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Review: Placed order in December 2012. Have not received books of yet. Date now is 4-16-13. Books were paid for at time order was placed for one year. They will not answer the phone.

On 4/22/13, customer notified the that the complaint is resolved.

Review: D&D Innovations representative contacted us in person on 3/14/2013. They informed us they were working on a public speaking assignment and they were trying to collect points. After seeing the magazines available for subscription, we decided to order one. After ordering, we went online and checked the credibility of the company only to find many complaints. We immediately filled out the Notice Of Cancellation (NOC) form and sent it back to D&D Innovations within their three business day window. When sending back the NOC form, we paid the USPS to deliver the package certified with return receipt. D&D Innovations received the package on 3/18/2013, and we have the confirmation slip proving receipt. It is now 6/01/2013, we have not received any information from D&D Innovations, and they have not contacted us regarding our cancellation. This is unacceptable.

Review: I ordered and paid $40.00 for a magazine subscription from a sales agent "xxxx" on 3/21/13. No delivery of magazine and no way to contact business. No contact info that is correct

Review: Door to Door Sales in college apartment, lied about meeting new students, very pushy, use harassing talk. Called on the phone telling them I would file a complaint and the manager said I don't like being harassed by your friends..basically gave the seller money to get out of my apartment.

On 6/71/13, customer notified the that the complaint is not resolved.



Spoke with her yesterday when she called the company to complain that the salesman was harassing, flirtatious and made her feel uncomfortable. Informed her that all she had to do was send her notice of cancellations in, and we would refund her money. Was asking her about her conversation with the salesperson to find out the degree of harassment and if we needed to retrain salesperson or terminate him. Now waiting on cancellations to refund her money.

Review: I sent the cancellation form the same day and it has been 76 since that. I have yet to receive any form of acknowledgment from D&D Innovations, Inc. The company lacks in customer service.

Review: I have still not received my Hoops magazines!!!! It's been over 10 weeks and the phone no longer works at place of business. Sketchy sales people, my fault for feeling sorry and buying want money back or what I paid for!!

Review: On June 7, 2012, a girl approached me in the Wal-Mart parking lot. She said that she worked with a local company that helps people raise money to go to college. She asked me to buy a magazine subscription, so that she would be able to pay for school. I bought a subscription for $40. I immediately realized that this was a scam. I filled out the cancellation form on the back of my receipt and mailed it in. This was within the three day cancellation period. I also called the company. They promised that a check had just been mailed to me a day prior. A month later, I called back. Someone else gave me the same line; they had just mailed a check out. This went on for months, until I actually got a check in November. I deposited it and it bounced. I received a returned check fee and two overdraft fees, due to the check charging back after I had spent the money. I have called to complain and I get the same original line; "oh, we just mailed your check out yesterday". I have lost money due to giving my business to this company.

Review: A young man came to my home and said he was earning points to go to Australia by selling magazine subscriptions to be sent to 12 soldiers for a year. He was polite. I picked the magazine, and he told me it was $30 plus $10 service fee or $40 total. As soon as he left (on foot), I felt strange, and quickly looked up the company, D & D Innovations of 97 Old Bishop Farm Road, Arden, NC 28704. Then I realized my feelings were real, with all the claims that have been made to about them. I hope you can resolve one more if necessary. I have filled out the refund form on the back of the receipt he gave me. I am going to take it to the Post Office and get it stamped tomorrow with return receipt, as it says, "you may cancel this transaction without any penalty or obligation, within 3 business days from the date of order if over $25". From their history, I expect to go through the maze as everyone else has done and will keep you posted. I just wanted you to know they are still out there taking advantage of innocent, trusting people.



Invoice 22969

This cancellation was pulled to be paid and placed with several others that were actually misplaced. Refund is being issued 12/5/2012 with check 1121.



A check from D& D Innovations, Inc., for $40, check 1121 on "Woodforest", 60 Airport Rd., Arden, NC 28704, was mailed to me. I received on Saturday, Dec. 8th. I called their bank today to see if the account had funds available, but they DID NOT. Therefore, this issue is TOTALLY UNRESOLVED. We request a certified bank check this week. Thank you.

On 12-19-12, customer notified the that the complaint is resolved.



Funds are moved into the account as the checks come through via Overdraft Protection. The check will clear when it goes through the account.

Review: In October 2012, I purchased a magazine subscription thru D & D Innovations. By mid January 2013, I still had not received my subscription. Every time I called, I would get a answering machine. It did not even state the name of the business but instead said that they were unable to answer the phone and to leave a message. I left numerous messages and none were ever returned. One occasion, 6 weeks ago I did talk to a woman who told me I should have received my subscription by now and she would put in for a refund. She said it would take 2-4 weeks and would come in the form of a check. As of this date, I still have not received my refund or magazine subscription. I have called at least every other day and left a message for a return call. No calls have ever been returned!!

Review: I have called every week to make sure my order is cancel and to see when I was going to get my money back but no one has answered the phone. I have left voice messages but no one has called me back. All I want to do is cancel the account and never deal with this company again. If they do not call me back or answer the phone, I will file a claim with my bank to make sure I get my money back.

