf of Christiana Care, I would like to apologize for the experience you

have had with our Patient Financial Services department. We take patient

concerns very seriously and appreciate you taking the time to share with us

your feedback. In accordance with the Christiana

Care Health System Refund Policy, when a patient has over paid on an account, the

overpayment will then be transferred to their account with an outstanding balance. Patient Financial Services

transferred your overpayment of $6.80

to the outstanding account balance and your entire account balance is zero. The bill you received for $6.80 was an

error on our part in that the transfer had

already been completed. I apologize for the delay in the communication and

paperwork to resolve your concern. Please do not hesitate to contact me at

[redacted] if you have any additional concerns. Thank you, [redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Christiana Care Health System - Limestone Medical & Pediatrics

For several years now it has been a constant problem trying to make an appointment with CCHS - Limestone Medical & Pediatrics, especially to see my primary physician. When you call, you wait forever for someone to assist you. Their staff is very unprofessional at the front desk and they do not return calls promptly, when they do it is after when a prescription can be called into a pharmacy. I have found that the Urgent Care facilities are more helpful in following up when you are sick. I still have not heard from my doctors office today. I have fired them and I am pursuing a more reliable doctor and staff that care about their patients.


Review: My wife and I went to the Delaware Center for Maternal & Fetal Medicine (DCMFM), which is part of the Christiana Care network, on 5/17/13 for an obstetric ultrasound and possible genetic consultation. Soon after we arrived, we were directed to an office where a woman started asking us questions about our family history. Neither of us have any family history of genetic birth defects. I told the woman that we would not be interested in pursuing any genetic testing unless the ultrasound showed some physical signs of possible birth defects. We were then escorted back to the waiting room. Later we had the ultrasound and everything appeared normal so we declined any office consultation in regards to genetic counseling. When we received the bill, there was a $385 charge for office consultation! Not only did we specifically say we did not want this service, but the 5 minutes in the office telling someone we had no family history of birth defects does not warrant a $385 charge.

We have a high deductible with our insurance plan and I paid for the overall bill ( $632.94 ) with a credit card. My wife was still pregnant at the time and I did not want to get into a dispute with Christiana and upset her. To my surprise, 2 months later I received another bill for $99.30. I called and asked why. I was told there was a billing error and I should have been charged this amount with the original bill. I was furious. I explained that we did not want the office consultation to begin with and I found it very rude to send me a bill for their accounting error. I was told there was nothing that could be done and that the charge would be sent to collections if not paid immediately.Desired Settlement: I would like to be reimbursed for the office consultation fee which was never requested or professionally conducted in the amount of $385.



To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to this complaint. We are very sorry for any miscommunication at any step in this process that led to [redacted] disastisfaction with our services. Please note the following:

[redacted] referred [redacted] to our practice for a detailed ultrasound and genetic counseling for advanced maternal age. Regardless of a patient's family history, patients who are 35 or older at the time of delivery are at risk for having babies with chromosomal anomalies. The purpose of genetic counseling is to review the patient's risk factors and review all of the various genetic testing options available, presenting the risk and benefit of each option. During genetic counseling there is also a review the patient's family and personal medical history to see if there are additional risk factors that need to be considered. Many times patients state they are not interested in testing and that is fine. Our obligation is to inform patients, in a non-directive way, of all of their testing options.

The patient was scheduled for both services and at that time the scheduler explained that the patient would have genetic counseling first followed by a detailed ultrasound examination. The patient and her husband arrived for the appointment and were taken back for the genetic counseling. We spoke to the genetic counselor, [redacted], who remembered the couple. She remembered that the husband worked for [redacted] and as they were reviewing all the testing options based on [redacted] joked/commented that he could get testing done for free due to his position at [redacted] At no time did [redacted]r her husband decline to have the genetic counseling, ask the counselor to stop the session or in any other way express that they were having services they did not want. Our policy is that if a patient declines any service we stop immediately, document the situation and communicate to the referring physician. After the genetic counseling session was complete [redacted] had her detailed ultrasound examination.

We reviewed [redacted] account and everything is in good order. Here are the findings from the billing department:

DOS 04/09/13 [redacted] Paid $4.57 leaving $220.27 PR1 (Deductible)

DOS 05/17/13 [redacted] Paid $0.00 leaving $732.24 PR1 (Deductible)

[redacted] also sent a payment of $220.27 which appears to be a Flexible Spending Account Payment. Unfortunately, this payment also includes an adjustment of $99.30 which was posted electronically creating a credit balance. The credit balance was subsequently reviewed and corrected as the contractual adjustments had already been posted with the first insurance payment of $4.57.

The Total Patient Responsibility was $952.51.

The patient paid the following:

[redacted] Flexible Spending Account payment $220.27

[redacted]06/23/13) $632.94

[redacted] (09/12/13) $ 99.30

The balance on the account is currently $0.00.

