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Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters

121 S 17th St, Mattoon, Illinois, United States, 61938-3915

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So I asked my wife, Carrie to look into the internet and the possibility of using a cell booster or the internet to get service. We knew on our first visit there was no cell service. Disclaimer, we are old and not at all tech-savvy, don't know a gigabit to save our lives.
So before under contract, Carrie called Consolidated and spoke with a salesperson who told her they definitely serviced the area and could get us internet for my business and our pleasure, tv etc... She told me 20 mb, and asked how much *** gave us?
Carrie asked me to call and ask specifics to ensure this would work for my home business.
I called and spoke with a woman who assured me they serviced *** Rd Williamstown, she took my address. I told her there was no cell service at all. It has a 1/2 mile driveway.
I wanted to be able to use my cell phone as that all my websites and business are through that number. She said you can use wifi calling.
I told her we used *** telecom and I thought this was similar, I used the business plan, but a tech came to the house and told me I was never even close to touching the bandwidth we had. My wife works from home a day a week for ***. The salesperson said we would be able to get 20 GB. I explained that meant nothing to me and I needed to know if I could use it for our business and TV etc...
She said 20 GB was more than we need. I said great. We scheduled the hook up for after the closing. She quoted me the monthly price for 20 GB.( this may have been 2 calls with the second scheduling it)

Then it all began.
Tech was supposed to come on 12-21-18. Did not show up and said that homeowners were not ready for the hookup. (a side note my stepsons best friend works for them and told us, the tech drove to the trailer at the head of the driveway and said hell no, made up the other part.
Rescheduled for 12-28-18.OK, they say they will not help me

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • May 09, 2019

A Consolidated representative reviewed the customer’s records and contacted the customer as part of a previous escalation we received on his behalf. The customer ordered residential phone and internet service in December 2018. Internet speeds are not guaranteed until they are in and working. There is no indication that the customer was told otherwise. The customer later cancelled the service within the internet 30 day money back guarantee period because we were unable to provide the speed he initially requested. He subsequently placed an order for business phone service. We have checked with engineering to verify and faster speeds are not currently available. We have left the customer another message to advise that the status has not changed at this time.

Customer Response • May 09, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

both, my wife and I made independent calls to the sales folks and were quoted 20 megs for our address before purchasing.

I can only speak for myself, I questioned the woman at Length about my remote, potential home location and that I did not know

what the speed meant for running a business. I was assured it would be fast enough, it was comparable to what I was receiving from my last provider.

never any talk of not bring guaranteed. She stated, "I am.looking at your exact address and it is rated for 20 Meg's.

These calls are recorded, can't they play them back??? I asked one Superviso's Supervisor who stated they don't guarante speeds, let's call the sales line in a conference call and I will ask again? He said , No, Yhos folks don't work for me and I only have cc intros over what they say and Don ty say.

I said this is your company, you should care as you are vouching for them in one breath and questioing them in the next. (Also a recorded call noted in the complaint, I am as transparent as possible, shouldn't they be??)



Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • May 13, 2019

Consolidated can understand the customer's frustration at not being able to obtain the speed he is looking for. Regardless of any potential information he received from customer service (though there is no record any misinformation being provided at this time) we are currently unable to provide faster speeds.

On my initial phone call to Consolidated Communications for internet/phone service, I was assured I could upgrade the speed of the internet in the future if need be, which was one of the deciding factors in signing up. When some months down the road my son was unable to connect to his video games or would get kicked out, and my wife and I were having issues with our computers and phones lagging, I phoned to upgrade our speed. However, I was told by the same customer service department that a faster speed was not available in our area. With no choice but to leave Consolidated that is what we did, knowing we were breaking the two-year contract and would have to pay an early disconnection fee of $149.00. However.... it was never explained to me that there would be an early termination fee for internet, and a second early termination fee for phone. I only discovered this after receiving our final bill for a total of $261.00 in early termination fees. All in all, I feel I was misled in a couple of ways, both points being ones that would have changed my decision to sign with Consolidated in the first place. Both my wife and I made several phone calls to plead our case to them, yet they refused to honor their initial statement, and now they have written off the $261. 00 to a debt collector who hounds us several times a day by phone.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • May 07, 2019

A Consolidated representative reviewed the customer's records and contacted the customer. As a courtesy, a partial adjustment has been issued for the early termination fees assessed to the customer.

