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Citizens Disability

North Waltham, Massachusetts, United States, 02451-1406

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• Sep 24, 2020


• Sep 24, 2020

I am writing to complain about the customer service with Citizens Disability. I am a 20 year experienced Customer Service Specialist, and while I completely understand the representative who answers my calls has the ability to assist me, I have requested, on SEVERAL occasions to be contacted by an attorney for the firm and my requests go ABSOLUTELY UNANSWERED!
I would like, no, at this point, I am politely demanding a phone call with someone who will be representing me in my hearing, or Andrew Y please contact me. All correspondence signed by Andrew Y, and I am questioning if he exists at this firm.
My case is at the hearing stage, I realize you are waiting for a judge to set a date. However, my case has been ongoing for 2 years now, my needs are critical and I need to talk with someone who doesn’t just have empathy for my situation but cannot answer any hard questions or concerns that I have. I do not wish to be appeased any longer.
Please contact me so I may further explain my concerns, they are not just common complaints about the timeline, etc. I have contacted Social Security and actually had more help from the representative I spoke to at that office, in as much as she could do for me. But, YOU, Citizens Disability are representing me, and will be collecting your fee when this is settled. So I except some common courtesy and a return phone call.
Thank you for your anticipated immediate response to my request.

• Aug 31, 2020

Call all day every day and I finally answered to see who it was. Phone said "Florida". I hung up not too long into conversation and still received two more calls immediately about how they want to help. They couldn't even give a clear answer as to how the received my name and number. I was filing for *** but how did they know?

• Aug 26, 2020

This company is a rip off you do all the work and they take the credit and a huge amount of your money for them. When you call and ask question they want to over talk you and make like your dumb. I’m disabled not stupid. Never signed anything and only spoke to my lawyer Ms S twice but funny thing if who is *** and why don’t he really call or even talk to you? I did all my two appeals myself and when I called them they said thank you we will handle it from here like what I did both myself. Bad representation

• Aug 14, 2020

This place didn’t deserve a star at all. The lady I spoke with asked for my name and age and said she couldn’t help me really quick and hung up. She said she would transfer me to someone who can help but didn’t. Do not call this place. It is a scam.

• Aug 10, 2020

I would like to know how these people have access to American citizen's social security numbers and/or private information regarding disability. This is a major invasion of citizen privacy, and I want to know if anyone has sued them for this. How is it that a whole company has access to American citizen's social security information without the citizen's consent? I have received calls as well, and I'm going to an equal rights attorney to find out how this is been violated. Not happy AT ALL.

• Aug 05, 2020

Fast efficient service. Approved the first time around! Thanks citizens disability!

They sure do show up when it is time for your case. They get you the win and they make sure they get paid. But when the *** pays them they feel their job is done. When you fight with the *** to get your money, Citizens Disability says "sorry, we did our part". Better to find a local reputable attorney, then to deal with the grab and go people at Citizens Disability

I am being harassed by this company!!!! The calls never seem to end. Every time they call, I block the number but then they call from a different one.
Today, after weeks of harassment, I decided to play along....after all, with the shut down I had nothing else better to do.
After giving fake information to a Elier G, and being placed on hold for almost 20 minutes (long enough for me to review all the comments here and to type my own) the hold music finally stopped and I was disconnected.
This company is relentless and I want the harassing calls to end. I've asked for them to stop calling and to have my name removed because I have NEVER inquired about receiving disability the way, did I mention.....I already receive SSDI....I have now for almost 20 years.

This company continues to call me even though I am not disabled. I have called them numerous times and asked very nicely not to receive any more calls. I have explained my age and told them repeatedly that I am able to work and am NOT disabled. I have asked over and over to be removed from call lists or put on the do not call list to no avail. This has been going on for about 6 months now and every time someone new calls me from a different number and even leaves a message! Today someone left a message saying, " I see here that you have asked not to be called but this is for your own good and I would like to help you with your disability benefits." This is either the most stupid company ever or they make money off of harassing people with their calls. I don't understand their high ratings on the and would encourage anyone who is truly disabled to go through other available channels.

This company is a scam. I have never received so many back to back calls in my life. I find it ironic that every time that I asked them if they were affiliated with Social Security, they lied and said yes. I asked to be removed from their calling list, but my phone does not stop ringing. I have blocked the number each time that they have called, but they use a robo system. I intend on filing harassment charges.

Scammers. I was denied a year before Citizens recognized it. They lied and lied and then when called on their lies, they refused to help at all

I started getting calls from Citizens Disability out of the blue a few months ago. They claim that I had requested their services. I do not consider myself unable to to work. They keep insisting that I don't need to be disabled in order to qualify for disability and other times they tell me that they know that I am disabled. I have asked them to stop harassing me with their calls several times a day but they ever give up. They are in violation of the law (***) And I expect the full settlement amount from them.

I think u guys did a great job getting me the help I needed they worked really hard Nd it was quicker then I thought so thank u so much for getting me help

They were awesome people always attentive my lawyer Mr. Y was very kind and was always professional he got my disability and SSI. Thank you so very much. God bless you

Short and sweet, at a time when I was down, Citizens Disability picked up the ball and ran with it. Basic info was all I had to provide and they did the rest. While I'm recovering I didn't want to be having to be on the phone answering questions or filling out paperwork. I was notified simply and step by step as they occurred. During the middle of my case being evaluated I was forced to move to a different state but they again led the way. When you have the right people in the right position doing their best, stay out if their way and let them do what they do best! I was approved the first time!

Citizens Disability, helped me thru the whole process of my claim. Citizens Disability kept me updated by email, phone call and us mail until my claim was approved.
Thanks Citizens your the best.

SCAMMERS! They keep calling me to “qualify” for SSDisablity, when I am NOT disabled!! When I tell them I am not disabled, they kept trying to “qualify” me.

Due to my history of medical report .as follows. ***, sciatic nerve pain that radiates chronic pain frequently, i.could not stand for long periods of time i.get lightheaded &Dizziness. However, citizens disability. Has in a firmly rooted manner, that swiftly bring the hearing to a proper ending.i.put my trust in Citizens disability. May almighty continued to bless them with the fountain of wisdom. So that others can benefit from their representations.

My Family has received numerous calls that are against the law trying to be sold their offerings despite being on the DNC list. I have tried to settle things with John Klapick who has been nothing but rude in trying to resolve this matter. I have evidence of all the calls that were made and from the phone numbers that were made. A demand letter was sent. Since then Mr. Klapick has been curt and extremely poor in customer relations to the point that he basically called me stupid that I knew nothing about the laws I am going after the company for. I have yet to receive a response on HIS thirty day discovery period that he requested. I even gave extra days for the holiday's and new years because not all of us celebrate the same holiday.

Desired Outcome/Settlement
Desired Settlement: Other (requires explanation)

Full Demand amount and a personalized apology from Mr. Klapick. I no longer want him handling this case. I much rather speak with Mr. Andrew Youngman or Mrs. Laura Orchard to settle this matter since it seems Mr. Klapick has no customer service skills when it comes to TPCA violations. If this is settled and the full demand amount is received, and I no longer have to speak to Mr. Klapick, I will withdraw my complaint from the

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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Citizens Disability, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Citizens Disability, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.


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