The patient should have received copies of the same EOBs and should be able to see the $99.30 adjustment taken in error.

We rendered medically appropriate services requested by [redacted] referring physician. At no time did the patient decline any of the ordered services. We believe we provided outstanding care in good faith and the charges were appropriate. If you need any other information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you again and please let us know if there are any further questions.

Review: Because of the pain in my shoulder I had to do Physical therapy.I choose Christiana Care office because it close to me. When I came to start my procedures I asked help desk person how much I will be pay and she says $20 if I met me insurance dedactable amount. Then I asked her to check for me if I met it and she says "yes". So I went for procedures and did 10 sessions starting 12/10/2014. I expected to pay $200 for this service but I got the bill for $634 - 3 times more! I called my insurance and it appears that I did not met my dedactable at that time. So I was misinformed in order to get me involved in the procedure. If I knew amount I had to pay I will never go for this. It is a lot of money for me. I called 302-804 6000, this is a billing department, spoke with Joan 6/8/15 and with her supervisor Nina 6/9/15 but it did not help.Desired Settlement: I agree to pay $200 that I was told I will need to pay but not extra $436. Thank you.[redacted]



On behalf of Christiana Care, I would like to respond to your billing concern associated with your physical therapy treatment. When patients register for the physical therapy sessions, the administrative staff complete a benefits assessment form. In Christiana Care's record for your benefits information, the notes indicate that your insurance would pay 90 percent of the contracted rate after the $600 deductible has been met. I apologize for any confusion on understanding the insurance information we obtained. We request that patients confirm the details on whether or not they have met their deductible so that they will understand exactly what their out of pocket expenses will be for their treatment plan. Christiana Care works closely with patients to establish a payment plan to ensure their account is current with a payment that matches the patient's ability to pay. I would be available to answer any questions for you. Thank you, [redacted]

Review: My son was born in 2012 he underwent a circumcision at that time. My Doctor billed us 300.00 to perform the procedure at the time of the procedure. CCare billed us 3000.00+a year later for use of the facilities to have that procedure performed. We engaged a health advocate to negotiate price to no avail. CCare billing practices are vague and unreasonable and potentially fraudulent. We have been double billed and refunded and re-billed on several occasions. It is entirely possible we've paid for services that were covered by insurance due to CCare's incompetent billing practices.Desired Settlement: I feel a reasonable amount to pay for my son's procedure would be the 300.00 we've already paid to our doctor for the procedure but I am willing to negotiate a lower price for use of CCare's facilities.



On behalf of Christiana Care I would like to address your billing concern and work with you to resolve thisconcern. Christiana Care has a facility charge totalling $5274.15 for a newborn admission, whichincludes the $2315 facility fee for the circumcision. Christiana Care establishes ourfacility fees and bills a patient’s insurance company. According to ourrecords, your insurance company paid Christiana Care based on our contractagreement, leaving a balance of $2399 as your responsibility. Your balance due is based on yourhealth care benefit plan which includes deductibles and coinsurance. According to our patient financial services telephone records, Christiana Care stafftalked with you on several occasions to address the following – send anitemized bill and discuss the Blue Cross deductible. In your complaint, youstate concerns about several transactions including being double billed,refunded and rebilled. It would be helpful for you to email those documentsto bring your concerns to full resolution. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at [redacted] Patient Experience



Review: In June 2015 I received a letter from a debt collection agency regarding a bill for $29.10 from Christiana Care. It came as quite a surprise to me, as up to that point I had never been contacted by Christiana Care regarding this bill. I never got a bill in the mail, and when I called Christiana Care, they admitted to me that they never made any attempt to call me even though they had my phone number on file. As I had no knowledge of this bill, I did not do anything wrong, therefore the bill should never have been sent to collection. Once informed of their mistake, they refused to remove the bill from collection.Desired Settlement: 1) Immediately remove the bill from collection and, if applicable, my credit report

2) Institute new company policy to never send a bill to collections without calling the customer first

3) Institute new company policy to remove a bill from collections if it was sent there by company error



