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Review: My husband and I hired this company Feb. 11, 2014 for a simple repair to siding over our garage. Our home has been exposed to snow, wind and rain. Dream House has made three (3) trips with the wrong material to do the job!!

They have made two additional "attempted" trips in which the serviceman's car broke down.

Dream House has showed up 1.5 he's late for the appointment scheduled today, ... With the wrong material yet again!

And to top it all off, Dream House has my deposit of $375.00. No work done to this day!Desired Settlement: Full refund.

Review: Our windows were installed by Dream House Windows 12-2-11. There is a lifetime warranty on the insulated glass. These windows came with Dream House Window manufacturer and Energy-Star stickers. This past winter there was frost between the panes of glass in 4 of the 13 windows installed.The air tight seals have failed. I tried to call Dream House Windows to get an email address to send pictures to, only to find out the number was disconnected. After a search on the web, I found out they are no longer in business.Desired Settlement: I want the 4 defective windows replaced/installed with windows of equal features.

Review: Job finishing touches incomplete. Product questionability - no info. given for siding placed on home. Drainage issue. No permit secured.Desired Settlement: I want to know the manufacturer information for the siding placed on my house. I do not believe it is the higher priced one that I contracted for. I would like the contractor to return to complete the caulking and answer questions regarding drainage. Clarification needed on Lifetime Warranty. Town permit not secured.

Review: April 4/15/14 I signed a contract and gave a deposit check in the amountof 7500 DOLLARS- which was cashed- to remove existing asbestos shingles fix rotten wood, install under sheeting. put on new siding. remove old shingles.reinstall gutters. with a guarantee

The work was never started. When I called a 2 nd time to schedule the phone was no longer working. I stopped at the office and was told out of business. I would like to get back my 7500 dollar deposit.Desired Settlement: Refund of the 7500 dollar good faith deposit

Review: Dream house Windows has fails twice to arrive on time to install purchased product within the designated time frame which they set and now refuse to refund product cost. Fail to install guaranteed replacement window which was dammagedDesired Settlement: refund



Appointment was set for 2:00 on 11/19. DHW arrived earlyl. Customer would not allow DHW to work.

Appointment was set on 11/22 between 9:00a and 11:00p. DHW arrived at 11:10 and customer would not allow DHW to workl.

The next day on 11/23 - DHW sent a manager to customer's home to discuss the matter in person - was home but would not answer the door.

The following phone calls and visits have been made with no answer and/or response :

11/25 3:09p; 11/26 12:53p; 11/26 2:39p; 11/27 10:59a; 11/29 10:10a; 11/29 3:13p; 11/30 12:30p; 12/2 2:11; 12/3 9:55am, 1:52pm; 12/4 10:06am, 12:28pm, 1:52pm, 2:19pm, 4:32pm; 12/5 1:39pm, 3:45pm, 12/9 1:21pm, 3:49pm; 12/11 1:09pm.

DHW continues to attempt to contact customer to complete both a service and install as per Contracts.

Review: I purchased 17 windows from them that came with a life time warranty I am having problems with several windows.Desired Settlement: I would like someone to arrange to come and inspect the windows that I am having problems with.

Review: On Dec. 2, 2013, I signed a contract with Dream House Windows, West Berlin, N.J., to have my roof replaced at the price of $15,762, with a deposit of $5,200. My wife and I live in [redacted], Westchester County in New York. By pure accident on Dec. 4, I was told that Dream House does not have the license for roof work in Westchester. I called Mr. [redacted], President of Dream House Windows, for my deposit back. He said that Dream House does have the license and he will call me that afternoon. He did not call. On 4:46 pm that same day, I faxed him a letter, followed by the same letter to him via certified mail return receipt. I also filed a complaint that same day with the Westchester Department of Consumer Protection (File No.[redacted]).I called Mr. [redacted] many times the following days but could not get hold of him. On Dec. 12, I was able to reach his secretary [redacted]. She said that I would get my deposit back in 15 days. On Dec. 23, I called and got Mr. [redacted]. I asked if Dream House Windows intended to return my deposit money. Mr. [redacted] told me that I will get my deposit back on Jan 3, 2014. To date I have not received my deposit.Last week, Mr. [redacted], Inspector of Westchester Department of Consumer Protection, which issues home improvement licenses in Westchester, called me and confirmed that Dream House does not have the license to do roof work in Westchester. The fact that Dream House Windows entered into contract with me knowing they do not have the license and then refusing to return the deposit constitute a fraud and grand larceny. Mr. [redacted] and Mr. [redacted] can be reached at [redacted], ext. [redacted] and ext. [redacted] respectively.Desired Settlement: Return my deposit of $5,200. Send check to [redacted]



The customer originally advised that if we produce evidence of a license (see attached letter dated 12.04.13 from the customer), he’d reconsider proceeding with our company.

