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Dream House Windows

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Review: I purchased windows and sideing from dream house windows. For the past year and a half I have been trying to get them to fix my broken sideing. It's. support to be guaranteed for life. What do I do now. I was totally ripped off. Can I get some money back for repairs.Desired Settlement: I want my siding fixed or they can refund me my money

Review: I signed a contract for roofing, siding and gutters on 3/30/2014. I cancelled the contract on 4/2/2014 the 3rd business day from the contract date. I fax my cancellation as instructed on the contract. I followed up with a phone to verify they received the fax. [redacted] and [redacted] both confirmed receiving the fax. I also have a VM referring that from [redacted]. After an 18 minute phone call - [redacted] confirmed my cancellation and told me not to worry that he will cancel the contract. A few days of emails and phone calls - [redacted] is saying it is out of the cancellation period and it is also against New Jersey law to accept a fax for cancellation. I have not been able to find that law and I followed what is on the bottom of the contract. I have called and email and now no one is responding to me. It is now the 10th business day from my cancellation and I have not been notified or have received my deposit back or any docs with my security information as outline in "The Rule" from the FTC Title 16, Chapter 1, Subchapter D, Part 429.1, section GDesired Settlement: I would like my deposit back as well as all documents I signed.

Review: Been dealing with Dream House for a year now. My wife and I, chose this company because one of the owners came to our house and sat with us for almost 7 hours telling us what a great job they would do on making over the house we just purchase last year. We decided on letting them do the following work: Roof, Siding, Doors, Railings, some Windows, and replacing all of the concrete in the front and leading around the to the back of the house, which is the side walk way. All this work started last year 2013 sometime in April. The house came out GREAT with the new doors, window and new Roof. BUT!! when it came down to the concrete and the damage that was done to our property, that is a whole other story. When the mason guys came and started working on laying the the new concrete, not only did the break the new sidewalk that the city just put down, but also flatten out a large amount of my front lawn, which had a nice slop and left to big holes in the property from letting the cement truck drive up onto the sidewalk and my lawn. Also the concrete that they laid down already crack in half in one spot and also looks like crap, that you can see the rocks coming though all over the place. They came back and used a totally different color cement to patch up some areas that needed to me fixed, so now we have two different colors of concrete on the front walk way and all around the house. Also are driveway was damage in the process when they parked a Dumpster there. They came out to fix this also and did a crappy job. Now the whole driveway has to be fixed all over again. We have been very patient with this company and have not gotten anywhere. No one returns are calls, and when they do, they set-up appointments and no one ever shows up to fix any of these problems. The front of my house looks like crap and I can't even work on it because, I have to wait until they decide to come out and fix my front steps and walk way, along with the rest of the damage that they caused. HELP!!Desired Settlement: All my wife and I want is the job down right and the way they said it would be done in our contract. Nothing more, Nothing Less.

Review: We obtained the services of Dream House Windows to install new windos, siding,. door and gutters back in Sept. of 2013. In October they came and did the work. We have a lifetime guarantee on the products. When we inspected the work we found that the one of the windows had a deep scratch and my husband requested to have a lock put on the screen door. We had one of their people come to the house to see what inspect the work. They tried to put the lock on the door but couldn't and were going to repalce the window. I had also inquired about the permit and the response was we'll look into it and call you back. This went on through February. I actually received a call that on February 19th someone was supposed to deliver the replacement window and they didn't. In March as one of our guests was opening the screen door in fell into his hands. We were very lucky that he was a big guy and didn't get hurt. I called Dream House at least 3 times a week to discuss this. Finally on April 8th a [redacted] from Dream House came today to our home. No one told us he was coming and luckily we were home that day. He checked all of the doors and actually fixed a couple that were not put on correctly and advised us that the front and back doors should have been capped and the the screen door fell because it was held up with staples and small nails. The doos and the nails ect are in my garage. Since I didn't receive any phone calls from Dream House I called them to find out the status about the doors, and permit. I was told that there were 2 employees who were just let go for not doing their jobs and that they were working on filing a slew of back permits. I asked why would that hold up getting the doors and cappings done and was told the manager would get back to me. This was followed up with numerous phone calls. I called again about the permit today and it was not filed. I tried calling the copy and their phone is on fast busy.Desired Settlement: We would like the job finished. If the job cannot be finished We would like financial restituion for the cost of the permit as well as a new screen door and capping the doors. ,

Review: I had siding installed 2010 by Dream House Windows. I recently (April 16, 2014) had someone come out to check a warranty issue. They ordered the material to do the repairs and since the material was supposed to come in 2 weeks later, I have called once a week with the response always being so and so will call you back today. I have yet to get a return phone call. Then a call service was taking the calls, same response, I will get a call back. Then two weeks later now the answering service is telling me there was a fire in the building and there is no phone service and I was to get a call back. To my surprise I call today June 23rd and all of the phone numbers are no longer in service. It has been 10 weeks since the man came out to check our issues. I have siding missing my from house with insulation exposed and there is supposed to have a lifetime warranty and is barely 3.5 years old.