On behalf of Christiana Care, I would like to resolve your billing concern. I apologize that you were not able to resolve this concern with our billing department. We thoroughly researched your concern. For the 1/27/15 date of service, you do not have any balance due to Christiana Care. Your emergency department visit was billed to your insurance and you paid the remaining balance due of $131.78 on 2/19/15. This account did not go to collections.When patients are seen in the Emergency Department, patients are often seen by physicians who are affiliated with Christiana Care but are their own separate practice therefore they bill the patient directly for the services rendered. The balance due and since reported to your credit report may be from a physician who provided treatment during your emergency department visit. I would welcome the opportunity to help you in any way possible moving forward. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need additional information. thank you, [redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: I spoke with the billing dept several times since the beginning of November 2013, and they were to send me a payment booklet so I can pay them 10.00 per month as per agreement made on 11/6/2013 with Lauren. Payments were to start end of November. I was to obtain a Financial form and also apply for medicaid, which I have and am waiting for the decision. After receipt of medicaid I am to fill out financial form and copy my acceptance to hospital and they will then be able to go through medicaid to obtain payment for this bill. I am a full time student. This was all arranged on Nov 6 2013. As of Nov 19, 13 I had not received any correspondence whatsoever from Christiana in regards to making payments, no payment booklet nor payment statement with instructions on how to make payments. I telephoned in again and spoke with [redacted] and informed her of the above, she was to resend me the payment booklet again. I tried to call several times on Dec 3. Dec 5, and Dec 6, 13 and could not get through. The phone numbers are constantly busy and after a while on waiting your disconnected. I finally had my mother leave a message on Dec 5, 13 with [redacted], the billing manager's voice mail and to date has not returned the call. I now rec'd a call from a collection agency and have been told my acct was turned over to them on December 5th, 2013. I was to make one payment at the end of November which I had all intentions to do and have followed up with the hospital and they are not providing me with billing information as to how to make my payments to them. I spoke with the Christiana Care billing today at [redacted] and the gentleman I spoke with confirmed the above and when I advised that this should not have gone to collections he agreed but he advised he would not be able to take back out of collections. When I reiterated the fact that I still do not have any information where to send my payments to Christiana Hospital he replied "now you will deal with the collection agency'. I responded that this was done in error and in bad faith and will not deal with them. I did obtain a name and address of [redacted], which he informed me is the head of corporate complaints regarding this. When I tried to confirm his position he kept wavering with me so I am unsure and he may only be a manager. They will not cooperate with me so I can make payments and they definitely were committing "Bad Faith" when placing this account in collections on Dec 5, 2013. We started to communicate on November 6th, 2013 and they have breached their commitment to supply me with the information needed to start making my payment of 10.00 on November 30, 2013. We haven't even got to the second payment due date.Desired Settlement: Remove from collections immediately and supply me with the information as to whom the payment is made to and where to send the payment to. Also a letter confirming this and a letter of apology.



To whom it may concern:

Thank youfor the opportunity to respond to this complaint. We are very sorry for any miscommunicationd stress that this may have cased [redacted]. Here are the details of what has transpired to date:

The account was placed with them in August 2013 and the initial letter/statement was sent. VARO called and left message on number provided 9-18. On October 2, 2013, he contacted VARO stating he was following up with CHAP to see if they would cover. Patients are told they still need to begin making payments while applying for Medicaid or financial assistance, so the account remains in good standing. Another statement was mailed, due to the statement cycle and two more messages were left on voice mail. On November 5th, he called VARO stating his aunt would be calling to set up a payment plan. The call from the aunt was received on 11-6 and a payment plan was established. Payments were not made as promised, so the payment plan was broken and the account went to Collections.

A payment plan can be re-established by contacting our billing offices [redacted] Once this occurs, the account will be taken out of Colelctions.

Again, we are very sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused [redacted].

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in setting this up.



December 18, 2013


Re: Complaint # [redacted]

In response to the answer from Christiana Care they state this was referred in August 2013, I was in the emergency room on July 28, 2013. The first billing I received was sometime at the later part of October , 2013, which indicated the charges for my visit to the emergency room, adjustments to the bill and the total due. The bill was sent with the original documents which are dated October 15, 2013. On November 6th I did have my [redacted] speak with them, she worked in this field and understood my financial situation and would be able to manage a payment schedule for me. After she spoke with Lauren it was arranged to begin making payments of $10.00 per month. She was to send a payment booklet to me in the mail which would have all the information for me as to where and whom to send to. To this date I never received.

I have made another call to them on November 19th to advise still no information received from them, spoke with [redacted] and she said in the notes it stated it was sent, I informed her it is 2 weeks and nothing received. She advised she would send again. Next thing I do is attempt to contact them since still nothing received again. For three days I am constantly telephoning them at 302 804 6000, busy or being on hold stating “hold for the next available operator”. While holding after a certain amount of time you were getting automatically disconnected. On 12/5 my mother left a message on a voice mail for a [redacted] the hospital itself, to return our call. He never even responded and he is supposed to be the billing MANAGER. I then get a message to call back a phone number in which I gave my mom written permission for her to handle on my behalf. I am a full time student therefore it is difficult to call. She called the number and found out this was put into COLLECTIONS. She was advised to fax them the written permission to speak to them and call back next week because there is at least a 48 hr wait til it will show up in the system that they can speak with her. In the meantime she contacted the Christian Care and finally got through and they said it was put into collection on December 5th, 2013. I am quite annoyed at the false response that has been given by Christian Care to this complaint, they have lied about every aspect. No one has ever given me any information over the phone for me to be able to make payments, and they did not keep their part of this contract to send me the booklet to start making payments. Does it make any sense that a person is to start making a payment at the end of November and calls in to them to advise nothing is received in order for them to send the payment on November 19th, 2013 and Dec 5th they place in collections?

