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CrossCountry Mortgage

6850 Miller Rd, Brecksville, Ohio, United States, 44141-3222

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Stay Away! They will do a bait and switch - lure you in with an enticing Loan Estimate, take 2 months to process your loan, and then offer you a Closing Disclosure at the 11th hour, with much higher closing costs. Don't waste your time!

Horrible experience no one calls you to let you know your status on loan once I told them I no longer wanted to use them they ran credit over and over and denied my loan instead of withdrawing from it

Worst company ever. One week before close I signed electronically loan docs. Day before close details completely changed. Too late to back out. After closING they told me they sold my loan to another company and gave me a loan number. That company had no idea who I was. Then CC told it was sold to another company. They also never heard of me. Meanwhile I sent first payment to company A. They couldn’t find my payment. Final result. The loan was never sold. Had to stop payment on first payment and make phone payment to CC.

May 04, 2020

I was supposed to close on the sale of my home April 30th, it was not until the day before close that I contacted my rep and was told they needed additional information. Every day since 4/30 I have been told we are going to get the clear to close but every day there’s no response. I have been staying in a hotel for this time since I relocated from another state.

CrossCountry Mortgage Response time May 18, 2020

CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC (“CrossCountry”) received the
customer’s complaint on May 4, 2020. In the complaint, the customer claimed
that CrossCountry had not responded to her since April 30, 2020, regarding her
loan application. CrossCountry denies the allegations. CrossCountry has been in
constant communication with the customer throughout the loan process.
CrossCountry’s loan officer spoke with the customer over the phone on April 27,
29, and 30 and on May 1 and 4. CrossCountry’s loan officer also communicated
with the customer via text message on May 1. Regarding the customer’s request to close on the loan, on
May 5, 2020, the loan closed.

Customer Response time May 18, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
Yes I finally closed on my home on May 5th, days after my original close date of April 30th. It was not until the day of close, April 30th, was I informed I would not be closing. Communication on April 27 and April 29 was just a response of “we are still working on your file.” Communication between the loan officer and the manager was inadequate, at times my calls or emails were not answered, and information that should have been verified early on in the process was verified at the last minute.


recently I refinanced my house with cash out after several dealings back and forth where I had provide tax information etc,. I never received my paperwork back its been over a month after speaking with representative several times and I was told on numerous occasions that it was in the mail I have not received my very important documents to date. I just want my paperwork *** is the gentleman that I sent my paperwork to and he's also the person that assured me that it had been mailed.

CrossCountry Mortgage Response time Apr 28, 2020

CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC returned the customer’s documents
to the customer. The customer is satisfied with the resolution.

Customer Response time Apr 28, 2020

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


This company is running unauthorized credit checks ... BEWARE OF SHANNON ***... this woman will literally ask for ur info... U can tell her not to run a hard check she will anyways... she is very very unknowledgeable about home purchases n credit issues... I have paid to work with credit repair companies who told me to run at a certian time n date ... She decided to run prior... Told me I had a 590 she needed to see a 620, my gf called gave less info they told her approval at 580 n she has worse credit than I ... I am a home owner already, she isn't very knowledgeable on the whole process, the questions and things she told me to do in order to try to get a loan hurt me more than helped ... Her hard runs dropped me over 50pts... She doesn't know the difference between a arrearage repayment n a support order, she told me oh well u look at credit karma n that's not ur real score (yes I know my fico, literally have paid credit repair team) yet they were exact match to what she came back with after running unauthorized credit HARD check... No option for soft check... Asked me to take my name off other properties, it was just a giant mess n in the end no approval, piss poor communication , lack of understanding , this would've been my 11th home purchased in my life throughout a few different states ...I would not recommend at all like I said I'm left with more damage than help... If this was last mortgage company on Earth... I'd rent