Customer Response • May 07, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. All I ask now is that Consolidated Communications please contact their debt collector. They are still calling daily even though I have made the adjusted payment.



Ever since Consolidated Communications has taken over the internet and phone services here in Northern New Hampshire, we have had service interruption constantly. Our internet always goes out, I have had to purchase an unlimited data plan to use for a hotspot on my cell phone for my computer so that I can actually complete my work (as a teacher, I rely on internet every day, and we do not have full service through my cell phone all of the time due to my location), and we have to restart our internet all of the time. We have called and asked for help, I have given a complaint, and the fixes that they give us are temporary. One representative reached out to me and gave me a phone number to call stating that they are open 24 hours a day (I have the voicemail transcribed on my phone). When I called the number, it was the Customer Service line and they are closed on the weekends. I have tried to call their service lines, and their own phone lines are scratchy and do not connect me to anyone. We are unable to get any other service providers because there are none offered in our area and we are at the end of the telephone lines.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Apr 17, 2019

A Consolidated representative reviewed the customer's records and contacted the customer. The last report of internet trouble was over seven months ago. The representative asked the customer to call technical support and allow them to trouble shoot her issues. If they were not able to resolve them, a ticket would be opened and we would assist the customer further until it was resolved. There have been calls to technical support since they spoke. If the customer is still experiencing issues, we would ask that they report them to technical support.

Contacted Consolidated Customer Service to cancel my service. When *** was the provider service was spotty. Since Consolidated took over ~1.5 years ago I have been without service for days at a time. Several times a week bandwidth to the internet will drop completely for 10 minutes at a time. Each contact to Tech Support is "we do not show a problem".
The primary issue is I attempted to cancel service this morning. Because I do not have or know a secret pin #, I cannot cancel. They will issue me a new pin via regular mail, but in the meantime I have to continue to pay for a service I am not reliably getting.
I initially spoke with "Jessica" who escalated to "Wayne" who confirmed I never get any credits for the hours and days of lost service. He confirmed that I will pay for the service until I manage to navigate their hurdles to cancellation.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Apr 01, 2019

A Consolidated representative contacted the customer to address his concerns.

I purchased phone and internet services with this company 2 months ago and was initially told I would be paying $58.10 tax included. They decided to charge me $87.10 a month after I had agreed on $58.10. I have also have not had phone service in 2 months and have contacted tech support 3 times to fix my phone and internet service. They made me pay $129 to cancel my phone service after I had not had the service since it was installed. I asked that the phone termination fee be waived due to the fact that I had not received service as I had originally paid for.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Mar 25, 2019

A representative reviewed the records and contacted the customer. A repair was completed on 3/24/19 and the customer has verified that the service is working well.

We have been a customer of Consolidated Communications, formally *** Communications, for years as we currently have no other alternatives. We have called many times with issues involving signal loss or slow speed. Despite having visits from technicians and having modem replaced 3 times we still lose connection 4 or 5 times a day and have to unplug modem to reset. We pay for faster speed and many times cannot view videos. I contacted customer service attempting to some type of compensation but was told they would not do anything.

Signed my contract in September 2018. Still no internet installed . Was told it could take up too 18 months to get me service. If I want to get out of contract I have to pay 2000 dollars. On top of the three days pay I lost staying home only to have them not show up , no call.

