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Review: We signed a contract with Dream House Windows to install new construction windows with nailing flanges: 11-double hung windows and 2-picture windows. On November 8, 2013, Dream House Windows installed 11-double hung windows at my property. The 2-picture windows were not installed due to the size of the window not fitting the window frames. On November 11, 2013, [redacted] construction manager inspected the 11-double hung windows and disapproved the work based on the following issues:

1. The windows were not installed correctly according to the guidelines that are specified in the attached Window Application (dated October 02, 2013), as well as the "Request for Window Replacement" letter from Dream House Windows (dated October 3, 2013). Some Windows are not new construction windows with nailing flanges.

2. Some windows are not new construction windows with nailing flanges. Also, there are 1/4 inch gaps between the windows and the wood frames. Rain would seep through and damage the building wall structure.

3. All installed windows were not completely nailed into the wood frame.

4. The aluminum siding incorrectly covers the windows which will allow water seep through and damage the building wall structure.

5. The aluminum siding were not correctly nailed in, causing them loosely flapped on the wall.

6. Some aluminum sidings around the installed windows were damaged by the Dream House Windows Installers during the installation.

As of today (Nov 28, 2013), Dream House Windows has not installed the 2-picture windows. Currently the aluminum siding around the original picture windows were removed.

Dream House Windows has not committed on how and when to fix the above issues and complete the job.Desired Settlement: Dream House Windows should fix all issues and complete the job with approval from [redacted].



We have reinstalled all windows to meet the customer's association standards and the customer advised that the association has approved same.

Review: Dream House Windows presented to me as a total contracting company. I contracted them to provide a New roof at [redacted], NJ,[redacted]. After allegedly completing the job , after the rain, the building and apartments experienced water damage due to the roof leaking, They sent a manager to take pictures of the damage. After several attempts to contact them, they refuse to answer my calls or repair the roof. The company did receive 14,869.00 to install a NEW roof but now they refuse to honor this agreement.Desired Settlement: Do complete the job without leaks, compensation for the water damage to the building and apartments or repair them as well

Review: The job was to take out a half round window and replace it with a new one that matched the two double hung windows just below it. They missed the first scheduled day for installation. The day they did show they did not have the proper "J" channel that goes above/around the window. They found something that would work, removed the half round and installed the new window. The window was significantly smaller than the opening & the decorative grid pattern inside the window did not match the double hung windows just beneath it. The "fix" for this was to replace the perfectly good double hung windows below, at 50% of the cost (an additional $430 to me which they tried to bill at $480). It was more than a month when the half round was removed and installed with the new double hung windows below. The install left a very large caulk joint, 3 inches or more (not the typical bead of caulk). The installation was unsightly both inside and out. This has been confirmed by two different installers that work for Dream House.

Dream House said they would do cosmetic repairs inside & outside. They showed one day and added trim to the inside which helped but the existing window treatments do not fit back in place. They did not have the parts to repair the outside. A detailed repair explanation was written. They did not show for the next scheduled repair. Then they showed but "could not do the repair." No explanation. Then they showed another day but didn't have enough materials. Then they didn't show for the next scheduled day. They showed one more time but had no idea what to do. They will need to come again.

Sometimes they don't have the materials. Twice they didn't have ladders long enough to reach the work. Once I searched the internet for a siding place to purchase the "J" channel and one time to find a longer ladder to rent. Their internal communication is a joke. The original measurements were taken on March 28, 2013 - we are one week short of 6 months!Desired Settlement: I want it fixed right. I suppose it will never match the other windows on my house. I want it to look good. The installation should look as good as the other windows on the house. I want it not to take multiple attempts. A refund for the windows I did not need to replace would be good too.



Dream House has completed the work and reimbursed Dr. [redacted] $430.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Regards, [redacted]




Customer cancelled his 01.15.14 appointment and has rescheduled an appointment on 01.20.14 to service his windows.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: They never showed up. I called on 1.22.2014. They never called back. I talked to the C.O.O. He was to come out, but never did. He never called to say he was not coming. It seems they are giving me the run around.




[redacted], Dream House Window’s (DHW), COO went out to inspect customer’s issue. Mr. [redacted] found condensation at the meeting rails and sills. Condensation in or around windows is caused by an excess of moisture in

the home. In this specific case, vinyl blinds were kept closed in front of the windows as well as insulated drapes pulled over top of the vinyl blinds. This created a cold air pocket with warm air from home unable to hit the window.

The resolution:

DHW will install new weather stripping at meeting rails of double hung windows.