We researched if our license was in fact valid and found there were issues with our license being current. We began to obtain a new license.

The customer has since decided not to go with our company. The refund has been put through our system and is expected to go out to the customer within the next seven business days.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:


The contract I signed with Dream House shows only New Jersey and Pennsylvania license numbers. l was not aware when I signed the contract that the New York license number is missing on the form.

On Dec. 12, I called the president of Dream House for the return of my deposit. He told me not to threaten him. He said that he is a lawyer and he can make life miserable for me. Somehow he later turned and asked me if I want a free roof. I said no. I wondered how could he deliver a free roof, if he could not even deliver a paid roof legally.

Mr. [redacted], ([redacted], Westchester Department of Consumer Protection, File No. [redacted], told me that as long as the deposit was not returned to me, Dream House will not be able to obtain the New York license. This department issues home improvement license, without which, Dream House could not obtain the construction permit and the workmen compensation and liability insurances. On Dec. 23, 2013, I called the president of Dream House and asked him if he intended to return my deposit. He told me that I should get my deposit back on Jan. 3, 2014. To date I have not yet received my deposit of $5,200 back. '

/ .



Attached is a copy of the refund.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

Your last E-mail to me, dated Feb. 28, included an image of a check, Check No. [redacted], of $5720 from [redacted], DBA Dream House Windows, dated 2/25/14, pay to the order of [redacted] & [redacted]. This check is supposed to be the refund of my deposit paid to Dream House Windows for replacement of the roof of my house. I received this check on March 4 and deposited it on the same day at [redacted]. On March 7, I called [redacted] and was told that on March 6, this check bounced, and was not cashed.

Article XVI, Section 863.320, of the Westchester County Consumer Protection Code states that a person who operates or engages in a home improvement business within the County without a license as required under this article shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor, a criminal offence. Mr. [redacted] of Dream House Windows has operated the business of roof replacement in Westchester County without a license. According to the [redacted], ([redacted]), the criminal offence is punishable by jail time up to one year.

Review: I signed up a contract with Dream House windows

On April 1st, 2014 for installing 7 windows of

my house for $3900.00. I was asked to make down payment

of $1900.00 the time I signed the contract. According

To the contract, the company 'Dream House Windows'

Was supposed to installed the windows by 4-6

Weeks. It's been 9 weeks and the windows hasn't

Been installed yet. I called the company, they are not

promising to install windows in near future. On top of

That, the company did not show up for promised

Installation date and time. I want to cancel the contract

And get my money back.Desired Settlement: I need a refund of my money.

Review: Signed contract with them on 4/5/2014, to install 18 windows. I made a downpayment of $3500, and the contract states they will have things installed within 4-5 weeks. It is now 6/13/2014. Been trying to contact them for weeks. The original people who I talked with Manager, sales, secretary somehow don't work there anymore. for weeks after the contract promise date, 5/11/2014, I called 9 times, each time was a different person picking up the phone promising that a manager would call back and let me know what was going on. Then 2 weeks ago when I called, the phone goes to a 3rd party line, that has nothing to do with the company and just picks up phone calls for them.

The company said they were accredited with an "A+" certification, then starting in may the company stopped being listed on All the reviews from their website disappeared.

Then I get a call from them on 6/12/2014 saying they can to come do the work, but I don't feel I can trust them anymore. I'm paying for a service, for windows, and for their lifetime warrenty. I just don't trust them to do a good job on the windows, and don't know what will happened if I need to ever use the warrenty, will I even be able to contact this company. All my windows have sensors on them for the home alarm system, they promised to reinstall in working order when they installed the windows, but seeing how they treat their customers I don't trust them to do the work what if they don't fix the sensors properly, then I would need to pay out of my own pocket another $5000 to have new sensors replaced and installed.

The owner [redacted] promised that on 6/13/2014 before 12:00pm noon est time he would call and straighten things out, and find a way to compensate and make things work. It is now 12:47pm, and still nothing, another promise they broke.

I hope something can be done about this company. And hope no one else has to deal with this agony.Desired Settlement: Refund the downpayment deposit of $3500, and a sincere apology would be nice.

Review: When purchasing my windows, instead of paying the full price before the windows were in I paid 33% taking "financing" out for the rest through [redacted]. My Dream House salesman advised that I could do this but may the entire amount upon installation; therefore, never opening the financing. I did just that. A couple days later, I received a bill from [redacted] for the same amount which I already paid to Dream House (they had already cashed my check). I called Dream House multiple times to explain my problem and was put in touch with multiple people who promised to look into the issue and call me back. No one EVER called me back, less an EA one time to tell me she was still looking into it. I had more than half a dozen people promise to call me back and I heard nothing until I would call them back. Left my name and number with multiple people who promised to call me back, nothing. Had a woman last week literally tell me "I promise to get this resolved today and call you back". That was a week ago. Nothing. I now have a call in to the owner who wouldn't take my call until he had answers, even though I asked to speak with him. I have been waiting 24 hours now for a call back and am not holding my breath. My windows were installed in early January and it is now the end of March. I get 3+ calls from [redacted] daily because I have outstanding payments. I am in sales. My phone is CONSTANTLY ringing. I have late fees on my account and [redacted] has said my credit is going to be dinged.