Consolidated scheduled an appointment for a service call for Friday, February 15, 2019. My husband called to confirm the appointment that morning and was told that it was set for the day. He was told someone would come before 5 pm. When he asked for a more definite window, he was told this was not possible. I, therefore, had to take off the entire day of work. I did, but the technician never came. I started to get worried around 4 pm and called to check again to see what was the problem. I was told that there was a delay and the appointment had been reschedule to Tuesday. When I asked why I was not called about this change, which would have allowed me to go to work, no explanation was provided. A call was not made to notify me of the change. The supervisor agreed to credit our account for one month of internet service, but this not begin to make up for the time, money, and inconvenience of missing work. Also, when I again asked for a timframe for Tue appt, I was told again that it is for the whole day (9 to 5 pm), meaning I again have to mis an entire day of work. I find this treatment to be disrespectful and exploitative, and in violation of basic customer service policy and norms.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Feb 20, 2019

The order to install the customer's service was completed on 02/19/2019. We have verified that the service is working and have processed an adjustment on her account.

Today is day 3 with no internet. They gaurenteed repair by yesterday at 7. A recognition came, he said it wasn’t at my house it was somewhere else but that was the last I heard, I have called and there is no info that can be given. Alls I keep hearing is we do not have that information available. I work from home and am a single mom of three. I need my internet to work. It is my way of income and also my phone only works with Wifi so I need to have that Incase of emergency’s, I spoke to a guy named makrk last night out of the San Antonio location and when I suggested the he laughed at me. Something needs to be done about this I need my internet working and I expect a refund on my bill, also bills will not get paid until issue is fixed.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Feb 14, 2019

Consolidated apologizes for the delay in responding to the customer's complaint. Although this appears to be a second notice, we do not have record of receiving the original complaint. The final repair shows as having been completed on 1/29/19. We have issued credit for the time out of service and left a message to ensure the customer does not have any outstanding issues.

I was billed for a month of internet that I did not have, consolidated communications apparently billed me for January prior to me paying my bill in which I was behind but we’ve always made the payment once it hit a certain area. So now that my bill is paid I do not have internet service because they canceled my account even though they charged me for a month we didn’t use their service.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Feb 01, 2019

The customer's final bill for service will be rendered on 02/03/2019. At that time, there will be a credit balance as internet service is billed in advance and the customer paid his last bill in full. This credit will be refunded to the customer. We left a detailed message for Mr. on 01/17/2019 with this information as well as contact information should he have any additional questions.

I’ve been entirely displeased with the internet service I have been receiving from Consolidated Communications. The internet is unreliable, the customer service is unhelpful, and the technical support can rarely diagnose or help fix any issues I call about.

The internet is speed itself is below what I’m paying for until I call and talk to them, and then it stays at the right speed for a few weeks before falling off again. In addition, the internet drops out fairly frequently, causing issues with completing my work. I’ve looked into other services but the only other internet I can get is satellite based, which does not work for my needs.

I recently found out that I am eligible for a speed upgrade (25 mbps vs 15 mbps). I’ve scheduled two appointments to have them come and install the work. The first day I took off an entire day from work because they could not narrow a time down that they would be at my home. At noon, on the appointed day, they called me to say that they actually didn’t have the part they needed to do the work, so they would not, in fact, be honoring the appointment. The second day, after calling earlier in the week to confirm the appointment, I was once again required to miss work. Instead of calling to say they would not be keeping the appointment for the second time, they simply did not show up.

I have called technical support for various reasons. The most recent occasion was due to having WiFi signal, but no internet through the router. When I called, the gentleman ran me through what seemed to be a generic protocol to troubleshoot general issues. At one point, after all other options had reportedly been attempted, I specifically asked if resetting the router to factory defaults might help. I was told that it would not, and that they would have to send a technician out to troubleshoot it. The next available time was three days from the call. After hanging up, I tried restoring factory defaults, which actually fixed the issue with the router.

I have called Comcast to try and get internet through them, but they quote the installation fee of approximately $20,000. This is not a reasonable alternative.

I am literally trying to pay them more money to get a service that I need to complete both my job and my schooling, and it has resulted in me missing two entire days of work, which does not include All the work that I miss due to other issues with their internet service.