I have found that this company is not practicing proper billing procedures and they do not follow through with their duties that are promised over the phone. In the interim I just was notified that my sister is going through the same. They do not follow through with what they promise over the phone with a consumer. If the hospital would like me to give you the name of this complaint I would be more than happy to advise. I just wanted to start payments of $10.00 as we discussed and they were to send me the necessary booklet for me to do so. That is all I ever wanted. I don’t want any false claims being said or placed in my records. I haven’t even received any response from [redacted] who is supposed to be the head of Christiana Care billing who handles CORPORATE COMPLAINTS. The letter was received by them on December 12th, 2013 at 12:48 PM. I would like to know what his position is also since I have not received any response from him either. I feel I was given false information.

My mother told them on the last call on 12/11/13 that I wanted to make payments immediately and would do so as long as it was to the hospital billing directly and it was removed from collections since this should never have gone to collections. The gentleman she spoke to advised her that this cannot and will not be done and that I would hear from collections and that is where I am to make payments directly to. That is when she asked for the Head of this Corporation and Corporate Complaints. He said he didn’t know who that was and put her on hold. He offered his supervisor’s name or manager’s name and she reiterated what she wanted. He did come back with [redacted] name and information to fax and the address which is a P O Box.

I am willing to set up a payment arrangement immediately with the hospital directly but I want this information in the files and related to them. I am studying criminal justice and this offends me and I will not allow any false information to be placed on my record on in my files



The patient states that, on November 6, 2013, he spoke with a Christiana Care billing clerk about the money he owed the hospital for his bill. He informed her that he was applying for Medicaid but, in the meantime, would pay $ 10 per month, starting in late November. Unfortunately, somehow, a misunderstanding occurred. The patient was told to print out and submit a Financial Assistance Application. Unfortunately, he mistakenly thought he was supposed to submit the Financial Assistance form only when he received the response from Medicaid. In addition, the patient thought that [redacted] would send him a payment book. He states he waited for the payment book to arrive and called the office numerous times to ask why it hadn’t been sent. However, Christiana Care does not use payment coupons to collect on past due bills. When no funds were paid on the bill, and when the patient did not submit a Financial Assistance Form, Christiana Care referred the matter to Collections.

Since that time, the patient’s mother called. She informed Christiana Care’s Finance Department that she has been trying to get Medicaid to cover the bill but the agency has been unresponsive. The Finance Department has agreed to take the matter out of Collections and seek payment from Medicaid. The mother offered to pay but Christiana Care told her to wait and they would try to get the bill covered by Medicaid.

We understand that the financial aspects of the health care system can be very confusing to patients. We are sorry that this misunderstanding occurred. At this time, we believe that the patient’s complaint has been resolved. We believe that the patient will qualify for Medicaid and the hospital will look to Medicaid to pay this patient’s bills. Should the patient be ineligible for Medicaid, the hospital has agreed to work out a payment plan with the patient and/or his mother and clarified its expectations about how this payment plan would be administered. The patient has been given a direct contact in the Finance Department who will respond to any issues and answer any questions that arise.

Review: I went to Christiana hospital in late 2013 with a head injury. It was mild to moderate and I had concerns about paying for my care. I informed the intake agent that I did not have insurance and was not able to pay out of pocket. She informed me that that was OK and that I could be seen under their charity case criteria. Upon receiving the bill I attempted to contact the billing department and informed them that the charges should have been covered due to it being a charity case.. The lady I spoke with was very kind and told me that the matter would be addressed and I would no longer receive any bills. to my surprise I received several phone calls and a letter, from LANC COLL. After unsuccessfully trying to explain myself to them, I proceeded to send a debt verification letter. This letter was sent 5/14. Since that time I have not heard anything from either the collection agency, yet I still have a mark on my transunion credit report (It does not show up on the other two).Desired Settlement: I wish for this debt to be eliminated, as I was informed that my visit would be paid for as part of their charity case. I also wish for this to be stricken from my credit report



Thank you for reaching out to Christiana Care with your billingconcern. I apologize that you were not able to resolve your billing concernthrough the billing department. I am glad that we have connected to resolvingthis concern. In a separate email to the author of the email I attached a Financial Assistance Application whichyou will need to complete and submit with the pertinent financial informationwhich was in effect at the time of the date of service in late 2013. Once yourapplication is reviewed and if you qualify for financial assistance, your billfrom the Christiana Care services will be adjusted according. If there remainsa balance due, you are able to set up a payment plan. Once those items are inplace, we will work together to revise the credit report. The Christiana Care payment due is $1384.65 for hospitalservices. The balance due you referred to in the Revdex.comconcern is your balance due from the DFES – Doctors For Emergency Services, aseparate physician group of emergency room doctors. DFES is a separate companyand you will need to deal with them directly on the credit report and amountdue. Please let DFES billing know that you are filing for financial assistancethrough Christiana Care. DFES often provides the same discount that CCHSawards. I apologize you were not able to resolve your concern with the billing department. I am looking forward to working with you to help. Please let me know if any questions. Thanks, [redacted]

Review: On 11/21/2014 my wife was rendered services by the hospital. However, when they billed our health insurance, they submitted the claim with the incorrect patient name. We contacted our insurance company who then contacted the hospital to make them aware of their mistake. Over the phone, the billing department admitted they had made an error and would re-submit corrected claims.