One of the worst loan officers I have ever used. She started off by telling me that we were clear after a few weeks of processing and all we needed was to lock in a rate and we would could close in a day or two. *** with Cross Country told me she was trying to lock in my rate two times a day. After a few weeks went by I called her and asked if we could lock and she said let me check. She was able to lock me in at 5.4. After her manager reviewed it he lowered it to 4.5. This seemed strange to me for a few reason if you were trying to lock in my rate two times a day why would you not get the lock until the day I call you. *** advised we would be able to close in a few days, but never gave a specific date. After a week I contacted her and asked when was our closing date she advised we didn't have one because underwriting found a problem with the Title. I found this strange because I thought that was the Title Companies job. She told me again as soon as the title was clear we could close the next day. After a week went buy I contacted her again asking what was the update she advised me that we were still waiting on the title company, but underwriting had cleared my file and we were just waiting on the title. I contacted the Title Company and after a few hours on the phone with them were able to clear things up. I contacted *** again and advised her that we were free and clear. I asked when our closing date was and she told me she would get back to me. After a week goes by I contact her and ask what is the update? *** tells me that there is another issue and I need to change the insurance on the home and make the value higher. She also ask for my most recent paystubs. I turned in all of my paystubs and W2's at the beginning of the process. At this point I am getting frustrated and ask if we have a closing date and she tells me no, but after she gets the paystubs she will be able to close the next day. After a few days pass I reach out again to see were we are at in the process and she tells me she needs the lease agreement for the home. This didn't make since to me because at the beginning of the process she advised that my debt to income ratio was good enough that the property did not need to be rented out. I only told her that the property had rented out as a curtsy. *** contacts me the next day and says she will not be able to process the loan after going back and forth for over 50 days.

CrossCountry Mortgage Response time May 04, 2020

CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC
(“CrossCountry”) received the customer’s complaint dated April 17, 2020. In the
complaint, the customer requested the completion of his loan. CrossCountry
denies the customer request. On April 15, 2020, CrossCountry
issued a letter of denial to the customer. CrossCountry denied the customer’s loan
application due to excessive obligations. The maximum debt to income (“DTI”)
for the loan product (*** conventional cash-out refinance) is
45%. The customer’s DTI was at 55%. The customer indicated that CrossCountry’s
loan officer informed him that his DTI ratio was at an acceptable limit at the
beginning of the loan process. However, at that point in the loan application
process, CrossCountry had not yet verified the customer’s information through
its underwriting team, who ultimately decides whether to approve or deny the
customer’s loan application. Further, CrossCountry could not
complete the customer’s loan because the loan product required a six-month
waiting period after the purchase of the home. The customer purchased the
subject property in February 2020.

Mar 16, 2020

On 3/12/2020 I called to speak with a representative regarding a first time mortgage and was referred to this company because of their affiliation with the *** program since I work in law enforcement. I clearly stated I was shopping for mortgages and did not want a credit check performed as I did not want the inquiry on my credit report because I did not want my credit adversely affected prior to deciding which lender I wanted to go with. The representative, ***, took all of my information and said that she was new to the company and could not explain the benefits to my particular situation and would have to have another coworker, ***, call me back with more specific information and in order to find out which mortgage may he best for me, they were sending me an electronic consent form so *** could pull my credit report. I did not remit said form with permission to pull my credit report. The next day I received several alerts advising my credit score had dropped 34 points, from 803, because Cross Country Mortgage made a hard inquiry. I replied to the email the consent form was sent from and asked why they pulled a hard credit report when I expressly stated I did not want the check performed. I have yet to receive a reply. I called on Saturday 3/14/2020 and asked for a supervisor to discuss my concern and was told none were available and they would either call or email me to address my concern. I've yet to hear from anyone with the company.

CrossCountry Mortgage Response time Mar 23, 2020

Tell us why here..CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC (“CrossCountry”) received the customer’s complaint on March 17, 2020. In the complaint, the customer alleged that CrossCountry pulled the customer’s credit without authorization. CrossCountry denies the allegation.On or about March 12, 2020, the customer authorized CrossCountry to pull her credit when she reached out to CrossCountry and began a conventional purchase mortgage loan application.

Mar 13, 2020

Constituent was with *** bank and was switching his mortgage to CrossCountry mortgage. They
were supposed to close and pay the loan and then leftover escrow of $3,500 was supposed to go to the
constituent, but never did. They increased the amount of the loan and put the escrow money to the loan,
but throughout the process told the constituent the money would go directly to them. Their biweekly
payment of 541.17 but ended up actually being 586.17. The constituent reached out to the company but
they are giving him the runaround.

CrossCountry Mortgage Response time Mar 30, 2020

Response taken over the phone by Staff Member

A check was sent to the consumer on 3-23-2020 for $3,186.15

In March 31, 2019 I sent a series of letters to cross country mortgage about unauthorized credit pulls that were being made. The letters asked for proof to be provided of consent for these inquiries to which no response was given. I demanded that these inquiries be removed from my credit report because they were not authorized, however as stated, no response was given. There was only one time I spoke with a loan officer (December of 2018) inquiring of a possible home loan and was told I needed to work on my credit further. No further contact was made between myself and this loan officer after December of 2018, yet January and March of 2019 my credit was pulled again. This is a violation of the FCRA. As my letters stated then I am asking you now, provide your proof of permissible purpose for each credit pull or remove the inquiries from my report immediately.