Review: I made a purchase on 6/20/12; and as soon as the girl left, I regretted that purchase. I was never told of any cancellation policy but took it upon myself to read the back of the receipt and found the cancellation terms. I did what I had to and placed the cancellation request in the mail that night so it was sent out the next day 6/21. I called in Monday the 2nd to find out if they had received my request. They were closed until after the fourth of July. At that time, I called in and left a message. When no one returned my call, I called back in and someone answered and let me know that my refund was received on time and would be promptly returned. One month after the purchase I still had no refund I have since called in and left messages and no replies. I have to continuously call until someone answers me. Both times I have gotten someone on the line they have promised me my check within 3-5 days. Last I spoke with someone in the end of July she claimed "accountant" was out of own but after searching for my refund for 5 minutes she let me know that she had moved it to the front of the line and I would receive it in 4 days. I have left at least 2 messages since and no reply. Its 8/22 today (2 months after my purchase) and I still have NO REFUND.

My calls were made approximately the 5th of July, 20th of July, 30th of July, 7th August -- I specifically asked for call back and NO ONE has called me back. Poor customer service



This was an oversight and her full refund will be issued today. We have issued the refund with check 1047 for the amount of $40.00 which will be mailed today 8/29/2012.



Check was received.



Glad you received it and again, we are sorry it took so long.

Review: xxx xxxx sold me 1 yr. subscription to Water Fowl & Retriever magazine for $40.00. I paid by check. Never received magazine. They have failed to honor the terms of the invoice. Delivery was promised within 120 days. I have never received a single issue of the magazine I paid for. Have tried calling the phone number for D&D Innovations, Inc., on the invoice, but no one answers.

Review: The agent xxxxxx xxx said he was selling magazines for a company that helped young men with public speaking and that he was rewarded with a trip to Hawaii if I would buy some magazine subscriptions from him. He was very flirty and pretty aggressive; and when he said his portable credit card reader "lost signal" I paid him $40 in cash for 12 issues of a magazine subscription that doesn't seem to exist. This was way too much for a magazine subscription but what makes it worse is it doesn't seem to exist and I know they most likely have no record of my purchase. I don't know how many people this sales agent or company has scammed, but I want my payment back. I tried calling D&D Innovations, there is no way to leave a message, and no indication that this is a real business.

Review: On October 29, 2012, a person from D&D Innovations knocked on my door with a story about how if I purchased a magazine subscription for myself or the troops, he would be able receive points to study abroad in Australia, as tall as a tale this seemed, he assured me that it was for a worthy cause. And also told me to post date the check, and if my account didn't have the funds that said company will void the check and that it would take all together two weeks. And that I also had 72 hours to mail in my termination of purchase order. A day goes by and I discover that my checking account was overdrawn $71.91 and I called D&D to report the problem, and I find out that the guy may not even work for the company. I am very, very upset and I personally think the company needs to be investigated further. My main concern is that my account is restored to a positive balance.



Customer did call and speak with me regarding his check was postdated, and we said we would hold to deposit. I explained to customer that if he would send us a copy of the check going into his bank prior to the postdate of the check showing a service charge we would gladly refund him the service charge for depositing the check too early. He has yet to do this and we have left two messages without response. If the customer will provide us with documentation showing the check pre-deposited and the service charge for the return, I will glad refund his charges to him. We will not refund $71.91 but will refund the charge we caused by depositing the check too early. IF the check is not postdated and was not deposited too early, I am not able to refund his bank charge for over-drafting his account.


Review: They are sending young people door to door in different states selling magazine subscriptions and never delivering the magazines or refunding money when requested in the allotted amount of time.

Review: The sales agents came to my apt. and they explained to me what they came for. They told me they were looking for contest points but they failed to tell me that I had to pay for the magazines they were asking me to pick. So when I was talking to them, they were taking down my details and later they asked me to sign for it that's when I realized I had to pay money for it. When I told them I was not going to pay for it, they started talking rudely and started accusing me of miscommunication, saying that it was my fault that I didn't ask them about the money first, it was my responsibility to pay the money because my signature was already on the receipt and they were not allowed to void it or cancel. They harassed me with all the rude words and because I was upset and I wanted them to leave my house, I paid $40 and later when I tried to call the company to tell them what their agents had done to me I found the number was not going through. Every time I try calling them its says "call failed" so I send out the form to cancel my transaction, and I would like to get my money refunded but I can't get ahold of the company.

Review: On 1-11-13, I bought 2 magazines for myself and 1 magazine to be sent to Mission Children's Hospital at a cost of $70.00. Receipt said delivery within 120 days so when the magazines had not been received by 5/10/13, I called the number on the receipt. A man answered the phone, took my info & said someone would call me back first thing Monday morning. When I had not received a call back on Monday, I called back. I called 2 or 3 times a day for the next week and each time the phone would ring 10 times and a recording would say "memory is full."

Review: After waiting the required 120 days to receive my magazine, I have not received it as of yet. When I tried calling the number on the receipt (828-684-9827) the recording said the number had been disconnected. I wrote them a letter 7-31-2013 and as of today 8/11/2013 have heard nothing from them. After reading some of the other complaints against this so called company, I seriously doubt I hear anything from them.

Any help, I can get would be most appreciated....I will accept the magazine should they decide to fulfill the subscription or I will take my money back. The sales guys were two young men and very persuasive in their sales promo.Desired Settlement: Either fulfill magazine subscription or refund my $43.00.

Review: I mailed my refund request in within the three day period. This was nearly three weeks ago. I have not received a refund of any form.



Invoice 23110

This cancellation was pulled to be paid and placed with several others that were actually misplaced. Refund is being issued 12/5/2012 with check 1120.



I just received notification that the refund check they sent me bounced. So, I am not satisfied, and I would like them to refund me correctly.

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Address: 97 Old Bishop Farm Rd, Arden, North Carolina, United States, 28704-7405


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