However, they only corrected one of the claims (for services rendered to my wife, [redacted], in May). The later claim for 11/21/2014 was sent to collections.

My wife met her deductible early in 2014 and thus all payment for her medical care will come from United Health (insurance provider). However, since Christiana submitted the claim incorrectly under my name ([redacted]) and I have not met my deductible, United did not pay. Instead of submitting a corrected claim (as they did earlier in the year for another instance), they just went ahead and sent the bill to collections and I will end up with a fraudulent mark on my credit report.Desired Settlement: They need to fix their procedures to ensure they correctly bill insurance. And they need to re-submit the claim in question correctly and ensure that NO negative marks end up being reported to the credit bureaus.



On behalf of Christiana Care, I would like to thank you forsharing your billing concern with us. We take patient feedback seriously andwant to work with you to resolve your concern. When Christiana Care billed yourinsurance company for your wife’s two dates of service, our claim noted yourwife as the patient and you as the subscriber. We will send you these documentsfor your review. Per the insurance company’s request, Christiana Careresubmitted the claims to be processed accurately. The May, 2014 date ofservice was reprocessed in 2014. The November, 2014 date of service wasresubmitted last week and the insurance company will send a revised EOB andreprocess the claim. The amount due on this claim will be based on yourinsurance plan, including deductibles and co-insurance. We have placed a holdon the account since the balance due went to collections. We will send a letter to ensure your credit report does not have a blemish. You will receive a new bill for the amount due for this date of service. Please feel free to contact me at 3[redacted] for any questions. Thank you, [redacted]

Review: On Easter, 4/20/14 I was entertaininng my family when I became violently ill with stomach pains and started with a lower GI bleed. My boyfriend immediately took me to Christiana Hospital ER. I was registered and taken back within 5 minutes where my blood pressure and temperature were taken. I was asked a few questions. I was told to wait in the waiting room and that it wouldn’t be long because it wasn’t busy.

While I waited in the waiting room for almost three hours, every other patient that walked in the door, including those with very minor injuries (one guy had a sprained finger), was taken ahead of me. My boyfriend and I inquired three separate times as to how much longer it would be, as I was in a great deal of pain. We were told that they didn’t have a special room to put me in. I found it confusing as to why I would need to be put in a special room, when I was sitting in the waiting room (certainly not a special room) and not receiving any type of assessment or treatment. I would have been happy to be put in a curtained room or a hallway so that a doctor could assess me, provide fluids, pain medication and order the necessary tests.

As hour three was approaching I went to the desk again to ask if they could do anything to help me. The person at the desk didn’t even bother to get up and ask anyone. She just told me that there was no way of knowing how much longer I’d have to wait. I stated that I was in a great deal of pain and would have to leave if someone couldn't treat me. I asked if they could tell me if I'd be billed if fI left before being treated. The registration ladies consulted each other but responded no one here can answer that question. The registrar also said that I could dispute a bill if I received one. I responded not to bill my insurance company or me, as they didn’t do anything for me but prolong my discomfort. I was losing a good bit of blood and was in a great deal of pain. I had no choice but to go hometo take Percocet and go to bed, as I couldn’t tolerate the pain any longer.

I called my family doctor the next morning (Ricky Haug, Jennersville PA) who told me that I was very ill and I should immediately go to the ER. He suggested [redacted] Hospital. I did so and although there were other people in the waiting room, I was assessed by a Physician’s Assistant within 5 minutes. He put me in a room, ordered IV fluids, morphine and tests within 20-30 minutes. I was admitted to the hospital that afternoon for 4 days, where I was placed on a heart monitor, given tests and given IV pain medication and fluids until my discharge on Thursday.Desired Settlement: Reversal of the claim that was paid by Health America for $95.50.

Reversal of the amount that I am being billed $86.90.

Clear up any credit issues, as Christiana Hospital put me into collections.