Treat me like a valued customer. Return my calls. I would never do business with Dream House again. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. This has been a nightmare.Desired Settlement: I just want them to handle the situation with [redacted] so I can stop getting phone calls from creditors. You lost a customer that you could have referenced to the rest of the 100+ year old houses on the block. Again, treat me like someone you value and return my calls when you say you are going to.



Mr. [redacted] paid via [redacted] prior to giving a check and requesting not to go through **. The process had already started.

Review: Signed a contract with them back in Nov 2013. Due to winter storms, the installation was postponed till Feb 2014. At which time, I've been getting the run around as to whom to speak to or having anyone calling me back regarding a refund. Supposedly spoke to the owner 2 days ago and he mentioned he would overnight me a release form to get a refund. Have still not received said form. Its impossible to get in touch with anyone. Customer service and accounting department are never in and when there is someone in. It is always someone in a different department taking down my phone number and promising to have someone call me back to no avail.Desired Settlement: I would very much like my check that I had written to them refunded back to me in its entirety. I know that the money was taken out as verfied by my banking institution. I would like to speak to someone who has a clue and I am sick and tired of the run around. I would very much like the attorney general to investigate this company and then close it down because of its fraudulent activities.

Review: Dream House has my $250.00 for downpayment for a window PLUS replacement window under warranty. Phone number is discontinued- and NO SERVICE.Desired Settlement: Finish the contract- warranty replacement AND my $250.00 down payment on a new window.

Review: I ordered 8 customized windows. they arrived 6 hours late for installation and did not finish until midnight. we were all tired.

The next day I noticed one screen was broken and needed repair. I notified them immediately. I also noticed that one of the 2 side by side windows in the dining room was made improperly with a smaller frame so that the lock sits higher. I did not at first notice that this prevents the window from locking. later, I noticed the same thing in another bedroom window.

I have called them 3 times and emailed them 3 times and I have not gotten a repsonse.Desired Settlement: I want the windows replaced with correctly operating window locks or a refund.

I want the screening fixed on the broken screen.

Review: Hi, I call this company and make an appt to replace broken screen under the warranty they never show up and now all they numbers are desconet at this point I feel hopeless to get this problem solve plus some window the need to fix too....Desired Settlement: for them to come and fix the problems

Review: I contracted with Dream House Windows on October 25, 2013 to have them install siding, shutters, gutters, and soffits in the May-June 2014 time frame. I first signed a contract with them on Friday October 18, 2013 and canceled it on Sunday October 20, 2013 (because I did not want the work done until May or therabouts of 2014), and after they dramatically lowered their price from $26,810 to $19,871 (using high pressure sales tactics on me the whole time), I agreed to give them a deposit of $6,323 to lock in the price. When I had not heard from them by May 31, 2014, I contacted them on June 2, 2014 to try to get my installation scheduled, and they had an answering service screening calls, telling me that Dream House had experienced a fire and someone would call me back right away, by the end of that same day, but they were not re-opening until June 18th. Nobody ever called me back, even though I repeatedly called over the next two weeks. I drove out there to their business address on June 19th, the day after they were supposedly re-opening, and the business was deserted and all the office equipment and furniture had been moved out (I pressed my face against the windows to see what things looked like inside). I took many photos of the premises as I walked around the building. There had certainly not been any fire either. There are a huge number of very negative search results online for this company. I mailed a formal complaint to the [redacted], Division of Consumer Affairs, on Friday, June 20th. In my sales packet on October 18, 2013 they had a promotional piece bragging about their "A+" rating with the They have an "F" rating today, and it was a "D" rating on Friday, June 20th, (three days ago). With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, I now highly doubt they had an A+ rating when I contracted with them. This was probably a completely fradulent claim to help ensure people would enter into contracts and do business with them.Desired Settlement: My desired outcome is a full refund of the $6,323 of deposit money I gave them. They have had the use of my money, interest-free, for 8 months. They are a despicable company run by dishonest people who are totally lacking in integrity and eithics. I have no confidence in them to do any work on my property, and the horror stories that I have read online about this company in the past two weeks truly boggle the mind. I would also like to see the key people in this company prosecuted for FRAUD. The owner is [redacted] and his [redacted] profile says he is fluent in 4 languages--Arabic, Italian, Spanish and English. I wonder if he is going to skip out of the country to avoid prosecution? Maybe Immigration should be contacted and a hold should be put on his passport because he may be a flight risk if he feels he can flee to one of the many countries he has lived in previously.