I read reviews on website they went from a 'A' rating to an 'F' and the took away there accreditation on June 11.Desired Settlement: Have someone call so I know the bussinesss did not go out of bussiness with no info. Make repairs or refund the remaining balance on the siding.

Review: We signed a contract with Dream house windows on 1/14/14. They call us in April 2014. For the installation of 2 windows and 1 garage door. the 1st installation was schedules for the 18th of April. We were called on the 17th and was told that it had rained that week and they were behind schedule. So we were rescheduled for the 25th of April. The 25th came and I call them at 11:30 AM and was told after several minutes of being on hold that the truck broke down and could I reschedule yet again on the 5th of May. I agrees. Then I realized that I couldn't. So I called back and spoke to a gentleman called [redacted] and he said he understood the situation and told me I would be on the schedule for Monday April 28th. Well yet again I call them and now [redacted] says he doesn't remember having a conversation with me. And I am scheduled for the 5th of MayDesired Settlement: I want my windows installed

Review: I contracted with Dream House Windows to replace 14 (fourteen) windows in my home with new windows. The installation crew was supposed to arrive between 9 and 10am on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 and did not arrive until 1:30pm. I was told that at least 4 installers would be present to complete the installation. Only two men arrived. One of the men had only been doing window installation for about 4 weeks and was unable to complete installation himself without supervision. So it was only one installer who was able to actually complete the installation. I was told that one window at a time is removed and replaced. The installer removed all fourteen windows in my home at the same time. This is an issue because it precluded me from asking him to stop work since I did not have windows in my home. He worked installing the new windows until 11:30pm. He did the installation, in the dark, with a headlamp on. As a result, the caulking around every window is either missing or globbed on and is peeling. I withheld $2800 of the final amount due until someone returned to fix the missing/damaged caulking. In addition, one of the 14 windows does not open properly. The next day, the owner/manager named [redacted], called and told me that he was very sorry and would come out personally Saturday, July 13, 2013 to inspect the work and fix it. He said he would come between 9-10am and did not show up. I called the service to ask where he was and were told we'd get a call back. In the meantime, the original installer who did not properly caulk in the first place, returned to fix it. I asked the installer to call his boss so that I could speak with him. When I spoke to him, I told him that I did not want the original installer to do any more work on my home because I didn't trust his abilities. I asked that anyone else in his company come to fix it and was told by [redacted] that it was the original installer and that was my only option. I am willing for anyone else to fix it in the company.Desired Settlement: As I made clear to [redacted], the owner (phone number: [redacted], when I spoke to him on the phone, I have no confidence in the original installer's (his name was [redacted] ability to fix/complete the caulking in a proper way. I told him I was willing to have anyone else in his company, including himself, to come and fix/repair the caulking. I am still willing to have anyone else in his company to come and finish the caulking. I am more than willing to pay him the balance when someone else from his company comes to finish the job properly. That was made clear to him and I cannot understand why it is such an issue that when a customer is unhappy with the workmanship of one of his employees, that he is unwilling to send out someone else to fix what was incorrectly done and to complete the repair work.



To Whom It May Concern,

Review: I signed a contract to get new siding with this company! I gave a $500 deposit for the job and was advised that it would not be cashed until the financing was approved. The check was then cashed the very next day and two days later we were told that the financing wouldn't go through! I spoke to [redacted] on Feb.13th and was advised that my check would be refunded in 30 days, as per their contract. It is now going on almost 60 days and I have yet to receive my refund! I have called the company numerous times and have asked to speak to managers, the owner, and [redacted] no of which will either get on the phone or will call me back! No one can even tell me if the check was even processed or what is going on. I just don't know what else to do, so I'm contacting you!Desired Settlement: I would like someone to send me a refund check ASAP and if it's

Going to take time a phone call would be nice!



A $500 check has been FedExed to the customer:

Check Number: [redacted]

Fed Ex Tracking Number: Tracking number [redacted]



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: I entered into a contract on 4/19/2014 with dream house exteriors(windows). I was to get a new garage roof. to reduce the price they put me on a list to be done on first available opening. I paid half upfront $2810.00. A contractor came and made estimates and measurements. They felt wait would not be long. I have tried several times in last few weeks to contact them at the ###-###-#### number to be told Your call cannot be completed as dialed. I went online to check for another number or email address and found I was probably duped and taken for my money which I really cant afford to loose. I hate having been stupid enough to fall for this scam.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund of the money in a cashier check or wire/ach of cash. I have since changed my debit card used to pay initially

Review: We had all the windows in our home, the front and back steel doors, and the screen doors replaced in Sept. of 2013. We were told it would take 2 days at most to complete. It is now Aug. of 2014 and repairs are still not completed. The day of installation the crew never showed up till mid day and were at our home till 11PM. The next day a crew came back and only stayed a short time just fixing the windows which after they left we discovered several of the windows were never mounted and were just sitting in the sills without being properly secured. Another crew came back to install the front door and screen door a few days later. This was dot done properly and several more crews had to come out. Also there was damage to the cement board siding that we were told would be replaced and it was being ordered-to this day it is not replaced. The front door and screen door do not shut properly. A few months ago due to the doors not shutting properly during a rather windy day the screen door blew open and the piston was torn off and we had damage to the wood of the door. They sent out another crew who fixed it but like were told many times before they did not know the extent of the damage and did not have the proper equipment to fix it and they would have to sent out another crew to fix it. I have been on and off the phone with customer service. Each time a repair crew is sent out we have been told the following-they did not know the extent of the repair and did not have the right supplies, they were not skilled to do the repair and would have to send someone else, and on each visit we were told customer service would follow up to make an appointment in which we ended up call and asking when someone would come out. And just last week-which we have not reported yet the window in the kitchen is now leaking. I will confirm that the company did give us shutters as a compensation at one point but the repairs were never fixed properly.Desired Settlement: We would like the following fixed-