DHW will also reflash sills so aluminum flashing only goes under 50% of the window.

DHW will also add extra insulation between exterior flashing and interior window sill to create a greater thermal break.

This resolution should reduce or eliminate the condensation issue along with the customer’s increasing airflow to the window and reducing the amount of moisture in the air.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

We will see what happens. They can try the things they are asking to do. The flashing should stop out side the window. I believe I have water damage under the window(s ) and if so the wood that is damaged should be replaced. When the windows come out I expect no damage to my home.


Review: I have been calling the company for about 4 weeks now to replace a broken window under warranty. After 2 weeks I called again and they had another company contact me to have a sales person come out. Again this was just warranty work. I called again and the receptionist said she would have service call me. So now this is week 5 and the phone is disconnected and no one has returned my calls or anything.

It is a lifetime warranty that is transferable.Desired Settlement: I want them to replace the window and honor the warranty on the other 21 windows I purchased from them as well as 2 doors, should any other issue arise.

Review: I contracted with said business on 3/29/2014 to have slider doors installed and contracting work (repair work) to the frame, so that the doors would be installed properly. total price $2,900.00. I gave a down payment of $1,450.00 owing a balance of $1,450.00. After numerous calls to Dream House Windows (where were the doors), I received a call they would install the doors on 6/14/2014 between 9-1 pm. I telephoned them 6/10/14 just to confirm the installation and that they were going to complete the installation in one day. I had to leave a message with the answering service. No call back. I called altogether 6 times and was told there was a big fire and the office would reopen on 6/18/2014, with no call back. I drove 2 hours and 20 mins. to my secondary location and waited all day for the installers. No one showed up.Desired Settlement: I just want my refund back of $1,450.00, I have a copy of the contract in hand. I need to get these doors replaced.

Thank you.

Review: On March 24, 2014 we contracted with Dreamhouse Windows for a new front door, new two car garage door, new door from garage to kitchen, new door from garage to back yard and a 20X20 deck out back. It was scheduled to begin within 6 to 8 weeks. Not having heard anything, we call two weeks ago and were promised a call back by June 4th. No call was received. We have tried to contact the company today and no one is answering the phone either here or in Florida where we had spoken to someone before. The Florida number has been disconnected. We had work done by this company twice before and were very satisfied with their work. That is why we went with them again. As before, we gave them 1/2 down with the balance upon completion. Our downpayment was $12,803.00. We cannot afford to lose this amount of money and are very frustrated with their lack of attention to this matter.Desired Settlement: At this point, I am not sure I would want them to do the work so I would like the return of my deposit in the amount of $12,803.00 by cashier's check.

Review: The agreement was signed more than 8 weeks ago. Per agreement the delivery was promised in 4-6 weeks. Now after 8 weeks, there is no confirmation on when the door will be installed. The customer service first promised to call back, but never returned a call. Now they simply don't answer the phone.Desired Settlement: I would like to have the door installed as soon as possible per our agreement. If the door can't be installed in the time frame of the agreement, I will expect to get full refund.

Review: the company made a contract with me to put a new roof on my house on april 30th. I contacted them several times about doing the roof, but they keep changing the day and in the meantime the roof keeps leaking causing damage. the contract for the work to be done is overdue. I gave them a check for half of the cost of a new roof. at this point I want my money back so I can get another roofer to to do the job.Desired Settlement: refund my money for a job that was never done

Review: On March 19, 2014I signed a contract with Dream House Windows, and I put down a deposit of $2192.00 for a roof. On Friday March 21, I had second thoughts, and I decided to cancel the contract, and contacted the company within the 3-day legal time limit. I still haven't received a refund. I have called, emailed, and spoken to multiple employees. First person contacted about complaint: [redacted]-fax and phone call 3/21, calls 3/24, 3/25, emails 3/26 and 3/28.

Second contact: [redacted] on Sat. 3/29 in person-signed contract cancellation at my home and said I would receive my refund by 4/1.

Third contact: [redacted], manager on Wed. April 2 by phone; by email 4/2 and 4/3. He put our phone call in writing and said I should receive my refund by Friday, April

11. As of today, I haven't received a refund nor have I received any communication from this company. Furthermore, I have informed the company that I plan to contact the and/or go to Small Claims Court.

This company is unethical, employs predatory sales tactics, has abysmal customer service, is dishonest, and is breaking both federal and state laws regarding the 10 days allowed to refund my money.

I cannot believe that they have an A+ rating with the Settlement: I want my money refunded immediately.