On behalf of Christiana Care, I would like to respond to your concern about your patient experience and billing associated with your recent emergency department visit. We take patient feedback very seriously and conducted a thorough review of your concern. Our emergency department quality improvement team reviewed your concern on two occasions. The feedback on your conversations with the staff concerning your wait time was very helpful and we used this as an opportunity to educate staff on improving the patient's experience. We also reviewed the charges you were assessed and confirm that they reflect the care you received for the initial nursing assessment. The insurance payment will stand as is. In light of your concern, we would be willing to work with you to send the appropriate paperwork to reverse any blemish on your credit report and have you establish a payment plan to complete your balance due. I would be happy to connect you with the appropriate staff member to handle that for you. I can be reached at [redacted] for patient financial accounting. I apologize that your experience did not meet your expectations. It is our commitment to provide the best possible care; therefore I hope this response provide you the assurance that all issues brought forth were thoroughly evaluated. Thank you, [redacted]



Review: I had surgery at the Christiana Hospital on September 2, 2014, performed by my physician [redacted]. Prior to surgery I paid the amount due to [redacted] and was told that I had to call the Christiana Hospital to pay for the use of the operating room. I called the hospital on August 21, 2014 and paid the amount due of $1,228.50, as requested by the hospital, using my American Express Card--they gave me a payment confirmation number of [redacted]. On November 22, 2014, I received a bill from Christiana Care for $1,390.12. When I called Christiana Care billing department on November 24, 2014, I was told that the amount was for the use of the operating room on September 2, 2014. I explained to the service agent that I previously paid this amount. She stated that was not possible as that was not a standard practice. I also spoke to my physician's office and they stated that I already paid the amount on August 21, 2014. I would like to have at a minimum the amount that I previously paid applied to the invoice. Below is a copy of what was on my American Express bill in September 2014, indicating that I paid for the operating room use on September 2, 2014..




MEDICAL SERVICESDesired Settlement: I would like to have at a minimum the amount that I previously paid applied to the invoice.



On behalf of Christiana Care, I would like to share a review of the billing concern from [redacted]. The 9/2/14 surgery was both a medical and cosmetic surgery therefore the payment of $1228.50 was for the cosmetic surgery package price. The patient bill for $1390.12 is the medical portion of the surgery, therefore the previous payment of $1228.50 is a separate charge. I apologize for any confusion or communication in regards to this bill. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 733-1379. Thank you, [redacted] Director, Patient Experience.



Review: 8/16/12, I had a blood work done @ [redacted] When I received the bill I owed more than I should, considering the blood work up was covered under preventative care per my insuranceI contacted [redacted] who informed me the diagnoses codes were incorrectI called the doctors office who ordered the blood work and a new script was submitted to Christiana Care several timesI spoke with Christiana Cares Billing Department on countless occasions and on each occasion I was told something different (there is no balance on this particular account, new script with correct code was not received, script with correct codes has been received and submitted to [redacted] for payment, Christiana Care was not a preferred provider therefore it wouldnt be covered, my timeframe has expired to have a claim resubmitted for payment just to name a few)I had to start over each time I made a call to the Billing Department and explain what had happened and what I was trying to accomplishOn several occasions I requested to speak to a manager and was repeatedly told they were not available, so I would request a callback and they have never returned my callsI was told several times my claim was being forwarded to a manager to research and someone would get back to meThe only contact I have received was from BYL Services collecting on what was supposed to be researched by a manager in the Christiana Care billing departmentI started making payments to BYL who informed me they would research with Christiana Care and then monthly billing statements stopped arrivingAlmost two years later this billing adjustment/disputes is still not resolved and as of 5/is reporting negatively on my CRABYL has the correct address and my phone number as they previously made contact with meNov/Dec I contacted [redacted] asking for help and they accepted a copy of the revised script and re-processed the claim2/another payment was made to CCHS for ~$and still no adjustment to my accountIveOn Friday, June 13th, 2014, I called and spoke to [redacted] who informed me she could see my claim was submitted to the Cash Remittance Department, but is unable to provide any additional informationI requested to speak to a manager and was told they are unavailable, so I asked to speak to their managers and was told they were unavailable, so I asked if they are just absenteeI asked for the managers full name and was advised they dont like to give out their names, after pushing she gave me one managers nameI asked that my call be returned to discuss further, [redacted] called me right back to inform me that her manager would not be calling me back, but one of her supervisorsStill no return call from the Billing DepartmentAlso, on Friday, June 13th, I called the president of Christiana Care [redacted] and left a voicemail message briefly stating why I was calling and requested a return call from his office, again I have not heard back from anyone.Desired Settlement: My desired settlement is to have my claim adjusted appropriately, CCHS taking the accounts out of collections from BYL, a letter submitted to on[redacted] removing these accounts from my credit reports, a review of the current Christiana Care Billing policies and procedures and a letter stating their error and acknowledging immediate training is needed in their billing departmentTwo years to resolve a simply billing dispute is very poor Customer Service
To Whom It May Concern:
Thank you for this opportunity to respond to [redacted]'s concernHere are the results of our investigation:
The patient presented with a script, from a non-employed CCHS physician, for lab workThe services were billed to [redacted] and a portion of the claim was applied to her deductible[redacted] processed the claim and [redacted] was billed as on 9-1-This account was combined, at her request, with other accounts in which she had already established a monthly payment planThe account was paid in full in March and was closed and purged in our billing systemIn August 2013, we received an updated script from the physician to resubmit the claim to [redacted] with an updated diagnosis codeHIMS updated the coding but unfortunately since the account had a zero balance and had again purged from the system, the corrected claim was not submitted to [redacted] until November [redacted] did reprocess the claim and made an additional payment of $Since the account was purged, the payment rejected and was pending on our rejected payment worklistEach account on the worklist needs, research and due to the low dollar amount was not given a high priority
As of June 17, 2014, the additional payment has been posted on account [redacted] for the August 16, lab workIn posting the additional insurance payment, the account had a credit balance, due to [redacted]' s paymentsThe overpayments have been moved to her other accounts in which she is currently making monthly paymentsThis account has not been sent to a collection agency, so there is no credit blemish
To remedy this situation, we will do the following:
[redacted] will receive a statement showing her payment to the 8/16/lab work
[redacted] will receive a statement showing where the overpayments were credited
All accounts were removed from the Collections Agency and returned to Christiana Care's Billing Service[redacted] can establish a payment plan with this department
A letter of folland apology will be sent to [redacted] with details of what has been done to address her concerns
Thank you again for the opportunity to address these concernsWe are very sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused MsFahey Ieccia