I don’t know what can do on the matter, but I would like to receive the services I’m paying for. Ideally, if I could get the 100 mbps that they advertise, I would pay for it, but I need reliable internet regardless. My work and education are important to both myself and the community. This internet has been limiting both.

We haven't had stable internet in the month that we've been in our current property. Attempts to get support from Consolidated result in missed scheduled appointments after waiting for them within an 8 hour window! They can't guarantee their repair people will call before showing up. No options to ship us a new modem means we've been dealing with faulty service and an inability to perform work functions from the house. Outages require a modem reboot and give online access for about 10 minutes before quitting again.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Jan 14, 2019

A Consolidated representative reviewed the customer’s records and contacted the customer. Records indicate that the customer’s concerns have been investigated and technicians have been dispatched to address any problems with the customer's line.

We have rented a seasonal rental property in *** VT as a landing pad to look for places to purchase in 2019. We engaged with consolidated for an internet contract. They came out for 5 minutes one day, installed a modem and left. Since the minute the tech left, we have had no service. We have called them over 20 times, escaleted to suport management each time, and still no technician comes, this has been going on for 6 weeks. Consolidated and the rental agency (*** Country Homes) are continuing to charge us, although we have been 6 weeks without service, with no refund, credit, or solution to fix our problem. The support people have told us a number of times that technicians would be out to the house in *** VT, but no one ever comes. The problem is that Consolidated has a monopoly over the infrastructure in this area, and we are unable to get a comparable service offering from any other companies.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Jan 17, 2019

A Consolidated representative has been in contact with the customer and is working with them to address their concerns.

Customer Response • Jan 17, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:Consolidated knowingly charged us for 80mb service, knowing their infrastructure couldn't support it. That is Fraud isnt it?



Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Jan 23, 2019

A technician was dispatched on 1/18/19 and conditioned the lines serving the customer's location. We have spoken with the customer and verified that they have had no issues since that work was completed. The representative issued an adjustment on Mr. account to compensate for the loss of service.

I have been waiting for internet service to be setup, and excessive delays have been causing issues.

Consolidated agreed to install service on 12/31(on an absurdly long 8-5 window), which was later then desired, but dealable. They did not arrive that day, and gave no further information as to when they would.
I got an automatic call (after their business hours) on 1/1 stating that they were delayed, and the would try again on 1/3. I called in 1/2 to clarify and they told me it would be 1/10, and nothing could be done.

This is quite frankly unacceptable taking minimum half a month to plug in equipment already installed, and that is even assuming they get it done on the 10th.
There are various things I needed to get done which need internet, where this excessive delay is costing me not only quality of life, but money.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Jan 07, 2019

A Consolidated representative has been in contact with the customer. The order to install service completed and we have confirmed this with the customer.

Customer Response • Jan 12, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.



We have been without internet for a week and a half. We troubleshooted the issue with Consolidated Communications over the phone when we discovered the outage, and it was determined that they would need to send a tech to resolve since it was not an issue with equipment inside of our home. Since then, we have called multiple times every single day to to determine when a tech will come to our home to resolve, and keep getting the runaround. Customer service reps claim that the ticket has been "picked up" and that we should hear from someone within 24-48 hours but days go by and no one contacts us. We use internet for our business and this service here is completely unacceptable. I would not recommend this company to anyone (BUYER BEWARE!!!!!) but unfortunately they are the only option in our rural area. At this point, we have no faith that anyone will ever come to resolve the issue.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Jan 09, 2019

The trouble on this customer's line was cleared on 12/17. A customer service manager has attempted twice to call the customer and confirm that services are working properly, but the voicmail box is full with no option to leave a message. The customer is invited to call back at 1-*** if the service continues to need repair.

Thank you,

Beth ***

Regulatory Analyst II

Customer Response • Jan 09, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

The date of 12/17 is incorrect. The matter was not resolved until some time after 12/26. This can be backed up by my conversation with customer service on 1/8, as they acknowledge the length and have credited me accordingly. I also do not have a record of any efforts to contact me on my phone. That being said, the matter is resolved and customer service has done their job. The response was just very poor from the ground techs considering some people may rely on service for their business, as was the case for me.