CrossCountry Mortgage Response time Mar 04, 2020

The customer alleged that CrossCountry Mortgage pulled his credit without authorization on January 24, 2019 and March 1, 2019. CrossCountry received the customer’s authorization for the credit pulls. On January 24, 2019, the customer provided authorization via text message to CrossCountry’s loan officer.

This seems to be a bait and switch company. I was specifically looking for a Bank Statement Only Verification Program for a Home Equity Loan or HELOC. I reviewed the website and they offered the program. I filled out the online form to get a rate quote and as soon as I hit submit my phone rang from a caller in Gainesville, FL. The 1st guy on the phone was nice, fast talker, energetic etc. and I explained exactly what I was looking for. He said no problem I am going to get you over to one of our loan processors. Soon afterwards another guy got on the line and asked me questions about my home's value and how much I owed. I am a Realtor so I was very up to date on my home's value. Once I provided all the information the guy says okay we can get you 192K loan. I said is that for the HELOC like I asked for and he said no that it was for a cash out refinance. I said that is not what I am interested in. He said well why not that is what most people do. I said I was not most people and I wanted what I called for that was advertised. He said well we do not like to do those loans because there is no money in it for us. Why advertise it then?Maybe there is other government regulations that this falls under under. I will continue to research this issue.

At the end of the closing on the house.they're wasn't any communication. Between the loaner,the Builder and the mortgage team. Everything went left.We thought everything was fine until.something came up. That no one had no idea about.although we still signed off on the deal. Kind of felt like we was being robbed.thank you!

I took out a Reverse Mortgage with this Cross Country Mortgage. They gave me a website to set up an appraisal of my home. In order to set it up I had to prepay $570 to the appraisal company. Appraisal was completed on 9-17-2019. Settlement/closing on loan was on 11-7-2019 with disbursement date of 11-13-2019. I noticed they billed me $570 for the appraisal and it was added to my loan. I was promised that I would be refunded for the double payment. After a months communicating with the company, I still have not received the refund. What do I have to do?

CrossCountry Mortgage Response time Dec 17, 2019

CrossCountry provided a refund on December 14, 2019.
CrossCountry has since contacted the customer and confirmed receipt. The customer expressed her satisfaction. CrossCountry believes this matter is resolved.

This is by far the worst mortgage company. I do not recommend them the lack of communication is beyond me. I was charge fines because of their negligence And they would not remove them. Be aware.

Run don’t walk as fast as you can from this company. Such a total scam! Made promises they couldn’t keep and ruined our perfect payment history! I hope they get shut down!!!! They ruined our holidays as well! Such a scam!

Great company! I’ve refinanced with them on 3 separate occasions and has been a smooth process from the start through funding. It amazes me that there are so many people so quick to point blame on this company makes me wonder what the real underlying factor was which prevented them from closing their loan. I recommend Cross Country to my friends and family and will continue to use them for my mortgage needs

If I could give this company zero stars I would. They charged me for an appraisal on my home before it was even set up and then a week later when we decided to go with a different company they refused to give my money back. The appraisal never happened and they ignored every attempt to get a refund. I eventually had to file a claim with my bank. Every time I called they would yell at me and were just incredibly rude. Complete scam.

This company hired Karl *. T/ARC Appraisals in St. Petersburg, Florida to do an appraisal on my property for their buyer. The appraisal came back way low for the mortgage the buyer was seeking. ARC Appraisals based their numbers on a two year old comp. In todays market that is totally unreasonable. When provided later comps and asked to reconsider his appraisal he refused. He is not listed with the, but from the negative reviews I have just read about the CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc. he is probably in bed with them and being provided kick backs for his low appraisals. ARC Appraisals cost me thousands. If your mortgage company or your buyers mortgage company sends them out to appraise your property refuse and demand another company do the appraisal. These people have no clue.