Review: On 12/07/2014, I was notified that potentially negative items were posted to my credit report. I signed in to my credit monitoring and realized that these items were posted by [redacted]. I call the company and ask them to send me statements on the account. When I later received the statements, It indicated Christiana Care as the original creditor. I sent a Debt verification letter to [redacted], they never provided a full media verification for these accounts and these 4 accounts were removed from my credit report.

On 03/01/2015, I was notified that another account from [redacted] had been posted to my credit report. This time, I called my credit monitoring company to dispute this information. While processing this dispute over the phone, I learned from my credit monitoring company that they have been sending all these bills to my previous address for over 3 years.

This is my primary doctors office, my address has been updated within the first 2 months of me moving. Every time I have visited my doctor's office, I was never even notified about any outstanding balances. I have no information regarding what these charges are for. Some of these are over $100, I have questions about these, considering we have had Medicaid as our primary medical insurance since we moved in December 2011.

On 03/02/2015, I called my doctors office and spoke to Lauren in the billing department regarding this issue. She told me that a manager would have to contact me regarding the account and either [redacted] would be calling me back in the next 3 days. Today is 03/12/2015 and I have not received any contact from Christiana Care.Desired Settlement: I am requesting that the current account be in the amount of $55.00 (I have no other information about this charge, I only see [redacted] and an amount listed on my credit report ) to be removed from my credit report and to be contacted by the billing department regarding any other accounts that have not already been disputed. I have no other information about this charge, I only see [redacted] and an amount listed on my credit report. If there are any additional accounts that have not been disputed, I would like statements showing that these charges have all been properly coded and submitted to medical insurance within the appropriate amount of time.



On behalf of Christiana Care, I would like to apologize for your experience with our billing department and physician practice. We take patient feedback seriously and have reflected on what you shared with us as a learning opportunity for how we can better serve our patients. We have thoroughly researched your concern and have adjusted your balance due to zero in addition to sending paperwork to the credit reporting agency to ensure your record does not have a blemish due to your Christiana Care information. The $55 balance has been removed from your credit report - it was the total of several co-pays due for appointments. I acknowledge our physician office did not provide timely and accurate information as we sent bills to an old address and did not file the Medicaid information in a timely manner. I have shared your feedback with both our billing Department and Family Medicine Office. I hope this provides you the assurance that all issues have been addressed. If you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at [redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: The doctor, [redacted], and her office have avoided me and ripped me off. I called in for a physical which I get free once a year as preventative care with my insurance. I made this clear on the phone when I made my appointment (it took over 2 months to get into the office), and when I met with the doctor, she was nice enough, but my physical didn't seem very thorough. She discussed some of the issues I've had in the past that I wrote on my paperwork and recommended me a Dermatologist as I am new to the area and had planned on seeing one soon. Soon after my appointment, I was billed 90 dollars for the doctor "diagnosing" me with the disease I had written on my paperwork under history. I've known about this incurable issue for over 7 years before I saw this doctor. I tried calling the office - but they kept passing me to billing, who kept saying I needed to have the doctor change the billing code. After trying several times to get a hold of the doctor, I finally got an EMAIL through their online system saying that the doctor cannot change the code because she did not give me a physical. Although I thought the doctor's appointment was brief, I had vital signs taken and the doctor discussed my history - which I thought might be the only things they do in my free physical. I guess not! So not only did they charge me for a diagnosis that the doctor did NOT do, they also did not give me the physical I originally called in for! I sent an email back (as this seems to be the only way to get a hold of someone in the doctor's office) telling them I refuse to pay the bill until someone calls me and explains why I have to pay for something they messed up on. I got nothing except a letter in the mail from a collection agency ! If I wasn't a young person nervous about collection and credit at this point in my life - I would fight this. But I don't have the time to worry about this. I'm hoping that this complaint will make them change their ways.Desired Settlement: I would like my money back, but more so I would like them to fix their horrible system and provide better customer service so this could be avoided. A simple phone call from the doctor might have allowed us to resolve this charge without involving an collection agency and the