-Repair the front screen door so it shuts properly and fix the wood where it was torn out of-which means matching up the Green paint which every time someone comes they never have ANY of the green trim, paint or supplies

-Repair the steel front door so it shuts properly

-Replace the cement board siding that was damaged during installation of the windows

-Repair the kitchen window that is now leaking

-we would like compensation for the numerous days in which we had to take off in order for repairs to take place-a few of those days repair crew never showed up

-we would like compensation for the bathroom door-on several occasions we had to lock our animals up on one occasion they were locked up all day and a repair crew never showed and from them being in the bathroom there was damage to the door

Review: I signed a contract with Dream House Windows on 12/04/2013 for 4 windows (3 windows, 1 patio door) and made a check payment of $1287.00. Per NJ law and Dream house windows company policy, I have 3 days to cancel the agreement and company will return my money within 30 days of cancellation.

I sent the cancellation via fax on 12/06/2013 per company policy, to which I got confirmation from them (person named [redacted]) for the receipt of the cancellation document. But I did not receive any check/payment till the end of Jan 2014 per contract terms. I waited for another few more weeks and then called around Feb 2014. I called at the pm time in NJ, to which they said they will have someone call me. Nobody called for few weeks, so I called again around Mar 2014. I was told that the person taking care of this matters has left for the day, they will leave a note for her and have her call me back. Again no call for 2-3 weeks, so I called again in Apr 2014. After 30 mins wait I got connected to a person in accounts department (not sure the name, [redacted]. She confirmed that the payment was approved earlier and they already sent/mailed me the check, but I told her that I never received any check as yet, so she assured me that she will issue the again and I will have that by the end of that week. But no check yet. So I called again in my May 2014, after 30 mins long wait and talking to few people, they directed the called to the Owner (named [redacted] not sure if he was the owner), he said that he will look into the matter and he will call me back the next day. But he did not call. So I called back after few days, the person on the line said [redacted]s not in office, they will have him call me and hanged up on me. Again its Jun 2014 and no call/check yet.

Everytime I call them, they say, check is coming/we will call back, but to me it looks like they are just lieing. Its been 6 months now with this back and forth and I request to please have this issue settle.Desired Settlement: I wish to get my money back ASAP in the amount of $1287.00 as a check/money order/direct deposit to my account,whatever form it maybe. But I need this money soon. In addition to this payment, if there is any fees involved in filling/resolution of this complain via, I would like the Dream House Windows to pay for that as well.

Review: After complaining about the last problem how these people show up with out any tools to do the job of not shaving the window and not fixing anything after keeping me home all day and waiting. They did fix a screen that had a hole in it. WELL IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE JOB THAT THEY DID I WILL BE MORE THEN HAPPY TO SHOW PROOF AND PICTURES OF THE WORK. THEY OVER CUT ON THE SCREEN SO I HAVE THE SCREEN NETTING PART HANGS OUT OF WHERE IT SHOULD BE TUCKED IN. AND ITS CUT ON THE BOTTOM LIKE THEY CUT IT WHEN IT WAS ON THE ROLL AND CUT A GASH FROM MAYBE A PREVIOUS JOB.....I HAVE VIDEO, PICTURES AND IN WRITING ALL THE ISSUES THEY SAID ThEY WOULD FIX AND YET THEY STILL HAVENT. I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED A CALL FROM THEM FROM MY LAST COMPLAINT. THERE ARE ALOT OF NEWS STATIONS THAT PROTECT CONSUMERS AND LOVE TO SHOW BUSINESSES THERE TRUE COLORS. AND THERE ARE ALOT OF NEWSPAPERS THAT LOVE TO INFORM THE PUBLIC WHEN THEY GET BAMBOOZLED.Desired Settlement: I want my windows fixed....I want my windows done right.....I want my screen fixed right.....I want my windows reinstalled by a good crew.....BEFORE THE WINTER TIME....I want the warranty to stick and for you to follow through. You sent guys here to fix the problem, with no tools, at 3pm. When on the phone I was told fixing problem like this are scheduled in the mornings. Well, that doesn't add up for me. My availability to fix these problems are Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday after three o'clock and Saturday after 2pm....just schedule where that fits...

Review: purchased 5 window"s about 1year ago, having a problem with them, air coming in , tried to call them, getting busy sound all the time, please let me know if they are still in buissness, or if they are operating under another name, they sound verry sketchy to me, read some verry bad things about themDesired Settlement: would like them to come out and repair the problem, thanks

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