I also want them to lose their status even if the complaint is resolved.

I want the full details of my complaint available for other customers to see if they retain their rating since other customers need to know what an unreliable business they are.

Review: My name is [redacted]I am a ** year old, female, who is employed as a **The installation of windows, bay window and new construction of a sliding glass done was first done on November I was scheduled for install between 9-amThe men showed up at 12:The work began and the men made the cut outs for all windows and the door firstMy house was freezingThe men offered to put the master bedroom windows in first so my mother and I could warm upI thought this was a nice gesture, but in reality it gave the men the opportunity to take $dollars, a $gift certificate and a Dewalt grinderThey completed the job around pmThe next day when the sun came up we could see that there were many things that were wrong with the job so we reported this and the stolen goodsThe company brought a new grinder within the first weeks and promised that the cash would be returned to meFast forward and it is now March 26, 2014, Dream House has been to my house around times, including the installers, inspectors and the owner of the company himselfSince then they have had to make corrections to my basement windows which were never sealed and allowed water to come in, the shutters to my home, the windows were originally never capped so this had to be done and fix nails that were not installed properlyThe large problem has been with my bay window and sliding glass door, which to me appeared that they were never insulatedThe cold air that I have been dealing with is unbearable and my oil bills this winter are putting me into the poor houseAfter months of calling, emails, calling out of work /switching my schedule so I could accommodate their men in my homeI finally spoke with the owner and thought I was going to have a completed jobThe owner came to my house on January 27; I was told he would have a check with him for $dollars-$to replace the money that was taken and $for time and sufferingHe came but without a checkHe took videos of my door and bay window and reported that he agreed that it was a poor job done by his company and that it would be repaired as soon as all the snow stoppedHe also said he would have a check sent to me as soon as he got back to his officeThis check never came; I began to call him because he told me he was now my main contact with his companyAfter weeks of getting nowhere, I finally spoke to his secretary who informed me that, They were having trouble with their voicemailShe connected me to the COO and the poor jobs continuedOn March 20, they sent a man to work on the issues that the owner came up with and when he arrived, he was given the wrong instructions and could not do the job and he said he couldnt find the COO that morning to bring me my checkI was told that on Saturday, March 22, I would receive a call by 9:from a [redacted] with when they would be comingBy 10:30, I received no phone call and was getting [redacted]s voicemailI spoke with [redacted] the COO who said I would hear from him with and answerNothing, againI spoke with the owner on March 25, who informed me he had been out of the country that is why he did not call me back the entire month of February and almost all of MarchHe then began to bash me and say I was asking for too muchI reminded him that I was only asking for what he was paid in full to do and that he himself again when he was at my home in JanuaryAfter this phone call, I reach all I could take, after an emotional breakdown and tearsI reached to my family for helpToday, March 26-we called my township and Dream House never pulled a permit for the new construction slider, they also never applied to work in my townshipSo technically they cannot come back to my home even if I did want themWe had contractors at my home and when they removed the dry above my slider, there was the wrong wood for a header and NO installation at all above or around my doorAlso there are opening were you can see outsideAround all my windows, there are broken sliding, were water has been entering my homeWe did not remove the bay window yet, but all three contractors agreed that by touching the base and how cold it is and the draft you feel, they would assume this is also not insulatedThe capping needs to be repaired on some of the windows and the doorMy floor in front of the door is beginning to buckleI do not have the contactors full reports but I will shortly.Desired Settlement: I would like my money backThis company was paid in full on November 15, for $ 13,I do not even think this will cover all the money that this is going to cost meI also would like my money that was taken from my home and money for time and sufferingFinally, I would like an apology from the owner for his rude and mean comments to me on our last conversationI am a young, hardworking female and this company saw that I had no idea what the first thing is about installation of windowsThis has been a very long months and this job is now far from overThis company did damage to my home, if this was caught in three years I would have been dealing with a large mold problem and my foundation could have been damaged
Due to the in depth inaccuracies the complainant has made, Dream House Windows (DHW) will respond numerically to specific statements made by the customer (numbered and italicized) for the reader’s convenience:
“… in reality gave the men the opportunity to take $dollars, a $gift certificate and a Dewalt grinder.”
DHW Response: The customer did not report such an incident to the authorities, nor did she advise DHW of “stolen goods” the day after installationThe customer called to remind DHW that DHW left with her grinder that was used during
installationDHW advised that it would replace the grinder asap and did so with a new grinder, as confirmed in customer’s complaintMoney was not mentioned the day after installation, but rather two months later in January, at which time it could not be confirmed or even investigated properly
“…Dream House has been to my house times…”
After the original installation, DHW made two (2) installation service visits, one (1) manager visit, and one (1) owner visit, all in an attempt to inspect and accommodate its customer, for a total of four (4) visits not fifteen (15)
“…which were never sealed and allowed water to come in,…”
The water leaks were prior to DHW initial appointment
“…windows were never capped…”
The basement hopper sills were not capped on install; but were capped on a service callDHW Manager [redacted] requested re-capping to meet DHW’s quality standards
“…sliding glass door, which to me appeared that they were never insulated.”
The door was in fact insulated, the walls lacked insulation which DHW was not involved in the construction or any type of repair
“…I was told he would have a check with him for $dollars - $to replace the money that was taken and $for time and suffering.”
[redacted], the owner, did go out and re-inspect but did not promise a check, as he only informed her on that very visit that he would put a request in for $This was done as a courtesy because she was malcontent after many
attempts to accommodate herDHW always makes every effort to make their customers happy
“… he agreed that it was a poor job done by his company and that it would be repaired as soon as the snow stopped.”
DHW did not agree that it was a poor job but was simply trying to satisfy its customerThere was other remodeling going on and the floor was not complete; therefore DHW offered to come back when the floor was complete so that the trim could match all the way to the bay window
“…wrong instructions and could not do the job…”
DHW is not aware of a visit where it did not do any workIn addition, DHW issues checks through its payroll department – installers do not handle accounts payable
“…[redacted] the COO…”
DHW’s COO is not named [redacted] but rather [redacted]; therefore the comments made regarding same cannot be confirmed or disputed
“…began to bash me...”
[redacted] would not “bash” any customer, particularly a customer that he clearly has invested numerous amounts of time and money, even personally visiting the customer and inspecting the workThe customer does not indicate
what she considers ‘bashing’ but Mr[redacted] and all of his employees always practice positive customer service and it is his utmost priority
“… called my township and Dream House never pulled a permit for…”
No permit is required for direct replacement window installation
“…NO installation at all above or around my door.”
As previously indicated, this is incorrect
“Also there are opening were you can see outside.”
DHW has no record of any mention of any such openings, even with all of the visitsThe customer did not point out same nor was this visible on inspection
“…there are broken sliding, were water has been entering my home.”
DHW does not understand what “broken sliding” meansWith regard to the water, as previously stated above this was an issue prior to DHW’s involvement
“…the would assume this is also not insulated.”
They have incorrectly assumed
“The capping needs to be repaired on some of the windows and the door.”
The capping has already been repaired
Review: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
here are the pictures of my sliding glass door as you can see there is no insulation above the doorSo this just proves that one of this company's statement is a lie