I submitted a form online with CC to have our mailing address changed as there is nowhere on the website that this can be done by the customer. It took several weeks for someone to call me back. When I returned the call, I was told I could not be helped unless I could give them my PIN number. I do not know this number. The girl I spoke with refused to help me further and refused to give me access to a supervisor. She claimed there are no supervisors.
It should not be so difficult to achieve something as simple as a mailing address change. When I call a company and ask for help that's exactly what I expect to get: help. At the very least I expect to speak with a supervisor when the person is unable to help. She just kept repeating the same sentence to me, over and over.
I have changed my mailing address with other service providers without incident. This ridiculousness with Consolidated Communications is unacceptable. Policy change is clearly needed here. I still have not been able to get my mailing address updated with them and have already submitted a complaint directly with their website, which has so far gone unanswered.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Dec 18, 2018

A Consolidated Representative contacted the customer to assist in addressing her concerns and changing her mailing address.

Customer Response • Dec 18, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.



The problem we have with this company is their internet service or actually the lack of it. We have contacted the in the past with this same complaint. The service is constantly in and out and extremely slow. We have called many times about the same issue and every time we are either told "it must be the lines" or that the problem is in our home. They try some speed test, which the last time we were unable to do because we could not get on line. I even had one customer service representative tell me if I wanted better service, I should buy the higher priced package. My response was, "why should I pay more for something I may never get". The people in customer service then say they will schedule a technician to come out, and it is always about three weeks out at least. Which means for the next three weeks we have to be without the service we are paying for. I know I can call for an adjustment to my bill, which only means more time for me to wait on hold and then have to explain the whole issue again to another person, and maybe get a few dollars off my bill if they believe what I am telling them. I do not feel that the problem is with the technician they send out, but with the customer service representative and the company itself. When they bought out Fairpoint Communications, they said they would be upgrading all the internet lines. The last time I asked a customer service representative about that, I was told that I live too far from the center of town and would not be seeing an upgrade. I live a little over a mile from town. This company is the only choice we have to get internet. I do not have cell coverage at my home or I would switch to that in a second. This company should be made to upgrade everyone's lines no matter how far from town without raising our cost at all. They have made enough money over the years providing bad service, that now we deserve something more than just an increase in our bills.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Dec 19, 2018

A Consolidated representative reviewed the customer’s records and contacted the customer. Records indicate that the customer’s concerns have been investigated and technicians have been dispatched to address any problems with the customer's line.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Dec 31, 2018

There have been no reports of trouble since our last response. If the customer experiences further trouble he should report them to technical support and we will make every effort to address them.

Customer Response • Dec 31, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Their service has not improved a great deal, but it seems that there is nothing they are willing to do.



I have had trouble with my phone line/no service in the months of June, September, October and November. Each time I have had to wait several days for a technician to repair the problem. Each time, the DSL on that line was not affected. Following the last repair for the ongoing problem on Nov. 21, 2018, my DSL internet would slow down, often causing web page loading issues. Starting on Dec. 1st, the problem escalated to being dropped from the ISP and needing to reboot the modem. This happened daily, at least once. On 12/3, I called to report the problem and, based on an identical problem a couple of years ago, let them know the problem was not in the home. Never the less, I needed to follow certain steps to resolve the problem before a ticket would be issued. By 12/5, I was continuing to have problems including being disconnected from the ISP, now happening more frequently, and fought to have a repair ticket generated to bring a technician out to repair the problem. I was told the date would be 12/10 (already 9 days into problem and 7 days after requesting service). This morning, I received a phone message recording stating they cleared the ticket in the main office despite the problem not being resolved. I now had to create a new ticket or having a technician come to the site to assess and repair. I have now been told that the date of a technician coming out to the site is on 12/13, 10 days after the report. I am concerned that they will once again 'clear' the ticket without addressing/fixing the problem and the process will continue in an endless loop. Given that I have had issues with this line in June/July, September (when I requested your help), October, November and now December. the company should expedite repair and leave the ticket open until fully resolved. I am frustrated and paying for service I have not had, and when reaching out on social media and email, have NOT received a response as I would have expected. Please help.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Dec 13, 2018