Let me start of saying this email will sound like I am upset and that's because I am very upset. Your lender Patrick P called me beginning of August and told me that rates had dropped and we should refi our mortgage. I told him right away that it would not work for me or my wife and because of our current late payments and low credit scores. He said that he had programs that he could get the refi done and wanted to run our credit. I told him it wouldn't work, but he could run our credit. He then ran our credit and came back and said that he could get the loan done. I still had reservations about the refi. He sent me the docs to esign including the appraisal and payment form. I signed all docs except for the appraisal doc. We spoke again and stated that he need the appraisal form signed so that he could push the loan through. I reluctantly, but asked for the load to go through to underwriting before my card was charged. He asked if there was something that I was not telling him. I expressed my concern about late payments and the loan being denied. To me this is money that I needed for my household. Patrick assured me that the loan would go though. I asked if he ran a DU. To which he said that he received an approval from the Du. Patrick asked me again to have the card charged for the appraisal. I let him charge my card for the appraisal. I provided Patrick with every document that he needed within a matter of a day as to speed things up and get the refi done in 2.5 weeks as he said he could do. The appraisal return at $380k, 5k lower than he thought it would. Patrick said the numbers would change, but it would not stop the loan. It would only change the amount of money we would get back. He said that we would receive 6k vs 13k as he stated in one of our phone conversation. I asked Patrick to show me the numbers / disclose to me he did not. He would only say he was working on it. He stated several times that he was going to have the refi close by Aug 26th. I called Patrick on Aug 24th but did not receive an answer. I emailed him and received an auto reply stating that he would be away out of town unit Sunday the 25th, but would be checking his emails. On Monday the 26th closing day, I called Patrick, but did not receive an answer. He sent me a text saying he was out of town. At this point I knew that the loan was denied. But Patrick would not call or be upfront and telling so. My title company sent an email asking if the loan would be closed this week. Patrick responded and said it would not close this week. So at this point I was very upset. I felt like he was avoiding me and not wanting to be upfront with the situation. I sent him an email expressing how upset I was. I told him that he knew my family and I were on hard time and he made unrealistic expectation for us, to which he could not deliver on. I told him that $385 that I spent could have done good in my house hold. We are on a tight budget. I am not having a good year in business right now. What upset me more was that he knew all the information upfront and still cost us knowing that he could not get the refi done.
This afternoon Patrick stated that he could flip the refi to a 70%LTV and get it done, but he would have to work the numbers. I called him back he wouldn't answer the phone. He sent me a text and told me basically my ratio was off. At this point Patrick is a worthless lier. He knew everything upfront and is looking to place blame. He stated that it was because my home didn't appraise higher than $380k that is why the loan was denied. That doesn't make sense. We owe $280k on the home and it is valued at $380k. To me our DTI plays a factor in that to which Patrick knew before hand. If he had done things right he would have known that the ratios were off. Then he wants to say that I called him to do the loan and waste his time. I didn't call him he called me. I gave him a shot based on him saying that he works with his own under in house so he could get this loan done. I wasn't wasting his time, he wasted my time and money. He was the one who called and wanted to push this along even after I told him that it would not go through from the first call. I don't know what you as managers do or feel about this kind of service that was given, but it wasn't close to right what Patrick did. He prayed on my hope of making this better for my family. Then he gloats about closing 29 loans this month. Telling me it's my fault my home didn't appraise for more money . To me he is looking to pass the buck instead of being upfront and admitting he made a mistake. That's not good business practice, nor being a man and meeting your issues head on. I know where my issues are financially and I am working on it to make a better way from my family.
I am in real estate I can tell you I don't know that much about the mortgage side, but I am learning more and more. One thing I know is that Patrick isn't telling me the truth about ratios. I also know that I will never have my customers use Cross-country based on Patrick and his performance. Things should not be all about money. Things should have a human dealing behind it too.

Crosscountry mtge sent us a flyer of refinance of our home, as it said we don't have to have an appraisal.. we called them spoke to Kelly m***, he took all info from us and stated he must have $385 for VA appraisal if we want money out . At first we argued that we just had an VA appraisal in Aug of 2018 of $110.000, house is still in same shape. He insisted we pay for the appraisal, gave us lower interest rate, and money out. Well when the appraiser came out , she didn't look like a VA qualified appraiser with , flip flops, and shorts. She valued our home at $105,000, which is a loss of $5,000. She wrote in appraisal that we had a school in back yard, we don't. She wrote there is Hi traffic on the road, not always.
She compared our house to houses worth $90,000, and we had double what they had.
We don't think she was an approved VA appraiser. She did not have VA appraiser written on her card.

CrossCountry Mortgage Response time Aug 01, 2019

A VA cash out refinance mortgage loan requires an appraisal which must be performed by a VA approved appraiser. CrossCountry ordered the customer's appraisal from the VA and the VA assigned the appraiser here.

In short, the appraiser who appraised the customer's home is a VA approved appraiser.

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