Review: After delivery of 2 wrong screen doors, wrong hardware (4 months wait) no use of my mailbox (which was not installed until 9/2013) and I also had to leave my porch door open daily in order for the mail to leave my mail on a table I had on the porch. I have called DH repeatedly, even from my hospital bed asking them

what about the mail box? The hole is still open and when you put the mail in, the mails falls down in the opening. After coming (4 months with the mail slot (too big) and I asked the repair man can he install that size. He said it's too big and I said I'll take it, I just want to be able to lock my door! but he took it back with him and also the hardware would not fit the door again! I called DH well over 15 times to get the matter resolved. They gave me the run around and the last draw was when I called to ask for the manager's name they said "we will have someone call you...................for A MANAGER'S NAME? Finally, someone came to install the correct hardware (nickel which I requested at the beginning of the transactions) and the mail slot. The mail slot is much smaller than I had. I spoke with the mail man and he said "the mail box is too small and when you fold ex: a TV guide to push it in, the slot is too thin

and rips the magazine. You can only fit a regular letter and it still gets stuck on something going into the slot. Mailman took the time to explain to me how the slot works. The slot is too small and too narrow. I called again and ask DH "why would you put a smaller slot, why not a bigger slot. It's only thin vinyl that you have to cut thru. Again, after speaking to over 4 people that day, (and I had just gotten out of the hospital). [redacted] told me (Sales) they will not be fixing it! I still have to keep my screen door unlock daily so the postman can put my mail on the table. FYI - I have all the people names, dates and time I spoke to about this door and mail slot problem.Desired Settlement: To install a bigger mail slot (preferably a magazine size slot). The outside vinyl is very thin so there should be no problem (cutting) and making it bigger (nickel) or putting back my old mail slot which is one inch bigger than what they installed. Knowing a little about construction, I doubt if they can use my old mail slot but if they can I'll take it back. Also DH claim the one they installed is the size all USA manufacturers use today!!!????