A Consolidated representative reviewed the customer’s records and contacted the customer. Records indicate that the customer’s concerns have been investigated and technicians have been dispatched to address any problems with the customer's line. In recognition of Ms. concerns, Consolidated has also applied an adjustment to her account.

Customer Response • Dec 13, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me, for now. This is part of an ongoing problem in which I have had trouble on the line in June, September, October, November and now December. Rather that treat the problem as ongoing, each incident has been treated separately and I am forced to wait several days for a technician to come to the area to repair. Consolidated, when proposing to purchase Fairpoint, stated that repair service would occur promptly, usually within 24 hours, I believe. That has NOT happened, and each incident results in multiple days without service. In short, the service is not reliable and repair is far from timely. This problem is directly the result of lack of adequate number of technicians to address the myriad of problems left by Fairpoint. Though this problem 'appears' resolved for now, I am concerned that I will again have further problems and subsequent loss of service for several days while I wait for repairs. Consolidated Communications should be held to account for their lack of attention to the promises they made to former Fairpoint customers.

I do appreciate the help of the technician who repaired the problem and the rep from the Escalation Dept. I also appreciate the assistance of the

Thank you.



I was recently without internet for 15 days. When the issue happened On 11/15 I called and was told someone would be out on or before 11/23. On 11/23 I called at 8am to confirm someone was coming and was told they were. At 11am on 11/23 I received a robo call stating someone would not be coming until Monday 11/26. No one called or showed up on this day and I called at least 4 times that day and was told each time that it was still an open ticket and to expect someone. I called again the next day, and the next, and the next day. Several times each day and was bounced around to different departments for no reason. I was told different things by several different agents. I probably spent at least 8 hours on the phone with these people in the 15 days my service was out. When the tech did finally come he was great. He was the same guy who did my install and he actually seemed to care about my troubles. I had a meeting I had to get to so he did what he thought he could inside and couldn’t get it back on so he said go ahead I’ll fix it from outside. When I returned from my meeting an hour later, there was a note in my door stating he needed to come back inside and to call him on his cell to schedule. I did. He was to come back the following day 11/30. He was an hour late but ultimately was able to resolve the issue. The company only credited my account some $23 and change for the lost service time. This is wildly insufficient and downright insulting. I think that after the runaround I was given, they could do better.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Dec 10, 2018

A Consolidated representative reviewed the customer's records and contacted the customer to assist with their concerns.

I had a service call a couple months ago to increase our internet speed. I had my own hardware, modem and router, hooked up with the existing service. When the woman was here performing the update, she took my Modem. It was a *** brand and cost me $40. She said, well the new modem/router combo is yours now. Literally took my property.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Dec 07, 2018

A Consolidated representative reviewed the customer's records and contacted him to discuss his concerns.

Consolidated Communications Corporate Headquarters Response • Dec 11, 2018

The customer upgraded his internet service which required a new modem. The technician usually swaps out the old modem for the new modem. It seems possible that he thought that the modem was one of ours. If we had been aware of the issue right after the installation was complete we could have inquired with the technician. More than a month later there is no way to know if the technician took the modem or if it was left at the residence.

Customer Response • Dec 13, 2018

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: there would be a way to know whether or not it was one of their products. That’s on the tech for not checking everything properly. Especially on our account, there weren’t any rental fees or anything. It was clear on our account that we were using our own equipment as well. They need to go back and see that on the account. Get in contact with the tech. Guaranteed they still have it. Poor poor customer service. How am I supposed to know when I was away on business. Seems they took advantage.



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