On behalf of Christiana Care I would like to apologize for your patient and billing experience. I discussed your concern with the physician and billing office and would like to work with you to resolve this concern. The physician shared that for all patients, she asks about any patient concerns first to ensure they are addressed in a timely manner. It is often difficult to address both the medical concern and the required elements for a full annual physical in the same visit. The physician shared that she did provide a referral to a specialist for the concern addressed and therefore the physician coded the visit as an office visit. Since she completed most of the annual exam elements, the physician did attempt to re-code the visit. Chrsitiana Care is required to adhere to strict guidelines for coding visits and there was no other code that could be billed based on what was done in the office and documented in your medical record. I apologize that the communications with the office did not resolve your concern. I'd be happy to work with you to set up a payment plan and once that is initiated Christiana Care will contact the collections agency to make them aware of the payment arrangements. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time for assistance. I can be reached at [redacted] Thank you, [redacted], Patient Experience



Review: I have attempted through Christiana Care’s billing email address and by phone to obtain information to why billing is over one year from the date of service for my wife-account [redacted] (date of service 7/17/13), and over 8 months for my daughter-account [redacted] (date of service 10/3/13). To me this delay is suspicious and I question the accuracy of the billing.

After 2 months of questioning, I was told it was due to insurance company delays. I was promised the delayed EOBs supposed from July 2014 on Oct 2, 2014, but have yet to receive them. If the long delays are due to our insurance companies, I wanted to approach them with my concerns as I have flexible spending accounts that expire in the calendar year.

Emails trail as follows and I can provide copies if requested:

July 30, 2014 Request from me on why the long delay in billing as I just received billing for both accounts.

Aug 1, 2014 Response from you indicating that all insurance payments & adjustments need to be reviewed prior to billing

Aug 1, 2014 Response from me indicating that EOBs were quickly issued for [redacted] (date of service 10/3/13) on 10/12/13 primary insurance and 11/5/13 secondary insurance; for [redacted] (date of service 7/17/13) on 8/2/13 primary insurance and 8/11/13 for secondary insurance.

Aug 23, 2014 Request from me for response as 3 weeks had elapsed.

Aug 27, 2014 Apology from you and response indicating it was sent “to our management department for further review.”

Sep 23, 2014 Email from me indicating I had not heard an answer and that I assumed that amounts were not correct.

Sep 23, 2014 Response from you that you had tried reaching the patient on Sep 20 & would call again tomorrow.

Sep 23, 2014 Request from me, asking who and what number was a called. Also another request for you response in writing.

Sep 23, 2014 Response from you that you called my home number and you requested an alternative number.

Sep 24, 2014 Response from me with my cell number to reach me. [I have never received a call from you on my cell number provided]

Sep 26, 2014 2nd Request from me providing my cell number & requesting a call and indicating that if you didn’t call, I considered the matter closed.

A voice mail was left this time & I returned the call on October 2, 2014 at 1:50 p.m., I spoke initially with [redacted]. After receiving the same line of answers about insurance being slow to clear and I provided the insurance EOB dates, I asked to speak with a supervisor. I spoke to [redacted] who indicated that the last EOBs from the insurance were from July 2014 and she would send me copies. I have not received them to this date.Desired Settlement: 1. Explanation on why the emails were not responded to in a timely manner. Explanation on why despite several requests, I was not called at my cell number but instead at a home number where no one was available.

2. If EOBs from the insurance provider did take until July to receive the final:

a. Copy of the EOBs that delayed the billing so I may approach our insurance providers with this, and

b. Explanation why [redacted] did not provide me this as promised on October 2.

3. If EOBs from the insurance provider dated July 2014 do not exist:

a. Explanation of why [redacted] stated this incorrectly, and

b. Explanation of Christiana Care’s failure to bill us within a reasonable timeframe, and

c. Independent review of billing and charges from the 2 accounts to assure that charges were correct from 2014.



On behalf of Christiana Care, I would like to apologize for the miscommunication and delays during [redacted]'s billing experience. Christiana Care worked closely with Aetna after they processed the claim as if they were the primary insurance. The EOBs were mailed to the patient on the receipt of this complaint and I am able to mail or email them if the patient does not have them at this time. The EOBs are dated October, 2103. Christiana Care works with Aetna through conference calls and in July 2014 we resolved the coordination of benefit for this billing concern. Christiana Care's Patient Financial Accounting has reviewed [redacted]'s account has a zero balance and the coordination of benefits were applied accurately. Christiana Care appreciates feedback from patients and families so that we can learn from these experiences. Timely emails, calls and thorough explanations of concerns is our goal. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions. Thank You, [redacted]



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