Thank you in advance.



Dream House Windows is scheduled to inspect the mail slot and replace if necessary on 10/03/13.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Regards, [redacted]

Review: We purchased windows and doors from DreamHouse Windows a few years ago. They came with a lifetime warranty including parts and labor. The company is now out of business and under investigation for criminal activity. It was recommended by the investigating detective to file a complaint with the My complaint is I have no service warranty on this product now.hDesired Settlement: Dreamhouse should be held monetarily accountable to all its customers for promising a service that they could not uphold.

Review: We paid to have the asbestos siding removed prior to the siding being placed on the house. We also were required to have a special haul away and dumpster due to the asbestos siding that should have been removed. In October we discovered that the asbestos was not removed and the new siding was placed over the old . I contact Dream House and they sent someone out the inspect. He did agree that the old asbestos was under the new. Someone was supposed to contact us in regards to the discovery. I have made numerous attempts to speak with someone in charge but all I get is the secretary. I also have had a lawyer contact them as well they have also refused his attempts to settle this issue.Desired Settlement: Since half the job was completed I would like half of my money back. approximately 4,000.00

Review: Failure of business to complete installation of Windows and inability to contact company.

Review: Dream house windows installed a bay window that was installed incorrectly. I have had the town inspector out to see the installation and it goes over the soffit. The talk a good game for the past three winters that they were going to fix it. I have been stood up with no shows for appointments this year, they sent people out to look at what's wrong then send out people to say the same thing then make you wait for another appointment then don't show up for the next appointment then they make another appointment to verify what the guy saw on the two appointments prior. This last time after not showing up for two appointments, they sent the guy out with no tools to do the job as I waited all day. They even say they will take the gutters down to put flashing behind the gutters and will shave the window back to before the soffit to stop the leak.This window has been leaking for every year in the winter. I have video of floor damage wall damage and paint damage that year after year I have paid out of pocket to fix. I have in writing of how they are going to fix it but they failed to do so. I have been going through this for 3 winters and did all they told me to do. They told me it was ice damning I needed to vent my attic I paid to have that done.They told me to get new gutters that they are old and not pitched right. I paid for that and got new gutters and it still happened.To find out the wrong measurement of the bay window and it's way over the soffit. I feel bad I had to go this rout but I have no other choice. Missed appointments, sending people out just to look at it and not fix it, and sending people out with no tools put me over the edge. I have video of leaks in the other windows they installed with a thermo thermometer, and they have yet fixed those problems. After three guys came out and said they need to be reinstalled.....the installation on all windows suck and my bay window leaks in the winter. I spent 15,000$ and was patient for three years. Now I'm done.Desired Settlement: To send out a crew to fix this problem. Not only the bay window but for everything once and for all. I paid ALL the bill, I DESERVER a better job. Like my attorney says, I want to be put back as a whole prior to the work. No leaking windows due to ice, and NO air leaks to to improper installation as per the write ups from [redacted] which is no longer with the company, [redacted] and [redacted]n, and many others that came out to see the problem and they all said the same. The crew that installed them was the old [redacted] crew and they did a poor sloppy job and all the windows need to be reinstalled.

Review: Dreams Windows installed ten (10) windows and one (1) sliding door at our home. We are not satisfied with the service at all. The silicon finish around the windows was not professionally applied and the window-sill was chapped in several places at the time of removing the old windows. The door that was installed is missing screens, foot locker and the trim around looks horrible. On top of everything your employees have ruined the floor in the area where the door was installed (dinning room). It has been five (5) months since the door was installed and the floor ruined and the job still has not been finished nor repaired.

On November 11, 2013, Dreams Windows replaced 10 windows at the property located [redacted] We are not satisfied with the service. The windows itself are nice but the final product after installment looks horrible. The workers have chapped the widows-sill while removing the old windows and the silicon finish around the windows was not applied properly. It looks uneven and sloppy.