Review: I order 1 bath room window and 2 doors (Front and Back Door). I put a deposit of around $3000.00 (At work now but I can get the cash check). This was around 1 month ago. I call and leave a message but never get a call back. Now I can not even call because the line is not in service.Desired Settlement: I need to have a contractor start my bathroom but am waiting until Dream House Windows replaces the window first. No call back and cannot call them. I just want my money back so I can look some place else to get the job done.

Review: I contracted with Dreamhouse windows to put a new roof on my house. A sales representative visited my home and I paid a downpayment of $3950. Shortly there after I had a change in circumstance and canceled my contract. I did so in the manner indicated on the contract and sent an e-mail with that and the signed canceled contract back to Dream House Windows. I have not yet recieved my money and I have contacted them many times and in some cases they have stopped accepting my calls or have hung up on me. I wish nothing more then to be refunded the my money. I have not recived any services as a result of that downpayment.Desired Settlement: Refund of downpayment of $3950.



The [redacted]

are respected previous customers of Dream House Windows (DHW) since 2010;

therefore when Mrs. [redacted] cancelled via telephone call on or about 10/15/13, DHW began the cancellation process without

anything in writing, despite the Contract requirement of written cancellation

within three (3) days. The [redacted]

reinstated the Contract on or about 10/24/13.

Once again they cancelled, this time out of rescission, on or about

12/18/13. Again, DHW began the

cancellation process as a courtesy to the [redacted] because of their status with

DHW. However, once again the [redacted]

reinstated their Contract on or about 12/27/13.

The weather however held up the start of the job. On 2/28/14 Mrs. [redacted] called questioning her

deposit refund, however DHW did not have any notification that they had once

again cancelled. DHW began the

cancellation process.

Mr. [redacted]

spoke to Mrs. [redacted] 04.16.14 and informed her that a refund in the amount of

$3,950 has been processed and will be sent overnight 04.17.14.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: The contract cancellation was e-mailed to the Dream House Windows on 10/15/2013 ( refer to attached pdf). In addition, the following day 10/16/2013, the cancellation was faxed ( please refer to attached pdf showing fax confirmation at 8:40a.m.). Both the e-mail and fax with cancellation were sent within 3 business days.

Dream House Windows did send a check for $3950 but it was returned unpaid because there were not sufficient funds in Dream House Windows account (please refer to the attached pdf from bank). As a result none of the down payment was refunded even though a check was sent.




I apologize for the delay. Our bank ([redacted]) froze all of our accounts therefore forcing us to have to open new accounts with a new bank. I will reissue a new check to the [redacted].



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:


Thank you. Please advise on the date when the check will be sent out. Please send only bank certified check.

Thank you,

Review: We paid Dream House Windows to replace all of our windows and sliding doors in our home, specifically because they offered a lifetime warranty. I have tried contacting the company through every phone number I can find and it seems the company has gone out of business. I have an issue with one of the doors they replaced, and need to contact them in order to take advantage of the warranty I have on the product, but have been unsuccessful.Desired Settlement: I would like to have my product repaired/replaced as per the terms of our warranty agreement.

Review: The windows I bought from Dream House Windows and installed by Dream House Windows are defective.

1. There are a gap/opening at each corner where the 3 window parts (upper sach, lower sach, and the vertical frame) meet. This is a problem for all corners of all windows. By putting hands or faces by these gaps/openings, we could feel the hot air coming in when it was hot outside and cold air coming in when it was cold outside. The bigger gaps even allow little bugs to pass through.

2. Some windows could not be open properly. For some windows, right after the lower sash was lifted to open the windows, the lower sash slowly slided down to the bottom. So that, we had to use something to hold the lower sach from sliding down.

3. When installing new windows, workers of Dream House Windows damaged some window frames and windowsills. The damaged window frames and window sills have not been repaired as of today.

4. I have been trying to reach Dream House Windows for window issues and for repairing the damaged window frames/sills. In earlier times, I was always to leave my phone number to be contacted later. Currenlty, I could not reach anyone either by email or by phone.Desired Settlement: Refund cash in total of $9300 (including $8100 I already paid to Dream House Windows and an estimate cost of $1100 to repaire the demaged window frames/sills caused by their workers during window replacement). I prefer cash refund so that I can have their inferior windows replaced by some windows with good quality.

Alternatively, I want the defective windows to be replaced and the damaged window frames/sills to be repaired with quality of work.

Review: I have a life-time guarantee for all my windows in my house (23). The company installed those in 2011. I was trying to reach them because of a defect window - their telephone numbers have been disconnected. How can I get service with a "life-time guarantee"?Desired Settlement: I want to know who would cover this "life-time guarantee" and service the windows.

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