The door was installed around December 26th, 2013 a little more than month later. The door installed is missing screens and foot locks. Not to mention it is not the door we have ordered. We have ordered a door to open on the right side only but instead it opens on both sides. Since your workers used regular nails to place the trim back around the door, the trim has holes and needs to be replaced. On top of it, they have made a big long cut in the floor using one of your machines while installing the door. Damaged floor was reported by your staff while still on the job. About six (6) week later a manager from your company come over to review the ruined floor and the service overall. Per your manager, the door was not installed properly, the door need to be set properly, the trim was ruined, the door is missing screens and foot lock. The floor needs to be repaired at your company's cost. It was decided, that he will call us back upon the purchase of the floor to set up an appointment to fix the floor, trim, silicon around the windows and deliver the screens and food lock. Upon reaching out to Dreams Windows constantly, appointments have been set up for the service but also cancelled on the same day of the appointment. We have lost days from work for all those days you have called the appointments off. There were at least six (6) different appointment which you have canceled[redacted], from Dreams Windows came over sometime in April 2014 with a door screen that did not fit and stated that they can’t find the same floor. We have agreed to a different floor that was available on the market, just to be nice. The appointment was cancelled again a night before the service date.

It’s five (5) months later and we still do not have the door screens, foot lock, finish silicon looks like somebody vomit around the windows, the trim has holes and the floor is ruined. We have been trying hard to get your attention by calling you, working under your schedule with no results or interest to resolve the issue on your side. We can’t place the blinds or open the door because there is no screens and bugs get in the house. We have lost days from work because you didn’t cancel the appointment within reasonable time frame. We decided to go with your company because of the service promises but the fact is that we could have gotten a better service and a door with a screen by hiring [redacted]instead and saved some money. Your company makes the windows and doors so there should not be a problem with getting a screen for a door that properly fits. We have been trying to be nice all the way but it’s not getting anywhere. You are not even showing an attempt to fix the issue.

We are requesting a service to fix the floor, deliver and installation of the door screen, foot locker, fixing the trim around the door and replacing the finish silicon around all windows within two weeks of this letter. It’s an additional 2 weeks to give you a chance to fix the work on top of the five (5) months you have been already provided with, since December 2013. At the time of the service, we are requesting a manager to be present at our property listed above. If you don’t complete the full job within two (2) weeks of this letter, we will hire an independent contractor to complete and fix the work. Once we hire an independent contractor, we will send a bill and except a payment in full within 30 days of receiving the bill. If we don’t receive the payment in full within the due date period, we will start a legal action at Dreams Windows expense. I have enclosed some pictures for you consideration.Desired Settlement: Requesting to fix the floor or replace, deliver and install the door screen, foot locker, fix the trim around the door and replace the silicon around the windows.

Review: I paid dream house windows to come out and replace my two front windows and replace my siding they was giving me the run around they came out months later and they replace my windows but before they came out they told me it was going to be all done the same day so when the Window guy show up ask them about my siding they told me they was just here for my windows so I call them on the phone and they told me it was back order for the siding so I let it slide weeks go by so then I called them and I was not getting a answer so finally decided to go to the company to talk to somebody face to face git there I see that they moved and so I don't know what else to do right now I'm out of 2,500 bucksDesired Settlement: Dream house never finished the job

Review: I purchased and had new replacement windows installed in my condominium in November of 2010. In August of 2011 I started having problems with rain coming in above the window and running down the inside of the mini-blind. I contacted the local Dream House Windows franchise owner about the problem - [redacted] (office was [redacted]), who promised he would follow up, but he never did. I again contacted him in October of 2011 and got another promise of follow-up, but again no action. Mr [redacted] closed his local franchise, so I have attampted to get the repairs done through the main Dream House Window company. They recontacted [redacted], but again, no follow-up and no repairs. There are 3 windows that have leaks. I have had a contractor caulk around the exterior of the windows, but that has not fixed the problem. Fortunately, I only have problems when there is a hard driving rain - especially a nor-easter. Today, 4/30/14, I am constantly replacing towels on my window sill as the rain runs down my blind. The inside casement is wet, and I am afraid my blind is going to fall. A big selling point on these windows was the lifetime warranty from Dream House Windows. When I called again today about service, [redacted] said that [redacted] had left the franchise and she didn't know if there was anything they could do. She took my numbers and said she would see if someone there had a number for [redacted]. As this response has not worked in the past, I am looking to for help now.Desired Settlement: I need my windows to stop leaking - whatever repair will accomplish that is what I am requesting.

Review: I spent $10,000.00 on a new roof and window from this company. We had a huge storm and the roof leaked and we have severe water damage in the interior of the home. I have made repeated attempts at contacting them to come out for repair. No one will talk to me or call me back to set up an appointment to make this happen. Pretty soon lawyers will be involved.Desired Settlement: I want my home repaired with no cost to me.

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Address: 141 Cooper Rd Ste 2, West Berlin, New Jersey, United States, 08091-9290


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Dream House Windows, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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